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How does get fucked sound?


The boxing bludgers have their hands out for taxpayer cash.

Joseph Parker’s promoters are asking for taxpayers’ money to ensure the New Zealand heavyweight boxer gets a world title fight in Auckland in December.

Promoter Dean Lonergan told the Herald last week that Duco Events will require sponsorship and funding to the tune of seven figures for the December 10 fight between Parker and Andy Ruiz Jr for the WBO world title.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce confirmed yesterday that an application for Government funding had been received for the bout.   Read more »

Shabby hit job on Joyce by Newshub. Why does anyone trust them?

I’m no fan of Steve Joyce, but Newshub delivered up a shabby hit job on Joyce last night.

New Zealand has jumped from 12th in the world to fourth in the latest OECD rankings of adult literacy.

Thirty-three countries were surveyed, with Japan coming it at number one, followed by the Netherlands and Finland.

But when asked which countries New Zealand had beaten, Tertiary Education, Skills, and Employment Minister Steven Joyce had to consult his advisor in the middle of Newshub’s interview.

“Can you give me the list if he wants to do this bit. Can we do the list?” he said while the camera was still rolling.    Read more »

Steve Joyce, the corporate Santa, just handed out $900k so people can play a game of golf

Why is the government subsidising a golf tournament?

The government is putting up $900,000 to support the hosting of next year’s Asia-Pacific Amateur Golf Championship.

The four day tournament is being hosted by the Royal Wellington Golf Club and Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says it will be broadcast live to more than 150 countries.

“The tournament provides a strong platform to showcase New Zealand as a great tourism and golf tourism destination,” he said on Thursday.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for New Zealand and a real coup for the Wellington club.”   Read more »

Budget continues Steve Joyce’s corporate welfare regime

It is hard to get away form the impression that today’s budget was more about corporate welfare than anything else.

ACT’s press release says:

Funding for $761 million in corporate welfare via ‘Innovative New Zealand’ is an insult to taxpayers, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Bill English needs to ‘just say no’ to Steven Joyce’s corporate welfare addiction,” says Mr Seymour.

“There is no public appetite for hand-outs to businesses. There is no pressure from the opposition or the media. So who’s been pouring poison into Steven Joyce’s ear?

“The Government could have simply used these funds to drop the company tax rate. This would help all New Zealand businesses – not just those that are politically trendy.

“This spending comes on top of the Government’s existing $1.3 billion annual corporate welfare spend.”

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This is what happens when you don’t enforce the law

For the same reasons that Heather du Plessis-Allan should have been charged, so too should Josie Butler who, I might add, has thrown her lot in with left-wing hate-speech blogger Martyn Martin Bradbury aka Wrongly Wrongson.

When you don’t charge people then it emboldens them to carry on with their actions…and Butler is at it again…grandstanding against the TPPA.

The nurse who threw a dildo at Cabinet Minister Steven Joyce has struck again.

Josie Butler brought a similar squeaky sex toy along to the Government’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) roadshow in Christchurch yesterday.

She tried to present it to chief TPP negotiator David Walker but was stopped by security staff.

“David Walker, I am here today on behalf of the vast majority of New Zealanders to present you with the New Zealand Dick of the Year Award,” she said.

Meeting moderator Sean Plunket told her: “No, you’re not.”    Read more »

Due to National losing Northland, Unions are getting what they want

Labour thinks they won the debate on zero-hour contracts. They didn’t.

What won the debate on zero-hour contracts was Steve Joyce and Jo de Joux handing Northland to Winston Peters.

Unions have applauded the end of zero-hour contracts in proposed employment legislation, in what many political parties are calling a major back down from the Government.

The controversial contracts — which don’t guarantee hours and kept workers at the beck and call of employers — have been scrapped as a result of amendments to the proposed legislation.

Council of Trade Unions president Richard Wagstaff says having seen the final draft of the planned amendments to the Employment Standards Bill released today, he’s confident workers will have more secure hours.

“If the legislation is passed with these amendments, it means zero-hour employment agreements are gone, and working people will be better protected from these kinds of abuse.

“Working people should still negotiate to achieve fair outcomes, and working people are always strongest when we work to negotiate together, in union collectively to get the best results,” he says.

