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I wonder if the Herald is re-thinking their new hire Matt Nippert?

Fairfax published this article…read it and wonder what planet Matt Nippert is on and then realise that they pre-wrote it on an assumption that Hone Harawira was going to win.

Like Martyn Bradbury he was dead wrong.

I hope the NZ Herald enjoys their new hire for the Investigations department, seems he is as adept as David Fisher on taking dictation.

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Permanent Cancellation Subscriber ID # 5317360

From the mail bag

Hello Cameron and Team,

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Please find attached a copy of a “Waikato Times” and Sunday Star Times permanent cancellation letter I sent yesterday. I have emailed a similar cancellation advice to the NZ Herald and the Weekend Herald.

If you have the time to scroll through my rant, you will read I have been a Waikato Times and Herald subscriber for over 30 years.

You can thank Nicky Hager for introducing me to reading Whale Oil. I had never read a blog from either end of the political spectrum before your stolen emails were made public.

I am waiting for the two newspapers mentioned above to respond to my issues and request specifics of my concerns …… I shan’t be holding my breath……

I will be interested in knowing your thoughts on the suggestions in the last paragraph of the attached.

I regard you as being on the moral high ground. Keep it legal and dignified.


Thanks Art.

Legal?  Always (if you forgive my activism about Name Suppression – I learned my lesson).

Dignified?   I’m sure I’ll disappoint you there eventually Art.   I have a style.  And sometimes things just need doing.  But thanks for your letter – you are one of many I receive every day of people “waking up” to the media they used to trust no longer serving their needs.


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To whom it may concern

Our readers are seeing the main stream media for what they are

Re: Subscription to Sunday Star Times.

Today we cancelled our subscription to Sunday Star Times – a paper that we have subscribed to since 1990. We are no longer prepared to support a newspaper that has lost all sense of perspective and integrity.

We understand that in any society there are a broad range of views as to our societies and economies should function and the role of politics in that context. Historically the mainstream media has played a pivotal role in articulating and challenging those different perspectives to enable citizens to participate in the democratic process on an informed basis.

Sadly, that is no longer the case. It is unforgivable that your organisation has failed to fully and consistently investigate and challenge the corruption of New Zealand’s political process occasioned by a convicted criminal’s preparedness to fund a political party from funds that have been obtained questionably purely in order to remove an extraordinarily successful government of this country that is simply seeking to uphold the law and honour those international obligations that are so critical to a proper functioning, free thinking, law abiding first world economy

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Human Wrongs Commission makes a mess of it again

RNZ reports:

The Sunday Star Times is being accused of sensationalising and impeding race relations.

Its reporting of of an Asia New Zealand Foundation survey has been criticised by the Human Rights Commission.

The Foundation’s research showed 44 percent of Maori polled thought New Zealanders felt less warm towards people from Asia. But the newspaper’s headline for the story read: ‘Maori dislike of Asian immigration deepens’.

Indigenous Rights Commissioner Karen Johansen said a complaint has been sent to the Sunday Star Times, and a meeting had been sought with the editor. She said when she saw the article, she could not believe what she was reading.

Karen Johansen said she read it three times and was left with the impression it was inaccurate.

The Human Rights Commission pointed out that some of New Zealand’s first pioneers came from China. It said Asian New Zealanders did not arrive yesterday, and they have been an integral part of the nation since its birth.

So let me get this right.  The Sunday Star Times reports a poll that shows that  more Maori feel badly about Asians now than during a previous period, and the Human Wrongs Commission wants a paper not to report the actual results?

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Has the SST given up on real journalism?

Apparently, all you need is a false story and the outraged reaction of three left-wingers.

Take this one.

We have failed Labour candidate Michael Bott, the stupid head of the Corrections union, and of course, the usual human rights garbage, all commenting on the “strip-searching” of a guard.

The Corrections Department is facing legal action after it allegedly strip-searched a staff member at Rimutaka Prison during a botched sting operation.

In early March, security manager Wayne Andrews and staff from the intel unit, complete with drug dogs, stopped the prison guard as he entered the gatehouse to start his shift.

Believing he had been smuggling contraband into the prison, they strip-searched him on the spot. Finding nothing, they then took him to the staff gym and strip-searched him again, but failed to find any incriminating evidence.

The guard, who had worked at the prison for more than three years, was sent home, but resumed work the following day and has continued working since.  Read more »

Stuffed: People of Influence who aren’t

Yesterday the Sunday Star Times released their 20 People of Influence and Effect. One of them is supposed to be Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon:


There is a slight problem…the photo they have used isn’t Christopher Luxon at all. It is Air New Zealand’s Vice President Engineering Mike Sinett. The photo that they used from Setford Photo News Agency, that they would have paid good money for even has all the people in the photo named for their convenience.

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Stuffed – Sunday Star Times does a Herald Bomb

In their rush to slam Coca Cola as an evil global corporate monster the Sunday Star Times has not managed to even use a correct photo of the outgoing CEO.



You think they could have got the right photo…that person, who ever it is only resembles George Adams from in the remotest possible way….they both wear glasses.

There is a recent photo of George Adams in the NZ Herald inside their anti big business, anti-American corporate attack piece.  Read more »

How low can our media go?

The answer is pretty low.

Shayne Currie is pretty low rent himself, but he tweets about how low the Sunday Star Times has fallen under the “guidance” of David Kemys. If you thought the NZ Horrid was a shocker then check out this:


Fairfax now, Herald next

by Winslow Taggart
WOBH Business Correspondent

The once behemoth Fairfax group are relying on a quasi-DotCom business to prop up their failing business model. In reality, this is selling the golden goose to fund the paper that absorbs the goose’s droppings in the cage.

In five years time, our children will laugh in amazement when we tell them, that once upon a time, people would get information by having someone wake up at 5 in the morning to walk out in the cold to drop bundles of paper into letterboxes. That the news was cluttered with stories that we weren’t interested in, ads that didn’t appeal to our dollars and opinions we didn’t like.

So, the obvious joke is “What do you call the sacking of 1900 journos…. a good start.”

Here’s hoping it’s the Sunday Star Times they butcher over the BusinessDay and Fairfax online folks who tend to get the big picture.

At least Fairfax has TradeMe to help prop up their balance sheet. APN NZ don’t have that luxury despite the cleverness of Shane Bradley and his APN Digital division.

The move to tabloid format for leading Fairfax Australian papers and a paywall for their online papers will be a real eye opener.

As for the Herald, well they’re likely to turn to tabloid format, which is just as well because they’ve been a tabloid in content for long enough. Layoffs in the APN media team won’t be far behind either.

More on dodgy polls, Ctd

It seems the media are trying to manipulate an election, and they will stoop to extremely low levels including using dodgy polls that have been hijacked by political parties.

The editor at the Sunday Star-Times must have balls the size of basketballs for banking the reputation of his paper on the results fo the dodgy Horizon Poll.

I have pointed out just how easy it is to manipulate the poll. I know of several folk with up to 15 logins who are doing the poll.

David Farrar points out just how out of whack their methodology is.

The spreadsheet above compares the Horizon poll to the weighted average of the five main pollsters. The differences are huge and massive. The SST would know this. Yet they still made this poll their front page, without even disclosing the difference in methodology.

Even worse the SST (at least online) doesn’t disclose the actual percentages for the big parties. I assume this is deliberate because they know if they said National is on 35% only, everyone would laugh.

There are going to be some very embarrassed people come Sunday morning and some professional media reputations will be in tatters, especially when they devote front pages to dodgy polling methodologies.