Steve Chadwick

Cunliffe attacks National when it was Clark who stopped the whaling law suit


The Tim Fookes interview with David Cunliffe continues to give up the gold.

Yesterday David Cunliffe blamed National for not being part of the law suit against Japan over whaling.

TIM FOOKES:     Exactly. So the earlier the better, and I will get to one of your calls in just a moment, but just a quick comment on the issue that came out late last night over the court ruling on whaling, I think this is a significant victory New Zealand and Australia.

DAVID CUNLIFFE:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†It’s fantastic.¬†Well, it’s a significant victory for Australia. Where the hell was the New Zealand Government? I mean, we had New Zealanders testifying, but once again, the National Government’s asleep at the wheel. Kiwis hate whaling. We hate whaling and previous governments had a really strong record against it. Why did we leave it to the Aussies to take the thing to the International Court?

TIM FOOKES:     So if you were Prime Minister, what would you do?

DAVID CUNLIFFE:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†We would have led the charge. We wouldn’t have waited for the Australians. It would have been our win.

Of course David Cunliffe was part of cabinet in the Clark government when they decided that they didn’t want to take the win, preferring instead to gift it to the Aussies.

Prime Minister Helen Clark will push for a diplomatic end to whaling after the Government dropped plans for legal action against Japan.

Miss Clark will raise the issue with her Japanese counterpart Yasuo Fukuda when she travels to the pro-whaling country next week. A spokesman confirmed the pair would discuss Japan’s annual cull in the Southern Ocean.¬† Read more »

Sledge of the Day

Chris Finlayson is a sarcastic bastard…and one of the best sledgers in politics…check out this one against Charles Chauvel from yesterday:

Read more »

Carol Beaumont, the Nasty Party Faction and Increasing National Majorities

Carol Beaumont will return to Parliament after Charles Chauvel jacked in a life sucking on the public teat in New Zealand for a life sucking on the public teat at the UN. Carol is a key member of the Nasty Party faction in Labour, and like others in the faction known for her inability to win votes.

At the last election there were only three Labour List MPs who managed to increase their opponents margin, Carol Beaumont, Sue Moroney and Steve Chadwick.¬† Read more »

Steve Chadwick standing for mayor in Rotorua, leading the city to a “brighter future”


Looks like the first failed Labour politician to look for a new career stuffing up local body elections is Steve Chadwick. She has announced her candidacy for Rotorua mayor.

The race is on for Rotorua’s top job, with two high-profile community leaders putting their hands up for the mayoralty of the city.

Elections for the Rotorua District Council and the city’s mayoralty will be on Saturday, October 12, with incumbent Mayor Kevin Winters and former Rotorua MP Steve Chadwick being the first candidates to put their hats in the ring.

Mrs Chadwick wants to¬†lead the city into a brighter future¬†after announcing plans to run for mayor to The Daily Post yesterday.¬† Read more »

Whaleoil Awards – Worst List MP nominations

We all know that generally List MPs are scum. Some are more so than others.

Here is your chance to vent about the invisibile, the useless, the hopeless, the inept and the scum list MPs.

Ashraf Choudhary would have to rate as one of the worst List MPs, not only was he useless he was also invisible. Rajen Prasad would also qualify for this and labour rated him at number 20 above capable MPs like Stuart Nash and Kelvin Davis. While Prasad warms a seat in parliament the other two are looking for jobs.

Then of course you have the nasties: Darien Fenton, Steve Chadwick, Carol Beaumont and of course Sue Moroney. All distinctly unelectable and unlikeable.

Katrina Shanks would be up there for her completely inept speech on the “Skynet Bill”, speaking about that which she knows now’t.

The entire Green party would qualify except perhaps for Kevin Hague and Russel Norman.

Whaleoil Awards – Best electorate MP nominations

Ignore the scum list MP, this award is for the best electorate MP.

Could it be Damien O’Connor, for doing what no other Labour MP could do anywhere else in the country and win a seat off a sitting National MP?

How about Todd McClay who increased his majority in Rotorua and dispatched Steve Chadwick for good?

Nikki Kaye for beating Labour number 4 ranked ‘star’ Jacinda Ardern?

Sam Lotu Iiga for cementing his reputation as a fine local MP and making sure that Carol Beaumont is looking for anew job?

Colin King is invisible in Wellington but his electorate loves him returning him with a massive majority, the shearing community loves him too.

There are many, many choices, put your nominations in the comments and the reasons why you think your local MP should get the Whaleoil Award for Best Electorate MP.

UPDATE: I clean forgot about Nicky Wagner, she was the only National MP to take a hard hat Labour seat of a sitting Labour MP.

Why Labour will hurt and they don’t know it yet

On the surface Labour’s lowest ever result since 1928 is bad but manageable.

However if you look beyond the headline numbers and into the electorates you can see the terrible legacy Phil Goff has gifted the Labour party.

