Stuart Nash

Andrew Little’s stupidity in parliament

Andrew Little is a complete fool.

You might say that is harsh but, following on from getting himself sued for basically calling a couple corrupt, he went to the House where he thought he would play Mr Clever and ended up walking away looking more like Mr Retard.

On a day when he could have lined up all his questions to prosecute Paula Bennett, who is the most vulnerable minister right now, he sent in Phil Twyford to ask dopey questions and Carmel Sepuloni to ask even dopier ones unrelated to Paula Bennett, and Stuart Nash to ask questions of Judith Collins completely unrelated to Paula Bennett.

Then he put himself down to ask questions of John Key…which is really dopey…because he isn’t going to get Paula Bennett by asking dopey questions of John Key.

It was a set of questions that ended with this one:

Andrew Little: Does anyone in his Government take responsibility for anything anymore, or is it just an endless exercise in passing the buck?  Read more »

Labour’s next campaign is against the Police; let’s see how that works out for them

Stuart Nash has been sending out emails following the format of their housing email, soliciting people who feel they have had a raw deal from Police.


Every day I’m hearing more and more stories of Kiwis struggling to get help when they’ve been a victim of crime.

While the men and women of our police force do a brilliant job on the ground, the reality is that the police have been underfunded by $300 million over the past four years. National have just not given the police enough resources to do their jobs.

We’re hearing stories of police not turning up to crime scenes because they don’t have enough staff, of community police stations closing or losing resources, and councils using private security firms because they can’t rely on the police to do all the work required.

We need to shine a spotlight on these issues. One of the best ways we can do that is by learning more about the issues affecting people like you.

[REDACTED], will you take our short survey about police in New Zealand?

The issue isn’t about how our police officers are performing, but how National has systematically underfunded them to the point where they are compromised in their ability to keep our communities safe.

Labour will fund our police force properly. But before we’re back in Government, we need to make sure we get the word out about the impact of National’s underfunding.Click here to take our survey now.


Stuart Nash
Labour Police Spokesperson

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Nash goes double full retard

Stuart Nash has gone double full retard, attacking a Regional Police Commander, this from the guy who wants to be Police minister.

He’s obviously never heard of the maxim for the General to back his troops.

Labour’s police spokesman Stuart Nash says he has lost confidence in Napier’s police chief, claiming there has been a “hollowing out of policing” under her watch.

In an opinion piece for Hawkes Bay Today, the Napier MP said he struggled to see how district commander Sandra Venables was keeping communities safe or executing proper strategies to ensure police had resources to fight crime and solve cases.

“I have to admit, this is a very big call, but I feel that the concerns of our diverse communities are not being taken seriously at all,” he said.   Read more »

Everybody knows you don’t go full retard, you went full retard, Stu, never go full retard

I did warn Stuart Nash not to go full retard, but he went ahead went full retard anyway.

Strict speed limits won’t lower the road toll because drivers glued to the speedometer will be distracted from watching the road in front of them, says Police Minister Judith Collins.

Queen’s Birthday weekend finished with the highest road toll in 27 years after eight crashes led to eleven people dying on New Zealand roads.

Only Labour would try and politick over road deaths.

Is Stuart Nash seriously suggesting that more Police driving around ticketing people going 1km over the speed limit is going to stop road deaths…seriously?  Read more »

Stuart Nash is better than this; he shouldn’t be phoning it in

Typical Labour answer to anything:  spend more money on it.

Stuart Nash is better than this…he really should stop using the prepared press releases the leader’s office hands out for him to issue.

The worst Queen’s Birthday road toll in 27 years underlines the need for more road safety and police funding, Labour says.

Eleven people had died by last night over a harrowing Queen’s Birthday weekend. There have been 152 road deaths this year.

Labour’s police spokesman Stuart Nash said the weekend’s crashes coincided with a funding cut for road safety, and fewer police officers on the road.

“Between 2013 and 2015 the road toll has increased by 68, making us one of the only countries where road deaths are rising.

“Funding pressures from the Budget have forced police to remove 100 police officers from road patrols. That will lead to more deaths on the road.”   Read more »

Labour’s problem at Question Time is because they are playing the political equivalent of Kiwi Cricket

I was listening to Question Time yesterday while driving and was left with the distinct impression that Labour has no strategy when it comes to Question Time.

