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Some parents  make other parents  look bad.  This kid has such parents.

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You won’t see this at the Ellerslie Flower Show

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Could use a trim?



Gibbs Farm

Last year I went to Gibbs Farm. I posted on it at the time.

My Mum rang me after that and told me she was jealous as she had always wanted to go to see Gibbs Farm. I didn’t think too much about it at the time. I figured she’d go eventually.

A couple of weeks back mum got some news that we were all hoping wouldn’t happen. She has been under going treatment for cancer for the past 6 months, and had completed her regime of chemo. There were many changes as some of the drugs didn’t agree with her.

Mum was told she had just weeks to live. One morning I was driving to the office and was a bit upset…I had been racking my brains wondering what could I do.

Then I remembered. She loved sculpture and had always wanted to see the Gibbs Farm. So…I made some calls. I was¬†quickly¬†put in touch with the manager and explained the situation. Yesterday was the day and I drove Mum and Dad out to Gibbs Farm.

This was my present to Mum. thank you to Andrew at The Farm and to those who helped make it happen.