Segregation in Death

It sounds like the title of the new J D Robb novel but plans to have a small section of Marsden Valley Cemetery in Nelson dedicated for the exclusive use of Muslims is fact, not fiction.

This kind of segregation in death is not new.

Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, Wesleyan and Hebrew faiths have long had allocated plots at Wakapuaka Cemetery, and Marsden Valley Cemetery has reserved plots for Catholics, children and members of the Returned Services’ Association (RSA).


It reflects the thinking of 100 years ago and does not belong in a so-called modern, multicultural society. We are all the same and equal in life, so we should share a cemetery, unsegregated in death.

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Facts cannot make an opinion true and neither can emotion

fact_opinion_posterThis blog is a mixture of facts and opinion. When opinions are expressed on this blog people can either read the facts supplied and come to the same conclusion as the writer or they can form a different opinion based on those same facts.

Facts cannot prove an opinion because opinion is not based on proof or certainty. Facts can only show patterns. These patterns are provable, observable and measurable. There are some pretty compelling patterns showing all over Europe in regard to what happens when mass, uncontrolled immigration occurs.

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Face of the day

Saira Khan is today’s face of the day. It is great to see a woman talking sensibly about mass immigration of a culture so different to ours. Predictably none of the women, including Saira, were prepared to say that the problem is religion. They were only comfortable with the weasel word, culture. I understand their reluctance. I have used the weasel word, culture, myself. Blaming uncivilised behaviour on someone’s culture, seems more acceptable than blaming it on the religion that controls affects every aspect of their lives. This is despite the fact that if you judge Prophet Muhammad’s words and actions, you would have to conclude that Islam allows it. Muhammad even went so far as to say that Allah approved it.

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Having a baby was a life-changing experience for this modern feminist

As an old-fashioned feminist I write about the ideology of Islam because I am an activist for women’s and children’s rights. I am considered old-fashioned because I wanted a traditional family unit to raise my children in. I am also considered old-fashioned because I am pro-life and do not accept the propaganda that the tiny human being living inside me, with it’s own beating heart, is not an individual but a part of my body.

Sara Fernanda Giromin has had such a bad experience with modern feminism that she now rejects feminism totally. I think that she has thrown the baby out with the bathwater and should consider becoming an ‘old-fashioned’ feminist. There is still meaningful and important work to be done.

Former Femen activist Sara Fernanda Giromin credits giving birth as the catalyst for changing her feminist ways.

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“Islam is the only religion that’s at the moment positively dangerous”

New Zealand is in such a wonderful position, still, where we can escape this fate.

But not if we continue to be blind to Muslim immigration.  Richard Dawkins at least is prepared to say it how it is.

Evolutionary biologist and writer Richard Dawkins says he suspects religion is “dying” in New Zealand and that’s a good thing for science and education.

“…Science is advancing all time and religion is not, and religion is slowly dying,” Professor Dawkins told TV3 show The Nation today.

“It’s dying much faster in some countries than others. It’s dying very fast in western and northern Europe, I suspect in New Zealand as well.”

Prof Dawkins said human understanding of science, and of phenomena such as evolution, improved when religious groups were less influential.    Read more »


Christian & Muslim Refuse to do Their Jobs, Only One is Behind Bars


Christian, Kim Davis on the left. Muslim, Charee Stanley on the right.

“I don’t think that I should have to choose between practicing my religion properly or earning a living. I shouldn’t have to choose between one or the other because they’re both important.”

-Charee Stanley

As I read both these news stories in my facebook feed I thought that I should do a post comparing them. Seconds after the thought raced through my head another article popped up on my facebook feed where someone else had already beaten me to it!

Whether or not you think that people should have freedom of religion in their jobs one thing is abundantly clear. If Muslims are allowed to refuse to do things that are part of their jobs without being put in jail or fired then the same should apply to Christians or any other religion. Alternatively if there is no place for religious beliefs on the job then that must apply accross the board to every religion consistently not just to Christians.

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Well done Amy, you cocked that up didn’t you?

I did warn the politicians, but Goddammit.  What have we gotten ourselves into now?

New Zealand has imposed some of the world’s strictest blasphemy laws by stealth, a Humanist group says.

The new Harmful Digital Communications Act, intended to stop cyber-bullying, could have the effect of landing a person in jail for two years for committing blasphemy, the New Zealand Humanist Society said this week.

This aspect of the new law was an affront to four in ten Kiwis who weren’t adherents of any religion, the group said.

“This legislation not only flies in the face of human rights, but the introduction of yet another law that gives special privileges to religions is unfair, unpopular and unrepresentative of our society, where over 40 per cent of New Zealanders identify as not religious, making this our country’s largest single belief group,” said Mark Honeychurch, the Society’s president.

The Act stated digital communications “should not denigrate an individual by reason of his or her colour, race, ethnic or national origins, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.”

Mr Honeychurch said the law would effectively impose some of the world’s strictest penalties – including fines of up to $50,000 – on people found guilty of blaspheming, or insulting religion.    Read more »

Why is the new Policewoman’s religion relevant to the story?

In the below article the woman’s ethnic background and ability to speak Hindi is relevant to the story as the point of diversity is that she will be able to translate for people who speak Hindi and her ethnic (Fijian Indian) background will help people from a similar background relate to her.

I have seen these kind of articles before about new policemen and women from other ethnic backgrounds who are held up as an example of diversity in the police force to match the diversity in the community. Not once however have I ever seen a police person’s religion brought up. Religion has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. I challenge readers to find a similar report where they talk about a cop being a Catholic, a Jehovah’s Witness, a Seventh Day Adventist or a Hare Krishna and how that will help them to relate to people from that religion in the community.

The headline screams..

‘Muslim policewoman now living the dream’ not  ‘Fijian born Indian policewoman living the dream.’

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Losing my religion

I was brought up Catholic and tried really hard to make sense of what I was taught and to find meaning in it. I disliked some of the stories in the bible and questioned whether they should be used as examples for modern day Christians to follow as they reflected the attitudes of the time which were counter to modern thinking.

I questioned why the Pope had to be a man, why women couldn’t be Priests and why Men couldn’t be nuns. I couldn’t see the point of celibacy and thought that it was harmful and un-natural. Jimmy Carter who was President of the United States from 1977 to 1981 has reflected on sexism within religion as a whole and has late in life severed ties with a religious group that he used to be a part of. He makes some very good points that clarify for me one of the many reasons I no longer consider myself to be religious.

religion--jimmy carter, religion used to subjegate women.preview

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Face of the day



Today’s face of the day is the face of Iranian women protesting the tyranny of the Hijab ( head scarf ) They currently have a facebook page called My Stealthy Freedom where they risk fines, lashes, and imprisonment by posting photos of themselves without their Hijabs. From the general public they risk having acid thrown in their faces. The woman behind the facebook page has been smeared by the Iranian government who reported on State television that she has been raped by three men in front of her son after using drugs.



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