The Iraq War was about revenge for 9/11


by Gavin

Poor old Tony Blair is being slammed in the Chilcot Report, which is just saying what we have all known for years. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein was removed as revenge for 9/11. The failure of the US intelligence system and airline security led to the humiliating attack of 9/11 and someone had to pay.

As for 9/11, I have flown El Al flights and the cockpit doors have been secured against hi-jackers for decades. They have also had armed security on planes for decades as well. For whatever reason the yanks thought they were safe on their own soil. 9/11 changed all that.

I was working in the US in late 2002 to 2003, and what struck me as interesting was that the American people were being prepared for war by the MSM on a daily basis. The MSM were acting as cheerleaders for the upcoming retribution. It was quite odd for me as a Kiwi watching this process unfold as it was a subtle process of getting the people used to the idea that we were going in to sort this out. As history has shown, the evidence for going in was flawed. But, a reason to justify it to the people was necessary to have public opinion on the side of the politicians. Read more »


Photo Of The Day

Matthew Weigman was born legally blind, and he developed superhuman hearing to compensate. If you don't see how a sightless childhood could be turned into a life of sophisticated crime, you're apparently not aware of phone hacking.

Matthew Weigman was born legally blind, and he developed superhuman hearing to compensate. If you don’t see how a sightless childhood could be turned into a life of sophisticated crime, you’re apparently not aware of phone hacking.


He was a teenage blind boy, angry and alone. Then he discovered that he possessed a strange and fearsome superpower – one that put him in the cross hairs of the FBI

2005: 14-year-old Matthew “Lil Hacker” Weigman is considered by the modern phreak community to be one of the best young phone hackers out there. But before you get cute, old-timey images in your head of whistling rogues hacking free phone calls to their sweethearts, you should know that modern phreaking is more about delusional sociopathy than inventively exploiting archaic technology.

Case in point: When Richard Gasper, the father of a phone phreak groupie — yes, there is such a thing, and no, that sadness you’re feeling inside won’t ever go away — denied Weigman’s 3 a.m. request to have phone sex with Gasper’s groupie daughter, Wiegman did precisely what you’d expect: He hung up.

 And then sent in a SWAT team to exact his revenge.

 First, Lil Hacker made sure the 911 call was caller ID spoofed, meaning that it showed up as actually originating from within the Gasper residence.

 Aaand that’s the end of our high-tech hacking segment: It was just simple impersonation and persuasion that convinced the 911 operator that Weigman was an armed gunman holding the Gasper family hostage. You can hear the actual recording below, and you have to admit, it was a pretty damn convincing performance for a 15-year-old kid. Perhaps blindness has lent Weigman a heightened sense of behaving like a psychopath. At any rate, when Gasper stepped out into the police floodlights, explaining for the second time that he’d simply been pranked by a spurned and horny teenage boy, SWAT scoffed at him — “Ha! Can you believe he tried that old excuse?” — and slapped on the handcuffs.

 Lil Hacker was eventually caught, but not by an elite squad of technological anti-heroes in a battle of code: He didn’t like having an investigator following him, so he showed up on said investigator’s doorstep with his big brother and threatened to beat him up.

It began, as it always did, with a phone call to 911. “Now listen here,” the caller demanded, his voice frantic. “I’ve got two people here held hostage, all right? Now, you know what happens to people that are held hostage? It’s not like on the movies or nothing, you understand that?”

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Photo Of The Day

Robert Lee Johnson.

Robert Lee Johnson.

A Most Valuable Spy

This is the story of Robert Lee Johnson, a sergeant in the United States Army stationed in Berlin. Johnson has such a hatred of the army that he risked everything to hurt the country he was tasked to serve. He finally got his wish of revenge and it came during the cold war, as an association with the Russian KGB turned a run of the mill NCO into one of the most infamous spies in history.

The meeting had not gone well, the man gloomily reflected as he was driven out of East Berlin. His head was still heavy after a few too many snifters of cognac. The American’s ambitious scheme to build a life and career in Moscow had sputtered to an unforeseen halt; the only concession the Russians had made was to invite him back for another meeting in two weeks’ time. The three KGB representatives he had talked to didn’t seem very enthusiastic about his offer to defect from the US Army.

