Labour’s reshuffle kerfuffle

Richard Harman got sold down the river overnight as poisoned intel was used to out one of his leakers.


But that doesn’t make his article redundant.  It still stands, albeit the timing of the shuffle is different.

Labour is plainly sensitive to charges that Phil Goff is double dipping as an MP and now confirmed Auckland Mayoral candidate.

Leader Andrew Little has said Mr Goff will now no longer be spokesman on Auckland issues.

Any other changes to his spokesmanships will come tomorrow when Mr Little announces his reshuffle of Labour’s Caucus spokespeople.

The interesting question:  who will replace Goff?   Read more »

Labour #MANBAN turns into Labour #FANBAN

Credit: Getty-Images via Newstalk ZB

Credit: Getty-Images via Newstalk ZB

It seems the ground roots desire in the Labour party to promote more women up the party hierarchy at the expense of suitably qualified men isn’t reflect at the heady heights where the MPs operate.

Due to Shane Jones’ departure, David Cunliffe is forced into a “reshuffle”.

The actual appointments need confirmation, but the word is that the following promotions and demotions are on the cards   Read more »

I get the joke, but was it funny?

via ODT

via ODT

I woke up this morning thinking that the last month has been a bad dream.  First, briefly, we won the America’s Cup 9-1.  That was cool.

Also, Davis Shearer’s snapper stunt worked so well, it drove a wedge into National and they are now completely on the backfoot.

There was no 3 week Labour Leadership ‘democratic’ contest.

And yesterday, they didn’t announce Clare Curran as the spokesperson for Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

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Vernon Small puts lipstick on the pig



I’m not sure what Vernon Small was on when he started on this opinion piece, but it had to be pretty good.

Labour leader David Shearer could not have given a clearer signal that the party needs to lift its game in its traditional happy hunting grounds – jobs, health and education.

While health spokeswoman Maryan Street and education spokeswoman Nanaia Mahuta have not been booted out of the top 20, they have been shifted sideways into less critical areas in his long-awaited reshuffle.

In comes Chris Hipkins, who has been acting education spokesman for some time, and feisty veteran Annette King in health.

Feisty veteran Annette King?

But wait, he’s got more lipstick to go around.   Read more »

Timing for Shearer’s reshuffle

I understand that Nanaia Mahuta’s baby is due in December.  Does this mean that Shearer will time the reshuffle in the middle of BBQ season – and after the birth of Nanaia’s baby?  January perhaps?

At least he won’t look as though he is sacking a pregnant woman.  Instead he will be targeting a woman with a new baby, a woman who is most likely sleep deprived and a woman who under all this stress may well develop post-natal depression?

So nice to see such inspired leadership from Shearer.

It is good to know he cares about women.  Is Sue Moroney sure that Shearer put his hand up in support of her paid parental leave bill?  Hmmm… may be there is an option for Shearer in that.  He could pay Nanaia to stay away and have an ‘Acting’ Education spokesperson in her place.

Whatever he decides Nanaia is right.  Shearer has lead the charge in attacking Nanaia for being a woman of childbearing age.


Who is Labour’s finance spokesman?

I am slightly perplexed and certainly bemused.  This is a tale of two Davids.

Last week, one David delivered this speech to Eriksens conference. Eriksens is a bunch of actuaries and investment specialists. This David waxed lyrical about silly economic policies that don’t work and would put the New Zealand economy into the dark ages. This David is Labour’s Finance spokesman.

Over the weekend, another David delivered this speech to a little wee residents association (sorry, I mean citizens association).  Curiously, this  is a vision speech on the economy. Full of hyperbole, simile and vomit in the bucket stuff.  It isn’t an economic development speech like this David’s portfolio, nor is it a measly associate finance speech.  This is an arse-kicking economy speech that sees this David look like he is challenging not just the Labour party leadership (we are used to that) but also the Party’s economic policy direction.  It is also interesting as this is the first real challenge to the Greens from a Labour party MP.

So, I ask.  Who is the Labour Party’s Finance spokesman?  Will David Shearer’s performance management system show that David Cunliffe has in fact outperformed David Parker in this area?


Reshuffle time: Chippie must be salivating

David Shearer did the unspeakable on The Nation.  He indicated there’d be a reshuffle in the not so distant future – specifically to the front bench.

“[I’m] certainly looking at where we can improve. Obviously you would want to do that,” Mr Shearer said.

“With 34 MPs I need all my team contributing fully,” Mr Shearer said at the time.

“I have made clear that I will be looking closely at the performance of every MP and strong performers will be rewarded.”

Does this mean that the performance reviews he promised when he won the leadership are now complete?

It appears that rather than confront Cunliffe directly that Shearer is trying to pick off Nanaia Mahuta.  While Chippie will be loving the idea, and has been doing a great attack job on the easily crippled Parata, Shearer is a bit nutty to pick on Nanaia.

First of all, Nanaia is pregnant.  Any man knows you don’t fuck with a pregnant woman.  Taking her portfolio away will be akin to taking her hokey pokey ice cream with sprinkles and gherkins on top.

Shearer can’t target Nanaia because in doing so he is throwing down the gauntlet at Cunliffe.  Does Shearer really think he is strong enough to do this?  Has Shearer now got the Robertson camp on side by allowing them to run all the House strategy (like letting Chippie run the attack lines).

Demoting Nanaia will be seen as another affront to Maori in Labour but may be this is intentional as Tainui in particular have played an important role on the water rights issue – and Shearer clearly has a different view.

Nanaia hasn’t performed in Education but can Shearer afford to move her to another portfolio?  Is he going to suggest she walk through the Exit door first?  How very chivalrous!

So, who will be Labour’s next Education spokesperson?  Will it be Chippie who has been running the attack lines against the government?  or perhaps it will be Sue Moroney?  She desperately wants the education portfolio back – and has been snuggling up to the gaggle of gays in a hope of being seen as one of the team.

Only one question is left – how did Shearer manage to squander another good media opportunity for Labour by instead creating another opportunity for the newsfeed to be all about Labour’s woes… and not about the Government?