Sexual abuse

‘Sick Nick’ unsupervised with female Corrections officers [UPDATED]

Nicholas Reekie

Nicholas Reekie

ONE OF the country’s worst sex offenders has been having unsupervised meetings behind closed doors with female prison officers – with one meeting sparking a callout from Auckland Prison’s Tactical Response Team after the guard raised the alarm.

Nicholas Reekie was sentenced to preventive detention after being found guilty in 2003 on 31 charges, including burglary, assault, indecent assault, abduction, sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection and rape involving four females aged 11 to 69.

Three of his victims were abducted for long periods and sexually abused.

The 69-year-old, snatched from her retirement unit, was held for 15 hours.

A young woman taken while walking along a street was held captive for 17 hours.

Reekie – who is not eligible for release until 2022 – is currently held in directed segregation at high-security Paremoremo Prison where he is on 23-hour-a-day lockdown and has no contact with other inmates, who refer to him as ‘Sick Nick’.

According to the Department of Corrections, directed segregation can only be used where a prisoner is considered a threat to other inmates, or presents an unnecessary disruption to the good order and safety of the prison.  Read more »

Filthy pervert Rolf Harris plans to release new album when he gets out of jail

Rolf Harris is a creep and a pervert. Currently serving time for sexual offences, he has shown no remorse and is now just taking the piss.

Rolf Harris has reportedly told friends and family that he plans to call his new comeback album Justice for All, which could be released by the end of the year.

Harris’s new album will allegedly feature a track called ‘Can’t keep that dingo down’ as well as ‘A bird in the hand (Is worth two in the bush.)’

The 85-year-old former children’s TV host is serving five years and nine months after being found guilty of the indecent assaults against four girls aged as young as seven.

A source told The Sun that composing music had helped Harris ‘survive’ in prison and that he was thinking about releasing a new album.  Read more »

Beast of Napier in the making

Looks like we have a real scumbag before the courts in Napier right now.

A Napier teenager faces 40 charges after more than two years of alleged torture of a young woman, including claims of rape, detaining her in a room with an aggressive dog and burning her with a hot wire brand and cigarettes.

The 19-year-old appeared before a JP in Hastings District Court on Saturday, when there was no application for bail and he was remanded in custody without pleas until his next appearance early next month.

Offences are alleged to have happened between April 2013 and September last year.   Read more »


Hey Muhammad, rape is wrong, here’s a pamphlet

Refugees from Sudan took part in a class dealing with violence against women, at a refugee center in Lunde, Norway. Credit Andrew Testa for The New York Times

Refugees from Sudan took part in a class dealing with violence against women, at a refugee center in Lunde, Norway. Credit Andrew Testa for The New York Times

Recently the New York Times ran a story about the need to host classes in Norway and Denmark for Muslim men new to the country. The purpose of the classes? To teach them that rape is wrong and unacceptable in their new country.

A course manual sets out a simple rule that all asylum seekers need to learn and follow: “To force someone into sex is not permitted in Norway, even when you are married to that person.”

In Denmark, lawmakers are pushing to have such sex education included in mandatory language classes for refugees. The German region of Bavaria, the main entry point to Germany for asylum seekers, is already experimenting with such classes at a shelter for teenage migrants in the town of Passau.

Many refugees “come from cultures that are not gender equal and where women are the property of men,”
Mr. Isdal said. “We have to help them adapt to their new culture.”

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Melbourne’s Catholic leaders completely failed to deal with pedophile priests as they tried to protect the church

Former vicar-general Bishop Peter Connors says he has no excuse for why he failed to protect children from Fr Wilfred Baker, who abused 21 children between 1960 and 1985.

“There was a complete failure of the archbishop and his advisers to deal with these issues,” Bishop Connors told the child abuse royal commission.

Commission chair Justice Peter McClellan said the failings were often said to be motivated by a desire to protect the church.

Bishop Connors agreed it was a fundamentally damning allegation of the church.

