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Thought for the day

Today is Feral Free Friday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the pervading culture of “being offended”.

We have seen yesterday Metiria Turei, cloaked in in her shield of sanctimony claiming that this sentence is racist:

“I’m actually insulted to be lectured about how out of touch I am with average New Zealand by a list MP who has no constituents, lives in a castle and comes to the House in $2000 designer jackets and tells me I’m out of touch,”

This post is not about that comment precisely that is for one at 0830. Rather is shows the pervading culture of some segments of our society to become offended or outraged over what are really just a few words.

In Metiria Turei’s case the racism is in her mind. There is not a single mention or race, or maori in those few words by Anne Tolley and yet Metiria Turei reaches for the racism claim.

Likewise the so-called “tough” coasters were upset to the point of issuing death threats, rape threats, violence threats on the basis of 8 words in a headline, nevermind the post actually focussed on media portrayal of a police chase. A reporter from a Greymouth newspaper with less readers than read this website in an hour fuelled the outrage by the portrayal that the whole article was aimed at the young man who died. Just 8 words and my death is called for.

These same people are now writing to people who book ads through Google in an attempt to hurt me financially. These coaster aren’t tough, they are thin-skinned bullies bred on a diet of entitle-itis and a good dose of feral outrage.

We saw a similar behaviour with Willie and JT…outrage cascading into threats, financial attacks and bullying. Radio Live caved to the bullying on social media, more fool them. They are now exposed as a soft target, because bullies always pick on the weak.

Where does this come from?

Well I believe it comes from what is loosely termed “political correctness”…or as Chet Beates defined in Son of a Gun : The Life and Times of a Lifer Brat (2007):

A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

It is believed that this comment came from a student at Texas A&M University pre 2006, but is accurately summarises the problem we are developing.  Read more »

Bongo bongo MP makes Richard Prosser look like a big girl’s blouse

Richard Prosser talks the big game, but when confronted after his “wogistan” he promptly caved and apologised.

Not so Godfrey Bloom, who went on and caused more outrage and has now shared he used to beat up blouses like David Cameron when at school.

Godfrey Bloom, the outspoken Ukip MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, reckons he’s the most misunderstood man in Britain. “It’s all vilification,” he says, thumping the table, his blue eyes bulging out of their sockets.

“Nobody looks at the context of what I say. Most of the people who are shocked by it are the metropolitan elite; people up here, in the old Boot and Shoe or the Barnes Wallis pub, ask me how I get in the newspaper for stating the blinding obvious.”

The “blinding obvious” this week came in the form of a comment piece for, in which Bloom, 63, made his case against enforced quotas for women in boardrooms. Having been involved in some controversy over gender equality in the past (in 2004, he was accused of encouraging employers to sack pregnant women), he thought he was setting the record straight. But it backfired. Bloom argued that women are more suited to finding “mustard in the pantry” than reversing cars, more interested in making beds and tidying bathrooms than business and said feminism was the domain of “shrill, bored middle-class women of a certain physical genre”.  Read more »

Is Bongo Bongo-Land next to Wogistan?

Perhaps Richard Prosser and Godfrey Bloom might like to check each other’s atlas in order to see if Bongo Bongo Land is near to Wogistan.

Godfrey Bloom, a UK Independence Party MEP who referred to “bongo bongo land”, has responded to claims that his comments were offensive by repeating his original remarks and claiming that he is prepared to apologise to the ambassador of the fictional country.

Mr Bloom was filmed at a meeting of supporters in the West Midlands saying those who received aid spent the money on “Ray-Ban sunglasses, apartments in Paris, Ferraris and all the rest of it”.

The video, obtained by the Guardian, also shows Mr Bloom railing against the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for ruling that full life sentences could not be handed down.

A Ukip spokesman has said they have asked Mr Bloom not to use that sort of language again.  Read more »

Maybe Prosser wants all the 1080 for the Wogistanis?

