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A photo from the journal depicting the love story of Horace and his wife Agnes. Photography by Asia Kepka. Stories by Lynn Dowling Stay At Home Dress.

A photo from the journal depicting the love story of Horace and his wife Agnes. Photography by Asia Kepka. Stories by Lynn Dowling
Stay At Home Dress.

The Love Story Between a Squirrel and a Horse

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Man stabbed with a squirrel for forgetting to bring beer home


This woman has anger issues…she is the reverse Jake the Muss…instead of demanding some eggs be fixed she demanded beer and when she didn’t get any she stabbed her partner with a squirrel.

A South Carolina woman was arrested Wednesday for stabbing her common-law husband in the chest with a ceramic squirrel. His offense? Returning home without beer on Christmas Eve.

Helen Ann Williams, 44, of Charleston, S.C., has been charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature after police responded to a 911 call from the victim. She’s also being charged—in the court of public opinion—for decorating her home with ceramic rodents.  Read more »

Squirrel tries to make soccer interesting

Tough job making football interesting, but something had to try.

Stoppages due to injuries and fouls are routine in football matches, but it’s not often squirrels stop play.  Read more »

And the new leader of the Greens is…..


Squirrel assault course

Nice Kitty Cat

Don’t you love it when people get all upset by big cats doing what big cats do…I mean what did he think they eat…Whiskas?

Game Recipes, Ctd

I reckon a TV show where I travel the country, plus a few overseas stops looking at great game recipe, cooked by ordinary people in ordinary circumstances using tasty game animals would be great. Animals that of course had been hunted and killed by my or their own hands. Certainly no gay cookery bullshit with chefs and ponces. A show sort of like this: Meateater

Here is a recipe for Squirrel Melts, they look delicious.


Fancy some Squirrel

Quite apart from being a hard word to say, Squirrel is making a comeback in the US…on the dinner table. Heather Smith is predicting the “re-squirreling of the American diet:”

It’s hard to imagine more sustainable local game — squirrels are abundant, far from endangered, and don’t even require refrigeration the way that big game does. The standard rule of thumb is that one squirrel = enough meat for one dinner for one person. The squirrel is road food — the kind of prey that fed cross-country hikers, in the days before MRE’s and freeze-dried lentils. Squirrel is like the drive-through cheeseburger of the forest — albeit a cheeseburger that needs to be gutted first. They’re are also delicious, mostly because they eat nuts.

I found out something fascinating about squirreling firearms too:

The Kentucky Long Rifle, with its long barrel and small caliber, was designed for squirrel hunting (the smaller the caliber, the more squirrel left to take home after shooting one.)

The ideal shot was aimed not at the squirrel, but at the tree branch directly below it, so that the animal would be killed by the concussion of the bullet instead of the bullet itself.Historians say that this is what won the Revolutionary war; even the most highly trained British soldiers were no match for squirrel killers trained by hunger.

I even managed to find a few squirrel recipes including one designed for those who were watching the SuperBowl on Monday and then there is this cool video about killing Squirrel and eating it:

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