Scott Simpson

Is Simon Bridges really a future National leader? Ctd

Simon Bridges has always had the look of someone who thinks he will become Prime Minister almost by default.

He has a few things going for him like a safe seat and a reasonable media presence, but he looks like he is more of a Bill English, David Shearer or David Cunliffe type leader than a John Key or a Helen Clark.

What happened to English, Shearer and Cunliffe is they thought they could do well in the polls through natural talent, not through hard work and building up their party and people to make sure they could win. Like English, Shearer and Cunliffe, Simon Bridges is doing little build up his own caucus, or the National Party or the vitally important donor base.   Read more »

Has Nashy been getting campaign advice from Scott Simpson?

Stuart Nash must have been talking to my good friend Scott Simpson about how to get some traction on the campaign trail.

His signs have been vandalised and he scored the whole front page in the Hawkes Bay Today

Napier Labour Party candidate and anti-amalgamation campaigner Stuart Nash believes a defacing campaign of his “No To Amalgamation” signs was not random vandalism and there were “political motives” behind the attacks.

The words “No To” had been obliterated by black spray paint.

“This kind of vandalism does no good to those on the other side of the debate, and I hope this action was not sanctioned by those running the pro-amalgamation lobby – but it’s hard to imagine they didn’t know,” Mr Nash said.

“This doesn’t appear to be the random actions of some yob on the way back from town, but rather a deliberate attempt to manipulate the message.”

Three of the signs, at the intersection of Hyderabad Road, Carlyle and Thackeray Streets and Georges Drive, were damaged during the weekend but Mr Nash’s stance was not shaken and he had replaced them.   Read more »

Is Scott Simpson batting for the other team?

Scott Simpson is my oldest and longest friend in National’s caucus…what he doesn’t know about skulduggery and the dark arts of campaigning isn’t worth knowing. Much of what I’ve learned about the despicable side of politics I learned from Scott in the trenches of Eden electorate.

I know it is summer break from Parliament but c’mon Simpson… Beaumont and Moroney!!!!

Perhaps he should be over at Pauanui calming down the locals who are facing the prospects of having all the beach and reserves handed over to Maori instead of cavorting at the races with the Labour party…who we all know are against gambling when it suits them.

Can a Carpet Bagger Win Selection Safe Blue Seat?

The National Party has some safe blue seats coming up for selection in 2014. Hunua and Clutha-Southland are the two safest blue seats in the country, and the candidate selected in these seats will have a long career in parliament without ever having to worry about their majority.

This means carpet baggers looking for a easy seat that takes them straight to Wellington without having to campaign seriously will be buzzing around Hunua and Clutha-Southland like flies around shit. I don’t object to this, opportunists can win, and because National has been so useless at succession planning they do not have a stable of good candidates ready to run in safe blue seats like Waikato, Taranaki-King Country or Clutha Southland.

Carpet baggers can win selections in safe blue seats even if they have little connection to the seat. John Key won Helensville despite not having any real connection to the electorate. Though to be fair that was a head office stitch up of monumental proportions. Maggie Barry won in North Shore when there was no good local. My oldest friend in caucus Scott Simpson won Coromandel despite having no real connection to the electorate other than a bach. The common factor in these seats was the low party membership, meaning the Party HQ could stitch up selection for a chosen candidate.  Read more »

Hunua selection looks interesting

Paul Hutchinson’s retirement leaves a gap in a very blue seat that many aspiring National politicians will be looking closely at.

Rumours in the electorate are that the ninth floor want to parachute in a “star” but they have been told this won’t be happening as the locals are jealously protective of their right to choose their own candidate rather than have one imposed on them in Wellington. David Kirk’s name comes up repeatedly.

The problem for the ninth floor is that Hunua recently overtook Northland as the largest membership seat in the country, and with over 1300 members there will be no regionally appointed delegates so no ability for the regional hierarchy to stack a selection for an outsider.   Read more »

The philosophy of ratf**king

Someone on a little read blog posted a link to this article at Esquire about the rough and tumble of politics…mostly about the rough. He of course wrote about how evil and bad it was and linked me to it.

I see the article and details not as he would think, but rather as aspirational. He thinks ratfucking in politics is distasteful.

Let us raise a morning glass to Donald Segretti, the ratfucker.

(As any student of Watergate knows, “ratfucking” was the word used by Segretti and a number of other officials in the Nixon White House for the dirty tricks they ran in student elections when they all were at the University of Southern California. Segretti — as well as his pal, Dwight Chapin — simply transferred these techniques to our national elections.)  Read more »

Keep the bastards there

Scott Simpson wisely took the photo, personally though I think they can all stay there…except Paul Foster-Bell, he gave me a cigar and a bottle of port once. The rest of them are wither union flunkies or dodgy ratbags.

