Why the hell did the police apologise?

I don’t get it.  

Government officials refuse to apologise for the abuse they put kids in state care through, but a piece of filth does all that and his kid accidentally cops some pepper spray, and we are extremely eager to apologise to this scumbag and his family for what was clearly an accidental and unwanted outcome of his own attempts to flee the cops?

 Sometimes I wonder if the cops have gone too soft.

Police have apologised after a girl was caught in a cross-fire of pepper spray during a violent confrontation with the driver of a car she was a passenger in.

They said a man who was stopped in Whakatane on Friday night would not provide personal information and attempted to drive off.   Read more »

Good job, ratbag bankrupt loses his inheritance to his creditors

A ratbag bankrupt, who has been fighting to keep his inheritance has lost his court case and the creditors will now get paid as a result of the Official Assignee doing their job for once.

A man whose parents died in a car crash has lost his fight to keep his inheritance out of the pockets of his creditors.

Warren Sutton lost his appeal in the High Court to redirect his inheritance to his children. He was an undischarged bankrupt at the time of his father’s death.

The inheritance was that of prominent Taranaki couple Ern and Nancy Sutton, both 83, who were killed in May 2012 when their car was crushed by metal pipes which fell from a truck on State Highway 3 near Motunui.

The estate was to be divided between the Suttons’ three living children, one of whom was property developer Richard Warren Sutton, known as Warren Sutton.

Warren Sutton was described in court documents as “a businessman who has experienced highs and lows.”    Read more »

Excellent. He should. Any money awarded will go to his victims.

A ratbag murderer who got the bash in prison is crying a river of tears and thinking he will sue Corrections.

The lawyer for an inmate who was assaulted in Auckland’s Paremoremo Prison last month says he is considering taking legal action against the Department of Corrections, Radio New Zealand reports.

Nikki Roper was hospitalised after receiving a fractured skull and other bones broken when he was attacked by other prisoners.

“This particular violence shouldn’t have happened,” lawyer Kiran Paima told RadioNZ. “It might just have been the nature of the beast, in the sense that prisons are violent places and not all violence can be eliminated. But some violence can, and where Corrections can identify the risks I firmly believe they should act.”   Read more »


Survey on Colin Craig’s reputation

Please think carefully about the following questions before you answer the poll, it could end up part of the evidence in any defamation case where we prove that Colin Craig’s reputation was rooted before he got busted for being a very naughty boy, not the messiah.

Did you think Colin Craig’s reputation was damaged by him resigning for being a “naughty boy”?

Or was his reputation already rooted?

On a scale of one to ten with ten being the most rooted how rooted?

Do you think that Colin Craig is a ratbag?

Do you think that Colin Craig is a ratbag and a very naughty boy?    Read more »

Meh, you can buy an expert to agree with you in the US

The Otago Daily Time reports breathlessly:

A group of prominent US legal experts has supported internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and Megaupload’s appeal against a decision to seize millions of dollars in assets, labelling the move a “dangerous” violation of due process rights.

The United States Government earlier this year won a civil forfeiture case against Megaupload and its founder, Mr Dotcom, who they argued was a fugitive.

As a result, the online mogul has lost an estimated $67 million worth of assets to the US including millions in cash, property, luxury cars, jet skis, large screen televisions and art.

Mr Dotcom has appealed against the decision, claiming a violation of basic rights and due process.   Read more »

No stern warning here, just a wet bus ticket

So this guy spends several months running an ATM skimming operation (HALF A MILLION DOLLARS), gets found guilty, gets ZERO jail time!

A man at the centre of a lucrative skimming ring that targeted users of Auckland ATM machines has escaped a prison sentence.

Ivaylo Valchev Terziivanov, 28, appeared at the Auckland District Court on Wednesday for sentencing on 64 joint charges relating to the skimming of ATM machines across Auckland.

His identity can now be revealed after a name suppression order lapsed.

Terziivanov and a co-accused, who is still before the courts, made off with almost $500,000 using counterfeit bank cards between late February and July 2014.

The pair were charged following an investigation by the police Financial Crime Unit and various banks.

