Rajen Prasad

Labour hypocrisy over state servant candidates

It is never a good look when candidates for office appear in the news, but it is pretty scurrilous for Labour to be attacking Parmjeet Parmar when their own candidates are less than clean themselves.¬†Rajen Prasad should also be very careful about going after people when¬†I note Prasad himself must have campaigned for Labour while a commissioner – because he was named on Labour’s list very soon after he stood down.

I suspect there is a bit of Indian politics at play here, but Parmjeet doesn’t help herself when she talks to delegates claiming she has the support and is the preferred candidate for John Key and Peter Goodfellow. All that is going to happen now is some journalist is going to ask John Key if he supports Parmjeet and he is going, as he should, to say no. Selections are in the hands of the delegates not the plaything of the president of the party and the prime minister.

The Families Commission is facing scrutiny over political links, after one of its commissioners was photographed campaigning with Prime Minister John Key.

During a select committee hearing, Labour MP Dr Rajen Prasad held up a photograph of commissioner Dr Parmjeet Parmar wearing a National Party ribbon with Key at a recent Auckland event.

Prasad said he understood Parmar was planning to run as National Party candidate and asked chief commissioner Belinda Milne whether it was appropriate for a potential candidate to remain as a commissioner.

Milne said she had heard “rumours” of Parmar’s political involvement but she had no knowledge of any candidacy.

“There are all sorts of rumours going around about who is doing what,” she said.

“Until there is a firm situation … we can’t do anything.”

She said another staff member was intending to run as candidate for Labour, which he had declared to the commission. They had already discussed with him how to separate his political activities from his work.¬† Read more »

Vernon Small on Labour’s “issues”

Yesterday Vernon Small wrote about the biggest issue facing Labour ahead of this year’s election.

Well the biggest problem after the issue with their tits leader….rejuvenation…or rather the lack of it.

¬†In politics rejuvenation rates alongside succession planning. Both are easy catchcries and generally seen as “a good thing”.

In reality they are a type of parliamentary Nimby-ism – nice to have if it is someone else who is vacating a seat, and fine as long as you are not the leader whose replacement is being groomed.

On the National side of the aisle rejuvenation is in full swing. At last count 14 MPs have either gone or are going out of a caucus of 59. It is generally accepted as a worthwhile and necessary refreshment of the party. Certainly it is being handled well and without any overt bloodletting. No dummies have been spat in the remaking of the National caucus.

Of course if the polls were different it would be a different story. Shave a theoretical five points off the Government and give it to the Opposition and the narrative might be akin to the “rats leaving a sinking ship” theme that Labour leader David Cunliffe has tried to get up.

But that just looks lame when the last three polls had National harvesting enough support to govern alone.¬† Read more »

[BREAKING] Labour man Daljit Singh convicted on two charges [UPDATED]

Word coming in is that Labour party candidate Daljit Singh has been convicted on two charges.

I will update details as they come in.

The NZ Herald is reporting:

Daljit Singh had pleaded not guilty to electoral fraud charges relating to the 2010 elections. Photo / Brett Phibbs

A Labour Party candidate in the first Super City elections has been found guilty of two counts of using forged documents but has been acquitted on the remaining 18 electoral fraud allegations he faced.

Daljit Singh has been on trial in the High Court at Auckland on 20 charges of using forged documents to increase his chances of winning a seat on his local board.

The jury of 11 returned their verdicts this afternoon after deliberating for nearly five days.

Six other men – Gurinder Atwal, Davinder Singh, Mandeep Singh, Virender Singh, Paramjit Singh and Malkeet Singh – also stood trial for electoral fraud, but on fewer counts.

Atwal was found guilty of 13 counts of using a forged document, Malkeet Singh was found guilty of six counts, and Virender Sing, Paramjit Singh and Mandeep Singh were each found guilty of one count.


Daljit Singh with Len Brown and Ross Robertson and Efu Koka

Daljit Singh with Michael Wood and Rajen Prasad

Read more »

Time for Labour to have a cleanout as well

Under Helen Clark there was almost no renewal…after 9 years of her government pretty much the same faces existed…then there were the 3 years of Phil Goff again with no renewal.

While National cut dead wood and encourages retirements Labour is looking like going into the next election with the same old tired faces.

Labour leader David Cunliffe has been crowing about the growing number of National MPs who have decided to stand down in 2014, likening it to rats deserting a sinking ship. Instead of seeking to make political capital out of his opponent’s obvious drive to bring in new talent at the next election, he would do better to follow suit and start sending the underperformers and time-servers in his own caucus the message that it is time to move on.

