Sexual orientation

Why would you hide your sexuality?

New Zealand has moved a long, long way since the early eighties when politicians hid their sexuality, and homosexual acts were illegal.

These days when someone famous comes out the comment is met with a big arm stretching YAWN and “who cares” with a bit of mild pity for someone who hid the way they were born for years.

What is worse is that even in a parliament where the population of gays is far higher than the rest of society certain people cannot bring themselves to be honest about their sexuality.

This is a crying shame and they deserve our sympathy for what must be a difficult decision.  Read more »

Gaybies? Seriously Stuff? Come on


That was the headline on Stuff’s home page…a story about ‘Gaybies’.

When you go to the article though the headline is more realistic and the story isn’t about gay babies at all, but rather it is about babies being brought up in same-sex households.

Children raised by same-sex parents fare just as well in their education, emotional and social development as those raised by heterosexual parents, new research shows.

The report on same sex-parented families in Australia, commissioned by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS), found “there is now strong evidence that same-sex-parented families constitute supportive environments in which to raise children”.

The findings are at odds with Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi’s recent comments that the “gold standard” for children’s development is having a biological mother and father who are married.

Report author Deb Dempsey, who reviewed all the research on same sex-parented families, said there was a wealth of evidence that showed the children were doing fine.   Read more »

Double standards in US media on ‘no poofters’ comments by TV celebs

Phil Robertson was vilified for his personal comments about the gay lifestyle as he saw it. Outrage ensued and A+E turned into a pack of cowards and pulled him from the show.

Of course Robertson was a redneck hillbilly conservative christian and so was an easy target.

Now in the US another star of a show has said pretty much the same thing and possibly worse and there is nary a murmur.

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson was vilified for bashing gays. Why didn’t ‘Bachelor’ star Juan Pablo Galavis warrant the same fate for similar comments?

The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis made some horrible comments about gays on Friday that were arguably worse than those uttered by Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson. However, we haven’t seen the same type of media firestorm over Galavis’s statements. Why? In large part because Galavis, unlike Robertson, is neither a self-identified Bible-thumping conservative nor does he look like one.

So what did Galavis say? First, when asked if there should be a gay “Bachelor,” he responded, “No… I respect [gay people] but, honestly, I don’t think it’s a good example for kids …” (This coming from a guy on a reality show where he gets to pick one women to “marry” from a harem of 20.)   Read more »

Is homosexuality a kind of “sexual dyslexia”?

Interesting what you can find on the last day of 2013.  Have a look at this:


My first reaction was “eugenics is alive and well”, but then I noticed the Ph.D. bit.  Can this be dismissed, or is this hard scientific data that we simply can’t speak of in public?   Read more »

Andrew Sullivan supports Phil Robertson


Andrew Sullivan is one of the world’s best bloggers, he is certainly an inspiration for some of my work. He is also gay.

He as written a piece at The Dish supporting Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

I have to say I’m befuddled by the firing of Phil Robertson, he of the amazing paterfamilias beard on Duck Dynasty (which I mainly see via The Soup). A&E has a reality show that depends on the hoariest stereotypes – and yet features hilariously captivating human beings – located in the deep South. It’s a show riddled with humor and charm and redneck silliness. The point of it, so far as I can tell, is a kind of celebration of a culture where duck hunting is the primary religion, but where fundamentalist Christianity is also completely pervasive. (Too pervasive for the producers, apparently, because they edited out the saying of grace to make it non-denominational and actually edited in fake beeps to make it seem like the bearded clan swore a lot, even though they don’t.)

Now I seriously don’t know what A&E were expecting when the patriarch Phil Robertson was interviewed by GQ. But surely the same set of expectations that one might have of an ostensibly liberal host of a political show would not be extended to someone whose political incorrectness was the whole point of his stardom. He’s a reality show character, for Pete’s sake. Not an A&E spokesman. So here’s what he said – which has now led to his indefinite suspension (but he’ll be in the fourth season, apparently, which has already wrapped):

“Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong … Sin becomes fine. Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men … “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right … “   Read more »

Putin says Nyet, initiates a poofter pogrom

Russia has always been intolerant…of Jews, of slavs, of homosexuals. It is not surprise then that Vladimir Putin has embarked on a crack down on homosexuals.

