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Rob Hosking on Dotcom and his likely effect on Labour’s vote

Rob Hosking at the NBR opines about the effect of Kim Dotcom on NZ politics and correctly surmises that it is Labour who will be most affected.

Disaffected and disengaged youth, we are told, will be flowing to the polling booths to vote for Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party on September 20.

The “visionary” of the party will act as a beacon to 18 to 25 year olds who are utterly turned off by politics, the theory goes.

The people claiming this are mostly 40 to 50-year-old political obsessives, so I’m not sure I give this theory much credence.

Certainly Mr Dotcom – or Mr Schmitz, or Mr Kimble, or Mr Tim Jim Vestor, to give him the other names he has adopted over a long and somewhat ill-starred career – has excited some people, but the folk getting most breathless seem to be a small group of excitable journalists, along with a group of folk who are keen for something – anything – that will make a better job of opposing John Key’s National government than the current official opposition is doing.

It is not clear what Mr Dotcom is going to deliver, apart from a major disruptive factor.   Read more »

The Dotcom wrecking ball commences the destruction of the Mana party

It looks like the political damage of Kim Dotcom is now taking its toll on the Mana party.

Sue Bradford has walked. I never thought I’d say this but good on her.

Sue Bradford and other leading Mana Party figures have walked out of the party’s AGM over its decision to continue negotiations towards an alliance with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party.

After discussions which went into the night at Mataikotare Marae near Rotorua yesterday, Mana’s branches “unanimously” agreed to move forward with the negotiations.

The party has given its leaders a month to negotiate, before they put any proposed alliance out to the party’s local branches for consultation.

However, Mana President Annette Sykes this morning said : “Our movement, I was concerned that it may be fragile and some of our membership – I don’t know whether some have chosen not to come back today.”

“There’s quite a number. We’re not talking hundreds, but we’re talking people who I think are leaders young and old and they are principled people who I have respect for. They’ve gone back to reflect with their branches.”

Ms Bradford this morning confirmed she was among those who had walked out.  Read more »

MANA will join forces with the Internet Party today

This weekend will be a tough on for Sue Bradford and John Minto.  Are they going to go with what they know is right, or will they take a huge dent to their credibility (such as it is) by yielding to the MANA party’s objective?

A tie-up with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party is finding favour among the Mana Party’s younger grassroots members as a means of engaging young voters, Mana’s president Annette Sykes says.

The prospect of a tie-up with the Internet Party and the controversial German millionaire’s appearance has helped fire unprecedented levels of interest in the party’s annual meeting today in Rotorua, leader and sole MP Hone Harawira said yesterday.

Mr Dotcom’s speech to delegates this morning is his chance to convince the approximately 250 Mana members attending that an alliance is in their interests and won’t compromise their core values.

He is up against the perception that as a conspicuously wealthy man who initially cosied up to the political right in the form of John Banks, he is making a cynical grab for the chance of a seat or two in Parliament that a tie-up with Mana and Te Tai Tokerau MP Mr Harawira would offer.

“That’s one of the perspectives held strongly by some of our membership,” said Ms Sykes, who is also the party’s Waiariki candidate.

That would be the intellectually honest and almost sane part of the MANA party then.   The only reason Kim Dotcom wants your obedience and supplication is so that he has a snowball’s chance of being part of the King Maker Party after all the votes are tallied up.   Read more »

Kim and Dim to have a meeting

I never thought Hone Harawira was this stupid.

Hone Harawira has kept the possibility of a deal with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party alive, confirming talks over the weekend to explore a political relationship.

Dotcom and the Mana Party leader have held discussions previously but Harawira ruled out a formal merger after a backlash from members of his party.

Long-time activist and former Green MP Sue Bradford is among those who balked at any prospect of a deal and threatened to quit.

In a statement this evening, Harawira confirmed talks with Dotcom in central Auckland over the weekend to discuss possibilities “for a relationship between the Mana movement and the Internet Party”.

He said the Mana executive had extended an invitation to Dotcom to address its AGM on Saturday,.  Read more »

Ken Mair putting pressure on Mana

Ken Mair is heaping the pressure on the Mana party and in particular Annette Sykes and Sue Bradford.

The Maori Party is calling for the resignation of Mana Party president Annette Sykes and campaigner Sue Bradford.

“I actually respect the work these mana wahine do in their communities but if they have any integrity, then they will leave the Mana Party in protest of their party leader’s silly plan to sell their soul to a man who has never done anything for Maori,” said Maori Party co-vice president Ken Mair.

“I’d be extremely surprised if Annette and Sue allow their party to become Dotcomana because they aren’t the type of people to lay down and let others exploit them.

“It is obvious to me that Hone ain’t listening to them and that he would allow his party to be divided for the sake of dollars.  Read more »

Fran O’Sullivan on Kim Dotcom’s political foray

Fran O’Sullivan explores Kim Dotcom’s stable of bought politicians:

Kim Dotcom bought his New Zealand residency with a $10 million cheque; now he wants to buy off Hone Harawira to try to secure the balance of power at the September election.

