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Bridges, cuddles unions, offends stay at home mums [UPDATED]

UPDATE:  The article below is wrong.  As Pete suggested the other day, I’m pushing things too hard.  As a results I was trying to get some stuff out quickly and let this one slip by.  My apologies Simon Bridges and anyone else involved.


This is outrageous slur on all the stay home mums. Whoever signed this poster off needs to go under the bus.


Poster on Bond Street, Auckland

Oh that’s right Simon Bridges is responsible. We’ll sheet home the blame to him for not being over his portfolios and is another mess under his watch.


– the tipline

Employment Court bogged down by Bridges inaction


It’s no wonder party donors are expressing dismay with the Nats when businesses are being bogged down in employment courts thanks to the inaction of Labour Minister Simon Bridges.

Simon seems more at ease camping up for a farewell to Tony Ryall than worrying about little things like his legislation clogging up the Employment courts

Take the Employment Court case Matsuola v LSG Sky Chefs NZ. This case has been bogged down by lawyers fighting over the complicated and confusing Part 6A since early 2011.    Read more »

BSC membership in further disarray thanks to Spotless


The other week I blogged about how Spotless was putting their people first by ditching them without a second thought.

The tip-line lit up about Spotless and how they’re doing this right across the country, ditching 80% of their cleaning contracts.

So now there are companies, organisations and schools up and down the country all being affect by Part 6A thanks to Simon Bridges’ Employment Relations legislation.

Spotless also just happens to be a key member of the cartel like Building Service Contractors or BSC for short, happily chucking them $20k a year in membership fees.

We all know how close the BSC’s El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo is to the unions, so it’s no surprise that the newish CEO Lillian Small has also been drawn into the union vortex.

Here’s Lillian’s spin from a BSC release following their MECA discussions with their union mates.

“The MECA is a strong point of difference between companies which are members of BSC and those which are not. Businesses contracting a BSC member can be confident they are using a reputable company which treats its cleaning staff fairly, ensuring fair pay, reasonable hours and safe conditions.”

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The Predictable Failure of David Cunliffe, Ctd

Travel, lifestyle and arts blogger David Farrar has published an interesting graph of Labour’s prospects for winning the 2014 election.

Since the voting public have worked out that David Cunliffe has tits for hands, the graph has plunged downwards. 

This was very predictable.   Read more »

The Secret Diaries of Comrade Simon, Ctd

commies copy

Terrible weekend, had to spend it with a bunch of bloody tories in the town hall in Wellington.

The only intelligent discussions I had all weekend were with the cleaning staff and the dustman on the streets when I was out for my early morning run. Nats says that all those Bellamys pies are showing on the middle. Little does she know that those are union approved pies.

Some old duck came up to me and told me I reminded her of Winston in his younger days. Silly old cow didn’t recognise I am much, much taller than Winston. And better looking. And that old bastard Bob Jones has been having a go at me for not speaking properly.  Read more »

The Secret Diaries of Comrade Simon, Ctd

commies copy

After having such a good week last week and managing to postpone any nasty Tory changes to employment legislation until after the election this week has been truly awful.

My dear and underappreciated friend Carol (That blogster Whaleoil nastily calls her Caropotamus) was given such a terrible list position she will never be returning to parliament. The poor soul was devastated, and rightly so as there are so few good working stock people left in Labour who know how to properly stand up for the working man. And woman.

Poor Carol was feeling very cruelly treated so I took some time out of my hectic schedule to take her to the day spa we share. She had let her self go in the last few weeks and her nails really needed doing, not to mention her eyebrows. It is hard to point this out to a woman, even if she is emancipated, especially when you have perfect eyebrows like me.  Read more »

BSC member Spotless gives hospital pass to Bridges – will he step up?


Yesterday the cartel like BSC got a tickle up after a member of the fish-gang sent through the BSC’s AGM minutes showing they’re ditching the audit requirement of their accounts.

From that post this letter from one of the BSC’s key members’ SPOTLESS turns up via the tip-line.

It’s a shocker and worth a read.

spotless Read more »

What’s Tamati Coffey going to do now his leader has chopped his legs from under him?


Tamati Coffey has run a rather nasty personal campaign against Comrade Simon Bridges, on Facebook and using his pals in the media to push his barrow.

He gets his trolls to attack Simon Bridges and Todd McClay.

And in the Rotorua Daily Post had this to say:

After leading more than 300 people in a protest aimed at helping to save the Maui dolphins, Rotorua Labour candidate Tamati Coffey believes he’s proved he’s more than “just a smiley weather man”.

Mr Coffey took just three days to organise Saturday’s march, protesting the decision to allow oil and gas exploration in New Zealand’s West Coast Marine Mammal Sanctuary, home to the critically endangered Maui dolphin. The group marched to the Tauranga office of Ministry of Energy and Resources Simon Bridges.

Mr Coffey said that while he organised the protest as a “concerned citizen” it showed those who criticised him as “just a smiley weather man” he was more than that.

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The Importance of Goodwill for Politicians

This photo shows something that hardly anyone notices.

Politicians need good will to survive, and without it they are nailed. This picture may not be accurate in that Cunliffe’s sins are far worse than any of Keys, but Key gets away with things because people like him.


No one likes Cunliffe. He is known as an arrogant and unpleasant man like many, many politicians.   Read more »

Greenpeace not a political lobbying group? Go on pull the other one

new zealand green taliban logo

Greenpeace claims they are a charity, the Charities Commission disagrees and says they are a political lobbying group.

Greenpeace maintains they don’t engage in that stuff, and yet almost every week they are campaigning and so it is this week too.

Greenpeace has collected 23,000 signatures from people who want Energy Minister Simon Bridges sacked for allowing oil exploration in a marine mammal sanctuary.

The petition is a response to fears that Maui’s dolphins, the world’s most endangered species, will be threatened with extinction.

There are only 55 left and they live off the west coast of the North Island.  Read more »