Rejuvenation is critical to all political parties. It allows them to bring in new blood to remain fresh in the eyes of voters. However, all too often it is not the parties themselves that do the job, but the electorate, via crushing defeats which see large numbers of sitting MPs turfed out of Parliament.

That is what is so significant about the rejuvenation underway in National. So far, seven of its 59 MPs – nearly an eighth of its caucus – have indicated they will not seek re-election, and there was talk last week that up to six more are considering whether to stand again. ¬† Read more »

Hardly overwhelming David, time to fess up

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about David Shearer’s leadership.

To my mind he is doomed. The much heralded and signalled…well required…leadership vote was held and afterwards Labour rather embarrassingly announced that David Shearer was endorsed as leader in a ballot that had only one candidate by “an overwhelming margin“.

That got me thinking and it got me scratching around my Labour sources…that didn’t sound right…”an overwhelming margin”…what does that even mean?

Then I was emailed by a reader who heard Katie Bradford-Crozier talking to Justin duFresne this morning on NewstalkZB. She said that int he leadership vote there were 10 abstentions.

This confirms what I have heard too from my Labour sources. Ten abstentions.¬† Read more »

Another Labour hypocrite

Another hypocrite can be revealed.

The Labour party constantly harps on about foreign ownership of banks, especially Australian Banks. All the while sitting on the opposition benches is a director of a foreign bank, the Bank of Baroda.

Dr Rajen Prasad.


It isn’t like he is hiding it either…it is plastered all over his LinkedIn profile proudly and his Wikipedia page¬†and the MPs register of pecuniary interests.¬† Read more »

Whaleoil Awards – Worst List MP


There were a great many comments, but the finalists are:

Raymond Huo РMr Invisible except for his terminally boring posts on Red Alert..then he is the SMOG master now that Trev has gone silent.

Hekia Parata – Nominated for obvious reasons…may take out this award plus¬†the¬†Worst minister award. She has talked herself up sine like forever, and failed deliver for just as long. In the Mana by election she skited that she came close but in the general election faded. In her job as a minister on the basis of tokenism rather than merit, and protected in her ineptitude by Bill English’s mob and for some reason John Key.

Asenati Lole-Taylor – Her first name should be AseNasti. Moderator Travis Poulson is quite accurate:

Asenati Lole-Taylor by a long shot. A NZ First list MP with more ego and arrogant nastiness of someone that actually has a mandate. Someone needs to tell her that twitter and alcohol don’t go together.

100% nasty piece of work.

Rajen Prasad – A more useless MP you couldn’t train if you tried

Gareth HughesTeletubby comments:

Definitely Hughes – hypocrisy beyond measure, flying around the country bitching about carbon footprints

Gazzaw adds:

Gareth Hughes though gets my overall vote as a whining, bludging hypocrite – with a name like his is there any possibility that we could deport him back to Wales?

Whaleoil Awards - Worst List MP

  • Gareth Hughes (62%, 286 Votes)
  • Hekia Parata (18%, 82 Votes)
  • Asenati Lole-Taylor (11%, 52 Votes)
  • Rajen Prasad (7%, 34 Votes)
  • Raymond Huo (2%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 462

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Whaleoil Awards – Best Back Bench MP


The nominations are in, vote for the Best Back Bench MP.

Whaleoil Awards - Best Back Bench MP

  • A. Nother (34%, 174 Votes)
  • David Cunliffe (22%, 115 Votes)
  • Rajen Prasad (15%, 78 Votes)
  • Kevin Hague (15%, 76 Votes)
  • Louisa Wall (14%, 74 Votes)

Total Voters: 517

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Truth – on sale now

Who should buy Truth this week:

Brendan Horan, Trevor Mallard, Darren Hughes, Len Brown, Rajen Prasad, Gareth Hughes, David Cunliffe, David Shearer and Jacinda Ardern should all buy Truth this week.



Plus a musical interlude for you:

Rajen’s “Ethnic New Zealanders deserve a fair go”

Good to see some output from Rajen Prasad – one of New Zealand’s most inactive politicians according to Pinko’s stats.

It is also good to see that Rajen is concerned that

“ethnic New Zealanders continue to face enormous barriers in the job market and in gaining access to basic public services – a situation that must be addressed.”

‚Äúthere are barriers to people of different ethnicities getting the same opportunities and the same outcomes as other New Zealanders,‚ÄĚ

Obviously Mr Prasad will be supporting Louisa Wall’s marriage equality bill. ¬†Many ‘ethnic’ gay and lesbian New Zealanders are ‘twice blessed’ and face “enormous barriers”. ¬†This bill sends a message that they aren’t second class citizens and can have access to marriage – surely Rajen would be all for that?

Being an “ethnic MP” is not just about representing community interests, but it is also about education and demonstrating a bit of ¬†leadership.