Facebook Fraud


Labour is a scam?

Finally its official, it appears, Labour is a scam.

The Department of Consumer Affairs has issued a Scam Alert:

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The shell company game (googledirectories part III)

Simon Mcleod hasn’t been a director of SMP Marketing Ltd for very long.  In fact, SMP Marketing Ltd is a new name for Chitosan Financial Limited.


Here is Simon Mcleod’s declaration that he’s allowed to run a company and he’s the right man for the job:



NO GUESSES as to who helped Simon with the paperwork.

No, no guesses, sorry.

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The disinfectant of daylight…. (googledirectories part II)

As we saw from the previous post, the chain of events roughly went like this

  1. An entity calling itself is clearly passing off on Google’s intellectual property
  2. They have been highighted as a potential scam by others
  3. Former staff have gone on the Internet to complain about not being paid
  4. The site says it is owned by Corporate Consultants & Advisory
  5. The Companies Office tell us that the sole director is Simon Mcleod

Ok then.

This piqued my interest:  “On their FB page, SMP Markeing working in conjunction with to launch NZ largest online directory, you are a joke. SMP are initials for the CEO’s name.”

SMP Marketing?  As in Simon Mcleod…. P?

A Companies Office Search into SMP Marketing shows us one Director



Good old Simon.

But then things get interesting.  What happens when you look into SMP Marketing’s shareholding?

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Anyone from Google New Zealand want to look into this scam?

You’d think that passing off on Google’s name would get you noticed, but it appears Google Directory is going strong:



“But wait”, you say, “nobody is stupid enough to believe that is Google”.

And you would be right.  But this is what they send out in their spammy emails

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Wheels are falling off the climate change trolley at alarming rate

The Climate Change lobby are now suffering a rolling maul of bad reports as the wheels start to come off their trolley.

Another scientific study has revealed that not enough evidence exists to support previous claims regarding ice loss in Greenland and Antarctica…a study by scientists who were specifically looking for such details but failed to find them.

New long-term data on the melting of Earth’s polar ice is not the ecological death knell some might expect.

A team of researchers led by Dr. Bert Wouters at the University of Bristol compared nine years of satellite measurements of glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica in an attempt to determine if the melt-off is part of an accelerating trend in ice loss and sea-level rise.

While the study showed a loss of about 300 billion tonnes of ice per year from the arctic and Antarctic regions, it concluded that natural processes cannot be ruled out as the force behind the receding ice sheets and thus that future sea-level rise cannot currently be accurately predicted.   Read more »

You read it here first, Pakeha party scam confirmed

Yesterday NBR caught up with the news that broke over the weekend on this blog about the dodgy ratbag David Ruck and his attempts to sell out the so-called Pakeha party for his own benefit.

He hasn’t denied it either to NBR’s Niko Kloeten;

Pakeha Party founder David Ruck says it’s not a money-making scheme,  but he is trying to sell the party’s website and Facebook page for $100,000.

The controversial party, which hasn’t been officially registered yet, went viral after being set up by businessman Mr Ruck last month.   Read more »


Sledge of the Day

Tony Abbott gives it to Kevin Rudd, hard.

Mr Abbott said Mr Rudd hadn’t really terminated the carbon tax and had instead admitted it was hurting business and families.

‘He’s not the terminator, he’s the exaggerator,’ he said.

‘The only way to get rid of the carbon tax is to get rid of the government.’   Read more »

WhaleTech: Spam Storm brewing

2342Unsolicited emails, or SPAM, have been flowing past the usually clever anti-SPAM measures of many email systems, including those of Google.

The scary part is that they appear to be accessing the address book.

As incredible as that sounds, similar stories are being reported from other corners of the Internet

Kiwi internet users are complaining of hundreds of spam emails being sent out from servers overnight.

The issue appears to affect yahoo and xtra accounts.

Emails containing spam links have been sent to people on users’ address lists.

ONE News has received dozens of the emails, and people have reported similar problems on message boards and Twitter.

This is a massive push using some very smart email address matching technology.  Early analysis seems to show that they are able to match addresses that are likely to be known to each other.  It then sends you a spam email with about half a dozen addresses in the To field, and with some luck, one of them matches someone you know.

This has organised crime written all over it.   Read more »