Sledge of the Day

Sledge of the Day



Another Top Sledge

Judith Collins has ripped out a corker of a sledge against the Labour leadership contenders:

An icy response from Judith Collins to the Labour leadership contenders.

Ms Collins says Shane Jones is a mate, although she’s not sure about his leadership potential.

But the Justice Minister gave them all a back-handed compliment.

“They’ve all got strengths and weakness and they’re becoming more and more apparent…they breathe oxygen. That’s always helpful, that’s about it.”

Shane Jones is shaping up to be the most sensible of the candidates…at least he hasn’t told any lies yet unlike Grant Robertson and David Cunliffe.


Sledge of the Day – John Key

Prime Minister John Key injected some realism into the #laboursgottalent living wage lolly scramble at his Post Cabinet media conference yesterday.

“If you can legislate at $18.40 an hour and have no implications, why not make it $30 an hour – and show me one country in the world that has legislated for higher wages and it has been successful. We set the minimum wage but there is always a balance between jobs … most companies have to pay more, that means they have to put their prices up, that means you as a consumer pay more … inflation goes up so the Reserve Bank raises interest rates, that means your mortgage costs go up – by the way, a lot of people lose their job … it’s a fool’s paradise.”

And he followed that up with this comment. [Viewer Discretion Advised: Not fit for people who believe in the Easter Bunny] ¬† Read more »

Sledge of the day

I don’t know why Labour MP’s just don’t stay off social media, we’ve been telling them for months that it never ends well. A saying I’ve been using for years: set an idiot trap, you’ll catch one every time. Cactus Kate takes Chipskins back a peel or two over affordable housing :





He might not be broke anymore, but judging by comments like ¬†“National spending the whole general debate talking about what the next Labour-led govt will look like. Think they’re feeling a bit defeated!” ¬†I’d suggest the intellectual poverty is worsening.

Sledge of the Day

Yesterday in the General Debate Chris Finlayson started with a history lesson.

Sledge of the Day

Jami-lee Ross comments on Labour’s polling and leadership issues.

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Sledge of the Day [VIDEO]

Labour scored a snap debate today, and David Shearer stood up and delivered…well…someone¬†else’s¬†speech.

He clearly didn’t know the content, flubbed the lines, bombed the jokes and flailed his arms about.

Then Bill English stood up and flayed Labour.¬† Read more »

Sledge of the Day

Metiria Turei waddled down to the house yesterday to ask some questions about her pet policy that was launched at the weekend but over shadowed by Russel Normans nasty attack on John Key.

Undeterred by the setback of being over-shadowed she set about trying to trip up Tony Ryall….who enjoyed himself immensely.

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Sledge of the Day

Joint winners, Judith Collins and Peter Dunne for his effort yesterday.


Sledge of the Day

Alan Jones on Joe Hockey about his stomach stapling:

He embarrassed Hockey over his recent weight loss, due to stomach stapling surgery, and said he hoped the doctors hadn’t taken his spine out during the operation.

There were plenty more sledges of Joe Hockey, who is likely to be Australia’s next Treasurer.

It began happily enough. Jones announced Hockey as ”the next treasurer of Australia”.

Jones did annotate this introduction with “the one left with the mess”, but still, any anointment from Jones is not to be lightly dismissed.

This is the man Hockey once called “the greatest broadcaster of all time”. Furthermore, it was the day after Treasurer Wayne Swan had brought down his sixth budget, and his sixth deficit. Barring an apocalyptic science fiction-esque event that results in a giant lizard demolishing Parliament House in a single swipe of its reptilian tail, it will also be Swan’s final budget.¬† Read more »