Bishop Connors and Melbourne’s 1974-1996 archbishop Frank Little knew in 1978 about abuse complaint against Baker, who was moved to another parish, and had further complaints in the early 1990s.

“I can’t really excuse myself for failing to put the pressure on the archbishop to do something with this man,” Bishop Connors said.

We can see the evils of Islam every day.   But this kind of endemic child abuse that has pervaded the Catholic church has been dealt with by placing the church before the lives of children.  It may not quite be the same as throwing homosexuals off a building, chopping heads off or burning people alive, but the systemic failure of the Catholic church to act against sexual predators is the highest abuse of trust I can think of.   Read more »

Rapist sent to jail for life, appeal dismissed. Perhaps he needs to ask Jan Logie for a hug, he might not be a monster

Maybe the judge is wrong and this guy isn’t a monster at all.

Jan Logie seems to know who the monsters are or aren’t.

A sadistic sexual predator’s appeal against his indefinite jail term imposed for two decades of terror has been rejected.

Alan Neil Rosewarn, of Taranaki, was last year sentenced to preventive detention for abusing two women and their children.

The indefinite term was imposed in the High Court at New Plymouth and means despite Rosewarn becoming eligible for parole after 10 years, he may never be released.

He admitted charges including rape, sexual violation, kidnapping, threatening to kill and child cruelty.

Rosewarn appealed against the preventive detention on the basis a minimum term would be sufficient punishment.

But in a judgment delivered today, the Court of Appeal disagreed.

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Fools rush in where angels fear to tread: How low is the sexual abuse bar?


by Pete

Been giving this some thought.  Where is the bar set?   What do you define as sexual abuse?  Does it include verbal?  Leering?  Cat calls?

Let’s say it is physical.  Does it include a bum pinch?  An uncomfortable hug?

I’m not trying to trivialise it.  I can think of two occasions in my life I’ve had unwanted sexual attention.  Once physical, and once I was in a subordinate position and made to do something uncomfortable to me (not physical).

I can’t imagine ANY woman getting to the age of 40 who hasn’t been at the wrong end of someone at some stage.

But where do you draw the line?   How much is “just life” and what is really going too far? Read more »

Staged walkout, assisted by complicit Media Party operatives

Dance of the Desperates?

Dance of the Desperates?

The opposition are so busy being offended by John Key that they have confused their message.

A fresh uproar has erupted in Parliament after Opposition female MPs staged a mass protest over prime minister John Key’s claim that Labour was “backing rapists” and murderers.

The attack was made during heated debate about Kiwi detainees on Australia’s Christmas Island, where they are awaiting deportation.

Parliament’s Speaker David Carter said Key’s remark on Tuesday had overstepped the mark but admitted he had not heard it.

“Had I heard the remark…I would have ruled it to be unparliamentary and required the prime minister to withdraw and apologise for it,” Carter said.    Read more »

“Step up or Step Aside” says social worker on dealing with child abuse

A reader emails:

Good morning,

I have been sent this YouTube clip of Paora Moyle.  She is speaking about the sexual abuse and violence perpetrated by Maori in and out of the home and how it is covered up by the “close ranks” mentality.  It’s a powerful message and she is brave to be saying it in light of the powerful male Maori who dominate in her culture.  You may want to post it or do a Face of the Day piece on her as it is very topical in light of the recent CYF review?   Read more »

Speaking of it being a zoo on Corrections’ watch, here’s another one

Perhaps the NZ public should start fining Corrections as well?

At least then we can see in hard dollars which is better, Serco or Corrections.

A prison psychologist who had a sexual relationship with a patient and tried to isolate him from others after his release may now face legal action.

The health watchdog today released a report criticising the psychologist for not just the “unethical” relationship but also accessing the male inmate’s prison records for personal reasons.

The psychologist, who has not been named and is no longer practising, began a relationship with the man the day of his release.

She bought him a phone which she used to track him along with giving him a car and money.    Read more »