Teacher’s Council

I bet he was registered too

The Labour party and various teacher unions all oppose charter schools and one of the reason they do is because there is no requirement for charter schools to have registered teachers.

The unions and opposition politicians all claim registration is there to protect children, despite the never ending line of registered teachers before the disciplinary tribunal or the courts for various offences from rooting their pupils to fraud to drunk driving and drugs offences.

Now another teacher, a principal is under investigation or untoward behaviour and massive staff turnover at two schools…and he is registered.

A principal who headed a school that lost more than 55 teachers in four years is under investigation by the Teachers Council.

Judd McLauchlan oversaw the high teacher turnover at Manurewa’s Rowandale School, before taking the helm at Hamilton’s Berkley Normal Middle School after term 1 this year.

He resigned from his new position in August, with the board of trustees saying the move was for personal reasons.

However, several people involved with the school have told the Herald that Mr McLauchlan’s departure came after staff raised concerns about his behaviour. ¬†¬† Read more »

Why doesn’t the PPTA solve this problem?

The PPTA are gearing up for a massive war against the government and Charter Schools.

They are going to expend massive union resources on just 5 or 6 schools they don’t like.

Meanwhile another teacher is deregistered after appearing before the courts.

A teacher has had her registration cancelled after failing to disclose a drink driving charge.

Louise Patricia Thomson first appeared before the Teacher Disciplinary Tribunal in June 2013 following traffic offences, including a drink driving offence.

At this hearing Ms Thomson failed to notify the tribunal of a further conviction for excess breath alcohol from 2012, the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has found. ¬† ¬† Read more »

Another registered sicko teacher convicted for sex crimes has finally been struck off

The Labour party opposed charter schools on the basis that there was no requirement for compulsory registration of teachers at them.

They claimed that registration was there to protect children.

Yet every week a registered teacher is before the courts for crimes against children that registration was supposed to protect them from.

An Auckland teacher who chatted online about sexually violating a schoolgirl and bringing her along to a group sex session to “let everyone have a go at a young girl” has been de-registered.

Neale Howe was convicted after an October 2013 arrest for making an objectionable publication under the Films Videos and Publications Classifications Act 1993.

He was caught after he chatted on an online dating website to a woman who was organising a group sex event.

His graphic and sexually explicit conversations — most of which are too graphic to publish — were outlined in a police summary of facts included in a Teachers Council decision.

Over several conversations, the teacher boasted about being in a sexual relationship with a girl, saying he was currently having sex with a 15-year-old.¬† Read more »

Marlborough Express on the Teachers Council

The Marlborough Express editorial about the woeful inadequacy of the former Teachers Council is particularly relevant, especially the bit about carping teacher unions.

Little wonder teachers are protective of the Teachers Council. It’s probably only polite since it has been so very protective of them.

Unhappily, this has been at the expense of accountability to parents and the public.

The new body is going to have strengthened abilities to exert disciplinary process on errant teachers; and it will have a much more independent look to it rather than the status quo of teachers sitting in judgment on themselves – which they’ve been doing in exquisite privacy.

Education Minister Hekia Parata says new legislation improves teacher registration, enhances reporting requirements and provides a greater range of options when dealing with disciplinary matters. That last bit is particularly important.

The PPTA believes the new body has too much policing power, such as naming teachers facing disciplinary inquiries, which raises the protest that it could jeopardise “natural justice”.

Let’s remind ourselves how well natural justice has been getting along under the Teachers Council.¬† Read more »

Still protecting their own, why does this ratbag teacher have name suppression?

The Teachers Council continues to protect ratbag teachers, registered ones I might add. Despite drink driving convictions where he only copped a censure, they let him continue teaching and it was only once he got busted duping the Teachers Council was his registration cancelled.

But he still gets to have his name suppressed. These ratbags are more concerned with protecting their own than kids in classes.

Rebecca Quilliam reports:

A teacher who was in danger of losing his registration after drink-driving convictions fabricated the existence of a counsellor to keep his job and then said she had fled the country when his story began to unravel.

Following an investigation, the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal cancelled the teacher’s registration and ordered him to pay costs of nearly $6000.

The teacher, who has name suppression, also created documents from the counsellor, which gave glowing reports on his progress in understanding his offending, a report from the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal said.

His ruse began about July, 2009, following drink driving convictions, when he submitted a false letter to the Teachers Council claiming to be from the counsellor, noting her qualifications in clinical psychology and that he had been undergoing counselling with her.

In October, 2009, he was censured for the convictions by the council’s Complaints Assessment Committee (CAC) who allowed for his teaching registration to be processed because of the counselling sessions, the tribunal said.

“The CAC was persuaded by the evidence from (the counsellor) and that the respondent appeared to have learnt a lot about himself through counselling and the stresses that caused the offending,” the tribunal said.¬† Read more »

Teachers unite against new Teachers Council

It is a true concern to me that the first reaction from the teachers against the more robust attitude of the new Teachers Council rules to expose the worst of the worst to full public scrutiny by banding together and trying to protect their own.

Teachers are uniting to fight for better representation on the new body replacing the Teachers Council.

