Reverse Midas

Good Grief!!!!

Virtual practice makes perfect for new soldiers – 08 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

I read this story with increasing incredulity. It is apparent that our societal illness of PC claptrap has now seriously affected our Army. Soldiers are now being trained with bloody air guns to see if they can actually handle firing live rounds.

FFS they aren’t namby-pamby poofters, they are soldiers. Get out the blanks and the live ammo and get them on the range not some extra bloody big video game.

Good grief our troops are being molly coddled.

With plans to build similar ranges at Burnham and Linton camps, one day soldiers at all three camps will be able to play real life, real time war games against each other without ever venturing out into the wind, rain and cold.

As “Chopper” would say HTFU. Pathetic!

This is why you lost

All Blacks getting grief counselling – 21 Oct 2007 – RWC: Rugby World Cup news, photos and commentary – new zealand herald

This is exactly why they lost, they are emasculated, soft cocks. Harden up or forever stay losers.

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Yet another lefty soft cock

Idiot/Savant has turned all blousy after banning comments on his blog.

He joins the ever growing list of leftiist lickspittles who cannot tolerate the merest hint of dissent so close down comments in a fit of pique.

Like the classic spoilt brat in the sandpit who can't share the toys.

Good riddance, He will find like other sooks, Jordan and Tony that his readership actually liked the comments and they will now depart to the right where commenting is still freely available.