Class Sizes – Labour and the Teacher Unions

A principal emails about Labour, the teacher unions and class sizes.

Hello Cameron

If the hypocrisy of Labour and the teacher unions wasn’t so negative for children is would be, almost, funny.

The one thing holding class size high is the Teacher Unions.

They fought bulk funding and denied almost every Principal in the country the choice to make staff resourcing choices based on the needs of the children in front of them.

They still bang on about the “victory” they had in the late 1990s by denying Principals these choices.¬† Read more »

I bet he was registered, Ctd

Oh look another Catholic priest school teacher up on charges of fiddling with kids.

He would have been registered at the time and Labour says teacher registration is the best way to protect the kids…looks like it worked a charm with this guy in protecting the kids from his activities.

A former Auckland primary school teacher is facing 25 child sex charges after a 10th complainant came forward.

A further charge of sexual conduct with a child under 12 was laid against the 68-year-old in the High Court at Auckland today.

The man, who has name suppression, was already facing 24 charges of sexual conduct against a child under 12 against nine other pupils at the school where he taught.¬† Read more »


An email from a Kiwi teacher living offshore

David Cunliffe wants immigrants and former Kiwi teachers to fill the gaps his 2000 new teachers policy has created.

One such teacher emails:

Morning Cam,

Over the weekend I‚Äôve unwittingly become one of the teachers Labour desperately needs to make up the 2000 extra they’ve promised.

I work in Brunei, make decent coin, can save, and can travel cheaply.¬† I’ve got 15 years experience, post-grad quals, and have worked in a range of unique schools from Kuwait to Laos to Kazakhstan as well as many years in NZ.

Frankly, there’s not a snowballs chance in hell I’d ever return to full time teaching in NZ.¬† Schools have become an unwilling conduit for solving all of society‚Äôs ills.¬† Teachers are expected to be social workers, counsellors, and doctors on a daily, week in week out basis with zero respite for staff simply wanting to plan, teach, assess, evaluate, plan…

I left NZ disillusioned with the profession as it stood.¬† The bulk of my time was taken up with behaviour management.¬† All the professional development I undertook (usually at my expense) was rendered useless by the sheer volume of time taken up having to manage the behaviour of wayward kids. ¬† Read more »

Random Impertinent Questions

So parents are too hopeless to pay $2 a week for $100 in school fees Labour is giving schools BUT the same parents have $3.50 a child a week for a laptop?

David Cunliffe says that immigrants and retired teachers will fill the requirement for 2000 new teachers…those immigrants¬†won’t drive up house prices will they?

How many retired teachers will re-up and has Labour even asked them if they want to do this?

Wasn’t Labour going to crack down on immigrants and now their education policy relies on immigrants?

How are Labour going to integrate this with the immigration policy ?

How many schools have a spare classroom to house these new teachers? ¬† Read more »

Education: Quality vs Quantity

The Labour party has made a fundamental error with their education policy.

They have confused quality with quantity.

In their mad rush to appease the NZEI with increased teacher numbers they have failed to understand that there are literally hundreds of studies world-wide that show that reducing class sizes do almost nothing to increase the quality of outcomes.

Even Damian Christie understands this:

Studies show that by increasing the quality of the teacher, rather than some journeyman, union hack, and put them in front of the classroom, then that has much more of an impact than reducing class sizes. In Finland, the country Labour used to hold up as the example for education, they focused on quality and have a requirement that every teacher have a minimum of a Master level degree. Imagine the howls of outrage from teacher unions in NZ if a political party mandated that for teachers.

Which brings me to an email from a reader that explains what Labour have missed.

In Hi Cam,

I was an English teacher in China for a couple of years at a private school that taught classes spoken English in-house and away at local state schools. This was all prior to the 2008 Olympics.
Class sizes ranged from between 12 to 25 students in-house and averaged about 40 in the state schools. ¬†¬† Read more »

Adding less than one teacher per school will not reduce class sizes

Labour has said they are going to reduce class sizes by adding 2000 new teachers to the pool.

Today, I am proud to announce that Labour will reduce class sizes by employing 2,000 more teachers. This will help all our kids get a world-class education.

This policy will reduce secondary school class sizes from 26 students or more per class to just 23. Year 4-8 classes will shrink from 29 students down to 26.

Unfortunately his maths doesn’t work.

There are currently 2539 schools in New Zealand.¬† Read more »

Gang Bang, Gang Rape, Gang Dad?

