Tamati Coffey

Nasty Tamati calls McClay corrupt

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Tamati Coffey, bar owner, former weatherman and Labour Party windbag for Rotorua, has gone full retard on Rotorua MP Todd McClay.

You know those Panama Papers that tell people Aotearoa is a great place to launder money?

The NZ Herald has highlighted in the link below how Todd McClay put the IRD’s last review of foreign trusts and their taxes on ice, coincidently around the time John Key’s personal lawyer lobbied for him to do so.

A review that would’ve stopped our global embarrassment in the Panama Papers should it have been allowed to continue.

Mr McClay says the idea he was influenced by his boss’s lawyer “is insulting”, however when you read the corruption trail below, you’ll think being told it’s insulting is the insulting part.

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Tamati Coffey opens mouth with predictable results

Watch as the stupid rolls forth.

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Tamati has a problem with the alcohol industry


Tamati Coffey, Labour candidate for Rotorua and bar owner, is continuing on his rampage against sugar and pre-mixed drinks.

There seems to be no problem with multi-national corporations promoting sugary drinks that cause tooth decay, obesity and poor health, nor with global brands promoting pre-mixed alcohol to our youth binge drinking culture. Neither does international brands pricing these beverages cheaper than water or milk cause a stir.

So, the Labour candidate who promotes alcohol and makes money from the consumption of it has a problem with our binge drinking culture? This photo (above) and many others like it can be added to the roll call of hypocrisy as far as Mr Coffey is concerned.   Read more »

But hang on Tamati, didn’t you advocate for a sugar tax?

Tamati Coffey, Labour candidate for Rotorua, has written a lot on a sugar tax and uses the hashtag #‎forahealthiernz‬ as he goes on his anti-sugar crusade. He even endorses the “Water Challenge” where you drink only water for the month of April.

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Tamati Coffey has a good idea, but I’m not sure his Labour pals will thank him


Tamati Coffey posted this on Facebook:

Hmmm. Yeah, we played by the rules and we had to shut our bar doors to a very busy Rotorua for two of the four days over Easter, plus we had to close at midnight on the Thursday and Saturday. This law harks back to the 80s, when NZ used to close on Sunday and TV was 2 channels that started at midday. It’s outdated and needs to change.

Quite so. But being a good Labour man I’m wondering if he will be taken aside and given a clip around the ears for that statement.

You see, shop trading hours over Easter are governed by something called the Shop Trading Hours Repeal Act 1990.

The Employment NZ website states:

There are 3 ½ days when almost all shops are required to be closed under the Shop Trading Hours Repeal Act 1990. These days are:

  • Christmas Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday; and
  • ANZAC Day, until 1.00 pm on 25 April.

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Tamati Coffey gains at taxpayer expense

Tamati Coffey, notorious Labour Party candidate and windbag for Rotorua, today plays host to Labour Party Maori MPs as they visit the Rotorua electorate.

Peeni Henare, Nanaia Mahuta, Adrian Rurawhe, Kelvin Davis and Meka Whaitiri have this morning met with Mayor Steve Chadwick to discuss the partnership between iwi, the new Te Tatau o Te Arawa board and transferring ownership of Hamurana Springs back to Ngati Rangiwewehi.

Like pigs to a trough.

The group will also be visiting Mitai Maori Village and talk to owner, Weteini Mitai on how its business model incorporates tikanga/ kaupapa Maori. This afternoon they will take a tour of Scion Research Institute and Tamaki Village before a meet and greet session at Ponsonby Rd Lounge Bar tonight.

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Labour candidate: ALL failing businesses should be propped up

Labour Candidate and windbag for Rotorua, Tamati Coffey, has doubled down on his support for loan defaulting farmers and now says “all businesses” should be propped up by government if they are failing.

This would include all businesses “from retail to innovation”!


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Labour candidate thinks government should prop up loan defaulters

Labour, and in particular Labour Rotorua, just don’t get how finance works. We’ve already seen Tamati’s little pearl of wisdom on how profit works.

Now they want us to believe a good government should never let people default on their loans. How could this possibly go wrong?

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Labour Rotorua: Ministry of Health is run for profit

The Ministry of Health has asked Lakes DHB to cut 1.2% of its spending. Annette King says this will be tough and Lakes DHB is already a ‘squeezed lemon’.

But then comes the real clanger. Despite sinking $283 million into Lakes DHB, Labour Rotorua have accused the Ministry of Health of trying to make a profit by asking for 1.2% spending cuts.


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Steve Chadwick launches mayoral campaign, Coffey consoles her already

Last night Steve Chadwick launched her re-election campaign for mayor of Rotorua.

Labour Rotorua, it seems, have already predicted she will lose.

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