The establishment of a new professional body for teachers – the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (Educanz) – has the secondary schools teachers’ union going to battle over, what they say, are attempts to control them.

The Post-Primary Teachers Association is holding paid union meetings nationwide next month to inform teachers of the changes and encourage them to make submissions to the education and science select committee, which is overseeing the bill that was introduced to Parliament this month.

“It’s clear from the bill that the intention isn’t so much to raise the status of teaching as to remove professional autonomy and bring teachers firmly under the control of politicians,” PPTA president Angela Roberts said.

Actually, no.

We’re trying to get the teachers and their union to throw out the bad apples. ¬†By protecting these sexual deviants behind name suppression for so long, the PPTA have overplayed their hands. ¬† Read more »

Do you have convictions? Then you can still be a teacher

Jo Muir helpfully reports:

Initial education providers take into account convictions based on their severity, how recent they were, the age of the offender and the pattern of offending.

All candidates have to:

  • Be vetted by police
  • Display respect for people, the law, other views and cultural and social values
  • Be reliable and trustworthy
  • Be mentally and physically fit
  • Have the potential to uphold the public and professional reputation of teachers
  • Promote the safety of learners

How many existing teachers would fail those tests today? ¬†And they wouldn’t even be subject to a Teachers Council complaint.

Children are being taught by trainee teachers with drug and assault convictions.

The standards for gaining entry to teachers’ colleges are different from those required of registered teachers, meaning some trainees accepted onto courses would never meet the standard for teaching.

Nearly 50 applications for teacher registration were declined by the Teachers Council last year for reasons including convictions, not having the right qualifications and not being of a good character. ¬† Read more »

Knock me down with a feather, they finally deregistered one

This must be a really, really, really bad case.

For once in their miserable lives the Teachers’ Council have finally deregistered a ratbag sicko teacher.

A 40-year-old teacher who had a physical relationship with a vulnerable teenage student has been deregistered.

The relationship began in 2011 and continued until 2013, when the student, who was undergoing counselling after her friend committed suicide, told her counsellor, the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal said in a decision released today.

The student was in year 11 when the relationship began, meaning she was likely 15. She was in year 13 when it ended.

The student said she was scared of reporting the relationship, because of her part in initiating it and the effect it could have on the teacher.

She said their relationship involved hugging, cuddling and kissing which had progressed to fondling, digital penetration and oral sex.

The girl’s parents then discovered electronic communications between her and the teacher, which they considered to contain elements of “predatory intent, grooming, manipulation, threat and censure”, the tribunal decision said.

That is pretty gross a 40 year old shagging a 15 year old…almost as bad as cousin shagging.

Read more »

Another registered teacher in trouble, system broken and useless

This is becoming a bit of a joke but shouldn’t be due to the serious nature of offending by teachers.

They are becoming more and more like the Catholic Church as offenders are routinely charged.

The opposition continues to insist that compulsory registration of teachers will protect the kids…that is becoming a rather hollow promise.

An investigation into a teacher who allegedly struck two children that took five years to resolve was “unreasonable” and reflects poorly on all involved, the ombudsman says.

The teacher subject to the New Zealand Teachers Council (NZTC) investigation, referred to as Mr A, complained to the ombudsman about the delay, poor communication, and conduct of the complaints assessment committee (CAC) involved in his case.

The ombudsman upheld his complaints on those matters, finding he suffered avoidable stress and frustration as a result of the “woefully inadequate” communication from the CAC and the delays in the investigation.

It sounds like a real bugger’s muddle at the Teachers Council

Mr A was the subject of one conduct complaint in December 2006 and another, at a second school, was made to the NZTC and referred to a CAC in July 2008.

The conduct complained about involved incidents of alleged striking of two primary school students.

As a result of the investigation, Mr A’s registration was suspended and he signed a voluntary agreement which required him to undergo a risk assessment to determine whether he could safely return to the classroom, the ombudsman’s report said. ¬† Read more »

What should we do with child abusers that teach our children?

The Australians are trying to get a handle on child abuse. ¬†Brave move. ¬†Except they’re ¬†only going to look at a third of it. ¬†Vice reports

Australia is having a¬†Royal Commission to look at child abuse in institutional settings, and it’s come up with a whole lot of nasty stuff that’s gone on for decades in churches, schools, orphanages and other places where men can prey on kids. However, two thirds of child abuse won’t be looked at by the Commission because it happens to kids at home.

It’s difficult to find reliable statistics that show just how prevalent child sexual abuse is because it’s often not reported. However, from what statistics are available, it’s possible to see some trends.

The ABS estimates that in Australia 12 percent of women and 4.5 percent of men have been or will be abused before they reach 15. In other words, 72 percent of child sexual abuse happens to girls. Girls are most likely to be abused by a relative or their father, and are unlikely to be abused by a stranger. Boys are most likely to be abused by someone they know, like a teacher or priest, or a stranger, and are unlikely to be abused by their father or stepfather.

If that’s the sort of numbers coming out of Australia, our own child abuse statistics won’t be any better. ¬† Read more »