Skip Taitapanui, Gang Dad.

Skip Taitapanui, Gang Dad.


A Whakatane gang member is upset he has been told by his son’s school he can no longer be a parent helper at his son’s school camp.

Skip Taitapanui said he was told by James Street School he could no longer go to the camp because he was an active gang member.

James Street School principal Norah Schreiber said Mr Taitapanui could complain through the school’s processes if he was unhappy, but she would not comment any further about the school’s decision.

Mr Taitapanui said he did his best to be a good father and made no bones about parts of his own childhood spent in Child, Youth and Family care after his father died when he was 12.

It is good that he is there for his son after having experienced the loss of his own father at a young age.

He is also open when speaking about his gravitation towards a gang at a young age.

“I looked at the gang as a family,” Mr Taitapanui said.

“I still do close to three decades later.”

Now here is where it gets tricky. If he sees the Gang as a family then he is part of a family that uses violence, that sells drugs, that breaks the law to gain entry to ‘ the family ‘ and that has an extremely negative association in the public’s minds.

When I ask you to say the very next word that pops into your mind after I say the word Gang. I bet it is the word rape or bang. It is very unlikely indeed to be Dad.

But it is his gang involvement that has seen his exclusion from his son’s Term 4 camp this year.

In March this year Mr Taitapanui helped at his son’s James Street School overnight marae stay.

Following the camp, he was “rapt” to be asked by his son’s teacher to be parent help at Camp Hamilton later this year.

After he agreed, a letter was sent home to parents on May 28 announcing Mr Taitapanui and others as camp parents.

Not long after when picking up his son from school, he was called into the principal’s office and told he couldn’t go to camp because he was an active gang member.

The schools real problem is that they have already allowed him previously as parent help. If it wasn’t for the fact that his son’s teacher asked him to be parent help again I would assume that the real reason for telling him no, the second time was because of how he may have behaved the first time. However that does not appear to be the case so perhaps some other parents complained later?

“Removing my beanie, I asked her if it was because of the tattoo on my forehead or because of the colours I wear.

“I told her the tattoo is always covered and I would not be taking any coloured clothing with me, but she still said no. She repeated it was because I am an active gang member.

“I even asked if my son’s mother could go instead of me and was told no again.”

Now that part is very strange. If the Mother is not in the gang then why would the school say no to her? I don’t think the journalist has asked the right questions. The school would not say no lightly. Has he or his partner dealt drugs in the past? Why are the school wary of having them as parent help?

Gutted, Mr Taitapanui then had to explain to his son why he wasn’t going to camp.

“As a dad I want the best for my son and I want to be able to support him in everything he does.

“I also want to take a stand for other dads who are part of gangs and might come up against something like this.”


Mr¬† Taitapanui, no matter how loving a Dad you are this ‘ family ‘ you are exposing your son to is bad. Very bad. You and your Partner are his family. You need to make a choice. Your fake ‘family’ or your real family.

Actions have consequences. You have turned yourself into a scary character by being an active member of a scary organisation. Why would other parents want someone like you around their children?

And of course she was registered



Bunny boiler teacher lady attacks new pregnant Mrs of her ex.   At least the name suppression has been dropped

A Whangarei school teacher is on trial …¬†charged with assaulting her ex-husband’s pregnant partner.

Terynne Whitney Dunn, 28, has been charged with injuring with intent to injure and an alternative charge of assault with intent to injure.

The trial began at Whangarei District Court this morning before Judge Duncan Harvey and a jury of seven women and five men. Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

Down and Dirty English

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That teacher registration lark works a treat

via northlandconstruction.co.nz

via northlandconstruction.co.nz

I hope we are all feeling protected and well served by the Teacher Registration process.  You know, the process that weeds out the bad apples so that only quality teachers get face time with your kids.

A Northland teacher is on trial facing 18 charges of sexual and physical abuse of children.

Taite Hemi Kupa, 57, has appeared in the High Court at Whangarei charged with five assaults on a child under 14, one assault of a female, four sexual violations by rape of a child under 16, seven sexual violations by unlawful sexual connection of a child under 16, and one attempted rape.

The alleged offending between 2011 and 2013 is against six victims, most under the age of 14.

He sounds like a real winner

The offences are alleged to have taken place in Northland.

The trial started this morning before Justice Reynor Asher and a jury of seven women and four men.

Read more »