The date was 22 February 1953. It was George Washington’s Birthday, a holiday for all American troops stationed in Berlin. The drunken man being shuttled out of East Berlin in a Soviet car was Robert Lee Johnson, a 31-year-old sergeant in the United States Army. Most competent intelligence services would have considered the Army clerk useless, dismissing him as an embittered bureaucrat with a grossly inflated sense of self-worth. Nine years later he would, through a combination of luck and circumstance, become one of the most destructive spies the KGB had ever implanted into the US military.

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Face of the day

Alastair Thompson

Alastair Thompson

To be fair, Alastair Thompson has many reasons for his intense dislike of Cameron Slater as he has been exposed a number of times on Whaleoil for his dodgy dealings.

However he has now resorted to making things up in order to try to get his revenge. Actually that is too polite. He is defaming Cameron with statements that he knows very well are lies.

It is one thing to hit your opponents by exposing facts, it is quite another to deliberately defame them.

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Revenge? That could lead to a heart attack


Guy catches cheating wife – real or fake? [POLL]

YouTuber gets towed, bitches about it. Guy who towed him responds in kind

Reporter Gets Revenge on Heckler During Live Shot

We mock those reporters on TV that are doing the live-cross.  You know, they get asked to stand in a storm  while telling you not to go outside and stand in a storm.



But their job isn’t as easy as it looks.  Especially during live broadcasts.   Read more »

A woman scorned

Awesome revenge. A woman is selling her cheating partner’s secret fishing spots GPS data on Trademe.

Guys, beware a woman scorned.

It seems nothing is sacred when it comes to a spurned girlfriend’s vengeance – even a bloke’s secret fishing spots.

A Waikato teacher – wanting to be known only as Angela – is selling her ex-boyfriend’s GPS fishing co-ordinates on Trade Me.

Angela hopes the co-ordinates will be bought by a “nice guy” who she believes deserves them more than her ex-boyfriend.

The GPS markings for the Bay of Plenty and many other areas of the North Island are being sold individually with a start price of $10 and no reserve.

“My ex-boyfriend is an avid and very successful fisherman who asked me to protect his collection of GPS fishing spot co-ordinates (with my life no less). Not a problem,” Angela wrote on the auction.

Listed on Friday night, the auction closes on Thursday and has gained substantial interest.

“Absolutely incredible. I only listed it on Trade Me last night and by this morning I had 650 responses,” she said.

Angela said she had been living with her fishing-mad boyfriend for six months before he spun her a line and left for Australia.

“We were living together and he got up one day and said ‘I’m going to live in Australia’ without any consultation. He gave me less than 12 hours’ notice and up and left.

“Basically he left with just a bag, which happened to be my bag, and left me to sort everything out at this end.”


Revenge is…uhmm…sweet?

from Boing Boing.

Bullies are cowards. But what do you do when some bully coward keeps taking your drinks? You set him up is what you do.

background: Relative of a close friend (we’ll call him Todd) carried mountain dew in his backpack to school every day. For a few weeks, this bully (“Brian”) would go in his bag, say fuck you, and drink the mountain dew.

Fed up with this and being a cunning lad, last Tuesday Todd drinks the mountain dew before class, and pisses in the bottle. Brian drank the piss, shat brix, and Todd emerged the victor that day.

Now, Brian’s family is threating to sue, claiming Todd endangered Brian’s health. Todd’s family is apparently shitting and scrambling to collect character references for Todd from teachers, letters from doctors saying urine isn’t harmful, and generally thinking their son is a psycho.

I applaud Todd and think that he should walk into court holding a bottle of piss, it’s freedom of expression, some people like piss filled bottles, but IANAL.

Edit The school became aware of the incident when it happened. I believe Todd was suspended for a short period of time. The principal is actually instructing Brian’s parents to press charges because the school doesn’t want to get further involved

The first comment at Reddit solves the issue quite easily.

the bully stole Todd’s piss. Todd cannot be liable.

The second comment really sorts out the issue

Exactly. I would threaten to counter-sue for theft of personal property for stealing his beverages, invasion of privacy for entering his backpack without permission, and harassment for the constant bullying. That should shut them up pretty fast. Tell them you want to involve the police and press criminal charges, not just small claims court.