Wogistani hater, Reiki Master and advocate of natural health and ‘complementary therapies’ Richard Prosser steps outside his area of expertise (more on that later)  to cough up a call for change but less forthcoming with any credible ideas like all the rest of the hippies and uninformed whingers whose knee jerk reaction is to scream “BAN 1080” at every given opportunity like the blinkered fools they are.

The 1080 debate has re-ignited with renewed calls for aerial drops to be banned.

Last week, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright said there should actually be an increase in the use of the poison on Department of Conservation land.

She thinks it is the best way to combat rats, stoats and possums on a large scale.

But New Zealand First outdoor recreation spokesman Richard Prosser says we need to look for alternatives, as 1080 kills indiscriminately. Read more »

Wogistanis can stay, but Coconuts have to go

Excuse me for taking delight at NZ First tying themselves into racism knots over this one

via NZ Herald

via NZ Herald

New Zealand First says it will alter a sign promoting a fundraising stall after complaints its offer of a “chance to unseat a coconut” had racist undertones.

The sign has appeared at NZ First’s coconut shy at the annual Kumeu show for a number of years.

However, hard on the heels of NZ First MP Richard Prosser’s anti Muslim outburst in Investigate magazine, the sign at the coconut shy at last weekend’s show prompted a number of visitors to send photographs to the Herald.

That is the problem if you let a little bit of public opinion change your direction.  Public opinions come from a number of angles over time, so eventually you find yourself in a position where you can’t please anyone.   Read more »

Winston’s own Muslim Problem

Winston Peters has failed to condemn Richard Prosser’s attack on Wogistan and Wogistanis. He has been very quiet on the whole issue, perhaps not wishing someone to dig up his own comments on Wogistanis.

Like this article by Jeremy Hall and Robert G Patman in 2005 in the Asia Times:

A combination of charisma, doggedness and a keen sense of political opportunism has helped make Peters one of New Zealand’s great political survivors. Over the last decade, Peters has often used emotive rhetoric during election campaigns to champion anti-immigration and trade-protection causes. Earlier this year, for example, he accused New Zealand’s law-abiding Muslim minority of “having two faces – a moderate face and a militant underbelly”.  Read more »

Richard Prosser has every right to feel aggrieved about his knife being taken, but why blame Wogistanis?



Joan Lowy at Time reports

Airline passengers will be able to carry small knives, souvenir baseball bats, golf clubs and other sports equipment onto planes beginning next month under a policy change announced Tuesday by the head of the Transportation Security Administration.

The new policy conforms U.S. security standards to international standards, and allows TSA to concentrate its energies on more serious safety threats, the agency said in a statement.

Nice to see some common sense returning to this area, although there is still a huge shortage of it.  Anyone who really wants to bring a binary liquid or a sharpened plastic “knife” onto a plane really isn’t going to be stopped by the current measures.  But we already know that.   Read more »

Is this why Winston Peters won’t condemn Prosser’s comments on Wogistanis?

Winston Peters is a slimy weasel at the best of times.

Ever since Richard Prosser started his jihad on Wogistanis his leader Winston Peters has weaselled around the issue.

This video, posted by Dannews perhaps goes some way to explaining why Winston Peters finds it difficult condemn Richard Prosser.

Read more »

UN has the sh*ts with Prosser

There are too many Wogistanis at the UN for him to get away with his comments.

The Government will seriously consider a United Nations condemnation of NZ First MP Richard Prosser’s anti-Muslim comments, Justice and Ethnic Affairs Minister Judith Collins says.

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination issued a report on New Zealand’s progress at tackling racial discrimination and inequality.  Read more »

Someone reads Whaleoil apart from Herald sub-editors

It looks like the editor of the Waikato Times reads Whaleoil:

Mr Shearer, however, is saying the sorts of things that may perplex some people. He seemed relaxed about working with Mana Party leader Hone Harawira, for example, declaring he would respect ideas wherever they came from. But Mr Harawira has a penchant for making contentious remarks about Pakeha. Phil Goff (when he was Labour’s leader) ruled out going into coalition with the Mana Party as long as Mr Harawira was in charge.  Read more »