Sledge of the Day

Sledge of the Day

Not from parliament, but from Facebook where Manawatu Standard columnist Liam Hehir schools Iain Lees-Galloway





Sledge of the Day

John Key sledges out Grant Robertson.

It’s a bit rich of Robbo to moan about juvenile politicking as he’s one of the worst.   Read more »

Sledge of the Day

This is from a couple of days ago and is a shared award between John Key and Winston Peters.

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Sledge of the Day

Winston Peters takes out Sledge of the Day for this gem:

Winston Peters didn’t miss a beat when a TV presenter admitted he was charming, but that she wouldn’t vote for him.

The NZ First leader spoke to Paul Henry on TV3 about the flag referendum and afterwards Henry quizzed the show’s social media presenter Charlotte Ryan about her thoughts on Peters.

“I’m quite a fan actually: he’s charming, Winston you’re charismatic,” Ryan said.

“That’s your problem: you’re charming, you’re charismatic, but Charlotte still wouldn’t vote for you,” Henry told Peters.   Read more »

Sledges of the Day

David Cameron is under pressure supporting the campaign to remain in the EU.

His party is divided on the issue though and Boris Johnson has come out in support of Brexit.

Cameron has reacted badly, but put in a veiled attack on Boris Johnson.

David Cameron had come to the Commons to make a statement on the EU referendum. At least, that was his official purpose. His real purpose, quite nakedly, was to treat Boris Johnson to the thrashing of his life.

It was extraordinary. In political journalism we often refer to “thinly veiled attacks”. Here, there wasn’t even a veil. Not even the flimsiest wisp of gauze.

Since the Mayor announced his decision to campaign for Brexit, some commentators have inferred that he doesn’t really want Britain to leave the EU; rather, he thinks a Leave vote would prompt the EU to offer Britain more favourable terms of membership, enabling us to stay after all.

It would appear that the Prime Minister shares this interpretation.    Read more »

Sledge of the Day – How to call another MP stupid and get away with it

Anne Tolley delivers our sledge of the day.

She calls Carmel Sepuloni stupid and is asked to withdraw after Sepuloni takes offence.  When someone asks why she doesn’t apologise she states, “Because it is true.”

Typical of Labour MPs, they’ve taken offence at something blindingly obvious and then drawn attention to the fact by protesting about it.

Now everyone knows that Carmel Sepuloni is stupid; all doubt has been removed.

Anne Tolley sledged her out and got away with it.   Read more »

Sledge of the day

John Key smashes Andrew Little every single time he goes into the house.

The ham-fisted and raspy manner in which Andrew Little runs school yard taunts just makes it easy.

The sledge is at 7:10

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Sledge of the Day


Regular readers may want to sit down, I’m about to praise Bill English.

Yes, that’s right, I don’t often praise Bill English, but this morning I feel forced to because of three short sentences from yesterday’s acrimonious flag debate.

“We’ve found the Greens to deal with, disruptful and ungrateful. It doesn’t matter what you do with them, successful or not, the effort is ultimately greeted with personal invective, grabbing all the credit and attacks on the National Party,” English said.    Read more »

Sledge of the Day

I have never seen a sledge like this…it is simply brilliant.

If I were to approach a person on the street and list off traits like “doesn’t drive,” “needs food prepared,” “needs help with the remote control,” “needs people to bring her beverages,” “has trouble remembering things,” and “doesn’t pay her own bills” about someone anonymously, he wouldn’t think I was referring to a current presidential front-runner in the year 2015. He would think I was referring to his poor nana, whom he had to place in a home because she wouldn’t stop yelling at the lamp and was at risk of accidentally microwaving her dentures.

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Sledge of the Day

Paul Goldsmith takes a break from trying to stitch up the Auckland Mayoralty race to sledge out Denis O’Rourke.

It is right at the end (start at 1:48) and is utterly splendid.

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