Sexual abuse

Is judge Jane Farish a mother? Is Jacinda Ardern?

A reader isn’t happy. ¬† At all.

First, David Clarkson’s article starts with

Name suppression has been granted to protect the chances for rehabilitation and forming “appropriate adult relationships” for a repeat viewer of child abuse pornography.

Probation has even been forbidden to contact the 36-year-old¬†Christchurch¬†man’s current employer in case the inquiry leads to him losing his job.

Probation would normally ensure that his job – he’s on a 90-day probationary period at the moment – does not bring him into contact with children, and doesn’t give him access to the internet.

Christchurch District Court Judge Jane Farish said she would view it as contempt of court if probation did contact the employer. She was concerned that probation would label him as a sex offender, when he had never abused children.

“He has used child pornography because of difficulties having adult relationships,” said the judge.

If probation found that there were problems with management of the eight-month home detention sentence she imposed, they should refer the case back to her. She will regularly monitor the man’s progress.

He will continue with psychological counselling that he has already started. It will be paid for by his parents because probation has no money available for it. The man will live at his parents’ home while serving home detention. The house has no internet access.

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Not guilty? That’s put me off my Weetbix

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Another example where “Not guilty” isn’t the same as “didn’t do it”, eh David?

William Roache [Ken Barlow on Coronation Street] has been cleared of all charges.

A jury has found the 81-year-old Coronation Street star not guilty of four counts of indecent assault and two counts of rape. ¬† Read more »

“Not Guilty” – Rolf Harris

Caution:  video contains frank descriptions of alleged behaviour by Rolf Harris

Nick Miller rewrites a piece cobbled together from other unattributed sources on the 83 year old entertainer’s current court troubles

Australian entertainer Rolf Harris has pleaded not guilty to 12 charges of sexual assault.

He appeared at Southwark Crown Court in London before Justice Sweeney.

Harris – dressed in a blue suit and red tie – was accompanied by a small gathering of family and friends – plus a security detail of men in grey suits. ¬† Read more »

Registration will protect the kids – Yeah Right

The Teachers Council, various teacher unions and the Labour party all claim that teacher registration should be mandatory…to protect the kids. It is their single biggest objection to charter schools.

Yet not a week goes by without a registered teacher being before the courts for fiddling with kids or some other ratbag crime. The Teachers Council also had to be dragged kicking and screaming towards transparency as they previously hid teachers names under a veil of secrecy.

Now the Herald on Sunday reveals that convicted pedophiles and sexual predators are still registered teachers

The predator of Pamapuria, James Parker, has been allowed to remain a registered teacher.

Hekia Parata, the Education Minister, is stepping in after the¬†Herald on Sunday¬†discovered Parker and two other high-profile sex offenders remain on the Teachers Council register.¬† Read more »

What is it with clergy and sexual abuse?

Another dodgy ratbag minister is in trouble, and as is usual also in denial at just how inappropriate and possibly illegal his activities have been.

A senior pastor who founded the Korean Presbyterian Church of Auckland will be struck off the ministerial roll after an internal church investigation found him guilty of sexual misconduct and abuse.

Reverend David Ock-Youn Jang has been found guilty by the Auckland Presbytery Complaints Hearing Committee for “gross impropriety on three representative charges which relate to sexual misconduct, and physical, verbal and emotional abuse against a single complainant”.

He denies any wrongdoing and says he has the backing of his congregation to stay.

The complainant is a woman who is linked to the Presbyterian church, the third largest Christian denomination in New Zealand.

Some details of the complaint and judgment cannot be reported for legal reasons.

In a statement, the church said Mr Jang would be formally deposed this Sunday and “will no longer be able to refer to himself as a Presbyterian minister”.¬† Read more »

Imagine if this happened here

I can imagine what would have happened here if you beat the molester of your daughter to death….not what happened in Texas.

A Texas father walked in on his five-year-old daughter being molested and wasted no time in beating the man to death. The grand jury found the dad not guilty due to a state law that allows deadly force to be used to stop an aggravated sexual assault.¬† Read more »

I bet he was registered

Another week and another registered teacher before the courts.

Labour and the teacher unions insist that teacher registration is needed in Charter Schools in order to protect the kids.

I’ll just bet you this teacher was registered.

Police are analysing computers associated with a teacher accused of sexually abusing six students.

The man is facing 13 charges and has been granted name suppression to protect the identity of his former students.

He appeared at the High Court at Auckland today where Crown prosecutor Aaron Perkins said two computers associated with the teacher were being analysed.¬† Read more »

Porn, assault, pants down, inappropriate touching, stealing lunches but hey they were all registered

Check out this list of the depraved, sick and evil…who were all registered teachers.

When is the opposition going to give up the pretence that teacher registration will protect the children?

First up a teacher who viewed pornography and showed it to his class gets a slap on the peepee with a wet shoelace then retains his registration!

A teacher has lost his job after mistakenly broadcasting pornography to his classroom.

In a decision published yesterday, the Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal censured the unnamed teacher for the few seconds of adult content he broadcast in November 2011, but stopped short of cancelling his registration.

The man himself was so shocked after the clip that he simply continued to teach the year 12 class without mentioning the offending material.

After pupils raised the porn clip with their student counsellor, the teacher immediately confessed and resigned.

The mistake occurred after he viewed the pornography at home on his personal work laptop.

He was streaming a PowerPoint presentation from his laptop on to the school smartboard when it switched over to the next file, which happened to be pornographic.

The man was deeply remorseful for his actions and told the tribunal he had not viewed pornography since.

He has been allowed to continue to practise as a teacher, although not at the affected school, and must disclose the incident to any future employer. ¬† Read more »

Dodgy Jewish Ratbag should join Catholic Church

A dodgy Jewish ratbag is exhibiting the same excuse making behaviour as the Catholic Church…perhaps he should join them.

A senior Australian rabbi who failed to stop an alleged paedophile from sexually abusing boys at a Sydney Jewish school said some of the victims may have consented to sexual relations and has warned that involving police now would ”open a can of worms”.

Former senior Sydney Rabbi Boruch Dov Lesches made the extraordinary remarks in a recent conversation with a person familiar with a series of alleged child rapes and molestation by a man associated with Sydney’s Yeshiva community in the 1980s.

Rabbi Lesches’ comments are likely to increase public scrutiny of Australia’s senior rabbinical leaders’ handling of child sexual abuse cases, amid allegations of cover-ups, victim intimidation and the hiding of perpetrators overseas.

In a legally recorded telephone conversation heard by Fairfax Media and provided to NSW detectives investigating the Sydney Yeshiva cases, Rabbi Lesches admitted to counselling the alleged abuser upon learning he had sexually abused a boy a decade his junior.

How exactly are children better protected having registered teachers?

via fanpop

via fanpop

Registering teachers is supposed to protect the kids, right?

Two in one week:

Two men working at separate primary schools have been granted sweeping name suppression by the courts after being arrested for sex attacks on children.

The veil of secrecy granted has drawn criticism from a victims’ advocate who says such suppression orders hinder uncovering the extent of potential offending by sex predators.

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