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Abbott’s government taking the long handle to ratbag green taliban

I’m liking how Abbott’s government are dealing to the green taliban ratbags…like the ones just released from jail in Russia.

It seems that Greenpeace’s PR machinations aren’t washing with the Libs and they are set to bill one of the ratbags for the cost of his representation.

A threat to impose a fee for consular support after Australian activist Colin Russell was detained in Russia has opened the prospect of broader charges for government support of thousands of Australians who find themselves in trouble overseas.

On Friday foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop said the activities of the Australian government on behalf of Mr Russell had cost tens of thousands of dollars, and she would look very closely at recovering the costs.

“Of course cost recovery can be an important part of providing consular support,” she said.

In News Ltd papers on Saturday Ms Bishop was reported to have outlined a review of fees for cost recovery of consular activities for Australians in trouble overseas, and the circumstances in which those fees could be levied.

Green Tailban ratbags now moaning about Russian prison life

I see the Green Tailban eco-terrorists are moaning about their treatment in a Russian prison…predictable.

A Greenpeace campaigner claims he was forced to live on bread and water while being held in a Russian prison because it didn’t offer a vegetarian alternative.

Antony Perrett arrived home yesterday after spending two months in prisons in Murmansk and St Petersburg for trying to hang a climate change banner on an oil rig.

The former town councillor is one a group of environmental activists known as the Arctic 30 who were being held in Russia on hooliganism charges.

Since being released under a new amnesty law, the 33-year-old has revealed he refused to eat some of the food offered to him behind bars.

‘All the prison food had low grade meat of unknown origin in it. I’m a vegetarian and I lost a lot of weight,’ he said from his home in Newport, South Wales.

Perrett said he passed his time in the rodent-infested jails by doing drawings with paper and pencils sent in a Greenpeace parcel, and communicating with other prisoners by whistling.

‘We were not 100 per cent isolated but we were in cells 23 hours a day. We would have one hour to exercise in a four metre square cell with no roof.

‘We would shout over the wall and speak to different people every day, some days they would be Russian and some days they would be crew mates.’

‘We chatted and stuff and whistled the Great Escape, that was kind of a farewell.’ ¬† Read more »

Vanna buy a gun Tovarishch?

Cool snaps of some strange  happenings with firearms in St Petersburg, Russia. They are online at the Russian version of Google Maps.

Wanna buy a gun in St Petersburg?

Wanna buy a gun in St Petersburg?

Wanna buy a gun in St Petersburg?

Wanna buy a gun in St Petersburg?