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2015 Sporting Bragging Rights

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A new sporting year, with some great competitions to look forward to, including two big world cups!  It could be a great year for NZ sport, or an opportunity for a NZ team to claim the age-old chokers tag which the All Blacks so famously claimed the last time the World Cup was in the Northern Hemisphere (the only time we haven’t finished in the top four).

Can you pick the winners of some of the biggest sporting events of 2015?  Do you pick with your heart or your head?  At the end of 2015 will you have the bragging rights? Use the comments to make and/or explain your choices for some or all of these big events.  Even if you know nothing about sport, have a guess, you might just beat us all!

Super Bowl XLIX  –  February 2

The teams still in the hunt:




Cricket World Cup:   February 14 – March 29 Read more »

Sledge of the Day – Collins crushes Labour whingers…again

Judith Collins is the government duty minister at the moment. And right on cue the Labour party are whinging and manufacturing a story about the cost of DPS. They do this every year.

Judith Collins however summarises and dismisses their whinging in typical fashion:

Duty minister Judith Collins said police had a budget of $1.4 billion a year so it was a small amount in the scheme of things, and police shouldn’t have to put up with “nitpicking” comment around how they did their job.

“I would point out too there was in fact a Rugby World Cup during that financial year, there were a tremendous amount of dignitaries coming and going from New Zealand and, frankly, I would expect that the police should be allowed to get on with their job,” she said.

“There’s also things such as the election, and the leader of the opposition at the time, Phil Goff, he needed to have the diplomatic protection squad with him – possibly to protect him from his own colleagues.”

She could have also pointed out that labour supporters and the left wing in general are far nastier so it is to be expected that the bills are higher than when their team is in power.

Where’s the cost benefit for these?

NZ Herald

The left wing loves to go on about cost benefit analysis for all sorts of things they oppose. They particularly don’t like what they love to call the “Holiday Highway” that everyone else calls State Highway One.

Brian Rudman expends large amounts of superfluous words talking about cost benefit ratios:

I’m sure the cost-benefit boffins who conjured up this figure definitely are. Indeed, the numbers are so impressive it makes you wonder why Mr Brown doesn’t demand a Rugby World Cup every year. Think – the windfall after only four would be enough to pay off the underground CBD rail loop.

The cynical take on the process is that the whole cost-benefit palaver was introduced by politicians to put a veneer of neutrality on the decision-making on pet projects. Of course this pretence of “independence” is not without risks, as has been highlighted by the controversy over the proposed Puhoi to Wellsford “holiday highway”.

In Parliament last week, Green co-leader Russel Norman had sport with Minister of Finance Bill English over the low cost-benefit ratio of this “road of national significance”.

Opposition politicians have been baiting the Government for three years about its refusal to subject several pet highway projects dubbed “roads of national significance” to cost-benefit-ratio rules.

Good point you raise there Mr Rudman. Since you raised it, where’s the cost benefit analysis for rate and tax/rate payer for overly subsidised crusty old theatre buildings, orchestras, ballets and plays nobody goes to?

Random Impertinents on the Ports Crisis

Gosh, aren’t we lucky that the Maritime Union didn’t strike during the Rugby World Cup. They could have also easily started striking before the November 27 election, and got a lot of publicity. Either of these two timeframes could have caused significant strife.

MUNZ and POAL started negotiating in early September.

Yet, MUNZ could have easily have had strikes during October and November, indeed even late September, when they realised that POAL wanted casualisation.

Yet they didn’t start striking until December 1. (They announced their first strike on November 18)

So, random impertinent time:

Who asked the Maritime Union to hold off striking until December 1?

Why was this date chosen when RWC and the election would have been perfect moments to apply pressure?

Was it Len Brown who told them to back off, who didn’t need another crisis during the Rugby World Cup after his rail failures?

Was it Phil Goff and the Labour Party, who didn’t want bully boy antics from a union costing them votes?

I think we should be told, do you?

Face of the Day

Sir Graham Henry, awarded a knighthood for winning the World Cup.

Graham Henry steps down

The World Cup winning All Black coach is stepping down, job done:

Graham Henry has stepped down as All Black coach following the team’s successful Rugby World Cup campaign.

Henry took over as All Black coach in 2004 and has been in charge for more than 140 matches in a career that included a series victory over the tour British and Irish Lions in 2005, five Tri Nations titles and three Grand Slam titles.

His last match in charge of the side was the All Blacks’ 8-7 victory over France in the Rugby World Cup final last month.

The 65-year-old finishes his All Blacks career as one of the most successful rugby coaches of all time: he coached the All Blacks to 88 wins in 103 tests for a winning percentage of 85.4 percent.

Henry said in a press conference today that he has no desire to coach again. However the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) is discussing the possibility of retaining him as a coach mentor for the country’s leading coaches.

He said he was proud of what the team had achieved over the past eight years, saying the team had “added to the legacy of All Black rugby”

I always knew deep down that Bob Parker was a dork

I knew it, there is always one fool politician who wants to stage a Commonwealth or Olympic Games. I only backed him because he wasn’t Jim Anderton.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker is suggesting that New Zealand should bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games with a rebuilt Christchurch City hosting the opening and closing events.

“We have seen how well Rugby World Cup 2011 worked having Auckland as the central venue for what was truly a stadium of four million people. I can envisage the same scenario for Christchurch’s role in hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games,” says Mr Parker. “I am suggesting that Christchurch would host the opening and closing ceremonies along with both the track and field and swimming events, with other events spread throughout the country.

“To host the 2022 Commonwealth Games would be a wonderful goal for the city. The city needs an aspirational target and in 2022 we will have a stunning new city to introduce to the world. Let us, along with our Government, embrace this challenge. We have to rebuild our sports facilities anyway and will have the greater part of the budget to do this from insurance payouts.”

Good luck insuring a Commonwealth games fool.

Loving the photos

From The Herald

Faces of the Day

Today is All Blacks Day

Forget all that pinko nonsense about Labour Day, today is All Blacks Day and I think John Key should change it permanently.