Supreme Court rejects scumbag’s appeal

A MAN who bashed a dementia patient, who allegedly made homosexual advances towards him, has failed to convince the Supreme Court to overturn a conviction for wounding with intent.

Jamie Gurran was convicted on the wounding with intent charge following a district court trial in which the Crown alleged he had over-reacted to what he perceived to be a homosexual advance by the victim, a 75-year-old man who at the time happened to be a friend of the accused.

He unsuccessfully appealed the decision to the Court of Appeal and then recently filed an appeal against that ruling with the Supreme Court.

The victim told police he had been kicked in the shins, stomach, ribs and around the head by Gurran, who also slapped him in the face. He denied making a homosexual advance.

The victim was unable to give evidence at the trial and died shortly afterwards, apparently from natural causes.

Gurran claimed the victim’s injuries had occurred when he ‘fell in the toilet’, not because he had beaten and kicked him.

However, after the trial Gurran wrote to the sentencing judge ‘in terms which the Court of Appeal (subsequently) said could only… be read as an admission to the offending where he expressed regret for what had happened and apologised.’ Read more »


Siemer visiting and helping ‘Knob Rot’ in prison

MAVERICK PUBLISHER Vince Siemer is defending his involvement with a man considered one of this country’s worst sex offenders.

That man is Nicholas Reekie, who’s currently serving preventive detention with a minimum term of 25 years for a string of violent sexual offences.

This includes raping an 11-year-old girl in 1992 – a crime for which David Dougherty was wrongly jailed for more than three years before being acquitted at a re-trial.

Since being jailed Reekie has earned a reputation as one of Paremoremo’s most litigious inmates. He regularly sues Corrections for what he believes is the department’s failure to meet its obligations to provide a safe and secure environment.

In a 2011 appeal, he was described as a “vexatious litigant”.

Some of the complaints have included sleeping on a thin mattress and having to dry himself with a small towel, being deprived of light, not having enough toilet paper, and being called “knob rot” by guards after developing a genital infection.

In 2012, the High Court found his rights were breached when he was strip-searched by prison staff but it refused to award compensation. Many of Reekie’s gripes came from a six-month transfer from Auckland Prison to Spring Hill in the north Waikato. He complained he had not been informed of the shift beforehand or had the reasons explained to him.

He filed 170 complaints – nearly one a day – while there.

Prison sources have confirmed that since 2014 Reekie has been regularly meeting with American businessman and publisher Vince Siemer – a man who is also no stranger to the courts.   Read more »

No surprises here as Labour’s crime family continues to offend

Kelvin Davis went into bat for criminals being deported from Australia. Labour died in a ditch supporting rapists, murderers and violent offenders.

In their desperate bid to find their missing million in the prisons and detention centres of Australia, it should be of no surprise to anyone that these ratbags are causing trouble here too.

Almost a third of Kiwi criminals deported from Australia have continued their life of crime here, with some committing violent and sexual offences.

A police briefing to Police Minister Judith Collins in December showed 30 per cent of deportees had come to police attention for reoffending since December 2014.

That was the point when Australia began sending back New Zealand criminals who had done their time, as it tightened its visa cancellation rules.   Read more »

Guilty plea from “te reo speaker” bullshitter

via 3 News

via 3 News

The woman who led the media on a merry dance over her alleged assault appeared in court yesterday and pled guilty.

An Auckland woman who claimed she was punched for speaking te reo outside a bar has admitted assaulting the man who allegedly hit her.

Shona Louise Maiden approached media claiming she had five teeth knocked out by a man outside the 123 Casino Karaoke Bar in Howick after New Year’s celebrations there, but was less than candid about her own role in the incident.

Maiden, who is of European and Maori descent, said she said “ka kite ano” (see you later) to people standing outside the pub and was confronted by Ernest Opai who asked why a “palagi” would use such words.

The Howick mother of four told the Herald he then punched her several times – knocking out five teeth, cracking her top plate and leaving her unable to eat.

Seriously breathtaking: Media Party boost Little’s profile with overseas criminals

Are we seriously going to believe that a shoplifting conviction has this guy in prison?

In order to be eligible for deportation you have to have served at least a year in jail. When was the last time someone served a year in jail for shoplifting?

Oh well, he is thankful that Labour and Andrew Little cares about him.

One of the more than 60 New Zealanders held in a Sydney detention centre says he appreciated a visit by Labour leader Andrew Little.

Blair Rodger, 44, moved to Australia from the North Shore about 30 years ago, and has spent five months in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre.

“I appreciated someone giving a damn,” he said of Mr Little’s visit today with MP Phil Goff.

Mr Rodger said he ended up at Villawood Immigration Detention Centre after serving six months in prison on low level cannabis charges.

He has an Australian wife and two teenage daughters, and ran a successful restaurant.

