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BOWEY – N – OWEY from Zodiac Media Production House on Vimeo.

Dean Bowen and Owen Wright in Tahiti during a swell run in early 2015.

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Monday nightCap

Don’t mess with Whales

Seriously I don’t know why people mess around with Whales…it always ends in tears.


A whale has knocked out a surfer in a bizarre incident at Bondi Beach.

The 15 metre humpback whale surfaced among surfboard riders and swimmers close to the beach this morning, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.   Read more »

Saturday Nightcap

via Vice

California based pro-surfer Alek Parker travels the globe in search of the kind of monster waves caused by hurricanes. This time he visits Japan to catch the big waves that happen only once a year during the typhoon season. So what did Alek make of Japan and the people he met on his journey?

Seriously insane surfing

Check out some crazy nuts surfing, yes we blogged this a week ago, but it is worth a reminder…then check out the second video:

The man who tasted the biggest wave in the history of surfing might have improved the Guinness World Record. McNamara returned to Nazaré and on the 28th January a giant swell headed into his life.

The image captured by Tó Mané, one of the best surf photographers in Europe, is simply breathtaking. Garrett McNamara is seen riding what seems to be a 100-foot wave.

Although is far from clear, as the shot is taken from an upper angle, the ride is unbelievable. Tó Mané freezes the moment when McNamara descends the face of the wave.

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Photo of the Day

Meet Garrett McNamara, the New world record holder of the biggest wave surfed.  He set if a few days ago (28th) at Nazaré – Portugal


Looks pretty insane to me.  Here is a trailer for the video (movie?) they’re making of it:   Read more »

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Surfs up

via the WJS:

Surfers attempted to break a Guinness record for the largest amount of surfers on a wave at one time in Muizenberg, on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa


Face of the Day

Good to see David Shearer doesn’t wear budgie smugglers like Tony Abbot:

I’d love to see a video of this just to check out the total style. I’d like to see his expertise with cutbacks and his ability to deal with choppy conditions, or is he just a long board cruiser being taken for a smooth ride?

Face of the Day

A Mermaid:

Mischa Davis enjoys swapping her longboard for a custom-made tail when she’s not competing in top level surfing contests.

The 23-year-old is in the women’s longboard and open divisions at the 50th annual Hyundai National Surfing Championships at Piha next week.

”I feel happiest when I’m out there amongst the waves.”

The Piha resident has long been fascinated with mermaids and handcrafts her own tails from wetsuit material. They incorporate free diving fins to help her swim faster.