Sue Moroney

Garner on Moroney and Social Media

Duncan Garner joins the fray on Sue Moroney.

Labour MP Sue Moroney’s moronic tweet this week about why a wealthy bach owner shouldn’t decide our flag referendum was a shocker.

She knows it. Labour leader Andrew Little knows it. It was serious face palm stuff wasn’t it? Moroney didn’t engage her brain with her loose fingers and wayward, poorly judged thoughts.

She also forgot the immense and invasive power of social media. It’s the equivalent of sending out a press release to the entire world.

In the old days rookie MPs were told to ‘breathe through their nose’ (a nice way of saying don’t ever open your mouth) as they learned the ropes from the back benches.

But today MPs are all over Facebook and Twitter because it’s such an effective (and free) way to connect directly with voters.   Read more »

Braunias gives Moroney a kicking

Steve Braunias joins the Moroney party:

How one loves Easter! It’s so good to be away from one’s $150,000-a-year job doing whatever one does as a list MP who has been defeated in the past 27 elections by increasing landslides. One packs up the Jag, and one flees to one’s holiday home in the Coromandel. It’s the Kiwi way.

I was sitting back enjoying a nice glass from a rare $999 magnum (1500ml) of Destiny Bay 2010 Magna Praemia and nibbling on Cloudy Bay clams with jamon, chilli and parsley sauce which we had flown in from Auckland restaurant The Grill when I saw the most ludicrous sight.

It was a flash holiday house flying the Lockwood flag.

How priceless! Didn’t they know it lost at the referendum? Didn’t they know that New Zealanders voted against it with all their might? Didn’t they understand how foolish and out of touch with reality it made them look?   Read more »

The importance of message discipline

Andrew Little and Labour would have had this week planned out nicely or, more to the point, they should have. It was a return to parliament after recess and straight after the rejection of a flag change; something the Prime Minister campaigned long and hard on.

Unfortunately, it has all been derailed by a lack of message discipline.

Danyl McLauchlan explains:

I have this theory that MMP and the list process hasn’t been that great for the left. The way a lot of our MPs get elected is very indirect. The party campaigns externally to get the public to give them party votes, and the MPs (mostly) get into Parliament by campaigning internally to get high positions on the list. Obviously I can’t be sure, but I suspect that if Sue Moroney was directly accountable to the voters she probably wouldn’t wander around taking photos of random stranger’s homes and shaming them on social media. Also, she’d probably grasp that social media comms should be part of a strategy, and that the number of persuadable voters reading tweets/facebook posts/whatever is zero while the number of National Party staffers monitoring the social media feeds of left-wing MPs looking for content to attack the party with is higher than zero.

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Nasty party at it again

Sue Moroney epitomises the Nasty party.

She is just plain awful and the reason why National MPs want her to stand against them…so they can increase their majorities.

She has taken to Twitter to post a picture of some random person’s house flying the Lockwood flag and decided to attack them for it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 4.00.32 PM Read more »

That didn’t last long – she said something stupid again

Sue Moroney must be making a bid for leadership or something because she is in the news a lot at the moment.

I’ve slated her for her wrong statistics, and praised her despite her rank hypocrisy over the reduced drink-driving limit.

But I can’t let her get away with her latest stupidity.

Ms Moroney said she was driving between Hamilton and Tauranga on the weekend and saw a dangerous driver ignored by a police car, which pulled up somebody else on a minor infringement.

I think the focus should go on the people who are well past the drinking limit, and well past the speeding limit as well.

“What we need to do is to make sure that the police aren’t spending their time or resources pulling up people who are going two or three kilometres over the speed limit, while the dangerous driver continues on the road.”

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Balanced reporting: hate to be on the same side as Moroney, but she’s right this time

We were told that lowering the alcohol drink-drive limit would save lives. Logic suggested this was rubbish and would only criminalise people who would have been fine under the old limit.

Turns out the sceptics were right.

There has been only one confirmed road death in which the driver at fault had drunk enough alcohol to put them between the new and old drink-driving limits.

Labour transport spokeswoman Sue Moroney said the single death showed that lower-end drink-driving was not a high-risk area, and that a rise in the national road toll showed the Government’s road safety measures were not working.

A total of 320 people died on the roads last year, compared with 294 in 2014. There have been 52 road deaths so far this year, against 49 by the same time last year.

Before the new limit of 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, or 250 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath, was introduced in December 2014, the Ministry of Transport estimated it would save three lives a year, as well as 64 minor and serious injuries.

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KiwiRail bails, Northland needs 150-200 more truckies, and this is bad why?

KiwiRail isn’t making any money…and so bails from an unprofitable line. So far so good.

KiwiRail is mothballing a Northland train line and locals fear the decision will force an extra 150 logging trucks onto the region’s roads to cope with the added freight demands.

Following enquiries about a leaked email seen by the Herald, a KiwiRail spokesperson this afternoon admitted the contract with the only freight customer on the Otiria to Portland line expires at the end of August and is not going to be renewed. This will render the track useless but the line would remain open.

“KiwiRail is not closing its North Auckland line.”

The leaked email from a KiwiRail manager said woodchip company Marusumi would instead build a roadway for its trucks.

Transport minister Simon Bridges said the Government has no intention on shutting any lines but there was little or no demand on the line at the moment.

“In that sense, we can understand KiwiRail’s perspective where they are seeking to run a commercial business.”

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Labour’s negging strategy and why it isn’t working

A commenter noted today on the post about UK Labour:

Isn’t it ironic. Labour a party that stands for women actually practices the dating art of “Negging”, with voters. That is, they try to make the voters feel bad about themselves, and have a low self esteem, so that Labour can come in and control them.

Whereas, National, keeps telling people that they have the ability to achieve.

I like this. “Negging” is described as:

Low-grade insults meant to undermine the self-confidence of a woman so she might be more vulnerable to your advances.

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Move over Annette, Little wants your seat

How unsubtle. I feel sorry for my good friend Annette King. I might send her some more flowers.

Andrew Little has basically told her to shove off, or at the very least let the cat out of the bag of her retirement.

Labour leader Andrew Little won’t run in Mt Roskill if MP Phil Goff is successful in his bid for Auckland Mayor, but Rongotai is in his sights.

Little has ruled out running in the long-held Auckland Labour seat saying, “there is a depth of talent out there already”.

Goff announced on Sunday that he would run for the super-city mayoralty next year and would stay on as Mt Roskill MP through to the election.

He would, however, relinquish his Auckland issues portfolio to avoid confusion as to whether he was attending events as an MP or with his mayoral candidate hat on.

When asked if Auckland Central’s Jacinda Ardern was an obvious replacement for the Auckland portfolio, Little said there were a number of Auckland MPs who are “potential candidates for that”.

Little will make his reshuffle announcements in the next week after holding off doing so until Goff had made a decision about the mayoralty race.    Read more »

Labour thinks bludgers should be able to breed without limits

Labour have attacked David Seymour for his comments in the debate over Paid Parental Leave.

There were angry exchanges during parts of the debate after NZ First MP Tracey Martin took issue with suggestions people should wait to have children till they could afford it.

But ACT leader David Seymour refused to apologise for that stance, saying it was not only what most New Zealanders believed, “It is what the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders do”.

This was on social media yesterday:

labourtweet Read more »