Tariana Turia

Turia lines NZ up for WTO slapping


Typical at this time of year, you get pollies trying to look as though they‚Äôre doing something.¬† Tariana Turia is one such pollie. It isn’t called the silly season for nothing.

While the vast majority of Kiwis are thinking about Christmas and the holidays, word out of Wellington is that Turia was so incensed at not getting her prized plain packaging of tobacco products bill onto the Order Paper before Parliament rose, that she demanded her bill be dropped on the Clerk of the House before Christmas.

Maybe the NZ Herald needs to re-print¬†their Editorial: Smokers don‚Äôt give a fag about plain packaging.¬† Read more »

Turia’s successor named

Tariana Turia is on the long wind down from her political career. The Maori party today named her successor.

The Wanganui Chronicle reports:

Political strategist Chris McKenzie has been named as the Maori Party’s candidate for the Te Tai Hauauru electorate.

He has been selected this weekend as the person to replace party co-leader Tariana Turia who is stepping down as MP at next year’s general election.¬† Read more »

Question Time round up, sound smacking all round for Labour’s ‘stars’

Not a stellar start from the new Labour team at question time.

Paula Bennett answering about the success of getting beneficiaries to sort out outstanding warrants with the coppers or lose your benefit. Sue Moroney leaps up to ask how it helps them get a job?  It was a stupid irrelevant question which Bennett bats away to which Moroney raises a point of order and subjects herself to another healthy smack across the chops.

Phil Twyford reels out stats to Nick Smith lamenting how many houses housing NZ has demolished and not renewed leases on and wants to know why ? Fucking great big earthquake perhaps. ¬† Read more »

Why do Maori constantly excuse the abuse of children?

Michael Laws points out that both the Maori party and the Green party, via Tariana Turia and Metiria Turei seem to be opposing Paula Bennett’s welfare reforms against abusers by saying that these new rules disadvantage Maori.

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, it is two Maori women who are leading the resistance to Bennett’s overdue toughness – associate health minister Tariana Turia and Greens co-leader Metiria Turei. Their argument is that Maori parents will unduly suffer and Turei raises the additional spectre of Aboriginal adoption. In fact, Turei goes further than that. More Maori parents abuse their kids because they are poor, she contends. If we removed “poverty”, she contends, “we’d remove a huge stressor on families that is connected to increased rates of child maltreatment and neglect”.

Yep, if you’re on welfare – or poorly paid – then abusing your kids is a natural response.¬† Read more »

Perhaps they could speak at National’s conference

A very successful programme aimed and halting domestic violence¬†surely needs greater exposure…perhaps they could speak at National’s conference.

A Ruapehu iwi leader says a welfare innovation plan has slashed domestic violence rates by half in its rohe.

The Ruapehu Whanau Innovation Plan has been running as a pilot scheme since 2011 and endorsed by Whanau Ora Minister Tariana Turia.

The programme was officially launched on 22 July.

Ngati Rangi Trust manger Che Wilson said the plan is about iwi and the Ruapehu community finding their own solutions to problems rather than depending on state intervention. ¬† Read more »

No chance, animosity remains in maori politics

Maori politics remains broken, with the disaffected, indigent and bludger class following Hone Harawira and the reasonable following the Maori party, there appears no chance of reconciliation between the factions.

The chances of any union between the Maori Party and Mana Party appear remote, despite changes in leadership and calls for talks from several party members at the Maori Party’s annual conference.

At its largest conference in years, about 300 members gathered for the conference in Whakatane at which MP Te Ururoa Flavell was elected unopposed as the new male co-leader and Naida Glavish was chosen as the party’s President over George Ngatai.

The presidency battle was partly a choice on the issue of the Mana Party after George Ngatai spoke in favour of talks, saying it was clear there was not room for two Maori parties. “At least we can say we tried.”

There were many nods of approval among the audience. ¬† Read more »

Face of the Day

via ODT

via ODT


The Maori Party has elected MP Te Ururoa Flavell as its new co-leader alongside Tariana Turia.

Mr Flavell replaces Pita Sharples, who announced his resignation following the party’s poor result at the recent Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election.

The former teacher entered parliament in 2005 when he claimed the Waiariki seat off Labour’s Mita Ririnui and has held it through two elections since – making it the safest of the Maori Party’s seats heading into 2014.

He will lead the party with Mrs Turia until the next election, when she will step down from her leadership role to make way for another female co-leader.


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Hooton on Harawira

Matthew Hooton must have fallen out with the Brown Brothers. He comments on the destructiveness of Hone Harawira.

Those most supportive of the Don Brash and ACT Party message of ‚Äúone law for all‚ÄĚ should be deeply grateful to Hone Harawira.

If the Northland firebrand had the slightest emotional intelligence and ability to think medium-term, he would now be set to become leader of a united Maori Party capable of winning all seven Maori electorates and something approaching 5% of the party vote.

Instead, his personal anger and belligerence, his childish emotional need to be a staunch bro’, and his extraordinary arrogance, so associated with the Harawia clan, meant he moved to split the Maori Party in 2011 and set up his own far-left Mana movement.

His complaint was that the other Maori Party MPs weren‚Äôt radical enough for him and were prepared to accept crumbs from John Key‚Äôs table as opposed to the ‚Ķ well, it is never quite clear what he would try to deliver to his people were he ever to have the chance.¬† Read more »

Labour most to lose

Claire Trevett has an article about the looming by-election in Ikaroa-Rawhiti. It is a reasonable article spoiled by inept graphics work.

See if you can work out what they are on about where they get the name of Labour candidate wrong, and the sequence cocked up.

heraldbomb Read more »

The Hypocrisy of the Maori and Mana Parties

The Maori party and Mana party have been very vociferous in calling for bans for all tobacco in the general population. Hone Harawira and Tariana Turia in particular are on public record as harsh opponents of smoking. Turia demanded some sort of health portfolio when negotiating with National for the coalition arrangements precisely to push through anti-smoking measures.

Turia just 8 months ago was calling for the shaming of people who smoke in cars:

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia has suggested drivers should show their disapproval of others smoking in cars carrying children by tooting at them and wagging their finger like Supernanny scolding a child.

Hone Harawira has said in the past, when he was part of the Maori party:

MP Hone Harawira, who is drafting the private member’s bill, said it was “not about trying to penalise the poor addicts who are smoking cigarettes”.

“But the tobacco companies can go to hell. We will no longer sacrifice our generations so you can make profits.”

“I can’t believe how we could have allowed this to carry on. This actually kills people and yet it’s legal.”¬† Read more »