Sue Moroney

Labour to reinstate Moroccan cooking classes…oh and photoshop classes too

Sue Moroney is aghast that National cancelled funding for her Moroccan cookery classes…

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Are right wing women sexier?

Cactus Kate posted the link to this on Facebook, where a liberal-lefty-pro-feminist man  (there is some debate over whether or not he is actually a man) explains why he thinks right wing women are sexier.

Not long ago I was out drinking with a group of friends and we started playing the If-You-Had-To game. The idea is to present players with two people they would never want to sleep with — and then make them choose which they’d sleep with. Here are some of the fiendish alternatives I had to face: Imelda Marcos or Wallace Simpson? Ayn Rand or Yoko Ono? Gertrude Stein or Virginia Woolf?

Then one joker said: Theresa May or Jemima Khan? Everyone laughed at this no-contest choice. Everyone except me. How could I tell them the ugly truth: I’d prefer a night of passion with right-wing Theresa over lefty Jemima any day of the week.

But then I belong to that small, deviant group of liberal-lefty-pro-feminist men who find conservative/right-wing women super sexy. In an age when anything goes — at least in terms of sexual pleasure — ours is a lust that dare not speak its name.

I know this because later that evening, I turned to one of the group and confessed my secret longing for the likes of Theresa May, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin — ideally all at once. I thought my fantasy night of passion would be received with sympathy and understanding. After all, this friend of mine pays a woman in Earls Court to put him on a rack and do things you don’t want to read about. He just looked at me and said: ‘You’re sick!’

Heh..sick for hankering after right wing women?

I can just hear the chorus of left-wing women complaining that, here we go again — judging women in politics by their looks! Well, actually, looks have nothing to do with it. By that criteria, I should be swooning over Jemima instead of drooling over Mrs May. So no, this is not about looks; it’s about the sexiness of a certain mindset and sensibility. What is the appeal of right-wing women to men like me? After all, left-wing men are not supposed to sleep with such women. (We’re meant to find their political convictions too repulsive for that sort of thing.) But politics is rooted in tribalism and dark emotions, as much as reason. To lefty men of my persuasion, right-wing women are the Other; alluring because they are so exotic; exciting because they’re so forbidden.

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Well that’s cheap and nasty

Sue Moroney has gone cheap and nasty (I know!) as she recycles her signs from the last election in her attempt to increase the National candidates majority even further.

She has hand written her authorisation statement on the sign and covered up the Labour logo.

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The Cunliffe wants to remain as leader after election, citing Clark precedent

I have been picking up this talk all week, from my Labour sources.

That The Cunliffe believes and is working towards retaining 60% support of caucus to keep the leadership even if Labour suffers a humiliating defeat under his leadership.

This discussed in Claire Trevett’s revealing article in the Herald in The Cunliffe.

[The] Cunliffe says he intends to stay on if Labour is in Opposition after the election when he faces a confidence vote. His supporters agree – Tizard points to Helen Clark staying on after losing in 1996. But some former ministers say Cunliffe’s situation is different. Clark had a strong core of experienced supporters behind her, ready and able to keep caucus in line. Many of Cunliffe’s supporters are relatively new to Parliament or junior other than Nanaia Mahuta and Sue Moroney. Cunliffe names his ‘kitchen cabinet’ – the group he calls on when there is a sticky matter at hand – as David Parker, Grant Robertson and “the venerable and formidable” Annette King. None were Cunliffe supporters in the past.

This is all The CUnliffe is focussing on at the moment…oh that and skiing…as he seeks to shore up his leadership ambitions going forward.

Labour have abandoned any pretense of achieving 40% in this election and even 35%, instead The Cunliffe is now talking about being happy at or around 30%.

That is no position to attempt to pretend you can lead a government, when you can’t even command a third of the population to your way of thinking.

