Tamati Coffey

Cash for access to… Tamati Coffey?


The Rotorua’s Daily Post’s ¬†Stephanie Arthur-Worsop resports:

A night of glitz and glamour at the Blue Baths reined in big bucks for a local candidate’s campaign fundraiser.

Rotorua Labour Candidate Tamati Coffey held his Big Red Fundraiser on Saturday night and said the event was a huge success.

“It was a brilliant night and we are really rapt with the outcome. It was awesome to see the community come out in support of us.”

Mr Coffey said the event was sold out and although they hadn’t done the final calculations, he said the night had raised more than $12,000. “It was pretty awesome to have so much support. That money is full profit and will go straight into funding the campaign.”

So when National do this, it is called Cash for Access, and when Labour do it… it is called? ¬† Read more »

Rift within Labour ranks as Robertson discredits weatherman

Grant Robertson has fallen into the trap of tweeting before thinking.

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What’s Tamati Coffey going to do now his leader has chopped his legs from under him?


Tamati Coffey has run a rather nasty personal campaign against Comrade Simon Bridges, on Facebook and using his pals in the media to push his barrow.

He gets his trolls to attack Simon Bridges and Todd McClay.

And in the Rotorua Daily Post had this to say:

After leading more than 300 people in a protest aimed at helping to save the Maui dolphins, Rotorua Labour candidate Tamati Coffey believes he’s proved he’s more than “just a smiley weather man”.

Mr Coffey took just three days to organise Saturday’s march, protesting the decision to allow oil and gas exploration in New Zealand’s West Coast Marine Mammal Sanctuary, home to the critically endangered Maui dolphin. The group marched to the Tauranga office of Ministry of Energy and Resources Simon Bridges.

Mr Coffey said that while he organised the protest as a “concerned citizen” it showed those who criticised him as “just a smiley weather man” he was more than that.

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Tamati Coffey learns his lying from the best

Tamati Coffey is being taught the time honoured past-time of Labour politicians, lying like flat fish, by the absolute best at it…Sue Moroney, the woman in Labour who increases Nat MP majorities simply by standing against them.

He said he was still taking time to come to grips with being a candidate.

“I’ve been taken under the wing of people like Sue (Moroney) and Nanaia (Mahuta), they were there this morning and are helping me understand all of the problems going on regarding young people,” said Coffey.

He said education was the policy area that would likely tip the scales at the September election.

“It’s that thing we need to get right for the sake of all of these kids,” he said.

The official campaign period begins on June 20 and while Coffey has been on the hustings since he won the confidence of the party in March, he said policy was still weeks from being released.

“Nobody likes the Government’s current proposals to spend $350 million on education that’s not going to directly benefit the outcomes of children.”

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The guy really is a pillock

Labour are all cock-a-hoop about the possibility of having their very first female Muslim MP.

Brain Box Tamati Coffey rushes in where angels fear to tread


H/T Keeping Stock

Now, I know he’s as bent as a 3 dollar note, but you’d think our gay Tory Hater would at least have noticed parliament has had a few women already.

Labour must be so proud.

Keeping Stock is nice enough to offer a small history lesson¬†to the political¬†pillock novice ¬† Read more »

The nasty left, always rewriting history


What page doesn’t exist?


That was the Tamati Coffey tweet where he found it was lovely to talk about Tory scum.

Julie-Anne Genter Jan Logie wondered out loud who Bill English had to F%%% to get his 6th budget baby born.   At least she had the stones to let that Tweet stand.

But not Tamati Coffey – he’s going to try and pretend it never happened. ¬† Read more »

Fenton given the arse card, who else is next?


Darien Fenton

Darien Fenton, the face of Labour’s future and one of Cunliffe’s rising stars, was given the boot today.

Labour list MP Darien Fenton has announced she will retire from national politics after nine years in Parliament.

The staunch unionist announced this morning that she would not seek re-election in September.

“I came to Parliament with one aim, and that was to help make a better life for the low-income service workers I have worked with over many years,” she said. ¬†¬† Read more »

Shane Jones on Tamati Coffey

This is not generally the line one would run if one was enthusiastic about helping get a fellow candidate elected… from ZB this morning.

Q:  Do you rate Tamati Coffey, Shane?

A: ¬†I’ve never met Tamati Coffey. I don’t know his family. He obviously has experience in the media, et cetera, I’ll leave you to be the judge as to the quality of that experience, but he’s been chosen as our face down in Rotorua, but I’ve never met the guy.

That would be “no”, then.


Another poof to stink up the rainbow faction of the party. ¬†Shane is disillusioned, rudderless, and looking for… something. ¬†Come on Shane. ¬†Do it already. ¬†It’s not as if you’re being subtle.

Labour’s LGBT quota being filled fast, Tamati Coffey selected in Rotorua

Tamati Coffey has been selected to stand for Labour in Rotorua.

I don’t think Todd McClay will be losing any sleep…unless Tamati Coffey heads down to the local pig hunters club and enters all the competitions and get heaps of photos proving he is a rough and tumble kiwi bloke interested in hunting pigs, the bush and swannies.

Tamati Coffey has officially been selected as the Labour Party candidate for Rotorua.

Speaking just after the voting at this morning’s selection meeting Coffey said he was elated to have secured the bid to challenge National’s Todd McClay for the role of Rotorua MP.

”It’s been a good open democratic process. I’ve had to fight for it, it’s not been something that’s been handed to me,” he said.

”I’ve had to fight for it but I can actually stand here now and say I was triumphant. I’m the Rotorua Labour candidate and I can say it with confidence.”

Coffey said it had been a tough process to secure the nomination ahead of rivals Dr Angela Sharples and Hugh Kininmonth,and acknowledged that the real work would begin now.

”I was saying to the members I feel a bit like a pit bull that’s been kept in a cage for too long. I need to get out because we’ve got a big job ahead.”¬† Read more »

Selection results for National and Labour

Wayne Walford

Wayne Walford, National candidate for Napier

Three people won selection over this weekend. Two from National and one from Labour.

In Whangarei National selected Shane Reti ahead of incumbent scum List MP Paul Foster-Bell, showing that a strong local presence usually sees off a carpet-bagger pretending to have local roots.

The Herald profile for Shane Reti states:

He worked in general practice in Whangarei for 17 years, and was a member of the Northland District Health Board for seven years, before being awarded a Harkness Fellowship to Harvard, in 2007. …

In April this year Dr Reti was called on by the NZ Embassy in Boston to visit the city’s hospitals with NZ Honorary Consul Simon Leeming, to see if any of the dead or injured from the Boston Marathon terror blast were New Zealanders or Australians.

Dr Reti said he was to the right of centre in his political leanings, believing in strong fiscal responsibility. ‚ÄúBut I also believe in a social safety net, so that makes me egalitarian. I also believe in reward for hard work, which makes me centre right,‚ÄĚ he said.

In Napier National selected Wayne Walford to replace Chris Tremain’s sudden departure.

Walford is a former CEO of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce. He is currently a business mentor and trainer, and has an MBA from Waikato. He has a womble profile on Linkedin as well as a hippy pony-tail!

Amazing people and brilliant organisations have lead me to a point where working with people, empowering potential and adding value to organisations through people spin my wheels, and fast.¬† Read more »