Oh please make it stop, now the SIS and GCSB are getting attacked for racial and gender quotas

The Media Party thinks that whether your skin is brown or not, or whether you have a vagina and boobs is more important than your abilities at cryptography or other essential skills needed to work at the SIS or GCSB.

While nearly 15 percent of New Zealand’s population is Maori, they account for just 7.4 percent of staff at the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) while even fewer work for the Security Intelligence Service (SIS), according to research by a Massey University masters student.

Pacific Islanders accounted for just two and four percent at the SIS and GCSB respectively.

The report found diversity at spy agencies was not “an accurate reflection of New Zealand’s population”, with staff at the agencies saying they had been subjected to unnecessary racist jokes at their expense.

“Although it was not a pressing issue, staff did note that often at times this type of banter was excessive, unnecessary and that it would not be tolerated if the same was done to those of non-ethnic descent,” the report written in 2014 said.

Maori and Pacific people who “come from open, honest, trusting families and communities” being uncomfortable with the secrecy associated with a spy agency may also make recruitment unattractive to them.

Despite this, the report goes on to commend the NZIC for its efforts to address inequality, but says there is still much room for improvement.

Would you like the security of our nation, when faced with ISIS, domestic terrorism and commercial cyber attacks to be in the hands of people that were selected due to the right gender or ethnicity? Read more »


NZ terrorist attack a matter of when, not if – but are we well prepared?

Gerry Brownlee and his custom tailored ballistic vest that cost three times the standard vest worn by Kiwi troops

Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee believes Australia and New Zealand are “adequately prepared” for potential terror threats.

Mr Brownlee hosted his Australian counterpart, Senator Marise Payne, in Christchurch yesterday in their first formal meeting with Islamic State on the agenda.

He says he’s comfortable with the level of protection the region has, but can’t be completely sure a major terror event couldn’t happen in New Zealand.

“The last thing you want is to have a threat of someone who is a complete nut job, as these people are, doing something and causing everyone else to have huge disruption in their life. That’s giving in to the whole purpose of terrorism,” Mr Brownlee says. Read more »


Too late, their evil death cult is amongst us

Why are media protecting this scumbag?

Why are media protecting this scumbag?

Just days after the left wing mocked the SIS for being concerned about Islamic terrorism in New Zealand we have the case of the Kiwi ISIS sympathiser, complete with flag and weapons.

And guess whose fault it is for his radicalisation?

A Facebook page belonging to an Auckland man shows pictures of him posing with an Islamic State flag, holding an AK47-style rifle and speaking of his role in a holy war.

Police said Harun Abdul-Majeed SaifuAllah’s profile was a “security matter” and have refused to comment. However, it is understood they are investigating Mr SaifuAllah following inquiries by the Herald.

The Facebook page appeared to have been disabled this afternoon.

Mr SaifuAllah, 23, told the Herald that he “100 per cent” supported the views and actions of Islamic State.

He said he changed his name three years ago but was born as William Ringo Ratapu-Howard in South Auckland, where he still lives.    Read more »

New Zealanders live in a benign strategic environment? Nope.

The left-wing and the anarchists don’t want our government to protect its citizens. They oppose the SIS and the GCSB and even the Police in doing their jobs.

Every time I think about Kim Dotcom, Matt McCarten, Russel Norman, Wrongly Wrongson and their rent a mobs baying for the curtailing of SIS and GCSB powers, it makes me angry.  

These people are the enemy, not the government.  Their lives are driven by paranoia, whereas ours are driven by pragmatism and logic.  I know what I’d prefer.

The country’s security service says foreign intelligence officers broke into two New Zealanders’ hotel room and bugged their laptops and cellphones, in an attempt to access secret information.

The breach is one of many being used to teach government staff about information security.

The Security Intelligence Service has posted the case studies on a government website, and says they are based on real events.

One example refers to two New Zealand government employees at a foreign trade conference, who had tracking malware installed on their phones and laptops by intelligence officers.     Read more »

Face of the day

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom

Today’s face of the day Kim Dotcom has received an apology from the SIS. The apology is not because they did anything wrong legally with regards to his case. The apology is because the agents in e-mails back and forth discussing his case said mean things about him. I have gone through each and every ‘ mean ‘ thing reported to have been said and have ordered them under statements of fact and statements of opinion. Read more »


The media wouldn’t lie to us would they?

New Zealand and its spying partners exploited weaknesses in one of the world’s most popular mobile browsers and planned to hack into smartphones, according to top secret documents leaked this week.

The Five Eyes partners are accused of targeting links to Google and Samsung app stores in a project civil liberties activists have denounced.

The spy agencies deliberately sought security vulnerabilities, but failed to inform companies or the public, leaving the private data of millions of people at risk, civil liberties group OpenMedia said today.

The leaked Top Secret document was posted on the Canadian CBC News site, in conjunction with The Intercept, after whistleblower and fugitive Edward Snowden acquired it.

Apart from discussing how to propagate surveillance software, the newly-revealed document also described efforts to place messages and other communications data on smartphones.

“The group wanted to send selective misinformation to the targets’ handsets to, among other things, confuse adversarial intelligence agencies,” the Slate website said. Read more »


Rat cunning from Amy Adams, Labour will be left staring at goats again

The government has appointed Sir Michael Cullen to head up the first review of New Zealand’s security and intelligence agencies.

A former Deputy Prime Minister and a respected lawyer are to lead the first regular review of New Zealand’s security and intelligence agencies, Acting Attorney-General Amy Adams announced today.

Ms Adams says she intends to appoint Sir Michael Cullen and Dame Patsy Reddy to carry out the review.

“This will be an important and challenging review, and I’m pleased Sir Michael and Dame Patsy have agreed to lend their expertise to the task. They bring complementary skills and experience to the role. Sir Michael is a former member of the Intelligence and Security Committee and has knowledge of national security issues. Dame Patsy has extensive governance experience and legal expertise,” Ms Adams says.

Read more »

John Key expects our terror level threat to rise


At some point we’re going to cop one in the gonads by an in-country nutbar

Last week Key announced 143 troops would be sent to train the Iraqi army in an attempt to combat the spread of the Islamic State (Isis) group.

But Key said this morning that any increased security threat domestically would come as a result of more New Zealanders being on a government security watch list.

In November, Key said 30-40 people were on a watch list because of their involvement with or support of Isis, and another 30-40 required further investigation. Read more »

Some thoughts on Little shafting the Greens, Sign of things to come?

Andrew Little had a major cock up saying that Maori should be able to write their own laws, something which it appears the Greens agreed to because they reckon his first major cock up is something different  and something that no one cares about.

Norman said it was a “bad call” and is upset he learned of the decision through the media.

Now the Greens say Little has broken the law as well as convention.

The Intelligence and Security Committee Act 1996 states that the leader of the opposition must nominate representatives “following consultation with the leader of each party that is not in Government or in coalition with a Government party”.

A Green Party spokesman said this was Little’s first “big stuff up” and are calling on him to back down.    Read more »

Good to see Labour finally taking terrorism seriously

Looks like Labour has come to its senses when it comes to mitigating the risks of terrorism, while the Greens continue to cuddle and represent terrorists.

Labour has confirmed it will support new foreign fighter laws after changes including a softening of a planned 48-hour warrant-free period for spies.

However the Greens have said they won’t support the legislation.

“We accept there is an increased threat level and new measures are needed to ensure our security agencies can rapidly respond to terrorist threats,” Labour Leader Andrew Little said after a caucus meeting discussed changes hammered out at a select committee.

“Labour has ensured that all searches on potential terrorist activity will require a warrant except in cases of urgent and extreme risk.    Read more »