Unite Union says their campaign last year against zero-hours contracts in the fast food industry had been successful.

“We discovered that probably hundreds of thousands of New Zealand workers were on these contracts. Virtually every family in the country could count one of their members suffering under these contracts. Everyone understood immediately what we were talking about,” national director Mike Treen says.

The union is pleased the Government has backed down from implementing the law which “seemed to legalise these contracts”.

The proposition didn’t gain support from National’s normal partners the Maori Party and United Future, so forced it to compromise with Labour to get the legislation through. Read more »

Lots of swiping left for the Tinder candidate


Vic Crone launched her campaign 10 days before Christmas last year.

The basic premise in politics about launching early, and why Phil Goff did as well, is to try to blow other contenders out of the water. In Goff’s case it was so they could fake out Len Brown, but he already had the message…almost all of his staff and his former campaign team are all working for Phil Goff.

So what was Vic Crone trying to achieve? Knocking out other centre-right candidates? Well Mark Thomas, Stephen Berry and John Palino didn’t get that memo.

Was it about getting her policy out early? Nope, not that either…she isn’t releasing any policy until April.

How about filling the dead air in media over the holidays with her amazing thoughts over what she could do to solve the ills of Auckland? Nope, failed on that one. Instead she decamped from New Zealand and went on an overseas holiday, then returned to sit at her beach house at Muriwai and remained utterly silent.

In February she quietly recruited the genius National party strategist who oversaw the stunning win in the Northland by-election…oh hang on…Jo de Joux lost that race.  This is the woman who de-friended every single National party contact on Facebook…disliked by most, and friends only with Steven Joyce.

All brilliant stuff for someone launching early.   Read more »

Hey MBIE: Is there anything in spec?

Well huff and puff and blow me down, not only is the concrete out of spec in the Ministry of Justice’s new Manukau Court Building, now we see the steel mesh used in concrete floor slabs is also out of spec.

Last year we exposed a Concrete Cancer cover-up fiasco, where an importer dumped some 30,000 to 40,000 tonnes of high-alkali cement into NZ and flicked it on to various concrete precast makers. The concrete ended up in a places like Fonterra’s Waitoa UFH plant in Waitoa and Yashili’s plant in Pokeno, as well the Manukau Court Building.

Now the Commerce Commission has told Brilliance Steel and Euro Corporation to stop selling the steel mesh.

Derek Baxter of the ministry said it was “an issue of standards, not safety”  and he was confident houses already consented with the materials would still comply with the building code.

“Whatever the outcome, people don’t need to worry if they’ve built a house  with a concrete slab in it since mid-2012 and one of these products was  used,” he said.

“However, while the compliance of these companies’ products is under  investigation, we’re also advising that this product should not be used in concrete slabs that haven’t yet been poured.”

Mmm, so it’s in spec or not Mr Baxter?   Read more »

Soper comes good

Barry Soper isn’t really an enigma. He lives life through rose-tinted glasses and longs for the days of his close association with Helen Clark.

But yesterday he got something right.

There’s an old Yorkshire saying that goes, “Where there’s muck there’s brass.”

It’s been that sort of political week although in this case the muck and brass have little to do with each other – or maybe they do.

The muck was hurled at the Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee by a yobbo who didn’t like the cut of his cloth. It spoiled what was a moving memorial to the 185 people who lost their lives in the Christchurch earthquake five years earlier.

John Howland admitted assaulting Brownlee, but won a lot of sympathy because he lost his 14-year-old son in the quake. Those of us who criticised Howland for his outburst were pilloried on social media as heartless.   Read more »

Steve Joyce’s MBIE made an app that’s cost $1000+ per user so far

MBIE might have to rename themselves to Ministry of Waste soon.

It is becoming an avalanche of inappropriate spending out of Joyce’s pet ministry.

Steven Joyce’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is under attack after forking out $200,000 for a failed smart-phone app.

The New Zealand Regions application was developed for the Regional Economic Activity Report but has been downloaded less than 2000 times.

Opposition parties say the ministry paid far too much for the app.

“I think Steven Joyce’s image is becoming tarnished as more and more of this wasteful spending is exposed,” says Labour MP David Clark. “The Government seems to be happy to spend other people’s money on things that are really not in the regions’ interest.”

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