Roger Brooking

No, he’s not political at all…oh, wait!

Arthur Taylor-hugging Andrew Little has the cheek to attack police over John Banks. We know which side he is on.

Wellington resident Roger Brooking wrote to the IPCA in March urging the authority to investigate the allegations against Banks, saying it seemed obvious to him that the ACT MP had been deceptive and deliberately breached the law.”Every step along the way made it clearer and clearer that the police had failed to do their job,” said Brooking, who runs a programme to help rehabilitate recidivist drink-drivers.

He has made other complaints to the IPCA about the police, but said he was not a member of any political party.

“If you consider that if police had investigated at the time, which is now two years ago and Mr Banks had been prosecuted and found guilty, he would have been out of Parliament two years ago,” Brooking said.

Isn’t it great that this member of the public cares so much about how the country is governed?   Read more »

And still no charges have been laid in the 9 year old booze boy botchup

Jonathan Carson reports

Police have yet to lay charges against those responsible for getting a 9-year-old boy so drunk he was sick, and a top alcohol counsellor warns the case is a symptom of New Zealand’s shocking drinking culture.

The video sparked international attention and was viewed more than 400,000 times before being removed from the internet yesterday afternoon at the request of police.

It showed the boy with a can of bourbon and cola struggling to stand, being abusive and slurring his words at Fairfield Skate Park in Hamilton on Tuesday – his ninth birthday. He consumed eight cans and two liqueur shots and became so sick that he vomited and calling an ambulance was considered.

Police interviewed several people in relation to the incident yesterday, but no charges have been laid.

Police know who supplied the alcohol.

No charges have been laid.   Read more »

Creepy Wikipedia vandal and stalker gets banned and cries to media about it

Stuff reports:

Justice Minister Judith Collins’ office has become embroiled in a Wikipedia war with ministry critic Roger Brooking.

Brooking is an outspoken critic of Collins and the Justice Ministry and was a prolific Wikipedia editor – now banned – under the username Offender9000.

Writing on his blog at the weekend Brooking said his entries had been slashed from lengthy articles to stubs of little more than a few hundred words.

He voiced concerns that Collins or her staff were behind the edits though admitted to Fairfax Media he had no proof.

A spokesperson for Collins admits to making minor changes but said they were up-front about who they were – claims backed up by Wikipedia logs and supported by a Wikipedia editor.   Read more »

The Boo-Hoo Buffoon

Mark Sainsbury had a real sook on Close-Up last night because Anne Tolley fronted, but wouldn’t debate with a so-called “expert” on drug and alcohol counselling.

What Sainsbury didn’t point out during his tears and whining was that this “expert” – Roger Brooking – is a grassroots Labour activist. True to form this tool hijacked the interview to push his ideological opposition to private prisons.

If Sainsbury had bothered to look at Brooking’s Twitter account, rather than repeat crap he heard on Moaning Report, he would also have seen personal attacks on Tolley.

Good on her for not treating this left-wing low-life as an equal.

Close Up looks like a lame horse waiting for the final shot. No wonder the pressure is getting to Sainsbury.