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Looks like readers are going to better sources of news


Apt avatar you have there Tim.

I recently answered an email interview from the NZ Herald. ¬†One of the questions was along the lines of “Why do you seem to hate the NZ Herald so much?” ¬† Read more »


Stuff’s Latest Hot Travel Deals

Via the Tipline

What is with Stuff these days?

Stuff ups are normally what one would expect from the Herald, but no, for the second day in a row, the “Latest Hot Travel Deals” are anything but …

Travel Deals

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The Fallout continues: Scribe learns a lesson in social media

Following yesterdays story¬†Washed up rapper kicks Ryder while he’s down on Scribbler’s twitter comments, the Herald and Stuff both jumped on the bandwagon today by running their own stories on the rapper desperately trying to claw his way back to relevance. But one thing he needs to learn is that people saying dumb shit on social media never goes unnoticed, ¬†and they will be crucified for it.



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Guest Post – Stuff, It is NOT OK

English: James Deen attending the XBIZ Awards ...

James Deen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Guest Post submitted via the tipline, the author’s name has been withheld by request:

I am a mother, wife and business manager. I won’t name myself here as I do not want my name matched to a google search on the topic of this post.

Last week¬†Stuff¬†repeated an glamified article on porn exploiter James Deen speaking at a University in the US under the headline: “Is this Porn Star Dangerous?

Stuff (and any newspaper they published it in) are a disgrace for two reasons Рthey clearly did no research and YES he is dangerous. Why? Because, by his own admission, he is prepared to assault/torture damaged women for money.

A small amount of research will turn up a particular style of video this man does. It is actions not to different from what Michael Edward Farley has been arrested for in Canada. In one particular piece of “art” (his words – he compares himself to Warhol) he berates a 45kg woman for not paying him money she owes. To get his money’s worth out of her he systematically slaps her many times (about the head and various parts of her body), drags her around rooms by the hair, electrocutes her vagina, penetrates her many times despite her saying NO! (also many times), hits her frequently with an object, strangles her, causes her to vomit, etc and ad nauseum . In another he simulates a bondage rape – with a child like girl who must way all of 40kg. I stopped searching at that point (who would be a film censor?)¬† Read more »

Stuff just as bad as NZ Horrid, maybe their staff are role swapping

It looks like Stuff has caught the Herald Disease.

They really made a hash of their coverage of Shearer’s re-shuffle:



They aren’t even close to approaching the awful job the NZ Herald is doing with digital media.

Stuffed, Ctd

Rule number one of the modern repeater РNever let the truth get in the way of a good story..

Stuff’s good story – “shock as tonight’s lotto winner collapses of¬†near win“:

The truth: Fat contestant slips and trips off the stage: (Animated gif)


Stuff starts the leak on teacher with name suppression

Yesterday, it was “a teacher from Auckland”. ¬†That’s all we knew.

Today, the Herald has a piece on how a letter was sent home to parents in which they are instructed to uphold the name suppression order. No gossip, no social media, nothing.

But at the same time, Stuff ups the anti:

A West Auckland primary school teacher has been arrested and charged with indecently assaulting his pupils.

The teacher, aged in his 60s, was arrested last week as the result of a “full and thorough” investigation, police said.

Just like the New Zealand Olympian with Name Suppression, and the New Zealand Comedian with Name Suppression, give it a few more days, and we’ll all know who the West Auckland Teacher with Name Suppression is.

It’s because the papers leak little bits of information over a number of days. ¬†They have always done so. ¬†And they never get taken to court for it.


Stuffed Fairfax, Ctd

We all know that the Herald Bombs…now Fairfax has caught the disease. I note there is no-one calling for the banning of knives.

fairfax Bombs