It looks like he has initiated a “poofter pogrom”.

RUSSIA’S president, Vladimir V. Putin, has declared war on homosexuals. So far, the world has mostly been silent.

On July 3, Mr. Putin signed a law banning the adoption of Russian-born children not only to gay couples but also to any couple or single parent living in any country where marriage equality exists in any form.

A few days earlier, just six months before Russia hosts the 2014 Winter Games, Mr. Putin signed a lawallowing police officers to arrest tourists and foreign nationals they suspect of being homosexual, lesbian or “pro-gay” and detain them for up to 14 days. Contrary to what the International Olympic Committee says, the law could mean that any Olympic athlete, trainer, reporter, family member or fan who is gay — or suspected of being gay, or just accused of being gay — can go to jail.   Read more »

Arrested for preaching on streets of London

While attitudes towards homosexuality in the Anglican Church are changing there is a more sinister approach to curtailing freedom of speech in the UK as well.

A visiting American has been arrested for preaching on the streets of London…amongst other things he was preaching that homosexuality is a sin…and it may well be, along with all sorts of other sins, like pride, boastfulness…but apparently in the UK you aren’t allowed to say such things…you get arrested.

It looks like the tolerance meter only goes one way.

Tony Miano, 49, a former senior police officer from the US, was held for around six hours, had his fingerprints and DNA taken and was questioned about his faith, after delivering a sermon about “sexual immorality” on a London street.  Read more »

Unintended consequences perhaps

Interesting headline in the Herald today.

Morroco Read more »

Democrat Congresswoman thinks pedophilia is a “legitimate sexual orientation”

Apparently there are some people who believe that pedophilia is now a legitimate sexual orientation rather than a social aberration to be cured:

California Congresswoman, Rep. Jackie Speier CA (D), wants to federalize a state law to prohibit counseling to change a person’s sexual orientation.

Under the bill’s language, a mental health counselor could be sanctioned if there was an attempt to get a gay individual to change his or her behavior or speak negatively about their behavior as it relates to sexuality.  Read more »

Asexual or dud roots?

Vice has an interesting article about asexual people…or as I prefer to describe them…dud roots:

Minerva isn’t gay. A fluid conversationalist, the Massachusetts native has been artfully rehashing this point for the last three hours.

“I have been told I could easily be mistaken as a lesbian,” she says, gesturing to her cropped, copper hair as evidence. “Which is not a bad thing.”

Minerva isn’t a lesbian, she says, but she certainly isn’t straight. At 29 years old, Minerva, who asked that she be identified by the name of her Tumblr, has never had a romantic relationship. She calls herself “asexual,” meaning she doesn’t experience sexual attraction. To anyone.

To the deep chagrin of some members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, Minerva also uses the word “queer” to define her sexuality. A re-appropriated term of endearment for sexual minorities, “queer” is as emotionally charged as it is oddly exclusive, and there is an ongoing, online debate about whether she should feel comfortable using it to self-identify. In some corners of the internet, that debate has turned to all out war.

In October 2011, an outreach organization called Asexual Awareness Week released a “Community Census” that polled data from over 3,000 asexual-identifying people. In the survey, more than 40 percent of respondents said they consider themselves members of the LGBT community, and another 38 percent said they consider themselves “allies,” or supporters of the community.

The community isn’t so quick to oblige.

“Practicing sex/sexuality slightly differently, or not at all, does not make you queer,” “Aria” wrote in a Tumblr post earlier this year. “People don’t shout ‘queer’ at an asexual person on the basis that they are not (sexually) attracted to anyone.”

Even the poofs think they are dud roots…basically if they aren’t rooting then they are duds. The gays aren’t having a bar of dud roots muscling in on their spot.  Read more »