Sexual abuse

I love this new name suppression trend

Allan Neil Rosewarne, via SMH

“Monster” Allan Neil Rosewarne, via SMH

A woman who suffered violent physical and sexual abuse for 17 years at the hands of her partner wants her name made public, saying she has nothing to hide.

Katrina Jones, former partner of sex monster Allan Neil Rosewarne, 48, has successfully applied to have her name suppression lifted by High Court judge Susan Thomas.

Name suppression for her two adult children with Rosewarne, Shoshoni Jones and Cheyenne Jones has also been lifted.

Rosewarne was sentenced in October in the High Court at New Plymouth to preventive detention for 18 charges including extreme cruelty towards Jones, her children and another partner that spanned 1990 to 2008.

He has a minimum non-release period of 10 years. Read more »

NZ’s Rolf Harris, in a defiant interview with the Herald on Sunday, says he has no remorse

No remorse. ¬†He’s admitted to doing it. ¬†He just pretends it was consensual.

The Herald on Sunday allows NZ’s Rolf Harris to put forward his story, even though none of us are allowed to know who he is.

The man told the Herald on Sunday he had apologised to his wife and their children. “This has almost destroyed my marriage. My daughter and son don’t really talk to me.

They think I am a crim.”

Well there you go then Rolf.  The people who are closest to you and love you can see you are a crim.  You seem to be the only one in total denial.

Physically it had taken a toll on his health. “I’m on pills for high blood pressure. I could hardly lift my arm at one stage. I put on 10kg in six months,” he said.

And fighting the case had also left the family with “huge financial issues”, adding “half my life savings” had been spent.

Despite name suppression, many people were aware of his identity and he was struggling to get work.

“I just actually lost out on a job – I was working for this company but there was a piece about this woman’s husband screaming abuse at me. One of the shareholders of the company who lives in Dunedin said, ‘I can’t employ you’,” he said.

In recent times he said he had resorted to applying for “menial jobs”.

He had also had “rapist” spray-painted on a wall outside his home.

The man blamed the massive life upheaval, for himself and his family, on “20 seconds of madness”.

“It was the moment of madness … I don’t know what came over me,” he said.

Well. ¬†Actually Rolf, what came over you was exactly the same as what came over you all the previous times with women who have not laid complaints. ¬† It’s as simple as that. ¬† Read more »

“Jonathan Eaton, the lawyer for [NZs Rolf Harris] in this case, did not return calls”

Lynley Bilbey joins the pack of people reporting on the increasing pressure for the Sex Pest to be named

The victim of an indecent act is outraged her attacker gets a say in whether she can reveal her identity.

The woman is making a legal bid to lift her name suppression to tell her story without fear of breaking the law.

But the man who attacked her has a legal right to challenge her bid and a hearing date has been set.

The woman has told supporters she is traumatised and feels she is being revictimised, says Ruth Money of the Sensible Sentencing Trust, who is supporting the woman and her family in trying to overturn the suppression.

“Even [the attacker] to be a party to the proceedings doesn’t make any common sense let alone any legal.

“They just shouldn’t have any rights over these ladies. It’s ridiculous.

“There’s no respect for survivors in this system whatsoever.”

The prominent New Zealander may as well give up now. ¬†The public pressure is so immense, and the application of name suppression in this case so poorly justified, that a decision will go against him eventually. ¬† Read more »

More and more victims are seeking to overturn suppression

There is movement happening in society…victims are rebelling against a law designed to protect them. They are seeking to overturn name suppression in sex abuse cases.

They are doing this because there is likely to be other victims that secrecy prevents them from being uncovered.

This is why name suppression of offenders must end. By all means protect victim with name suppression, but we need to stop allowing criminals to hide behind their victims.

Victims of a serial paedophile fighting to keep his name secret will today ask a judge to lift suppression of their names.

The two women, who live in Christchurch, were in tears this week as they recounted details of the sex crimes the man committed against them four decades ago.

They believe he used the automatic name suppression granted to all victims of sexual abuse to hide his past. They want his name made public so parents can keep their children safe.

There could also be other victims who had not spoken to police, they said.

“He’s just a mongrel,” one of the victims said. ¬† Read more »

A reader emails

A reader emails about recent posts:


The growing nose of Cunliffe and his ground crew

Recent posts regarding Cunliffe announcing he is sorry for being a man and “so what is this rape culture that you speak of” has annoyed me, not because you have addressed these issues but more concerning realising the truth: continued blaming and labelling by “mainstream” media and politicians.¬† A mantra they have been pimping out for quite sometime with sadly too many people eating up the victim mentality and now living their lives accordingly.

A fantastic post was made by Wendy Whittaker (General Debate 12July) which hit the nail on the head. In a nutshell Wendy has captured how the worm can easily turn into a maggot with the negative message the “mainstream” media spin, and with SB mentioning Roastbusters in her post had me thinking.

