Sam Dastyari

Corruption scandal won’t go away for Labor

The corruption and fraud trial of Craig Thomson is over and he is staring down the barrel of five years in prison.

Labor may think the problem is going away but it won’t…there is just so much dirt yet to come out.

Anyone who thinks that the conviction of Craig Thomson for fraud brings this scandal to a conclusion, pending sentencing, does not appreciate the magnitude of the deception involved. The five years of silence, suppression and delay around this scandal embroiled former prime minister Julia Gillard, the leader of the Greens, Christine Milne, the Fair Work Australia agency and numerous present or former federal Labor MPs.

Long after Thomson’s conduct was exposed by the Herald, the Labor Party began secretly paying his legal bills, helped fund his defamation action against the Herald, re-endorsed him for the seat of Dobell, deployed large resources to that campaign and suppressed revelations in the Senate. After his re-election in 2010 saved the Gillard government, the prime minister recorded her gratitude in Parliament on August 16, 2011: ”I have complete confidence in the member for Dobell. I look forward to him continuing to do that job for a very long, long, long time to come.”

The prime minister’s droll cynicism fed into a pattern of delay, dissembling, secrecy and suppression.  Read more »

Liberals attack…hard

This is the Liberals latest attack ad…

I love negative campaigning…that video will hurt because it is true.

DEPUTY Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Foreign Minister Bob Carr, outgoing Labor Party boss Sam Dastyari have been linked to corrupt former MPs Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald in a new series of Liberal Party attack TV ads due to be rolled out across NSW tonight.  Read more »

Obeid starts naming names, including Rudd’s man

Dodgy and corrupt ALP ratbag Eddie Obeid is starting to name names in a bid to take others down with him.

“I am ashamed of some of my colleagues in the Labor Party who become like a lynching mob just to protect themselves.

“There is nothing in this, there is nothing in this inquiry that puts, that finds a smoking gun against anyone.”

Mr Robertson said yesterday the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions should throw the book at Mr Obeid and Mr Macdonald.

Mr Obeid said today Mr Robertson was “irrelevant”.

“He will get his day later, him and Sam Dastyari,” he said.  Read more »

Rotten to the core

Th Brisbane Times has a couple of interesting articles.

NSW Labor is rotten to the core, Kevin Rudd  is not even sure there is a straight politician left.

As pressure grows on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to clean up the scandal-ridden NSW Labor Party, party boss Sam Dastyari may be headed for a seat in the Senate.

While Mr Dastyari is recognised as a reformer, there are question marks over the credentials of his likely successors.

Former NSW premier Nathan Rees believes that if Mr Dastyari goes, the Prime Minister would need to order full-scale intervention in the state party, which has been disgraced by years of revelations about corruption among MPs and union officials.    Read more »

Even Labor doesn’t like dodgy Labor ratbags

Things are getting tough for the dodgy Labor ratbags in NSW, even their own party is over them:

Former Labor ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald are set to be expelled from the party within days after a call by NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson following evidence at the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Mr Robertson wrote to NSW Labor Party general secretary Sam Dastyari on Wednesday.

”I write to request that you expel Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald from the Labor Party immediately on the basis that they have brought the party into disrepute,” he wrote.

”Brought the party into disrepute”: Ian Macdonald.

”These are extraordinary circumstances and I request you take action as soon as practicable.”

Will he work for Labour too, or will Trevor spearhead their social media strategy again?

Labor has called for some heavy hitters to help them in the Federal Election this year. He is a big wig campaigning expert who has worked for Obama.

Labour here has previously used Obama resources like Blue State Digital, who ironically the other day were impressing the young impressionable idiots of Young Nats without them realising that BSD has previously worked for Labour.

Where Labor goes, Labour follows…so I wonder if Patrick Batchelor will pop over here for some campaign advice, or whether labour thinks Trevor has them covered again like last time?

The Australian ”whiz kid” who helped run Barack Obama’s grassroots re-election campaign, Patrick Batchelor, is bringing his expertise to Sydney for the federal election.

Taking a leaf from the Obama re-election playbook, Labor has established a 40-seat call centre at its new campaign headquarters in Parramatta, modelled on those used by the Democrats during last year’s presidential race.  Read more »

Thieving ALP ratbags all having a sook

Thieving ALP ratbag Craig Thomson is having a big sook about being treated like every other charged criminal. Not for these union and ALP ratbags it seems…they want to be treated special:

More and more information is coming out about Thomson, the man who props up Julia Gillard’s government.  Read more »

Great Sledge

The Daily Telegraph

Why don’t we have sledges like this in New Zealand politics? This is ALP hit man Sam Dastyari talking about Greens:

“Because I believe they are an extremist party and I do believe they have some very loony policies and what I think they are very effective at is portraying themselves as a kind of peace, love and mung beans party, that all cares about wombats and the trees and the grass and the environment, without exposing themselves to any critique of some of their very wacky policies.

Loony, extreme or just a little left-wing?

Sydney Morning Herald

The Greens here in NZ certainly appear on the surface at the moment to be benign…but in Australia internecine war has opened up amongst the left wing with Labor attacking:

When the NSW Labor Party machine flips the switch to “exterminate”, things never turn out pretty. In recent days, NSW Labor secretary Sam Dastyari has been saying the Greens policies are “bordering on loony” while AWU boss Paul Howes likened the party to “extremists who threaten our democracy”.

It seems the Greens are dangerous – although not so dangerous that Labor couldn’t enter into an agreement with them to secure minority government following the 2010 election.

A Labor Party Doing Nothing about a Dodgy Union?

Sydney Morning Herald

Looks like the NSW ALP has been caught with its pants down. Union corruption went unreported and was not dealt with.

THE corruption crisis tearing apart the Health Services Union threatens to engulf NSW Labor with claims emerging that key party figures were warned about the alleged antics of senior HSU officials but took no action.

Emails obtained by the Herald reveal the state Opposition Leader, John Robertson, was warned three years ago, when he was a minister, about allowing the HSU national president, Michael Williamson, to serve as the ALP national president.

Mr Williamson, the ALP national president for 2009-10, is facing allegations of extensive corruption but is fighting a push from HSU officials to resign.

The Herald has also been told the former NSW Labor powerbroker John Della Bosca twice warned Labor officials, including the now-NSW ALP general-secretary, Sam Dastyari, not to endorse Craig Thomson for the 2010 election because the allegations against him concerning credit card misuse would flare.

The emails concerning Mr Williamson show union official Peter O’Toole contacted Mr Robertson to warn him about the HSU boss. Mr O’Toole’s warnings followed the airing of similar concerns in 1999.

”Do you remember the coffee we had at Haymarket when you tried to dissuade me from running against Williamson,” wrote Mr O’Toole.

”Didn’t I mention the number of times Michael had been mugged at ATMs and had to withdraw additional money with the union credit card?

”Didn’t I mention the six-hour lunches every Thursday before Labor Council?

”Knowing what you know, if you think Williamson should be the next federal president of the ALP then do nothing. But, I think it’s about time this bloke was taught what it is to care for union members. Why isn’t there a standard of practice for these guys?

”You have the power to do something about this, why don’t you?”

Mr Robertson replied that he didn’t recall their earlier conversation and said Mr O’Toole should ”take the matter up with the party’s national office”.

Makes you wonder what union corruption the Labour Party here know about but have done nothing about. Like the Meatworkers Union hiding $4m of union dues?