What a bunch of poofs

Some of my mates are hard core League fans…they will be sniggering about this.

NSW Waratahs forward Jacques Potgieter has apologised for the “offhand” homophobic slur that has resulted in a $20,000 fine from the Australian Rugby Union (ARU).

NSW’s marquee international copped the penalty – with $10,000 suspended – following allegations by Brumbies flanker and ex-Wallabies captain David Pocock during the Waratahs’ 23-18 Super Rugby win on Sunday.

The South African back-rower was referred to the ARU Integrity Unit by a SANZAR preliminary investigation into the case on Monday.

It is believed the Brumbies reported two incidents to SANZAR, alleging the word “f–t” was used to sledge two ACT players in the second half.

Potgieter admitted to making the comments.    Read more »

Photo Of The Day

“Devilish” All Blacks

“Devilish” All Blacks

“Devilish” All Blacks

This postcard was issued in 1906 showing these “Devilish” New Zealanders!

“New Costume suggested for the All Blacks” as a “Souvenir of the Winning Tour by the New Zealand Team” in 1905/1906…

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Why the saying “play the ball not the man” is gay

Yesterday I wrote a post warning of the possibility of a cult of personality inside National.

Predictably those who cannot see it came along to comment and proved such a cult exists.

Also along came those who know what is better for me and tell me, including this comment.

Oh dear, Cam the first principle is that no one has a monopoly on the truth, and you are going close to claiming that for yourself. I hope this apparent crack at the PM is not part of the plan for you to start up a new right/centrist newspaper using the success of this blog. I have always believed in not playing the man, but focussing on the ball. Yes it is stupid for PM Key to bumble through an inept explanation of the Chief of Defence Staff’s attendance at the meeting with Obama et al about ISIS, but to characterise his premiership the way you appear to be going is not persuasive. I have a question, why is it that none of the MSM are prepared to take on the leadership inadequacies of the Opposition. What do they contribute to the governance of New Zealand (I mean the senior opposition MPs of all breeds)?

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Carlin Isles – bored with sevens, having a crack at the NFL. Here’s why.

Will Labour ban funding to this charter school as well?

Labour and the teacher unions hate charter schools and Labour  has promised to ban them and repeal the legislation.

But will they ban funding to this charter school?

For diplomatic reasons he might have a big problem with halting the following. MFAT via the NZ Embassy in Washington annually pays US$10k to outfit aspirational rugby players at a charter school in one of DC’s ‘meanest’ suburbs.

The secret was already weighing on him as the team bus pulled out of Washington and headed north.

Tal Bayer, coach of one of the District’s most unlikely athletic success stories, sat at the front, his pale bald head a beacon to his roster of two dozen teenagers. He called them his boys, and the physical expression of their relationship — cleats, gym bags, rugby balls — were strewn all over the bus.

Bayer liked taking his rugby players out of the city, where so many of their lives are defined by struggle. “Every mile you get away from D.C., away from school, from the pressures of home, you can see the kids open up,” he said.

It was early March, and the Pride rugby team was headed to Philadelphia for its first real test of the season. Bayer had been making these trips since founding the program 14 years ago at what was then Hyde Leadership Public Charter and is now Perry Street Prep Public Charter. Pride is one of the only high school squads in the country composed entirely of black players, an inspirational story that in recent years had intrigued documentary filmmakers and Hollywood screenwritersRead more »

Scoring a try while unconscious


Fats is dead, RIP


Peter Fatialofa, Auckland and Samoan rugby legend has died.

Popular Samoan rugby identity Peter Fatialofa has died. He was aged 54.

Reports say Fatialofa was taken ill suddenly and died this morning. It is understood Fatialofa had a heart attack while driving in Samoa and died while be attended by ambulance staff.

Twitter was abuzz with shock amongst the Samoan and general rugby communities.

Fatialofa played for Manu Samoa between 1988 and 1996, making 34 test appearances.    Read more »

Who needs rugby players to play rugby?


Ruslan Casey puts a massive hit on a St. Pauls Collegiate player

‘Canes find consistency with Gareth Morgan

Two games, two losses. At least Gareth Morgan has brought some consistency to the Hurricanes from the Phoenix.

Now holding a 0-2 record, Hurricanes coach Mark Hammett admitted he had a sorely dejected dressing room.

The Hurricanes were edged out 18-12 by the Reds in Brisbane.

Mistakes from both sides created a dour encounter, with Hurricanes skipper Conrad Smith left frustrated.  Read more »