Have a look at this question from Stuart Nash to Judith Collins.

Why on earth is Labour targeting Judith Collins? She is just playing with Nash, like a cat plays with a mouse. He knows it, she knows it and the fools in Labour sit there and watch Nashy take one for the team.   Read more »

Finally, a Labour MP who gets it on crime

stuart nash

Stuart Nash has a ripper of a comment on Facebook today about the creep up north who raped a three year old:

Minimum non-parole five years? Why should this monster ever get out? This three year old has a life sentence – and gonorrhea (heaven forbid) – and this arsehole could be out in five. The sentencing judge said that “As rapes go, this is one of the most serious I have ever seen”. So give him life!!

I have ZERO tolerance for this sort of offending against children, and i think society has had enough. As I have said in the past, you kill or rape a child, you have fundamentally broken that basic contract that exists between society, communities and citizens. Enough is enough.

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Nash gets schooled by Collins

Stuart Nash thought he could do the proverbial shooting of fish in a barrel with the Papakura Dairy Caper.  Not only did the dairy owner have to lie to the police to get them to turn up, it’s smack bang in the Police Minister’s electorate.

A gift from above, surely?

Police Minister Judith Collins denies that police only responded to a south Auckland robbery after a frustrated dairy owner called them and said he had a gun.

The incident made headlines earlier this week when Redhill Superette owner Indy Purewai posted a video on Facebook showing a group of about 10 teenagers looting his shop as staff defended themselves with hockey sticks.

Mr Purewai claimed police didn’t respond until he called and told them he had a gun.

Labour’s Stuart Nash questioned Ms Collins in parliament on Thursday about the incident.

“The police were already on their way to the incident before there was any mention of a gun,” Ms Collins said.

“The police have advised that the people in the shop waited five minutes before calling 111 – that is, five minutes after the youths had left the scene.
“The call came in at 5.52pm. Police were despatched at 5.57pm. They arrived at 6.02pm – 10 minutes.

“I think that is an outstanding response.” Read more »

Bi-partisan approach to illegal firearms needed

I’m pleased to see that Judith Collins and Stuart Nash have appeared to look at a bi-partisan approach to dealing with the issue of illegal firearms.

They should make sure that they are actually addressing the issue and not disarming all the hundreds of thousands of responsible firearms owners out there just because there are a very small minority of scumbags .

High-level moves to figure out how powerful firearms are making their way into the hands of dangerous criminals are set to get underway within days.

Police Minister Judith Collins told Newshub today she expects the Law and Order Select Committee to begin investigating this week, and if they don’t, she’s got her own plans to get the ball rolling.  

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Usual suspects pushing for gun control after Kawerau

The usual suspects are calling for tighter gun control law after the Kawerau shooting.

Between the Media party and politicians pushing agendas it is hard to get to the salient facts.

While the Kawerau siege ended peacefully, the alleged shooting of four police officers has raised the issue of whether cops need better access to firearms, as well as questions about New Zealand’s gun culture. Can anything be done to stop similar situations?

Who raised the issue? The Media party? Police? What gun culture?

This is just sensationalism by the Media party.

As alleged Kawerau gunman Rhys Warren was taken into policy custody, after an armed siege following the shooting of four police officers, it didn’t take long for relief over the lack of fatalities to develop into scrutiny of how the incident occurred. The Kawerau siege is the fifth police shooting in the last decade, and has raised some familiar questions without straightforward answers.

Do our police need guns on them at all times? Why are more criminals getting access to, and using, firearms? And what can be done to stop a similar shooting occurring?

The last major change to police firearms access came in 2012, when police were given access to a lock-box of firearms in every frontline car.

That decision followed two high-profile cases of police shootings: the Napier siege in 2009, when Jan Molenaar killed one police officer and seriously injured two others, and a 2010 Christchurch shooting where two police officers were injured and police dog Gage killed.

The Kawerau siege is not an ideal example for those pushing for easier police access to guns: the police shot were not unwitting constables taken by surprise, but members of the elite Armed Offenders Squad, sporting extensive training and body armour which saved their lives.

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