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Rodney Hide on who is reponsible for the so-called homeless

Rodney Hide’s column in NBR is on the so-called homeless and the dodgy and wonky statistics used to support claims of increasing homelessness in New Zealand.

New Zealand has a problem but it isn’t homelessness.

It began with Labour calling on TV to highlight the plight of the homeless and producing a total dud.

Labour promised the cameras 17 poor people, with some living in a tent on a front lawn. Instead, an industrious homeowner was busy renovating and using the tent for furniture and materials. His only upset was the journos arriving to film, gawk and gasp at his promised plight.

Labour have been collecting hard luck stories to pimp to the media and that was one they never did the research on. They are doing the same thing with Police.

Next was the shock-horror headline of one-in-a-hundred homeless Kiwis. This was a University of Otago study produced by running the census data through an algorithm. The results don’t pass the “let’s-think-about-this-for-a-minute” test. One percent of Kiwis homeless. Really?

Turns out the five of us spent 2014 homeless and didn’t even know. That year we were “LAMAH” – meaning we were suffering a “Lack of Access to Minimally Adequate Housing.”

We were in very temporary accommodation (tick), our usual address (tick), our income was below the Jensen Equivalised Annual (gross) Family income (tick), we were severely overcrowded, suffering first a two-bedroom, then a three-bedroom deficit once wee boy was born (tick, tick).    Read more »

Rodney on the Panama Papers…again

Rodney Hide uses his HoS column to deride the left for leaping on the Panama Papers bandwagon.

The Panama Papers big reveal proved better in prospect than reality.

We had the promise of New Zealand as a tax haven, squillionaires hiding their ill-gotten gains, Prime Minister John Key shown to be dodgy, and the rich getting richer through wholesale tax avoidance.

The expectation was political carnage.

Labour Leader Andrew Little looked strong: he promised to ban foreign trusts, overturning law from Roman times.

Sure, it was Nicky Hager who has history of getting to 7 by adding 2 plus 2. But this appeared different. Hager was working with a team of top Television New Zealand and Radio New Zealand journalists .

Maybe, just maybe, they had something.

And then the Big Reveal. The names making the headlines were Alan Hubbard, as a shareholder of some or other company; a Tauranga-based Elvis impersonator, who had his address listed for a Mr Basil Al Jarah registering a company in the British Virgin Islands, and Greenpeace, but it seems Greenpeace was on another leaked database, and that it wasn’t really them.

There was one rich lister and political donor named but his donation was to the Greens, not National.

Oh, and it was explained, just because someone is named doesn’t mean they have done anything wrong or improper.

Turns out fewer than 200 New Zealand trusts have links to Mossack Fonseca, all of which are properly disclosed and subject to information sharing requests from other countries and Inland Revenue.

Confused? Yup. Don’t care? Yup.

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Rodney Hide on Wicked Campers

Rodney Hide adds his comments to the Wicked Campers debate.

Associate Tourism Minister Paula Bennett is “thrilled” at the ban on three Wicked Camper vans. She thereby proves herself devoid of principle and political nous.

Banning cartoons is not the job of ministers in western democracies.

Not it isn’t. Paula Bennett is showing some Stalinist tendencies.

We should also not be pleased with the Police spending time taking photos of camper vans with naughty cartoons on location such as the public carpark, Te Anau. We would rather they were chasing burglars.

Or people doing 1km over the speed limit?   Read more »

Nippert slammed for tweet in Press Council finding

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 5.53.22 PM

Rodney Hide has partially won a Press Council complaint against the NZ Herald and Matt Nippert, one of their more dishonest reporters.

Columnist and former politician Rodney Hide has partially won a Press Council complaint against theNew Zealand Herald in which he took issue with a journalist’s personal tweet.

Mr Hide complained to the Press Council about an article by Herald business journalist Matt Nippert that covered proceedings in the High Court involving David Henderson.

The article referred to earlier proceedings and mentioned the current hearing was “undercutting many of Hide’s claims” he made in previous columns he wrote about the issue.

Mr Hide’s complaint said the article was unfair and inaccurate for a number of reasons but this complaint was not upheld.

Furthermore, Mr Hide filed a secondary complaint about a tweet on Mr Nippert’s personal Twitter account.

“Short write-up of court ruling morphed into 1600-word Greek-style epic featuring crimes, c*nts, lulz and ex-MPs. In @nzheraldbiz Saturday,” the tweet said.

Mr Hide said the tweet lacked accuracy, fairness and balance and was “offensive and displaying a lack of professionalism by a senior journalist.”

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Hide on Key, Labour and spying

The report is in and, contrary to the screaming skull’s assertions, there is not and has not been any mass surveillance of Kiwis.