That’s the most important development relating to the birth of the Internet Party.

It’s certainly not his pledge to bring internet equality to New Zealand. Who’s going fund that, Kim?

Nor the fact that Dotcom owns a signed copy of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. So what? Mere ownership doesn’t make him a Nazi sympathiser. (I own a Chinese tract signed by the disgraced Bo Xilai and that doesn’t make me a Communist either).

This issue will remain a red herring unless evidence is made public — not merely hinted at — that Dotcom is a closet Nazi and anti-Semitic to boot.

Until then there is no game-changer.  Read more »

Rudman takes a break from theatre reviews and talks about Kim Dotcom and Mana

Bless Brian Rudman, he takes a momentary break from calling for subsidies for his luvvie mates in theatre to have a crack at Hone Harawira, Mana and Kim Dotcom.

Hone Harawira, Mana Party leader, champion of the down-trodden and scourge of “White motherf***ers [who] have been raping our lands and ripping us off for centuries” is caught in bed – figuratively speaking – with an alien millionaire, negotiating a political marriage of convenience for the upcoming election.

This is the same Mr Harawira who split with the Maori Party because he couldn’t stand its decision to cuddle up to the right-wing National Government.

Eighteen months ago, after the slap-stick bumbling and embarrassing forelock pulling by New Zealand authorities to their United States counterparts was revealed, I was moved to wonder if Dotcom was in fact a computer virus, slowly infecting our senior politicians and agencies of state, and transforming them into figures of fun.

Whether he is a virus, or a puckish imp, sent by the gods to mock those who would rule over us, Dotcom continues his uncanny facility to bring out the ridiculous in them.

Mr Harawira is only one of several who have succumbed to Dotcom’s Internet Party project. But with a seat in Parliament, and a chance of being re-elected in this September’s general election, he is the prize catch.  Read more »

I reckon Dotcom would be terrible at poker

He had a good run for a while, but now that  all the bluffing is over, and it is time to put his cards on the table, he doesn’t even have a lousy pair of twos.

My very good  friend Dr Brian Edwards explains

Dr Edwards said Mr Dotcom started off as “a larger-than-life funny character and people loved him and when the raid happened, they thought, ‘This is not fair, this is not the way we do things.’

“I have a feeling that after that we started to see so much of him doing so many things and also perceiving him as someone who is enormously wealthy and all the rest that people started to look at his past a little bit more.

I think if he’d had a poll three or four months ago it wouldn’t have been evenly divided. I think people would have said what a great character, leave him alone, we need people like this. I think now people are a little bit suspicious. They think this guy has worked too hard on getting us on side.”

First he offered New Zealanders parties and candy.  Jut recently, he’s been at the natives with beads and blankets.

And not all the natives in Mana are falling for the shiny trinkets.   Read more »

Mana nervous of Kim Dotcom, while Hone tells us all lies

The wheels seem to be falling off the Dotcom trolley as it heads faster and faster down Extradition Street.

Last week the Supreme Court told the dodgy German that he can’t see all the evidence the FBI has amassed against him, that the Extradition Act applies and his date in court will be the extradition hearing.

With him living in the leakiest house north of the bridge it come as no surprise to him that his plans to rort the electoral system and fund or accommodate Hone Harawira’s Mana party have been leaked in full detail.

Mana activists aren’t happy. Vernon Small reports:

The Mana Party is taking a rain check on linking up with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party until it sees its candidates, its policy planks and gets an assurance it is committed to a change of government.

The Megaupload founder is expected to launch his party on Thursday, and will need to secure 500 members to register it with the Electoral Commission.

He has floated the idea of a deal with the Hone Harawira-led Mana Party to help both of them secure more MPs after the September 20 election, but Mana remains wary.  Read more »

The anti-smacking law a resounding success. /Tui ad

Let’s see where Marika Hill is taking this attempt at breathing life into another outrage corpse

Supporters of the controversial “anti-smacking” law are claiming victory after a dramatic fall in the number of parents being investigated for hitting their children.

But opponents of the 2007 law change have accused the Government of fudging the numbers and the issue looks set to become an election lightning rod, with the Conservative Party, a potential Government coalition partner, committed to overturning the legislation.

The amendment to section 59 of the Crimes Act in 2007 removed the defence of “reasonable force” for parents prosecuted for assault on their children.

It divided the country, with its sponsor, former Green MP Sue Bradford, receiving death threats while Family First director Bob McCroskie, an opponent of the change, found plastic knives stabbed into his lawn.

Opponents of the law change claimed “good parents” would be prosecuted for disciplining children and it would do nothing to stop serious harm to children.

Unnamed “supporters” of anti smacking legislation.   Come on now Marika.  Did you interview your keyboard or are you doing a favour for a friend here?   Read more »