Terziivanov’s lawyer Meg Scally told the court the offending came at a time when her client had just left his job, was at a loose end and doing drugs.

He had since made efforts to clean himself up, and had distanced himself from his former lifestyle, she said.   Read more »

Swney gets five years in the pokie for his theft of $4M

Alex Swney is a piece of work. He basically nicked the money because he thought he was underpaid and entitled to more.

Alex Swney stole more than $4 million because he felt he was being underpaid for his work to improve Auckland, a court has heard.

The 57-year-old former Heart of the City boss was jailed for five years seven months in Auckland District Court this morning after pleading guilty to charges laid by the Inland Revenue and Serious Fraud Office covering “sophisticated” offending over more than a decade.

Judge Grant Fraser said the offending involved a “gross breach of trust” and was close to attracting a maximum penalty.

“All your offending involved a high level of premeditation where your actions were planned and deliberate involving . . . a sophisticated web of instruments,” he said.

But the judge refused to impose a minimum period of imprisonment because the jail term was enough in itself to hold him accountable.   Read more »

Awesome! Bali holidays to get cheaper and less Aussies too

Apparently the Aussies are all expressing faux outrage because some drug smuggling ratbags got ventilated.

They want to boycott Bali now.

Australians outraged by the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are cancelling their travel plans to Bali.

Melbourne father Malcolm Sheridan had been planning to visit the popular tourist destination with his family in June, but he’s now keeping his travel plans local.

Mr Sheridan said it was the only thing he could do to send a message to the Indonesian government.

“It’s quite barbaric what’s happened over there,” he told AAP on Wednesday.   Read more »

Dud judge and a piss weak justice system let down victims

It is cases like this that show up the gullibility of our judges, and our dud criminal friendly justice system.

A fraudster who stole $5000 from Facebook customers to repay nearly $20,000 in TradeMe rip-offs claimed she didn’t realise she’d “done it again”.

Harriet Heather Anne Dale, 24, committed another $5000 worth of frauds before she was caught again, and she now faces a total reparation bill of more than $20,000.

Christchurch District Court Judge David Saunders’ assessment was that Dale was “living in La-La Land”, but he granted her a seven-month home detention term in place of a jail sentence.

He noted she had a five-year-old son who was cared for by her parents because she had been unable to cope, and she was again pregnant, and facing a sizeable reparations bill.    Read more »

Dotcom’s employment antics being revealed in court

Remember way back when I said that staff of the Dotcom’s were being ripped off and paid less than the minimum wage?

What readers don’t know is when I found out about their predicament and that of the security guards I took my concerns to Matt McCarten. I have done that before for other workers and always got action. I loathe dead beat employers who rip staff off. I thought I was doing the right thing, so I was surprised when there was no action. I couldn’t believe it at the time.

Then of course along came Dirty Politics, and Matt McCarten was there int eh forefront as the Chief of Staff for the Labour party, and still is. Of course Mana also got into bed with Dotcom and so now it isn’t a surprise at all that Matt McCaretn did nothing to help those workers because he too was in bed with Kim Dotcom.

The left-wing ratbags threw vulnerable workers under the political bus to suit their own greedy needs for power.

Now it is all playing out in court, where it isn’t a union helping these vulnerable workers but a caring business man who was approached by them to help out.

Victoria Young at the NBR reports:

An employment dispute between the Dotcoms and their former employees is dragging out as the estranged couple fight the claim.

The German giant and wife Mona are fighting allegations that they underpaid household staff employed in the Dotcom mansion.

The three household employees, Panfilo Orduna Junior, John Ryan Tactaquin and Ruth Nolasco Relleve, who have returned to the Philippines, first made public the allegations in September last year.

The allegations reported by current affairs show Third Degree are that Mr Dotcom and his wife Mona did not pay them the wages they were entitled to. The trio say that, after the raid when the Dotcoms’ assets were frozen, they worked long hours and were not properly compensated. They told the TV show they were upset that Mr Dotcom had $3.5 million to fund the Internet Party but had not settled this dispute.

Read more »