As Chair of the Justice & Electoral select committee I had committee members just where I wanted them during our visit to the Wellington District Court today. In the cell are from left Kate Wilkinson, Andrew Little, David Clendon, Ian McKelvie, Denis O’Rourke and Paul Foster-Bell.   Read more »

Why is Transtasman so cruel to my oldest friend in Caucus?

Transtasman’s 8th Annual Roll Call has been a bit cruel:

Simpson, Scott – Coromandel: We predicted last year he was unlikely to make an impact. We were right.  2

This is very unfair on my old mate Scott. He has three decades of fronting up to boring National Party meetings, glad handing the blue rinse brigade and getting involved in every shit fight possible at huge personal cost to protect the party.

Scott is the one National MP capable of the kind of low bastardry that Russel Norman shows, and is well practiced at the dark arts. He taught me huge amounts about meeting Labour’s dirty and illegal tactics with our own dirty and illegal tactics, and I will always remember the 1987 Eden campaign as a highlight where he helped me grow up and understand how brutal politics really is.

Everyone knows cabinet doesn’t trust Scott but that shouldn’t matter. Low bastardry should be prized, not spurned, and Scott should be asked to run the attacks on Labour as he is a genius at negative campaigning.

National should be doing more to protect Scott from the rumoured Labour/Greens dodgy deal to unseat him in Coromandel.

The Race for Speaker, Ctd

The three main contenders are David Carter, Maurice Williamson and Tau Henare. I’ll cover each and will revise the post as fresh information comes in through the tip line.

David Carter

An old fashioned gentleman who’s courtesy is a byword in the National Party. Known to be diffident or opposed to becoming speaker but the top brass want to move him aside so they can seamlessly bring Nick Smith back into cabinet to run the environment portfolio that Amy Adams has proven to be so inept in.


  • Nice convenient fit
  • No one would mind calling him Sir David
  • No real enemies in the house


  • Gentleman and relies on peoples good nature.
  • MPs don’t have a good natures
  • Winston and Trev will carve him up like the Christmas turkey

I find it hard not to feel a little sorry for David being put in this difficult position. He is too much of a gentleman and a team player to complain, but he is not a natural fit for speaker.

Maurice Williamson

Aside from Scott Simpson, Maurice is my oldest friend in caucus. He has many virtues that Scott doesn’t have, like ethics and a sense of theatre. Maurice is the first man to put on a debating team, a brilliant entertainer and a real raconteur.


  • Will dominate proceedings and ensure the smooth running of parliament
  • Will nail Winston and Trev on a daily basis until they learn who is boss
  • Bloody good in a knife fight, and known to be willing to take a few hits for a good cause
  • Discipline will be enforced without exception


  • Not a convenient fit for bringing Nick back into the environment portfolio
  • Will be the centre of attention in parliament
  • Offside with the brat pack who still have a lot of influence, even though he was proven right on Bill English being tits.

Tau Henare

Tau is a man I have grown to know and like over the last ten years. He has the underlying mongrel that is found in union fixers, and is usually lacking in National. He has low rat cunning almost as good as Russel Norman’s, and low bastardry that makes you wonder if he has spent time in Australia.


  • Makes Maurice look like a little girl in a knife fight
  • Good at getting factional war lords in behind the cause, no matter what faction they are
  • Hates Winston over the New Zealand First disaster, and got whacked by Trevor so is going to be very strong on parliamentary procedure


  • As rough as guts and way too interested in a big donneybrook just for the sake of it
  • Not the PM or Steven Joyce’s choice
  • Might seek utu on a few within National
  • Sir Tau would grate a good many in cabinet

From a theatrical perspective is a real toss up between Maurice and Tau. Maurice will be poetry in motion to watch, whereas Tau will not be burdened by the dignity the position when it comes to having a brawl. I find it hard to pick between the two.

Will the Labour Party go feral on the Greens?

ᔥ Kiwiblog

In Australia the ALP has been pointing out the truth about the Greens as the Greens are as big a bunch of fruit loops there as they are here. They are also as big a threat to Labour as they are to the ALP, so it would not be surprising if Labour forget the enemy is the Tories or within and start fighting the Greens.

This would all be very good for my oldest friend in caucus, Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

As regular readers know the Greens and Labour are talking about colluding to beat Scott in some kind of shameless, shabby deal that needs to be exposed for what it is. Labour and the Greens fighting publicly would probably kill the chances of Scott getting beaten by a dodgy deal.