Once his sentence was complete, an historic shoplifting conviction saw him held for deportation, and he has been languishing at Villawood while appealing the deportation.

His business has collapsed, meaning his wife has had to take a benefit, and his eldest daughters’ grades are suffering.

“It’s been a heart strain on everyone,” Mr Rodger, who speaks with an Australian accent, told the Herald.

Read more »

Labour stops hugging Xmas Island Crims – starts “Con Air” fear campaign

Tracy Watkins has an opinion piece on the morphing of Labour’s rapist-hugging routine into a scare campaign about “Con-Air”.

Con Air is what the Opposition are calling it in Parliament – and if that sounds like the name for a Hollywood blockbuster, that’s because it has all the elements. A chartered plane, headed for New Zealand, with 20-odd serious criminals on board, some of them likely to have committed the worst sort of crimes.

The plane’s arrival strips bare the smoke and mirrors surrounding the argument over Christmas Island detainees.

Because despite all the shouting, the Government has been caught unprepared. It blames Australia, and there may be some justification for that. Australia failed the good neighbour test by failing to give us a heads up about a law change that would see a dramatic rise in the number of Kiwi expats deported for bad behaviour.    Read more »

Poor job by Amy Adams forces urgency on parliament

Amy Adams was told months ago about the problem of Kiwi ratbags being deported from Australia, yet sat on her hands doing nothing.

As a result parliament is now having to rush through urgent legislation to deal with Labour’s rapist and murderer mates.

The Government is rushing through an urgent law change to put protections in place before convicted Kiwi criminals arrive here from Australia later this week.

They’re arriving on a charter flight because the the Australian government says they are too dangerous to fly commercially.

Today, a last-minute law to protect New Zealanders was introduced, but 3 News can reveal the Government was warned of “high risk” to the public nine months ago.

“We’ve got Con Air arriving on Thursday and here we are ramming this legislation through so we can have some sort of protection for New Zealanders,” says Labour MP David Shearer.    Read more »

Ex-Cop and Security company boss for the high jump


Paul Thomas Staples and Jean Staples exiting Manukau District Court Photo/Stephen Cook

A FAILED Auckland businessman is facing the possibility of a lengthy spell behind bars for ripping off the tax department more than $300,000.

Paul Thomas Staples, 52, will appear in the Manukau District Court next month for sentencing on charges of forgery, tax evasion and knowingly providing false information to Inland Revenue – offences which carry maximum penalties of up to ten years imprisonment.

In April this year Auckland man Andrew McGirr was jailed for more than two years for defrauding Inland Revenue of nearly $40,000.

Also in April, former Auckland accountant Paul Lawrence was sentenced to more than two years behind bars after claiming more than $278,000 in fake charitable tax donations.

Staples offending trumps both that of Lawrence and McGirr, not only because more money was involved but because of the deliberate and premeditated nature of his actions over a sustained three-year period.

Between September 2008 and August 2011, Staples – a discharged bankrupt with a history of cooking the books – filed no less than 27 fraudulent income tax and bogus GST returns with IRD under three different companies.

The deception even extended to Staples claiming a salary as a shareholder of a company when he wasn’t one, preparing false sale and purchase agreements, falsifying solicitors settlement statements and forming and registering companies for tax purposes when he was bankrupt and prohibited from doing so.

Worse still, Staples has no assets so the chances of him making restitution to IRD are virtually nil.    Read more »

Problem solved: Xmas Island rioters will now stay in Australia

It seems they prefer to be in an Australian prison as opposed to living a free life in New Zealand.

Detainees who took part in a riot at the Christmas Island immigration detention centre face criminal charges after causing more than $1 million worth of damage.

The unrest was sparked after a small group of Iranian detainees staged a protest over the death of escapee Fazel Chegeni Najad, an Iranian Kurdish man, on Sunday.

Riot police stormed the centre yesterday after others joined the unrest, setting small fires around the complex, building barricades and threatening to use weapons.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said five detainees sustained minor lacerations and injuries in the scuffles, and confirmed tear gas was used.

Mr Dutton emphasised that the vast majority of detainees were “hardened” criminals including rapists and murderers, adding a significant number of them were from New Zealand.

He said those who damaged commonwealth property would be prosecuted once identified.

That could also include any asylum seekers who took part and potentially harm their chances of being grated visas. Read more »

Message to Labour: “grow up you pathetic losers!”


Whaleoil stalwart George lets go

What a woefully pathetic opposition this country has.

When their crim-hugging member builds a bonfire with damp wood they weren’t expecting JK to throw petrol on it and light the match.

We have had to listen to their rhetoric about poor crims whose only crime was a parking ticket or a little mischievous shop lifting. What absolute dribble. You were told in no uncertain terms by JK the truth of the matter. Your response was offensive outrage and a cowardly exit from the house.

I will tell you what is offensive. Read more »