Stupid is as stupid does

Americans are stupid

Sex dead, says NZ Herald

How can people who only nights ago had tennis elbow from all the back slapping over their “Awards” continue to put out this sort of product?

Somehow, they are “the best” at it.



Explaining is losing

Some people just don’t know when to shut up, like this sicko who like to film women in public toilets.

Auckland man Ian Frazer, 42, pleaded guilty in March last year to secretly filming up women’s skirts at Westfield Albany after being nabbed by a security guard at the Farmers store.

He was found with up to 250 short videos, many of them painstakingly collated by him and given sexually explicit titles. Frazer said he did not regard the videos as offensive because the women had no idea they had been filmed.  Read more »

Man killed lighting cigarette. Darwin’s theory is still valid

Darwin came calling with the Grim Reaper and won this time:

An invalid beneficiary died from burns after he tried to light a cigarette while connected to an oxygen supply, Otago-Southland coroner David Crerar has found.

Patrick John Ferris, 53, of Gore, died on August 14 in Southland Hospital from burns and inhalation injuries to his throat and lungs.  Read more »

Give that man a DB

I am sure there was a movie about idiots like this:

A gun-toting thug picked the wrong couple to pull a pistol on at the Hamilton Gardens yesterday.

Instead of pocketing one or two wallets from frightened tourists, the 19-year-old found himself disarmed and pinned against the tarseal.

The attempted mugging is the latest in a string of incidents in or near the city’s prime tourist attraction, casting further doubt on the area’s safety.

Chartwell man Ian Morgan, 69, witnessed the incident and stepped in to help.

He runs a sober driving service and was waiting to pick up clients near the gate one barrier about 1am when he saw a couple walk past.  Read more »

You flee, you die – Some people never learn

Once again the media are all aghast that a young teen is dead after fleeing the police:

Two families are mourning a Hamilton 17-year-old who was killed when he crashed a stolen car in the early hours of Waitangi Day after a short police chase.

A small group gathered yesterday morning at the crash scene, on the intersection of Baverstock Rd and Wexford Rise in the rural suburb of Rotokauri.

It was just hours after the Nawton youth, known as “Rock”, had been thrown from the vehicle he had stolen from a Dinsdale address.

Also in the 1991 Nissan Maxima was a 14-year-old boy, travelling in the front seat, who was last night in a critical condition in Hamilton Hospital with serious leg and abdominal injuries. A 15-year-old girl, who had been wearing a seatbelt, was uninjured.  Read more »

Darwin takes one, silent trains kill

Darwin has reached out and taken a stupid person, and it was a killer train that was the instrument of death:

A teenager spraying graffiti tags in Sydney’s inner west was caught “off-guard” and killed instantly by a train he may not have heard coming, a coronial inquest has heard.

Apprentice plumber Tre Toman, 18, was tagging near Lewisham station with two friends on the night of January 11 last year when a city-bound train hit him at the West Street overpass.

The Glebe Coroners court on Wednesday heard that Toman loved painting and spraying his “Ontre” tag, which can still be seen along rail corridors and elsewhere around Sydney.  Read more »

Gareth Morgan continues to offend, cat lobby are feral, self-centered and balmy

Gareth Morgan went to the Herald today to try and say that he didn’t want to kill cats…that it was all a beat up…ignoring his website and all the press releases he sent out promoting it.

To be clear, I have never and will never advocate killing people’s pets or placing outright bans. I have too much faith in the New Zealand public for that. I think that by informing people of the damage that cats can do, they will either choose to not replace their cat when it dies, or at least ensure they are responsible pet owners.

I call bullshit on that…however while he was saying that in New Zealand he was talking out of the other side of his mouth to The Atlantic…obviously in the forlorn hope that we’d never find out.

Gareth must not have heard of the internet…clearly…since he has continued to attack cats and cat owners in an interview with The Atlantic…which is ONLINE.  Read more »

Calls for bans to booze in wake of idiots doing dumb shit?

People who are drunk do stupid things all the time. There are calls to ban airguns after Darwin intervened yet again and removed a fool from the gene pool:

Police are warning that airguns are powerful and potentially deadly weapons, following the death of an Auckland teenager.

An 18-year-old has died after being shot in the abdomen with an airgun at an Auckland address last night.

A group of five friends were shooting cans in the backyard of the property at a Manurewa address, as well as drinking alcohol, when the teenager was shot, police told ONE News.

The youth was given medical treatment at the scene, with the assistance of neighbours, before being taken to Middlemore Hospital.  Read more »

Darwin misses out this time

Some people just do not hear Darwin calling their name:

A Victorian who went trekking in New South Wales’ Blue Mountains with only potatoes and naan bread has copped a fine for being underprepared.

The 29-year-old embarked on the trek in the rugged bushland on Wednesday afternoon.

He had told friends it would take him three days to reach Colo Heights from Newnes, near Lithgow, where they had dropped him off.

They contacted police when the man failed to arrive on Saturday, sparking a search of the area involving two police helicopters.