Judge Raoul Neave comes good

I have written before about Judge Raoul Neave and some of his judgements…but yesterday he came good, slamming some ratbags in Christchurch.

Three young men wept in court as they were jailed for more than two years for vandalising 11 abandoned Christchurch homes in a destructive rampage.

Andrew Hunton, 21, Bradley Burlton, 19, and Jordan Harrison, 19, were labelled “mindless idiots” by Judge Raoul Neave in the Christchurch District Court this afternoon.

The men were arrested last August after setting a quake-damaged house alight and destroying tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of property at the other homes.

They plead guilty to 11 joint charges of burglary, one of attempted burglary and one of arson.

Judge Neave told the court the offending was so severe he had no option but to send all three to prison.  Read more »

Having a lend, thousands of bludgers blagging holidays on the taxpayer

The constant refrain from the opposition is that it is tough on a benefit and that it is barely enough to live on.

The facts however are far different, with beneficiaries finding that not only is the benefit easy to live on, but that literally thousands of them are able to afford overseas holidays as well.

More than 21,000 beneficiaries have had their income support cut for travelling overseas since last July, the Government says.

But opponents have raised concerns about the number of people affected, dubbing it the latest round of “beneficiary bashing”.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said she was surprised by the “staggering number” of beneficiaries, excluding superannuitants, who were travelling overseas.

“These figures are the number of people who chose to travel knowing their benefit would be suspended.

”Every day we hear stories of how people cannot live on the benefit. Today you’re hearing that literally thousands can not only live on it but can afford to travel overseas as well.

Bennett said more than 1750 people have had their benefit suspended for multiple overseas trips since July.  Read more »

Nasty piece of work, throw away the key

Some people are beyond redemption, they are just plain crooked, bent, and/or nasty.


Joanne Kerr leaving the Blenheim District Court

A woman going around Blenheim on a mobility scooter pretending to collect money for her sick child has been arrested for a third time in less than a week.

Joanne Lee Kerr, 31, unemployed of Blenheim, is facing 10 burglary charges, two theft charges, a charge of using a fake script to get prescription drugs, and one of obtaining by deception.

Police first arrested Kerr on Friday night last week after reports of a woman visiting homes in Blenheim on a mobility scooter and collecting money.

Senior Sergeant Dan Mattison, of Blenheim, said Kerr made up at least three different reasons for collecting money. One was for her son who was in Starship Hospital in Auckland. She told others she was fundraising for her son’s sports team. He understood she had a medical condition, but was able to walk unaided.  Read more »

Oh dear, how sad, never mind: Ratbag Rapist runs off road and dies

A rapist got what was coming to him. You won’t find me shedding a river of tears for this ratbag.

A motorcyclist killed after hitting a bridge in North Canterbury has been identified as a convicted rapist.

Donald Clifford McMillan, 53, of Rangiora died after hitting the side of the Glentui Bridge near Oxford.

A passerby called emergency services after coming across the crash on Ashley Gorge Rd about 9.15pm on March 6.

It appeared McMillan failed to negotiate a bend and struck the side of the bridge while riding his Harley Davidson. He died at the scene.  Read more »

Amy Adams deals to a mad, mad council

While I’ve had my doubts about Amy Adams, there’s no doubting she’s willing to show up ratbag councils.  I can’t wait for Paula Bennett to get stuck into her Local Govt portfolio but this tale is why the Green Taliban should be shown the arse card when it comes to being anywhere near power.

“Many RMA rules around the country have slipped into nonsense territory,” Adams said after The Dominion Post reported on environmentalists Peter Standen, 77, and wife Diana, 74, of Otaki, being taken to court by Kapiti Coast District Council for felling and trimming seven trees they believed were rotten and dangerous.”

Good to see fitness guru, arts and travel blogger, David Farrar, pick up on a pearl of a story that ought to worry everyone.  The Green Taliban running the Kapiti Coast District Council have decided to prosecute a couple of Otaki pensioners for getting an arborist in to clear “a mass of tangled and broken branches, dead, diseased and dangerous trees” on their own land.

Instead of the council giving them a pat of the back for improving nature, instead, they’re being prosecuted for “modifying naturally occurring indigenous vegetation“.  Given these, mad, mad rules abound in many councils, including Len‘s socialist paradise of Auckland, it’s a real worry:

“This couple has spent a lot of time caring for their environment and gone to the effort of getting an arborist,” Adams said.

Oddly, I’ve been told Wellington City views your land as, well, your land.  While I can’t stand the place, it seems to be full of people planting natives, perhaps because you’re allowed to manage them than apply for Resource Consent to trim a branch. That mad Kapiti Council is telling people to rip out natives before its too late.  Great message that for as Adams explains:

“We are not talking about some yob with a chainsaw with a tree he did not like. They got a specialist saying they were dangerous… it appears so eminently sensible… the outcome seems ridiculous.   Read more »

Another deadline missed by Internet party as Kim Dotcom’s woes grow

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

After I leaked the plans of the Internet party and highlighted possible electoral breaches with their planned launch of the party Kim Dotcom said in the Herald on Sunday that he would launch the party on February 20.

