Rodney Hide

Rodney Hide on the moral and ethical turpitude of the left wing

Rodney Hide looks at left-wing posturing.

The socialists have lost the argument. But that hasn’t bothered them. They have simply done away with the need for one. They now pump their claptrap through their self-evident ethical superiority, their vicious ad hominem attacks and their relentless propaganda.

This astonishing feat is made possible by a legion of second-rate university hacks impressing young minds with the disabling notions that truth is relative, and logic and reason the political tools of the oppressors.

The result is seen in the mush that passes for news, the Twittersphere, and all political debate.

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Rodney Hide on the Greens’ peak oil conundrum

Rodney Hide gives James Shaw a good shellacking over his ‘peak oil’ craziness.

Let’s start the New Year on a happy, glorious note. That means Green co-leader James Shaw. He is the best thing to have happened to Parliament in years.

I could not make him up. No one would believe me. But there he is, a walking, talking political leader.

He is the best of fun but, sadly, too often his best gems disappear into the internet unreported.

I fear you missed his delightful 14 January press release headed, “Cheap oil gives the opportunity to start exiting from it.”

That’s right. Oil’s cheap. So now’s the time to swap it for more expensive alternatives. Genius. That’s the power of corporate green speak. Complete bollocks can be headlined by a political leader and go completely unremarked.

Imagine if oil right now was expensive. Would Mr Shaw declare that now is not the time to be swapping to alternatives?  I don’t think so.

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Rodney has a point about feminism

Rodney Hide joins the debate on the so-called Te Reo speaker who got punched in the face, but was actually the aggressor.

Many people have commented, especially at tumbleweed blogs, that the woman is completely innocent in all this because you should never hit a lady. While debate rages over whether this feral solo mother is indeed a lady, Rodney Hide chimes in on this aspect.

My inner feminist has been in turmoil with the case of Ernest Opai, 43, and 46-year-old Shona Louise Maiden. If you missed it, Maiden claimed publicly she had been hit by Opai. CCTV footage shows that she hit him twice first.

She has pleaded guilty to assault and Opai has also been charged after allegedly retaliating after he was hit the second time.

My inner feminist hasn’t known what to make of it. I suppose a liberated woman should be able to start a fight outside a bar just as much as any man. Why not? Maiden certainly proves women can do anything.

But is that the feminist vision? Women drive trucks, drink beer, play rugby, fight in the army, and swear. Good for them. But punch a guy outside a bar? In the face?

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After days of skiting about his new big stories it all turns pear-shaped for Matt Nippert

Matt Nippert has been cock-a-hoop about his two big stories in today’s NZ Herald.

He’s been boasting on Twitter.

Firstly, about his story of Ella Yelich O’Connor buying her first house.

Nippert skite

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Rodney Hide kicks Labour in the slats

Nigel Haworth has been bludging the past few weeks, seeking $2 donations and extolling the stellar poll ratings of Labour at the moment.

Rodney Hide examines this:

Spare a thought these summer holidays for Professor Nigel Haworth, President of the New Zealand Labour Party.

He has attempted to rally members and supporters with a missive declaring, “We’re finishing an excellent year in which the polls and popular feeling on the streets tells us that we are on course to victory in 2017”.

The polls! The polls! Don’t mention the polls! But he did.

In his day job Haworth is an academic at Auckland University where facts and truth are paramount. In his spare time he heads up the Labour Party and, in politics, propaganda rules the roost.

The polls a year on from their election defeat in 2011 had Labour and the Greens trailing National by 1 per cent. A year on from their 2014 defeat Labour and the Greens are trailing National 10 per cent.

The polls are worse for Labour than when David Shearer was leader.

We understand the need for positivity and talking the team up.

But positivity can’t be at the expense of reality. You can’t be 10 points down at half time and tell the team the scoreboard shows you winning. That’s delusional. That does nothing to rally the team.

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God forbid, a National-Green government?

Rodney Hide makes a bold prediction about the future NZ government, but first some commentary.

The other amazing thing is how stable our politics has become. The parties have grown comfortable with their roles and us with them.

Colin Craig set about to shake it up but only succeeded in shaking out himself.

This year will be the end of Colin Craig. He bit off more than he can chew suing and defaming three people with the resolve to stand up to his bullying. The fact we all have the facts on our side seems to be escaping poor old Colin. The long drawn out court battles will see the awful truth revealed.

Throughout the year, we were told it was all about to change for Key and National. I might have been guilty of saying that myself.

But it never did. The great ship of National steamed on, no matter the troubled water. Even losing the true-blue seat of Northland didn’t rattle the cutlery or spill the tea.

In the New Year those of us in the commentating business will continue to declare tipping points and a change. And one day we will be right. Not everything lasts forever, not even Dunne.

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Rodney Hide gives Helen Clark a good kicking

Some days I do miss Rodney Hide’s intelligent debate, especially when he is off his personal crusades and kicking the crap out of socialists.

He gave Helen Clark a good kicking in the NBR over her COP21 comments.

Such is the Left’s conceit that it thinks it can dial up economic growth as a policy decision and not only hit a target but specify the features of the growth.

The most recent egregious example is from the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, our very own Helen Clark. (See here)

Winging her way to Paris to battle climate, she took the trouble to provide a bit of uplift for the rest of us toiling away to feed and house our families.

Her hope for Paris was “to put our economies and societies on a path to green, risk-informed, and inclusive growth, and move us all toward a zero-carbon, sustainable future.”

Ms Clark assumes world leaders can decide growth by type and size and resorts to nonsensical political babble by way of explanation.

What is a sustainable future compared to one that isn’t? Who exactly is pushing for an unsustainable future? Clearly, everything to date has been sustainable – we are still here. And we did that without Paris.

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Open letter to Xero’s Rod Drury

Dear Rod

I am your customer and have been for a long time.

I admire you for taking an idea and turning it into a large corporation. Now I am watching aghast as you surrender your values and integrity to preserve a corporate image. Instead of standing up for the little guy, you are sticking it to them. You stand with the State, not the citizen.

You promised both contractually and in many, many media statements to protect my privacy . Then, without telling me, you handed out my personal financial information to a State agency. And when I approached your company, after my suspicions were raised, your company simply lied to me.

Once I had established your company had released my private and personal financial information, you then stonewalled me. You never returned my calls or answered my simple, reasonable questions. It seems you are now so big you don’t have to care about a single customer. You have resorted to bully-boy tactics.

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NZ’s VW? Questions over Xero remain unanswered

We’ve seen Rodney Hide explain how Xero gave personal data away without notifying the person or requiring a legal request to do so.  Then Xero denied it – which is not very truthful.  If they do it with someone, they can do it with you.   The NBR revisits the case.



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Rodney Hide boots Charles

Rodney Hide is done with Prince Charles, and  not without reason either.

That’s it: I am no longer faithful and true to the Queen’s heirs and successors. The Queen is an amazing woman, a living and breathing piece of history. I greatly admire her. She gives us no pain and a local president would likely prove problematic.

But Prince Charles is a royal trainwreck. He has torn it for me. He is too stupid and too whacky to be a king commanding respect.

It was his claim that the terror of Isis is the world’s fault for not dealing to climate change that did it.

He says if only we had listened to him – some 20 years ago – and de-industrialised – then gays would not be thrown off buildings, innocents would not be beheaded and the major cities of Europe not terrorised.

That’s a special sort of stupid.

The Prince was asked whether he saw a link between climate change, conflict and terrorism, to which he answered, “absolutely”.

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