Stuart Nash

Nashy lays out four conditions for his support of the dodgy socialist dam, it fails three of them

Stuart Nash is showing some smarts in looking at the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scam Scheme.

Coming down to Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme’s pointy end of the wedge ” it seems local politicians generally support the dam.

The only rub? Getting farmers to see the value in investing in such a project.

Napier MP Stuart Nash said the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme had to meet four conditions before he would back it.

That the region’s assets would not be put at risk, that the RWSS created a number of “well paid, sustainable jobs”, that it does not turn the Tukituki River toxic and finally, such a scheme needed to be economically viable.

“The last thing we need as ratepayers is a millstone around our neck if farmers who do not see value in this do not sign up,” he said.

“So I am not against it, but the only way I would support it is if it met those four criteria.”

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Dodgy Council sells assets to pay for their dodgy socialist dam

If the business case for the Ruataniwha dam in the Hawkes Bay wasn’t bad enough, then the council’s decision to cash up assets in a firesale to fund the dam is just irresponsible.

They were putting it about last week that they had found an investor…it turns out that the investor is the council themselves with the proceeds from selling housing to ACC.

Leasehold land cashflows sold by Hawke’s Bay Regional Council to ACC will fund the Ruataniwha Dam if it goes ahead.

The trade was confirmed by council chairman Fenton Wilson, who said money from the $37 million sale of the council’s income stream would be reinvested into the dam if its certain conditions were met.

“It will be reinvested into Ruataniwha, should it meet its conditions precedent,” Mr Wilson confirmed.

This was supported by comments made by Hawke’s Bay Regional Investment Company’s (HBRIC) chief executive Andrew Newman.

“It [council] has sold the cash-flows for Napier leasehold land for 50 years and it has the cash in the bank,” he said.

Napier MP Stuart Nash labelled the trade a “fire sale”.

“They undersold it by $100 million,” he said.    Read more »

Greg Presland can’t count

The only Labour MP to win a seat from National in the 2014 election is getting beaten up by the halfwits in the echo chamber that is the Standard.

Chief halfwit Mickey Savage aka Greg Presland, makes the following stupid claim based on not being able to count or analyse election results.

Good on him for winning.  If you look at the 2011 and 2014 election results in Napier you will see that his proportion of the electorate vote barely changed but National’s plunged by 19% points because of an energetic campaign by the Sensible Sentencing Trust’s candidate Garth McVicar.  His success was directly due to McVicar’s presence but hey, in politics winning is all important. 

Once again I have to point out what a load of bullshit the “McVicar won Napier for Nashy” argument is. We have had to do this repeatedly when the left and the media don’t bother to do the analysis properly. Here is the correct analysis.

Did Stuart Nash win Napier because of the Conservatives?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that with a majority of 3733 Nash would have almost certainly won whether Garth McVicar was in the race or not.    Read more »

Finally, someone in Labour gets it

Stuart Nash writes at The Daily Bog:

Let’s be clear about one thing: politics is about winning.  There is no such thing as a ‘glorious defeat’, leaders who lose are not, as some may believe, ‘martyrs to the cause’, and ‘coming second but maintaining our principles’ is a ludicrous proposition.

Opposition is a complete waste of time as the opportunity to achieve anything meaningful simply does not exist, while the winners get to implement a political, social and fiscal agenda that is usually a million miles away from the one we would have rolled out.

In fact the week after I won Napier (the only seat won from the Nats in 2014), a friend of mine was speaking to a group of Labour supporters in Auckland; my name came up and my friend said ‘wasn’t it great Stuart won Napier back for Labour’, to which the Labour supporters replied: ‘no its dreadful.  Stuart winning means that Maryan Street doesn’t make it back’.   My friend was incredulous: so winning is now a sin in Labour.  I would like to believe that such thinking is in the minority.

Everything Labour does from now until Election Day 2017 must contribute towards a Labour victory.  For every strategic and operational initiative, the question needs to be asked “is this contributing towards a win in 2017?”  If it doesn’t then drop it, don’t say it and keep clear of it.

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Massive Win for Nash over amalgamation


MP for Napier Stu Nash has had a massive win today, with his anti amalgamation campaign winning by two to one.

Hawke’s Bay residents have voted overwhelmingly no to a proposal to amalgamate five local councils, a progress result released this afternoon shows.

It was announced today that voters in the Hawke’s Bay have chosen not to amalgamate the Napier, Hastings, Wairoa, Central Hawke’s Bay and Hawke’s Bay regional councils.

