The perils of equality in a marriage, much less sex, dud roots and boredom

Housework is gay, and here is the proof.

A study called “Egalitarianism, Housework and Sexual Frequency in Marriage,” which appeared in The American Sociological Review last year, surprised many, precisely because it went against the logical assumption that as marriages improve by becoming more equal, the sex in these marriages will improve, too. Instead, it found that when men did certain kinds of chores around the house, couples had less sex. Specifically, if men did all of what the researchers characterized as feminine chores like folding laundry, cooking or vacuuming — the kinds of things many women say they want their husbands to do — then couples had sex 1.5 fewer times per month than those with husbands who did what were considered masculine chores, like taking out the trash or fixing the car. It wasn’t just the frequency that was affected, either — at least for the wives. The more traditional the division of labor, meaning the greater the husband’s share of masculine chores compared with feminine ones, the greater his wife’s reported sexual satisfaction.

For all you blokes out there…housework…just don’t do it.

I first noticed this while doing a yearlong training in marriage therapy. I was seeing a couple who had been married for five years and wanted to work out some common kinks related to balancing their respective jobs, incomes and household responsibilities in, as the wife put it, “an equal way.” Over the course of treatment, the couple reported more connection, less friction and increased happiness. One day, though, when their issues seemed largely resolved and I suggested discussing an end to their therapy, the husband brought up a new concern: His wife now seemed less interested in having sex with him. He turned to her and asked why. Was she still attracted to him? After all, he wondered, why did she appear less interested now that their relationship seemed stronger in all the ways she wanted?  Read more »


Was Len part of the study?

Apparently rooting is good for your brain…so some scientists say:

Scientists at the University of Maryland say that frequent action between the sheets encourages the growth of brain cells and sharpens memory.

The research, conducted on middle-aged rats, found that the number of new brain cells increase after mating, but then drop afterwards.  Read more »

A true tale of seduction: Part 2

ashton kutcher shirtless two and a half men

So to recap…we have a bloke style business with blokes wearing steel-caps and overalls and they certainly don’t have any sort of sooky behaviour in this workplace.

Carl, one of the workers has met and hooked up with a trolly dolly we call Cindy.

Carl and Cindy have been going hammer and tongs exploring a wild sexual encounter over several weeks.

We left Carl hanging yesterday morning, metaphorically and literally, tied up by his own consent by Cindy keen to explore some bondage with her new lover.

So what happened next?

31% of you guessed that Cindy’s husband turned up. 27% thought he may have been rogered with a bottle and needed surgical assistance. 20% reckon he was left tied up and robbed. 11% think he copped one in the chook. 4% thought the story will appear in the women’s mags. 4% think they have moved in together to further explore their sexual awakening. 3% think Carl is a new submissive for Madam Lash and is lovin’ it.

So what is it?  Read more »


A true tale of seduction [plus POLL]


Let me tell you a little story…it is a true one and only the names have been changed.

My mate Martyn is the GM of a company where the majority of the workforce wear steel-caps and overalls…in other words not a company where the workers sitting around on computers all day. They work with their hands and the work is hot and dirty.

He was telling me about one of his employees who we shall call Carl.

Carl is a bit of a ladies man and single…before Christmas he hooked up with a trolley dolly who by all accounts was a spectacular root and very adventurous in the scratcher. Apparently there wasn’t anything that she wouldn’t do and had a voracious sexual appetite that knew no boundaries. Carl by all accounts is no dud root himself. Read more »


So Len is the exception to the rule. 8.4 calories…

Forget the gym, sexercise is the best way to slim:

Having sex burns almost as many calories as a 30-minute jog.

If you want to lose weight after the excesses of the Christmas period, you may be better off heading for the bedroom rather than the gym.

Making love really does count as significant exercise, scientists say.

They have found that an hour of romance between the sheets burns almost as many calories as a 30-minute jog and so should be taken into account when drawing up a fitness plan.

An hour?

How many 2 minute phone calls does Len need then?   Read more »

Sex Sells

This is a list of the top 50 posts for the year…there is little doubt as to what was the story of the year.

We have had all manner of media commentators exclaim that the Len Brown story was “too detailed”…but you know what…they all read it.

As a species we are hypocrites.  We pretend to be better than that, but the numbers don’t lie. From Len Brown and Bevan Chuang to Andrea Vance and Peter Dunne…the message is simple to Stephanie Key to Oscar Pistorious…people like to read about dodgy, rooting ratbags, sex and scandal.

But I think it is more dodgy rooting rat bags that sells.

If Len Brown had have just been happy running one up his missus at home there would be no scandal and people could say ‘Ngati Whatua Room’ without laughing hysterically.

Here are the Top 50 posts for the past year.  Read more »

Its not the joy of sex, but….


Disabled friend visits a brothel

[CAUTION: Language, Adult Themes]

Cricket + Sex = ?


Len Brown should be held to the same standards the Navy holds their officers

Len Brown thinks he can struggle on as Mayor…ignoring the clear issues with ethics and judgement.

A similar case has just concluded with a Navy officer being sacked for his role in a power play affair…entirely similar in many respects to the actions of Mayor Len Brown.

Disgraced high-ranking navy officer Commodore Kevin Keat has been dismissed from the Defence Force.

Delivering sentence at a court martial today Chief Judge Chris Hodson, QC, said the role Keat had held, assistant chief personnel, was one of the most important in the force. Keat had been deceitful throughout about the nature, extent, and origins of the relationship with a civilian subordinate.

Keat, 55, and married, had started a sexual relationship with the woman in 2008.   Read more »