David Cunliffe though is seriously deluded if he thinks that he has the support that Clark had in attempting a two election strategy to gain the premiership. For a start he doesn’t have the leadership skills, and never will, that Clark had. Then there is his inherent laziness and poor planning. The Cunliffe is a classic type of person that resides in any large organisation…a shadow dweller who leaps into prominence when wins are on offer, or to claim a key role in a victory of some sort.    Read more »

The John Key smear campaign against Sue Moroney continues unabated

2014-06-27 12.14.31

For the record, I think that defacing election signage is pointless.  Tit for tat, there is no point to it.  We all complain when it happens to our team, and we get accused of doing it if it happens to others.

Occasionally something inspired and funny happens, but in general it is just the same old same old with Hitler moustaches, swastikas, vampire teeth, missing teetch, eye patches and all the ususal non-funny stuff. Read more »

The Secret Diaries of Comrade Simon, Ctd

commies copy

After having such a good week last week and managing to postpone any nasty Tory changes to employment legislation until after the election this week has been truly awful.

My dear and underappreciated friend Carol (That blogster Whaleoil nastily calls her Caropotamus) was given such a terrible list position she will never be returning to parliament. The poor soul was devastated, and rightly so as there are so few good working stock people left in Labour who know how to properly stand up for the working man. And woman.

Poor Carol was feeling very cruelly treated so I took some time out of my hectic schedule to take her to the day spa we share. She had let her self go in the last few weeks and her nails really needed doing, not to mention her eyebrows. It is hard to point this out to a woman, even if she is emancipated, especially when you have perfect eyebrows like me.  Read more »

Day one of Election Period – Sue Moroney already breaking the law

Via the tipline…



Sue has once again ignored local by-laws on election hoardings.  You’d think after losing so many elections she’d be up with the rules by now but apparently not.   Read more »

Tamati Coffey learns his lying from the best

Tamati Coffey is being taught the time honoured past-time of Labour politicians, lying like flat fish, by the absolute best at it…Sue Moroney, the woman in Labour who increases Nat MP majorities simply by standing against them.

He said he was still taking time to come to grips with being a candidate.

“I’ve been taken under the wing of people like Sue (Moroney) and Nanaia (Mahuta), they were there this morning and are helping me understand all of the problems going on regarding young people,” said Coffey.

He said education was the policy area that would likely tip the scales at the September election.

“It’s that thing we need to get right for the sake of all of these kids,” he said.

The official campaign period begins on June 20 and while Coffey has been on the hustings since he won the confidence of the party in March, he said policy was still weeks from being released.

“Nobody likes the Government’s current proposals to spend $350 million on education that’s not going to directly benefit the outcomes of children.”

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If you are an MP, the small laws are really just suggestions

Some MPs have real entitlement problems.   Sue Moroney’s need to park anywhere she likes means the mother needs to push her pram onto the road to get past and back on the footpath that has been specifically designated so she can travel safely.

2014-06-14 13.20.22

Remember politicians, the Whale Oil Ground Crew are everywhere.  Even if it isn’t in your own makeup to do the right thing, you can trust us to make a fuss.


A bit of satire about Labour’s predicament

James Griffin write a piece of satire in the Herald today…though I’m not sure it is satire, it could actually be the truth.

It is telling that even during a hell week for National the media still thinks Labour has tits for hands.

Sue Moroney, Chief Whip of the opposition Labour Party, the party most famous for opposing itself, entered the office of David Cunliffe, the First Among All the Davids and Leader of the Opposition. She found him, as she had often found him in recent times, slumped over his desk, his head in his hands.

“Tell me the good news, Sue,” he said.

“There is no good news, David. Though I suspect we are entering the phase now where even mildly bad news could be called ‘good’ news.”

“So the news is only mildly bad, then?”

“No. No, I’m afraid the news isn’t even close to mildly bad, unless your definition of ‘mildly bad’ is the same as your definition of ‘terrible’. The Shane situation has, as we feared, spiralled wildly out of control. We are losing MPs even faster than we are shedding
points in the polls.”

David Cunliffe whimpered, a sound no grown man should ever make. Sue’s heart went out to him, even though, strictly speaking, as Chief Whip, she wasn’t meant to have a heart.

“It’s my fault, boss,” she said. “The writing was on the wall with Shane, and it was my job to know what it meant. And maybe if I’d acted sooner I could have stopped the exodus.”   Read more »