The Prince of Bel-Air

We met his princeness yesterday on the front page of a Fairfax paper complaining about how hard he has it getting by.  Of course, as per our usual Pimp the Poor investigations, he was putting it all on.

Worse, he was a ringer for the unions.   Any remorse?  Any explanation?  Nope, here is the Prince last night:



He’s still pushing his article, even thought we all know he isn’t even on minimum wage.   As for working like an animal, I have never had seven weeks off in a row, let alone on holiday in another country like his princeness.   Read more »

Should SFWU spending be included in Labour’s election spending [UPDATED]

A good case could be made that the Service & Food Workers Union election spending should be added to Labour’s.

Not only is the SFWU a large donor of Labour’s but they are also spending up large in their own right campaigning on behalf of Labour.

No problems with advocating to change the government, but to also advocate for voting Labour is probably well past the guidelines of the Electoral Commission and the Electoral Act.

A complain could also be made about the accuracy of their claims.

This is the poster they are plastering everywhere and my tipster sent this in from the Hutt Hospital.



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How the unions help Labour campaign

via the tipline

This is how Labour manages to campaign without it costing them any money…they use unions like the Service and Food Workers Union, one of  Labour’s biggest donors.

Not only do they provide large cash donations they also provide staff, resources and campaigning planning.

note how nasty the letter is to members, and the fact that SFWU member automatically are Labour members whether they like it or not.

The Service and Food Workers Union is no longer a union they are a Labour party campaign arm,=.

Service and Food Workers Union newsletter

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Labour donation facade SMASHED – Observation by the Owl

From today the Owl will start to take the lid off Labour’s Union donations and campaigns.

The first question I started with was this.

Why are unions not making any donations to Labour party especially in election year?

This is an incredible situation.

There is a clear rule under donation declaration that services in lieu must be reported along as cash donations.

Today the Owl SMASHES the situation and will show how donations are now replaced by campaigns. Before anyone says the Owl is a foolhardy – just remember this very important fact – it took 18 months but finally a numbers of unions had to declare millions in accounted funds.  Read more »

Rodney Hide on a dodgy union rorts and National’s lack of courage in taking on the unions

Rodney Hide discusses the dodgy union rort going on in the PSA:

For years government departments have been running a scam for the unions. The amounts involved total in the millions. The scam diverts your tax dollars away from their proper purpose to the union movement. The scam thereby indirectly assists Labour. It’s shonky.

The latest Government outfit engaging in the scam is Parliamentary Service. This is surprising. Parliamentary Service employs MPs’ staff and the many legions of people who make Parliament work. That includes MPs’ electorate agents, their office staff, the librarians, the cleaners and the messengers. To ensure a sound democracy and proper government the Parliamentary Service must be scrupulously fair and even-handed.

And here’s where it has fallen down. Badly.

The service has just settled a new Employment Agreement for all MPs’ support staff. The deal involves a kick-back for joining a union. There’s no other word for it. Staff who are members of the union receive a one-off payment of $1000. Non-union members receive a one-off payment of $500. The result is a $500 bonus for joining the union.

The two unions involved are the Public Service Association (PSA) and the Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU). The $500 bonus more than pays the annual membership fee.

Parliamentary Service dresses up the union bonus as reflecting “the significant input of union members to the process of developing and agreeing the terms and the agreement itself”. But that’s phooey. The payment’s purpose is to pump union membership and fatten union bank accounts.

These unions are highly politicised and the Service and Food Workers Union directly affiliates to the Labour Party and pays levies for the privilege. The union even had a vote in choosing David Cunliffe as the new Labour leader.

The union’s webpage runs the banner, “Let’s Change the Government!”  Read more »

Project Revitalisation – BSC iceberg moment imminent


The adage that sunlight is the best disinfectant always bears fruit in the end. Trouble is that some people just don’t seem to see the rays of light beaming down on them.

Take our friends at the cartel-like Building Service Contractors NZ or BSC as they like to be known.

Its El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo continues on as though nothing is wrong, oblivious to the weight of government bearing down on his little rort.

Even fresh faced Lillian Small, who it seems continues to work for Kimberley Clark, as well as under Paddy, is desperately trying to give the place a new spruce of paint by way of new newsletters.

In a rat-cunning attempt to give the Government the illusion of relevance, its PR advisers are pushing a “Project Revitalisation” – a clear sign and acknowledgement that they are out of date.

You can tell the PR b.s. when you see words like “excellent and innovative work”, “contribution made by our industry often flies beneath the radar when it comes to public recognition”, “BSC can provide even better value for our members”. Cough, splutter, hurl.    Read more »

El Presidente further undermines new CEO

Via the tip-line

The new CEO of the BSC, Lillian Small, has once again been smacked in the arse by her boss El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo.

This time Paddy has gone ahead and undermined any “new member” initiatives Lillian Small may have hoped to run, by declaring his support for the Living Wage campaign in the cleaning industry mag InClean. The SFWU and CTU must have been in the ear of Paddy over the Christmas holidays, re-educating him on his union roots.

It’s not online, but a member of the Fish Gang has scanned it and sent it in via the tip-line.

In a typical scumbag union tactic, Paddy blames the customer/client for not paying a Living Wage to their cleaners.

While the unions will be ecstatic with Paddy, what’s the bet BSC members getting tucked for $20k a year will be less than enthused at El Presidente’s comments.   Read more »

Has Simon Bridges cut a deal with SFWU?

Earlier this month I blogged about whether Simon Bridges has become the lapdog of the SFWU.

Beehive insiders are not impressed and are starting to wonder if Bridges actually has a future in the Party when he so willingly meets with unions who hate everything about National.

Then this little gem comes in via the Tip-Line, which will leave many National Party supporters cold.

It’s the SFWU submission on Bridges’ Employment Relations Amendment Bill and shows Comrade Kate had struck a cosy deal with the SFWU until someone got hold of her and told her what team she was meant to be on.

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What’s up with Simon Bridges special treatment of the SFWU?


Sometimes you really have to wonder. National is supposedly the Party that supports business in NZ. Meanwhile Labour and the Green Taliban, who don’t understand how businesses operate, keep banging on about how close the Nats are to big business. They like to frame businesses as evil.

On this basis then, it was understandable that insiders are asking why Simon Bridges meet with the dodgy SFWU that rips off its own members on 18th September. The SFWU, remember are the deep pockets for Labour, wanted to discuss proposed amendments to Part 6A of his Employment Relations Amendment Bill.

Business owners should find this cosy little meeting a little confusing. Then I hear via the tip-line that the SFWU have launched an attack on NZ’s $21 billion franchise sector saying;

“the growing use of franchising arrangements and that franchisers as a group have an antagonistic attitude towards Part 6A”,    Read more »

Proud to be union, not too proud to park on yellow lines

via the tipline

At Napier airport monday morning 4th November at 8am , when he saw me take photo he took off…


Shame we didn’t get the number plate, though there can’t be that many SWFU sign written cars in Napier.

As it happens it would appear to be Thomas O’Neill the SFWU organiser for Gisborne and Hawkes Bay.