The Dalai Lama says that terrorists have no religion

I like the Dalai Lama I really do but is he in la la land? Is it naive to believe that ALL religions are at their core exactly the same? Is it ignorant to assume that ALL religions are essentially all about love, peace and mutual respect?

If what he says in the video below is true then I agree that terrorists have no religion because terrorism has nothing to do with love, peace or respect for others. The problem I have is that the vast majority of terrorists have only one religion in common. There has to be a reason why one religion out of all the others in modern times is a fertile breeding ground for hate, intolerance and terrorism.

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Why Muslims are impacting the West more than any other group

Of course, it is true that not every Muslim is a terrorist and I would never treat my fellow Muslim New Zealanders differently or badly because Islamic terrorists follow the same religion that they do. I will, however, comment on their impact on our society because when Christian/secular countries have a Muslim population time after time it has an effect on that country.

A New Zealand Muslim family: Two wives and five children NZ Herald, October 3, 2016

Muslims in the west are outbreeding Christians and other non-Muslims due to their large families and multiple wives.This impacts western countries culture, politics and value system because Muslims have a markedly different belief system and values to the West and their religion encourages them not to integrate and to recruit non-Muslims to their ranks. Just as historically Christian immigrants turned cultures into Christian cultures, Muslims are now changing Christian and secular societies into Muslim ones. The example most personal to me is Lebanon, the home of my Christian maternal Great-grandparents. It was a Christian country when they left it to immigrate to New Zealand but today it is a Muslim country.

People who disagree with me will say that I am scaremongering and that what I am saying is not factual. Look at the statistics below and come to your own conclusions. I am not going to be impacted too much in my lifetime but it is my children and their children that I am concerned about.

As of 2010, Christianity was by far the world’s largest religion, with an estimated 2.2 billion adherents, nearly a third (31%) of all 6.9 billion people on Earth. Islam was second, with 1.6 billion adherents, or 23% of the global population.

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NZ Herald thinks it’s OK To ridicule the Old Testament

NZ Herald thinks it’s OK to ridicule the Old Testament.

And, it is ok. Praise the Lord, that Ana Samways chose to mock the old testament, sacred to Christians and Jews, instead of mocking the Quran, Mohammed or Muslims in her sideswipe column from Monday.

What do Christians and Jews do in response to ridiculing of their good book? Why, they write letters and discuss.


This Sideswipe column is only mildly witty in some parts. It was ridicule, but acceptable ridicule, and today, the NZ Herald published a letter from someone who was offended. Good on them. Power of the pen.

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EXCLUSIVE: David Seymour’s thoughts on Islamic Immigration



With overseas terror attacks and mass migration of un-vetted refugees into Europe, many people are concerned about the connection between Islam and terrorism, along with the social unrest that can accompany large-scale migration.  While New Zealand has been relatively insulated it would be incredibly naive to think we are immune to the challenges faced by Europe and the US.

Too often, the left labels those raising concerns as racists or bigots – a cynical attempt to shut down debate through name calling. Debating the ideas and beliefs of any religion shouldn’t be forbidden and the practical difficulties of integration, especially where there is a clash of values, should be openly discussed.

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Do not give me a holy book give me a holy sandwich

Luis Quiles is a talented Spanish Artist on Deviantart. His images provoke a response from the viewer and he has been censored by the admins on the website who have removed many of his images.

Today’s artworks are called, Do not give me a holy book give me a holy sandwich and Teaching religion.

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Islamic terrorism is a battle not of nations or organizations but of ideas


Trying to rationalise terrorist attacks and minimise their links to a terrorist organisations is pointless as we are battling ideas not organisations.The organisations came from the ideology, the ideology did not come from the organisations.

The media and effete powers-that-be have been twisting themselves into Halal pretzels Islamsplainin’, rationalizing how a given Muslim terrorist attack isn’t really “Islamic” or isn’t significant. These contortions can become quite ridiculous, such as suggesting that recent Allahu Akbar-shouting Munich shooter Ali Sonboly might somehow have had “right-wing” motives because, among his violent passions, was an interest in Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

A more common (un)intellectual contortion is the minimizing tactic of claiming, as is politically correct authorities’ wont, that a given jihadist attacker “has no ties to IS” (the Islamic State), as if there’s nothing to see here if a man doesn’t provide notarized evidence of allegiance to the boogeyman du jour. Yet this is much as if we’d claimed during the Cold War that a Marxist terrorist attack wasn’t really a Marxist™ terrorist attack because we couldn’t find a connection to the Soviet Union. The issue and problem wasn’t primarily the Soviet Union but communism (Marxism birthed the USSR, not the other way around), an evil ideology that wreaks havoc wherever it takes hold. Likewise, the IS didn’t birth Islam; Islam birthed the IS.

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Left-wing blog post won’t say the I word

I was fascinated to come across an article critical of religion on a NZ left-wing blog site. NZ left-wing blogs have been consistently critical of Christianity and God and supportive of secularism and atheism yet, at the same time, apologists for Islam and Allah. The article proposed banning all religions but both it and the comments only acknowledged Christianity. Not one person was prepared to utter the I word.

I’m a little worried about God.

Not only does God not exist, the reasons for needing him to exist are fast fading. The human race is approaching the end of its adolescent years and is heading for maturity.

…Clearly, the world’s population is still mostly religious. But the countries where citizens are happiest are, for the most part, agnostic and social democratic. The Nordic example is where the world should be heading as a next step.

Given that there is no God and no  is reason for there to be a God, what do we do about religion? Should we remain tolerant of the unfounded beliefs of the billions of adherents? Should we continue to parse individual religions, identifying some strains of faith as being acceptable, while decrying other, more militant, sects?

I think it’s time to end religion.

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Talking to a cynic about religion


My daughter is a cynic and my conversations with her are very entertaining. This morning she said to me, “when one person hears a voice in their head it is called schizophrenia, when multiple people hear voices in their head it is called religion.” The conversation started because of her reaction to a book that she has to read as part of the curriculum she is following. We work at the dining room table and as I type blog posts she constantly interrupts my train of thought to exclaim about something she has just read in the book.

The hero of the book is meant to be an example of a good Christian. The theme of the book so far seems to be to trust in God.The problem my practical and logical daughter has with the character is that he ( and I quote my daughter here ) ” is stupid.” The character has taken trusting in God to extremes in her view.The examples she gave me reminded me of this joke.  Read more »

Segregation in Death

It sounds like the title of the new J D Robb novel but plans to have a small section of Marsden Valley Cemetery in Nelson dedicated for the exclusive use of Muslims is fact, not fiction.

This kind of segregation in death is not new.

Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, Wesleyan and Hebrew faiths have long had allocated plots at Wakapuaka Cemetery, and Marsden Valley Cemetery has reserved plots for Catholics, children and members of the Returned Services’ Association (RSA).


It reflects the thinking of 100 years ago and does not belong in a so-called modern, multicultural society. We are all the same and equal in life, so we should share a cemetery, unsegregated in death.

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Facts cannot make an opinion true and neither can emotion

fact_opinion_posterThis blog is a mixture of facts and opinion. When opinions are expressed on this blog people can either read the facts supplied and come to the same conclusion as the writer or they can form a different opinion based on those same facts.

Facts cannot prove an opinion because opinion is not based on proof or certainty. Facts can only show patterns. These patterns are provable, observable and measurable. There are some pretty compelling patterns showing all over Europe in regard to what happens when mass, uncontrolled immigration occurs.

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