Sledge of the Day

Sledge of the Day

John Key monsters David Cunliffe in the house…and boy did The Cunliffe not like it.

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Sledges of the Day

We have a couple for you.

First up Bill English sledging hard in the General Debate…he really ripped the oppositions undies..especially the tired old crippled politician in Trevor Mallard. His calling Mallard the member for Outrageous Lies was hilarious.

Grant Robertson stood and raised a point of order and then lied to the house as well…missing out quite a few sentences in gis paraphrasing of Bill English’s speech.

The opposition preciousness was palpable.

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Sledge of the Day

I was going to give John Key sledge of the day for his hit on David Cunliffe’s recycling of Rodney Hide’s epithet for the budget…but I’ve found a better sledge.

It was from Christopher Pyne in the Australian parliament against Bill Shorten, and to round it off he called Shorten a c**t .

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Sledge of the Day

Greer Berry used to have her own blog. ¬†Complaining about her student loan, mostly…



Sledge of the Day

Arts, lifestyle, fitness and travel blogger, David Farrar, sledges out the entire National caucus on Larry Williams Drive last night.


John Banks will pleased that David Farrar has such and affinity for rats…then again when he has worked closely with Murray McCully and Bill English for so long you can understand it.

Tweet and Sledge of the Day

via Twitter

via Twitter

Sledge of the day

What is it with wealthy people who are also socialists and their propensity to act like sanctimonious, all knowing oracles, and worse their propensity to tell us they know better than the rest of us.

Once such person is Gareth Morgan, but his son isn’t far off.

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Sledge of the Day



Another Top Sledge

Judith Collins has ripped out a corker of a sledge against the Labour leadership contenders:

An icy response from Judith Collins to the Labour leadership contenders.

Ms Collins says Shane Jones is a mate, although she’s not sure about his leadership potential.

But the Justice Minister gave them all a back-handed compliment.

“They’ve all got strengths and weakness and they’re becoming more and more apparent…they breathe oxygen. That’s always helpful, that’s about it.”

Shane Jones is shaping up to be the most sensible of the candidates…at least he hasn’t told any lies yet unlike Grant Robertson and David Cunliffe.


Sledge of the Day – John Key

Prime Minister John Key injected some realism into the #laboursgottalent living wage lolly scramble at his Post Cabinet media conference yesterday.

“If you can legislate at $18.40 an hour and have no implications, why not make it $30 an hour – and show me one country in the world that has legislated for higher wages and it has been successful. We set the minimum wage but there is always a balance between jobs … most companies have to pay more, that means they have to put their prices up, that means you as a consumer pay more … inflation goes up so the Reserve Bank raises interest rates, that means your mortgage costs go up – by the way, a lot of people lose their job … it’s a fool’s paradise.”

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