Serious Fraud Office

Another secret diary…this time it is Hekia’s turn

Fairfax has another Secret Diary of…

Normally these are the work of Steve Braunias but today there is no byline.

Still it is pretty funny, especially considering the answers Parata gives in parliament to questions.


I think what we need to do is arrive at a point, and I think we have arrived at that point, and the point is that there are very clear indicators – and I want to make it transparent that I have considered a whole range of factors, and taken them into account – the message I’m wanting to relay is that I think what you are left with at the end of the day is a very strong indication and a very strong suggestion that I am, in all possibility, totally insane.

Quite possibly totally insane am I, but there are several mitigating factors which have to be factored into account, and I want to make it quite plain now that the last person at fault – if there is a fault, and I make no admission of fault – the message I’m wanting to communicate is that I’m blameless.

Mental illness affects many in our community, including Parliament. You can catch it off a tap. But you can’t turn it off like a tap. It’s like a tap that just keeps dribbling, frothing at the mouth, the water babbling like a brook. A babbling brook am I, caused by bad thoughts creeping into the brain’s water supply.   Read more »

From bean to cup…

I bet those “heck yeah” signs from the mana by election campaign are hard to find now…

Tracy Watkins explains:

How long before Prime Minister John Key decides Hekia Parata is a liability in Cabinet?

The only saving grace in the kohanga reo debacle has been Key’s calculated decision to leave chief of staff Wayne Eagleson behind while he is on a 10-day trip to China and Europe.

The decision to refer allegations of misspending by a kohanga reo-related company to the Serious Fraud Office – less than 25 hours after Parata assured the “taxpayers of New Zealand” that there had been no impropriety – looked like something that had Eagleson’s fingerprints on it.

Her handling of the affair has been a breathtaking disaster.

During a press conference on Tuesday night Parata blustered and bullied her way through questions about her assurance that none of the $92 million in public funding allocated to the Kohanga Reo National Trust, or paid to its subsidiary, Te Pataka Ohanga, had been misspent.  Read more »

Meet Helicopter Hater #2 – Anita Killeen


Helicopter hater Anita Killeen (with husband Simon Vannini), leaving Auckland District Court in December 2012 after pleading guilty to forgery but being discharged without conviction on grounds of temporary insanity.

You couldn’t make this up!

The second instalment of Whaleoil’s exclusive “meet the helicopter haters” features, introducing the members of Judith Tizard’s Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board, was charged in November 2011 with forgery, damaging a computer system and two counts of using a forged document … and was only discharged without conviction in December 2012 after pleading guilty on grounds of temporary insanity!

She’s Anita Killeen.

That’s right.  One of board members who decide whether the Auckland Philharmonia needs money for a new Double Bass or the Auckland Rescue Helicopter needs it for spare parts only escaped up to 10 years in jail because she told the court she was irrational, forgetful and obsessive!  Read more »

Lack of investigation trips up HoS

A couple of weeks go Bevan Hurley wrote a schlock piece about the owner of Blacktop Construction who has fallen on hard times.

Simon Everett has worked every Christmas over the past 15 years resurfacing the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

But this year, he’ll get to spend the holidays at home with his family – he’s just not sure if it’ll be in his own home.

Last month, his world fell apart when Blacktop Construction, the family company he’s built up over 28 years, was placed in receivership.

It’s left this proud, self-made father of two having to ask for handouts to survive.

“A month ago, I was driving a Lexus. Today, I’m driving a motor scooter,” he said this week.

“My wife is about to go to WINZ to ask for some emergency payments for our mortgage. I’m going to be bankrupt, I would say. My brother and sister are in a pretty similar position.”

The lowest moment came when bailiffs showed up at his elderly mother’s home asking for money.

Blacktop found itself squeezed out of the major road maintenance contracts, deals now the subject of a Serious Fraud Office investigation.  Read more »

Dodgy Len’s dodgy council loses another dodgy manager in fraud probe

Back in 2000, Local Government minister Sandra Lee sacked the Rodney council and appointed commissioners. It transpired that the ratbags weren’t just the Councillors but also the council officers.

No surprise to see that these two ratbags at Auckland Transport are former Rodney District Council officers.

A second senior manager has left Auckland Transport while a major corruption inquiry continues.

Maintenance contracts manager Barry George resigned weeks after his hard drive was seized by corporate fraud investigators.  Read more »

Corruption at Auckland Transport?

Just what exactly is going on in Auckland Transport? It looks like things are getting serious just as the local body elections kick into life.

Auckland Transport has sacked a senior manager amid an investigation into allegations of corruption over roading contracts.

The council body’s chief executive, David Warburton, says the investigation has established “serious conflict of interest and performance issues” involving the official, whom it stood down on leave a month ago.

He said those came to light after an internal review of procurement and contract management procedures.  Read more »

Dodgy ratbags at Auckland Transport under investigation

There seems to be something very murky going on at Auckland Transport. External investigators have been called in to look at allegations of corruption over roading contracts.

Auckland Transport has called on external investigators to guide its inquiry into serious allegations of corruption over roading contracts.

The council organisation has stood down a senior manager on indefinite leave during the inquiry, which it was previously conducting in-house while promising to call in the Serious Fraud Office if it could find evidence of wrongdoing.

But chief executive David Warburton said today it had now called for “external forensic accounting advice” from consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers into the road maintenance area of its business.  Read more »

What on earth is going on under Len’s watch?

Massive rates rises…not Len’s fault…he’s kept the rises down to an average of 2.9% [cough, cough, bullshit, cough].

Now a corruption scandal regarding the letting of tenders…not his fault either…even though he sends in his top spin weasel to run interference.

Who is actually in charge if not Len?

Two large public transport organisations – Auckland Transport and KiwiRail – are holding inquiries into separate allegations of corruption over contracts.

Serious fraud investigators are waiting on findings from the inquiries before deciding whether to swoop.

Auckland Transport has put a senior manager in its road maintenance division on indefinite leave until it completes an internal investigation into what it says are “serious allegations relating to the potential misuse of public monies”.   Read more »

No case to answer for Hanover, Watson and Hotchin breathe sigh of relief

The SFO has finally announced that it will not be prosecuting anyone from Hanover over the collapse. After years of investigations they simply have not found anything to warrant a prosecution.

The Serious Fraud Office is not laying criminal charges against anyone associated with Hanover Finance following a 32-month investigation.

The office has spent longer mulling over whether to lay charges in the wake of the Hanover collapse than in the case of any other finance company it has probed.

The Hanover probe was ” by far the most extensive and challenging of the finance company investigations undertaken by SFO” said acting chief executive Simon McArley today.

“While many may view the conduct that occurred at Hanover Finance as egregious, that alone is not sufficient for me to commence a prosecution,” McArley said.  Read more »

No doubt he was registered?

The various teacher unions oppose Charter Schools for many reasons, one of them is that the government legislation as proposed doesn’t require Charter Schools to have mandatory teacher registration like every other school. The unions and the teachers’ Council say this puts kids at risk.

Of course since they started taking this tack in their opposition to Charter Schools I have been cataloguing plenty of teachers, all of them presumably registered as required by law, committing all sorts of crimes from dishonesty offences through to deviant sexual predatory attacks on children…all registered so the kids could be safe.

A foreign exchange trader is alleged to have stolen more than $837,000 from investors – including family and friends.

Rene Alan Chalmers, a 42-year-old teacher from Pukekohe, appeared at the Auckland District Court today to face 15 charges including theft by a person in a special relationship and making false statements to investors.

The charges relate to him trading in foreign money and allegedly misleading investors.  Read more »