Stewart Murray Wilson

Beast back in his box

The Beast of Blenheim has been put back in his box after losing his appeal against his recall to prison.

Hopefully that will be the last we see of him.

Convicted sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson boasted to a vulnerable women he was banned from contacting that he could cut off his monitoring bracelet and flee to Australia with her.

The man dubbed the ‘Beast of Blenheim’ was recalled to prison in February after breaching his parole conditions by phoning a woman he was barred from speaking to under his strict release conditions.

The four-minute call in which Murray made the claims was uncovered by community probation officers and ultimately led to the sex predator’s recall to prison.  Read more »

Sick bastard should rot in jail

Stewart Murray Wilson is one sick bastard. He believes he ended up in jail, not for a legacy of heinous rapes but because of the “sisterhood”.

Wilson was plotting to clear his name and get revenge on what he calls the “sisterhood”.

He called the 3 News Wellington newsroom after we wrote asking for an interview. And in a series of phone calls he told 3 News about his plans and his theories on how he ended up in jail.

Wilson said some of the women he was convicted of committing sexual crimes against banded together against him. He claimed they were lesbians that he turned straight, out to get ACC compensation and muddy his name.  Read more »

Give him a good stretch

The Beast of Blenheim, Stewart Murray Wilson is back behind bars where he belongs after attempting to abscond to Australia.

The Parole Board has found he still poses an undue risk to the community after evidence emerged that he made phone calls mentioning plans to flee New Zealand.

Stewart Murray Wilson was recalled to prison on an interim basis on February 21, pending yesterday’s parole hearing. He has now been recalled indefinitely.

The Parole Board deemed Wilson posed “an undue risk to the safety of the community or any person”.  Read more »

String him up

Wonders will never cease…Stewart Murray Wilson has been recalled to prison.

Stewart Murray Wilson is tonight back behind bars after he allegedly breached the conditions of his parole by phoning someone he shouldn’t have.

Department of Corrections assistant general manager services Maria McDonald confirmed the department had successfully applied for an interim recall to prison for the man – dubbed the Beast of Blenheim.

The Parole Board considered the application this afternoon and Mr Wilson has since been returned to prison.  Read more »

Public Protection Orders Bill introduced to parliament

While Labour seeks to get John Banks and wasting 3 questions in parliament this afternoon, Judith Collins is setting about amending laws to protect people from recidivist criminals.

This is the law that will be used against the likes of the Beast of Blenheim, Stewart Murray Wilson and other criminal scum. A Q&A document has been released (43K PDF)

Justice Minister Judith Collins introduced legislation to Parliament today that creates special orders to better protect the public from serious sexual or violent offenders.

The Public Safety (Public Protection Orders) Bill will allow the High Court to order offenders who pose a very high risk of imminent and serious sexual or violent offending after they are released from jail, to be detained.

Public Protection Orders (PPOs) would see offenders held in a secure facility until the High Court is convinced they are safe for release.

“This Government is committed to delivering on our election promise to introduce a civil detention regime for the most high-risk offenders,” Ms Collins says.

“The safety of New Zealanders is paramount and it should not be jeopardised by a small number of offenders who continue to be a serious threat after they are released from prison.

“PPOs are a new tool to deal with society’s worst offenders in a way that current sentencing and release provisions, such as extended supervision orders and preventative detention, don’t allow.”

While Labour plays gotcha politics, National is getting on with the things that actually matter to voters.

Shambolic Whanganui Council

Quite simply, Whanganui Council has had a shocker over the last couple of weeks.

Fair enough, they were shocked to learn the Beast was coming. But over the last two weeks the nastiness from Michael Laws and his fellow dog whistlers on the council has been pathetic.

The media and the NZ public now have little sympathy. At the same time, the mayor – who started out as quite sensible – allowed herself to be needled by Laws and did a complete flip-flop, resulting in thousands of dollars in ratepayer cash being flushed down the toilet on a ridiculous legal action which was laughed out of court.

Corrections – which refused to cave in or get involved in any public row with the neanderthals – kept calm and got on with the job.

The quote which will be remembered is that of the Corrections man in charge who said yesterday

“My staff are professional and diligent and they’ll walk over broken glass to make sure the safety of the community is upheld,”

Compare that with the pointless posturing and ludicrous legal action of the council.

Whanganui needs some decent leadership to make the best of this.


The Beast is worried for his safety.  

I’m sure there’s a bunch of suggestions of how to solve that.  Some may involve a rickety stool and a length of rope.


Call Laws’ bluff

Corrections have the ultimate hospital pass with the Beast of Blenheim, but they are making the best of it in Whanganui.

It doesn’t help that Michael Laws and some knuckle-draggers are stirring up nastiness and hatred behind the scenes – all with a view to ousting the mayor, and in reality nothing to do with getting the beast out.

So what Corrections should do is call Michael Laws’ bluff.

They should say:

“OK, you don’t want the beast and you hate Corrections. That’s fine. We’ll move him elsewhere.

“And by the way, we’ll also close Whanganui prison and move the three hundred jobs that go with it to another town.”

What a great victory that would be for Whanganui. Oh, wait…

Chief dog whistler Laws and the Beast of Blenheim

Michael Laws is frothing at the mouth because the Beast of Blenheim is going to be located on prison grounds ten kilometres outside Whanganui. The truth is that Laws and his cronies are trying to regain control of the council from the mayor who, while pissed off, has been rather sensible.

We know now that Whanganui was chosen because none of the Beast’s victims live near there.

But the comments of Laws and those who respond to his dog-whistling are a bit rich.

A certain Lloyd McIntosh is being housed on prison grounds in Christchurch.
He’s there because Corrections and the Parole Board couldn’t place him near his victims in – you guessed it – Whanganui.

So it seems Laws is happy for Christchurch to put up with Whanganui’s scum – but doesn’t want the same thing happening in his back yard.  Care for his community or political opportunism?

Top Work with a Bat

ᔥ Herald on Sunday

Now this is the sort of thing that should happen more often to sex offenders and paedos…top work that woman. Pity her friends intervened. Darlene Dalton is a name that Stewart Murray Wilson will never forget…it was bashed into him.

Darlene found herself living below Wilson and Lorraine in an Auckland block of flats. One night, after weeks of hearing screaming and violence from upstairs, there was a knock at the door. It was Lorraine.

“She was covered in blood,” said Darlene. “Blood was coming down the steps.”

Most people would ring the police, but Darlene reached for a softball bat and stormed upstairs.

Darlene tells Sunday how she confronted Wilson, who swore and told her to leave. Darlene’s reply was to swing the bat into his head.

Wilson went down in a heap as she repeatedly struck him.

“I broke his arm, got him on the dome [head],” she told Sunday. “He was bleeding … but I wanted more blood to tell the truth … I wanted to kill him.”

She probably would have if her flatmates hadn’t intervened. But they couldn’t stop her torching his car.

Darlene was never prosecuted for the attacks. “I think it was a retribution that everybody was quite happy about … except perhaps him,” observed former cop Mackay.

Darlene testified against Wilson at his trial in 1996 and said she was shocked to discover so many other women had been abused by him. But never again, she has vowed.

“If he gets out of jail, looks for Lorraine and hurts her I swear to you, I will kill him. I’m not scared of him.”