Don’t laugh Labour will push this here given half a chance


If you thought controlling which light bulbs to use or forcing you to have dribbly cold showers was bad wait until they adopt the no running in school playground rules.

Children at a primary school have been ‘banned from running in the playground’.

The head teacher at Riverview Juniors in Cimba Wood, Gravesend, Kent, said pupils risked injury from a chasing game

But angry mother Rachael Sparks said it was “a step too far”.

She said her son, 11-year-old Diesel, returned home on March 27 upset because he and other children had been told they could no longer run in the playground.

Ms Sparks, 41, said: “My son came home on Friday and said ‘they’ve banned running in the playground mummy’.

“I thought I am not going to react too much, too quickly, because kids do get it wrong sometimes.

“I thought I’d check with the receptionist when I took him to school on Monday.   Read more »


Mini Titans New Year Holiday Programme



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Drugs don’t always have to be a bad thing


H/T: Travis

The next contact sport:


Why women will never beat men in sports

Vice has a great article about why women will never beat men in sports.

As an argument, men being better than women at playing sports seems to make sense. It can be seen through anecdotal evidence such as the above-described experience of managing a coed softball team. Plenty of times I’ve heard women express reservations to me about playing because they “aren’t good enough.” It can also be seen simply in how the bodies of men and women differ. Generally speaking—and please note that “generally speaking” once more, as there are certainly plenty of women who could beat me up or destroy me in a game of pickup basketball—men are taller and stronger than women. This is due to all sorts of testosterone, gland secretions, muscles in their upper body rather than fat deposits, and other variables awarded in the jackpot of life. Someone sees that, and it’s easy for them to come to the conclusion that boys are better at sports than girls. They see it as an inherent trait linked to genetics. To them, it’s the same as men being unable to get pregnant and women never knowing the pain that comes with getting kicked in the balls.   Read more »


Herald Bombs now infecting Sports section

This morning in the paper on page 30 there was a story about Hamish Rutherford:

Herald cock-up


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Super 15 Final discussion

Who’s going to win?

Sonny Bill’s team?

Or the team from South Africa?



Can we make this the new national sport? Please

Ulitmate Tazer Ball, someone finally found a way to make football interesting.

Labour’s latest vote winning policy

Labour are copying National of 2002, reminding New Zealand’s political elite of what happens when you let decidedly average middle managers run strategy.

Compulsory School Sport is not going to capture the public’s imagination and win votes for Labour. It is a bit like National’s 2002 strategy which involved new policies being released right up until the last week of the election, with 72 released in total.

Compare Labour’s policies to Nationals very clear and effective billboards. Big important vote winning issues. Not compulsory sport in schools.

On the plus side this policy is the first that labour have released that doesn’t a have a billy or two in additional costs attached to it.


You're Doing it Wrong Kid

If I had watched even one second of the World Cup I would know what all the screaming is about. But again as i said yesterday there is a thin line between not lis­ten­ing and not car­ing, I like to think I walk that line every­day.

You're doing it wrong

You're doing it wrong