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Photo Jasper White

Photo Jasper White

Man Caves

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Photo Of The Day

A lion rides in the sidecar during a performance of The Wall of Death carnival attraction at Revere Beach, Massachusetts in 1929

A lion rides in the sidecar during a performance of The Wall of Death carnival attraction at Revere Beach, Massachusetts in 1929


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Photo Of The Day

A Punt Gun, was used for duck hunting but were banned because they depleted stocks of wild fowl

A Punt Gun, was used for duck hunting but were banned because they depleted stocks of wild fowl

Punt Gun

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See what happens when you have cabinet ministers with gay utes

People are soft these days, but to be expected when you have cabinet ministers who drive gay utes:


The great Kiwi camping holiday seems to be dropping out of favour, with few people willing to rough it in the wild without some modern comforts.

Almost six out of 10 people told a Herald-DigiPoll summer survey that they wanted some comfort when camping – and nearly 15 per cent admitted they would like as many modern conveniences as possible.

Less than a quarter said they like to rough it.

The Holiday Parks Association says the changing demands of Kiwi campers are forcing many holiday parks to reduce tent sites and build more cabins and chalets with modern conveniences.

Chief executive Fergus Brown said it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as it meant camping was appealing to a wider group of Kiwis.

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Harsher Penalties for hunters who shoot people

Rotorua Coroner Dr Wallace Bain today echoed those views in a raft of recommendations released today, and has called for the Law Commission and the Government to “urgently investigate” the rules and regulations applying to hunting deaths.

For those who failed to properly identify targets, he called for harsher penalties.

“Whether in order to emphasise the extreme seriousness of hunters shooting dead other human beings because their targets have not been properly identified, the time has come that the more appropriate charge should be manslaughter.”

As Dr Bain earlier detailed in previous findings into the hunting death of William Gillies, he further recommended that “careful consideration be given to making offences in hunting situations, ones of strict liability so that the hunters have to establish that they have complied to the appropriate standards required with the Arms Act and the Arms Code”.

Spotlighting on any land to which the public had access should be a specific offence, he said.

Dr Bain also recommended more education and messages to hunters over the obligations under the Arms code and general firearms safety and hunter training.

This should place “special emphasis” upon the identification of targets and the risks highlighted with snap shooting, buck fever and the use of high-powered telescopic sights, he said.

Further, he wanted hunting laws to make it clear that “associates and those involved in a joint hunting enterprise, such has occurred here, should have culpability either the same as the principal offender (shooter) or at a far higher level than occurred in this case”.

I am all for harsher penalties for hunters who are stupid enough to shoot another person. It should be manslaughter, and they should go to jail for a long time, preferably with a mandatory minimum sentence to be served in full, and one that really hurts like five or seven years.

What I am not in favour of is expensive regulation of hunters, hunter education or hunter certification. The cost of this will be huge, and probably will not save lives. Rather than respond to a problem with creating a massive expense for all hunters we should ensure that all hunters get the message that if you don’t identify your target, and shoot someone, you will go to jail for a very long time.

No wonder Trevor Mallard is so tetchy

He isn’t getting his busted leg over much:

In a recent survey of 5000 Bicycling magazine readers, 50% of men and 58% of women said that—if pressed to choose between sex or bikes—they’d pick the bikes.(Via Maria Popova)

I chose sex and gave up cycling especially after Missus told me to stop cycling because she was worried about me sitting on my nuts for 60ks.

She said “Whale, there’s no way I am coming second to a bike seat”

For once she had a point.



Labour’s latest vote winning policy

Labour are copying National of 2002, reminding New Zealand’s political elite of what happens when you let decidedly average middle managers run strategy.

Compulsory School Sport is not going to capture the public’s imagination and win votes for Labour. It is a bit like National’s 2002 strategy which involved new policies being released right up until the last week of the election, with 72 released in total.

Compare Labour’s policies to Nationals very clear and effective billboards. Big important vote winning issues. Not compulsory sport in schools.

On the plus side this policy is the first that labour have released that doesn’t a have a billy or two in additional costs attached to it.


How did they know he was gay?

Gay Netball Coach sackedA prestigious Christian school’s Board of Trustees have been told to attend a human rights awareness course after sacking a netball coach because he was gay, the Christchurch Star has reported today.

Middleton Grange School also had to apologise to the 28-year-old and pay him a confidential reparation sum. Yesterday, the man broke his silence about the situation, hoping it would prevent the same thing happening to someone else.

“It’s hard enough to go through finding yourself and accepting yourself and being `out’ in the first place,” said the man, who wished to remain anonymous. “Having to go through discrimination doesn’t help.”

The man said he was trying to look at the positive and that the apology from the school had given him closure.

How’d they know he was gay? Because he coached netball?

At least the girls weren’t in any danger. It isn’t the gay teachers you should be worried about it is the creepy pedos anyway.

I mean what where they thinking? Really? Just because you are christian doesn’t mean you have to be naive and bigoted.