Now Dotcom will launch his album and his new music download site, Baboom, tomorrow, as planned, with an extensive advertising campaign on radio and on the back of more than 100 buses.

But the launch of the Internet Party – his tilt at political power – has been postponed until February 20.  Read more »

Less than honest from the Herald

Yesterday the NZ Herald played catch up on Kim Dotcom and there was reasonably good article mostly by Jared Savage with some turd polishing from The Gurnard.

There was one bit that didn’t ring true given what I know about what goes on at the Dotcom Mansion on a day to day basis.

Creditors spoken to by the Herald have pointed to apparent recent indulgences by Dotcom as raising frustration with bills for work at the mansion still unpaid.

West City Electrical’s Neil Stratful said he was among many creditors who had not been paid.

Court documents show that amount was $52,027 as of February, 2012.

“Kim has said once this is all dealt with he is wanting to pay every cent to everyone he owes money to. I think morally he wants to put everyone right.”

Dotcom’s lawyers put a letter from Mr Stratful before the court in 2012, when seeking funds to be released, in which the electrician said he owed money to suppliers for materials used during work at the mansion.

“We now find ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation with creditors to me sending me final demand letters asking for payment.”

Mr Stratful said yesterday: “He doesn’t want to be shareholder of a company that doesn’t pay its bills. He doesn’t want to fold and let it fall over.”

I thought the bold sentence was incongruent with his claims to be a disgruntled creditor. Most people who are owed money do not use the first name of the ratbag who owes them money then produce nice statements about morals when you are talking about scum who haven’t paid you.

So I did a bit of digging.   Read more »

Dodgy ALP/Union ratbag convicted

Contrary to his own over inflated legal opinion of the merits of his case…Craig Thomson was convicted yesterday on fraud charges, for paying for hookers and other services on his union credit card.

Former federal MP Craig Thomson has been found guilty of obtaining financial advantage by using his Health Services Union (HSU) credit card to pay for sexual services and making cash withdrawals.

In handing down his findings, Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg found Thomson dishonestly used his union cards while national secretary of the union.

Thomson sat quietly in the front row of a packed Melbourne Magistrates Court as Mr Rozencwajg delivered his verdicts.

The magistrate said the court had heard from several union witnesses who made it clear that union credit cards were for business purposes only.

“This must have been known by the accused,” Mr Rozencwajg said.  Read more »

Dotcom creditors angry at his continued excesses

Creditors have been contacting me almost daily angry at the continued excesses of Kim Dotcom. These are the many small businesses who have supplied services to Kim Dotcom to maintain his opulent lifestyle in Coatesville….and remain unpaid for even post-raid services. Some of the creditors are now speaking out to the Herald.

They are no longer afraid of Bully Big Steps and are speaking out despite threats for doing so. Dotcom usually requires gagging orders before releasing payment for anything.

Kim Dotcom is facing calls to pay $500,000 in debts by creditors who have watched him appear to embrace again an opulent lifestyle.

The internet tycoon has pledged to pay the money owed by his company Megastuff for the operation of his mansion.

The money has been owed since the January 2012 raid on his mansion by police, which saw him and three others arrested to face extradition to the United States on accusations of copyright violation.

Dotcom told the Herald yesterday he would pay every cent of the debts but didn’t currently have the money.

He doesn’t have the money because sources tell me he has spent over $2 million dollars on studio costs, artists and work on his now widely rubbished Good Times album. The same sources tell me that those funds include more than $500,000 for hijacking Rhythm & Vines and providing the fireworks. About the only people having good times ar Kim Dotcom and his family.   Read more »

Aussie union ratbags cost Labor a lot of votes

The stench of corruption in Australian left-wing politics and union is so overpowering it is now costing Labor significant votes.

The Abbott government has regained the lead in the latest Fairfax-Nielsen opinion poll for the first time in two months, helped by a sharp drop in support for Bill Shorten’s performance and a Labor primary vote lurching back into the low 30s.

The result has all but restored the balance that saw the Coalition easily elected last September.

After several weeks in which the Coalition government has successfully linked industrial relations reform, union power, and corruption allegations in the building industry in national debate, Mr Shorten’s personal approval has slumped by an unusually decisive 11 points.

The deterioration comes after a week in which Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced the terms of reference for a wide-ranging and potentially open ended royal commission into union corruption, naming five unions specifically – one of which was the AWU, the union giant formerly run by the Labor leader.  Read more »