Rodney Hide examines security, intelligence and Labour’s game-playing in his Herald on Sunday column:

There’s a reason John Key remains Prime Minister, having outpolled five successive Labour Party leaders: he is smart. And not just smart: very smart.

We can see that in his choosing Sir Michael Cullen along with lawyer Dame Patsy Reddy to review our spy agencies.

Cullen is Labour through and through and his conducting of the review should help depoliticise what has become a vexed issue.

He is also smart and will make it hard for Labour to oppose the review’s findings and recommendations.

Spying is highly politically charged and is a loser for any Government – the usual transparency that ensures accountability would undermine the very purpose of the agencies.

Until recent times there has been multi-party agreement and oversight of the spy agencies, including the Greens being represented on the Intelligence and Security Committee.

The political parties have placed the cause of national security above the seeking of political advantage and the agencies have also worked hard to be transparent with the Parliamentary parties.

The system has worked.

But, politics being politics, the Government-Opposition bipartisanship broke down when the political opportunity presented itself.

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Rodney Hide on Auckland’s rail fixation

Rodney Hide talks about Auckland’s rail fixation at NBR:

What bedevils Auckland are planners and their decades-old besottedness with trains.

Their single-minded commitment causes high property prices, densification, congested roads, a transport system that struggles to cope and renders Auckland stressful and difficult to do business in.

The train decision drives all others. Because trains are the answer, the motorway system remains incomplete. To make trains less of a dog, Aucklanders must live “compact[ly].” That drives up property prices.

We now have a modern city relying on 19th century technology. Trains are useful but only for shifting freight long distances on flat, easy landscapes. They are the worst of ways for moving people around a city like Auckland.

The basic problem is obvious to a child: Trains only go where the tracks go. And can’t pass on the same track.

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Rodney Hide on the moral and ethical turpitude of the left wing

Rodney Hide looks at left-wing posturing.

The socialists have lost the argument. But that hasn’t bothered them. They have simply done away with the need for one. They now pump their claptrap through their self-evident ethical superiority, their vicious ad hominem attacks and their relentless propaganda.

This astonishing feat is made possible by a legion of second-rate university hacks impressing young minds with the disabling notions that truth is relative, and logic and reason the political tools of the oppressors.

The result is seen in the mush that passes for news, the Twittersphere, and all political debate.

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Rodney Hide on the Greens’ peak oil conundrum

Rodney Hide gives James Shaw a good shellacking over his ‘peak oil’ craziness.

Let’s start the New Year on a happy, glorious note. That means Green co-leader James Shaw. He is the best thing to have happened to Parliament in years.

I could not make him up. No one would believe me. But there he is, a walking, talking political leader.

He is the best of fun but, sadly, too often his best gems disappear into the internet unreported.

I fear you missed his delightful 14 January press release headed, “Cheap oil gives the opportunity to start exiting from it.”

That’s right. Oil’s cheap. So now’s the time to swap it for more expensive alternatives. Genius. That’s the power of corporate green speak. Complete bollocks can be headlined by a political leader and go completely unremarked.

Imagine if oil right now was expensive. Would Mr Shaw declare that now is not the time to be swapping to alternatives?  I don’t think so.

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Rodney has a point about feminism

Rodney Hide joins the debate on the so-called Te Reo speaker who got punched in the face, but was actually the aggressor.

Many people have commented, especially at tumbleweed blogs, that the woman is completely innocent in all this because you should never hit a lady. While debate rages over whether this feral solo mother is indeed a lady, Rodney Hide chimes in on this aspect.

My inner feminist has been in turmoil with the case of Ernest Opai, 43, and 46-year-old Shona Louise Maiden. If you missed it, Maiden claimed publicly she had been hit by Opai. CCTV footage shows that she hit him twice first.

She has pleaded guilty to assault and Opai has also been charged after allegedly retaliating after he was hit the second time.

My inner feminist hasn’t known what to make of it. I suppose a liberated woman should be able to start a fight outside a bar just as much as any man. Why not? Maiden certainly proves women can do anything.

But is that the feminist vision? Women drive trucks, drink beer, play rugby, fight in the army, and swear. Good for them. But punch a guy outside a bar? In the face?

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After days of skiting about his new big stories it all turns pear-shaped for Matt Nippert

Matt Nippert has been cock-a-hoop about his two big stories in today’s NZ Herald.

He’s been boasting on Twitter.

Firstly, about his story of Ella Yelich O’Connor buying her first house.

Nippert skite

And then about his story involving David Henderson, Rodney Hide, Xero and the Official Assignee.Nippert skite 2 Read more »