The recent result in Waitakere has only compounded the issue.

In a number of seats Labour have lost their local list MP for good. Take Rotorua, for instance, Todd McClay saw off Steve Chadwick for the¬†second¬†and last¬†time. Labour’s poor showing in the¬†party¬†vote means Steve Chadwick is now handing in her gear and looking for a job. She won’t have an office and neither will labour in Rotorua for three years. In the local press they won;t have to go and seek comment on issues from the local Labour person because they simply don’t exist. For the next three years the only MP commenting on local issues in Rotorua will be Todd McClay.

Napier is the same. Stuart Nash ran a robust campaign and really pushed Chris Tremain. However Tremain prevailed and Labour’s poor party vote now sees Stuart Nash seeking a job as Chief of Staff in Wellington to David Shearer. He won’t be back. Labour loses a spokesperson in the Bay and an office and Chris Tremain will now enjoy unfettered press coverage for three years straight. His majority will bounce back like Craig Foss who enjoyed a similar holiday from a Labour¬†list¬†stalker. Julia Haydon-Carr faced an insurmountable challenge of overcoming the man with the gay ute, Craig Foss, who did not have Julia stalking him for three years like Nash stalked Tremain.

Paula Bennett has now seen off Carmel Sepuloni in Waitakere. Labour loses an office and a list MP who can dog her every move in Waitakere. Labour again through its poor party vote loses exposure, resources and personnel and cedes the argument to National in a key electorate.

In Christchurch Central, Nicky Wagner will likewise enjoy having no Labour list MP dogging her as Brendan Burns at number 29 on Labour’s list was left stranded high and dry. Nicky will now be able to cement her position as National’s voice in Christchurch, an island of blue in a sea of red. Labour loses their office and their voice which will have to be picked up and shared by others. Perhaps Clayton Cosgrove, after his defeat in Waimakiriri might establish a presence, but it will never be a full time one.

Sam Lotu Iiga in Maungakiekie also will enjoy not having Carol Beaumont stalk his every move. He will be hoping that no labour list MPs quit and that David Shearer will tell Beaumont that the face doesn’t fit but until then he too can enjoy an electorate without a Labour office ruining the view.

Losing those resources in key areas makes it very difficult to turn things around in 2014. Labour has less presence, less resources and they must spread thinly to ensure coverage. They don’t realise the significance yet of their decision to keep Goff at the helm so that he could do to Labour what Bill English did to national in 2002. Even the leaders office will suffer cutbacks due to the reduced vote. Some in the Goffice will be very nervous, not just because they were wedded to the disaster that was Phil Goff but because there simply isn’t enough cash now to retain them all.

This is the mess that Labour has inherited, but worse this is the mess they have charged a political novice with fixing. Does David Shearer have an Orewa speech in him? I don’t think so.

Ain’t life a bitch

Steve Chadwick is finding it hard adjusting to life as a constituent after Todd McClay handed her an electoral spanking.

Judy T is Facebooking her and she is whining about having to look for a job and handing back her iPad and laptop. It¬†certainly¬†looks like she is living Labour’s slogan nice and hard.

What was it that Helen Clark said once? Oh that’s right…”Diddums!”

Labour nasties took a pasting

Todd McClay, Sam Lotu Iiga and Tim MacIndoe all won on Saturday, with increased majorities.

Unsurprisingly they were also standing against some Labour nasties. Steve Chadwick, Carol Beaumont and Sue Moroney. Only Sue Moroney remains in parliament after the blood bath of November 26.

Another Labour nasty who is now unemployed was Carmel Sepuloni. She took the fight in Waitakere to Paula Bennett but Paula showed a great deal of mongrel and proved more adept at wrestling with pigs than the Septic Tank.

There is a moral in this story. If you want to be nasty, spiteful and awful then you will lose to candidates who are likeable and real. Having a sneering smack bum face all the time doesn’t endear you to voters.


Labour’s future

Readers from around the country have pointed out that they in a massive change for Labour they actually have women candidates who arent afraid of being feminine and looking good. The old standard of looking like the offspring of Worzel Gummidge and one of the witches from MacBeth seems to no longer apply.

None of these women below will be elected in 2011 but the tipline says they are personable women who relate well to people and don’t have a big chip on their shoulder. They could be just the people to bring middle New Zealand back to Labour if only the new leader can clean out the deadwood and the talentless self servers and members of the gaggle.

Paula Gillion is running in Northcote:

Sehai Orgad is running in Hamilton East so Cancer has probably tried it on and he is known to only go for the lookers. While Annette King and Steve Chadwick have faces that curdle mother’s milk Sehai looks positively super-model like in contrast.

Julia Haydon-Carr is running in Tukituki:

Good on them for realising that modern New Zealand has moved on, and that being a woman in politics doesn’t mean you have to look like you have copped the tart tit.