The “mainstream” media really should be ashamed. We aren’t living in the 70s and 80s anymore, it is no longer acceptable in society for people to get away with ‘historically accepted’ behaviour; society has STOPPED turning a blind eye, this happened quite sometime ago. The silence has dissipated, although possibly in the “mainstream” media it has thickened so it is about time they stepped up and got with the programme. Take responsibility by aiming higher, reflecting forebears decent journalism not this spitting of stories into a void.

SB made me realise: What happened with the Roastbusters case?¬† Read more »

Rolf Harris witness testimony makes your skin crawl

Yesterday I questioned the Rolf Harris’ daughter’s role in this whole event. ¬†Did Harris only put his filthy paws on people outside of the family? ¬† Recent testimony gives us a glimpse.

Rolf Harris abused a teenage girl while his daughter slept in the same room, a court heard today.

One of the star’s alleged victims told a jury the 84-year-old entertainer got ‘a thrill’ out of indecently assaulting her while his own child Bindi was feet away.

Describing how he abused her she said: ‘He didn’t feel inhibited, I think he got a thrill out of it’.

Asked why she thought this, she said: ‘By the look on his face, looking over at Bindi and just carrying on.’

I still don’t think Bindi’s body was respected as she grew up. ¬†But she’s in court fully supporting her father through this trial.


Read more »

Rolf Harris’ New Zealand sexual abuse outlined in court



Unfortunately, his New Zealand and Australian child abuse will not form part of the case against him. ¬†That didn’t stop prosecution council from using the details to paint the picture

In 1970, Harris allegedly put his hands under the dress of a 16 or 17-year-old, known as “MC”, at a function in the North Island while he was dancing with her.

“She felt sick and confused and embarrassed,” Wass said.

“The experience of MC shows another step in the pattern of Mr Harris’ behaviour. He was targeting people who were in awe of him, he pushed the boundaries even in a public place, a dance floor. He knew he could get away with it.”

In 1991, in Hamilton, a 15-year-old girl went with her mother to see Harris at a promotion for British Paints at a local hardware store. Read more »

Taite Kupa convicted on 21 charges of sexually and physically abusing children

Who is Taite Kupa, apart from the sort of lowlife that needs the full extent of the law applied?

Would you believe that he’s someone CYFS placed children with?

Simon Day reports

He would kick and pinch the children, and would withhold food from children who misbehaved, making them eat grass sandwiches or serving plates of stones.

Jane*, the mother of a young boy and girl who were assaulted while in Kupa’s care, has spoken of her despair at seeing her children put into an abusive home. The children were originally taken from her, at the ages of 5 and 1, because her partner was beating her.

In January 2013 the children were allowed to visit their mother for the first time since 2010 for the unveiling of their grandfather’s headstone. It was then that the children told Jane of the physical abuse in the house. She went straight to the police.

I can assure you right now that not a single person will be held accountable in CYFS for this. ¬†This is the most serious breach of duty and care, and someone, somewhere is probably still in a position of making decisions over other people’s lives. ¬† Read more »

Rolf Harris’ court case may include New Zealand victims


It appears Rolf Harris may have put his wobble board where it doesn’t belong while in New Zealand as well.

Potential jurors in the Rolf Harris trial have been quizzed over connections to Australasia, being told evidence “includes events in Australia and New Zealand”.

Harris appeared relaxed on the first day of his indecent assault trial in London as the process of selecting a jury that will eventually decide his fate got under way.

The veteran entertainer spoke only briefly in court on Tuesday (overnight, NZT) when asked to confirm he was indeed Rolf Harris. Read more »

Is judge Jane Farish a mother? Is Jacinda Ardern?

A reader isn’t happy. ¬† At all.

First, David Clarkson’s article starts with

Name suppression has been granted to protect the chances for rehabilitation and forming “appropriate adult relationships” for a repeat viewer of child abuse pornography.

Probation has even been forbidden to contact the 36-year-old¬†Christchurch¬†man’s current employer in case the inquiry leads to him losing his job.

Probation would normally ensure that his job – he’s on a 90-day probationary period at the moment – does not bring him into contact with children, and doesn’t give him access to the internet.

Christchurch District Court Judge Jane Farish said she would view it as contempt of court if probation did contact the employer. She was concerned that probation would label him as a sex offender, when he had never abused children.

“He has used child pornography because of difficulties having adult relationships,” said the judge.

If probation found that there were problems with management of the eight-month home detention sentence she imposed, they should refer the case back to her. She will regularly monitor the man’s progress.

He will continue with psychological counselling that he has already started. It will be paid for by his parents because probation has no money available for it. The man will live at his parents’ home while serving home detention. The house has no internet access.

And now, our reader’s views on this matter¬† Read more »