About 66.18% of people (44,681) voted no compared to 33.55% (22,649) who voted yes.

This result is based upon the counting of approximately 97% of the returned voting papers (67,511). The voter return is currently 60.87%, being 67,511 voting papers, excluding voting papers in transit to the processing centre.

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I’ll give Nashy a B+ for his sledging

Stuart Nash is on fire at the moment pointing out, rather too politely for my liking, that he is debating facts not making personal attacks.

I have been accused in the HB Today of personal attacks against ABHB founder and funder Rebecca Turner. Those who know me and have followed my political career will know this is simply not true.

I don’t play this type of dirty politics, however, i will never apologise for holding those to account who make public statements that i believe are incorrect – and ABHB organisation has based their whole campaign around claims that have been proven false.

A ‘personal attack’ is NOT going hard against statements my opposition have made that I believe are disingenuous; that is robust political debate, and if those in ABHB can’t handle their lines being called into question, they should never have gone public in the first place.

A personal attack is a direct criticism of the person’s character or physical being (or family). I have never once personally attacked Rebecca Turner, but I will continue to hold her to account for the falsehoods she parades as facts.    Read more »

Nashy mans up in amalgamation debate

Stuart Nash has come good in a heated debate around council amalgamation in Hawkes Bay.

Public outbursts by Napier MP and amalgamation opponent Stuart Nash have been criticised by pro-amalgamation advocates who have accused him of personal attacks.

In response, Mr Nash said members of pro-amalgamation group A Better Hawke’s Bay (ABHB) need to “harden up”.

They definitely should harden up.

And he forgot to say harden the fuck up.

The public mud-slinging has spilled on to this newspaper’s online discussion forum.

In response to a Talking Point article by A Better Hawke’s Bay chairman Rebecca Turner on Hawke’s Bay Today’s website, Mr Nash posted the following comment:

“I have never read such an absolute load of rubbish in this paper before. There is no way amalgamation will be good for the Bay in any way shape or form. One voice is Wgtn – what a load of bollocks.

“As someone who works there, 5 voices are better than one any day. If amalgamation occurs (and I doubt it will) I predict deamalgamation in 5 years as not one of the so-called ‘promises’ made by ABHB will be realised at all. In fact, quite the opposite.”    Read more »

More Labour dog whistle politics or a champion for the consumer?

via 3 News

via 3 News

Labour MP Stuart Nash has renewed his call for an inquiry into petrol prices.

He says importer margins have risen to levels that previously prompted concern.

In February, Energy Minister Simon Bridges confirmed he had written to the big five petrol retailers.

He told BP, Mobil, Chevron, Gulf and Z Energy he was “disappointed” that as crude oil prices fell in late 2014, their margins had risen.

He said if they didn’t pass on lower costs to consumers more promptly in future, he would “assess his options”. Read more »

Labour’s inconsistent approach to the TPP

On the weekend a few loons who oppose everything, and especially free trade deals, were out protesting the TPPA. Their rationale is that it loses our sovereignty. No doubt many of those protesting will also be lobbying for a flag change to remove our links to Great Britain and in the process lose another piece of our sovereignty.

Of course where there is a protest there are Labour MPs and that is just because it is the only opportunity they ever get to speak to more people than could fit in an old-style phone box.

Stuart Nash rocked up in Napier to speak about TPP and explain Labour’s ludicrous bottom lines. Predictably this has been seized upon by Steve Joyce to point out the disconnect in Labour’s ranks.

Mr Joyce, the Economic Development Minister, said Labour tried to suggest it was generally in favour of TPP and trade deals as a way of backing regional New Zealand but then attended anti-TPP rallies, including in Hawkes Bay.

It shows they are “speaking out both sides of their mouths”.   Read more »

Why do the Unions have so much Sway over Labour? Ctd

Yesterday we looked at how little money the Union movement has given to Labour, yet they remain captured by the Unions who don’t pay for Labour’s upkeep.

Today we look at whether unionists are electable, and whether union leaders can win over the middle New Zealand.

If the union movement’s best and brightest were able to win seats from National they would be valuable to Labour as good vote winning candidates.

So over the past 20 years which union reps have won National seats?

This is a bit of an unfair question because Labour have been so useless that they have not won National seats in any number since 2002. In 2014 Stuart Nash won the vacant Napier seat. In 2011 Damien O’Connor, famous for his “gaggle of gays and self serving unionists” won back the West Coast seat he had lost at the previous election. Two good keen men but they are not from a union background.   Read more »