The Special Ops wish list, laser rifles, pain rays and other cool stuff


Who wouldn’t want a laser rifle, or a “pain ray”…these are just some of the wish list for US special operations forces.

Laser rifles. Canine air conditioners. There are lots of gadgets that U.S. commandos would love to have, except for the fact that these items don’t even exist.

That’s why the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), which includes the Army’s Special Forces and Rangers,¬†has published a long list¬†of equipment that it wants private industry to develop and build.

What is fascinating about this list isn’t just that it tells us what capabilities U.S. special operations forces want. It also tells us what capabilities they¬†don’t¬†have.

But just as important, it’s a forecast of the kind of warfare that American commandos anticipate they will be fighting. Special operations forces, along with drones, have now become America’s preferred method of waging war. If commandos get a new weapon or sensor, it probably will be used on a real mission or battlefield. And when the special operators get new technology, then it sometimes trickles down to the rest of the military, and from there to the civilian world.¬† Read more »

Hundreds protest in Queen Street. Brewer releases emails on heavies to protect Brown

Hundreds of people have protested in Queen Street asking that Len Brown stands down.

The embattled mayor did not turn up to the protest, despite an invitation for him to speak to the crowd, but his face was plastered on banners and signs as the 300-strong march made its way up the main city centre shopping strip.

Chants of “Len Brown stand down” and “If it’s Brown flush it down” echoed out, drawing attention from shoppers and bystanders who stopped to watch the protest go by.

People of all ages came out to show their anger at Mr Brown, pointing not just at his affair with council advisor Bevan Chuang, but his economic policies, hotel upgrades and plans for the city.

Meanwhile Councillor Cameron Brewer has released damning emails that show that the mayor’s office spin that the over the top security arrangements for Len Brown at the opening of the Panmure station was not business as usual, rather it was a special arrangement outside of normal business practice. The next question to ask is why he was provided with Hells Angels gang members as guards.

bevy of heavies

Special arrangements made to protect mayor at Panmure station opening

Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer has released emails which contradict the absolute assurances given by Auckland Mayor Len Brown and Auckland Transport that the high security guard presence at last month‚Äôs opening of the new Panmure Station was just ‚Äėstandard operational practice‚Äô.¬† Read more »

Dotcom in lockdown, paranoia sets in

As I revealed this week there have been significant changes at the Dotcom Mansion.

His long serving security have bailed on him and the sweeps of the mansion for bugs are now complete along with the installation of some new security devices, but security remains a concern.

So much so he has now ruined a planned event by cancelling permission for joggers and runners to traverse the property.

dotcom-runners Read more »


Commerce Commission seeks to break Countdown’s Omert√†

The Commerce Commission has announced they are offering confidentiality now as they investigate Countdown’s tactics.

This will allow the suppliers to safely speak outside of the Omertà arrangements that are clearly in place with suppliers too afraid to speak up.

The Commerce Commission confirmed yesterday that it is assessing alleged anti-competitive behaviour by Countdown towards their suppliers.

The Commission advises that anyone who has information relevant to the allegations can request that the Commission keep their identity and/or the information provided confidential. The Commission will not disclose the identity and/or information unless consent is given or the Commission is required to by law. If confidentiality is a concern then it should be raised when first contact is made with the Commission.¬† Read more »

Why is Russel Norman still on the ISC?


After the murky events of the past few days, with Russel Norman amongst others being busted doing dodgy deals with a convicted German crook, surely doubt must be cast on the fitness of Russel Norman to be on the Intelligence and Security Committee.

With multiple meetings with Kim Dotcom…he surely will have discussed the GCSB and the fact he has taken a presumptive view on extradition suggests he is hopelessly compromised now.

He is Labour Leader David Cunliffe’s appointment. Cunliffe would do well to consider fresher options. ¬† Read more »

More Cunliffe bullsh*t

Did anyone hear David Cunliffe being interviewed by NewstalkZB’s Rachel Smalley this morning at¬†5:12am?

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Imagine this, everywhere Len Brown goes…

Len Brown explains the security

Following on from the article this morning covering Len Brown’s excessive security requirements, he tells the Herald:

Mr Brown also explained why he was flanked by security guards during a public appearance on Saturday, saying members of the public were usually surprised to find him without security during his previous three years as mayor.

“So what we had was the opening of a rail station, we had seven security there. It would have been pretty normal, organised by Auckland Transport. Nothing more or less.”

Three things there, Len.

1.  As reported by Whaleoil, we spoke to security on the day, and they stated they were representing the Mayor.

2. If we got the wrong end of the stick, then I guess there won’t be any security at your next public outings?

3. I’m going to keep an eye on the next Auckland Transport event to see if there are 7 security people present. ¬†“Nothing more or less.

You see Len, we weren’t just there to laugh at you. ¬†We were mixing, mingling, talking to the crowd and protesters. ¬† Read more »

India launches handgun for women, outrage ensues


(Made by ordnance factory, Nirbheek weighs 500 grams and can fit into a purse.)

(Made by ordnance factory, Nirbheek weighs 500 grams and can fit into a purse.)

SkyNews reports on India’s release of handgun for women.¬†Outrage ensued…not because over the rape culture of India but because now women would now have a special gun to protect themselves.

And it is an ugly looking outdated pathetic hand gun too.

A Indian handgun designed for women and named after the victim of a fatal gang-rape in Delhi has been condemned by rights activist as a disgrace to her memory.

The lightweight .32 calibre revolver was developed by the state-run Indian Ordnance Factory (IOF) and can fit inside a small purse or handbag, according to a newspaper report.

The factory in the northern city of Kanpur has received 20 orders since the titanium-alloy, six-shot gun – costing 122,360 rupees ($A2,228) – was launched earlier this month, the Times of India said on Friday.

‘At least 80 per cent of the bookings are from women,’ IOF general manager Abdul Hameed told the newspaper, adding that more orders were expected soon.

‘Expectedly, the weapon has received a very good response,’ he said.

The gun is called ‘Nirbheek’ meaning ‘fearless’ in Hindi and was intended as a tribute to the 23-year-old student whose brutal attack in India’s capital in December 2012 sparked outrage about the levels of violence against women in India. ¬† Read more »

Who was made to remove their head gear?

Here is a little quiz for you.

At the ANZ on Lincoln Road in Henderson this morning a security guard outside stopped a customer and made them remove their head gear…


Who had to remove their head gear?

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