” Moderate ” Turkey controlled by brutal dictator

If you were in any doubt about the status of Turkey this article will remove it as it tells you about the thousands of Turkish soldiers who are being raped and starved as punishment for the failed coup against President Dictator Erdogan. According to Amnesty International they are also being left without water in terrible cramped conditions.

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

Pictures have emerged on social media, reportedly of soldiers being held in Turkey

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Registered teacher allegedly sleeps with 15 year old, gets found out, fails to top himself

Yep, registered, a teacher, sleeping with a 15 year old…and Chris Hipkins says that mandatory teacher registration will protect the kids.

A high school teacher in Tokoroa is under investigation for allegedly sleeping with a 15-year-old student.

Details of the relationship were discovered by the girl’s family and a complaint was made to police.

The male teacher, whom Stuff has chosen not to name, tried to kill himself.

“He was a popular staff member and even more so with the kids. He was what the kids would call skux [cool],” a former colleague who did not want to be named said.

On Sunday, once the relationship was exposed, the male teacher’s plan to kill himself was foiled when a passer-by found him.

Police said they cannot comment on whether certain individuals are under investigation.

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The “culture” that doesn’t respect western “infidel” teachers

In Europe teachers are now forced to deal with ongoing violence and death threats thanks to their schools filling with teenage boys from a culture that has no respect for infidel men and even less for infidel women.

While I am capable of standing up to abuse and violence in the classroom (I disarmed a teenage boy waving a knife in my face three years ago) I am not prepared to be in a school that will throw me to the wolves. In today’s PC environment it is very likely that any school I would work for would hush up any incident and would force me to resign if I went to the media or demanded that the student be criminally prosecuted, if the student was Muslim. The most likely reality for me would be that I would be blamed for the attack, no matter how severe or unprovoked, and my posts here on Whaleoil would be used as evidence of my “Islamophobia”.

It is happening now in Australia and the teachers who are suffering this abuse have been muzzled by their employers who will not allow them to speak to the media. Mind you, I doubt the media will be any help as they go out of their way to ignore the culture/religion of the assailant in the video.



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Photo Of The Day

In a May 16, 1986 photo, the body of Doris Young is removed by officials after the Cokeville Elementary hostage situation in Cokeville, Wyo. On May 16, 1986, a man and his wife with a bomb took the entire student body at the town's only elementary school hostage. David Young demanded $300 million in ransom. The bomb accidentally detonated, and Young shot and killed his wife and then himself. RICK SORENSON/Casper Star-Tribune

In a May 16, 1986 photo, the body of Doris Young is removed by officials after the Cokeville Elementary hostage situation in Cokeville, Wyo. On May 16, 1986, a man and his wife with a bomb took the entire student body at the town’s only elementary school hostage. David Young demanded $300 million in ransom. The bomb accidentally detonated, and Young shot and killed his wife and then himself. RICK SORENSON/Casper Star-Tribune

The Miracle of Cokeville

Some places are branded by disaster, by the stories of one horrible day that no one can forget: Oklahoma City, Columbine, and the Twin Towers. What sets Cokeville apart is that the story of its horrible day is about what almost happened but didn’t.

Cokeville Wyoming was the sight of a parent’s worst nightmare on May 16th, 1986 when a mentally disturbed man and his wife entered an elementary school with guns and a homemade gasoline bomb.  They kept all the children in a single room while positioning themselves in the middle of it, David and Doris Young began a standoff that would last hours.

David Young, a former town Marshall, he had been the tiny towns only police officer in six months during 1979 and when he was fired, he moved to Tucson, Arizona. He and his wife returned to Cokeville in 1986 and carried out their insidious plan.  Young had a manifesto called “Zero-Infiniti” and proclaimed “this is a revolution!” as he and his wife took an entire generation – over 160 children, teachers, and school staff, he held them to hostage and wouldn’t release them until he was given over 300 million dollars and a personal phone call from the President of the United States.

The heart-stopping events in this remote town — so remote that in 1986 it wasn’t on some highway maps — made headlines around the world.

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Our teachers just missed out on a medal

I know you’re used to the constant teacher bashing that goes on here. That has two basic sources: teacher unions and bad teachers. The feeling this has created is that all teachers are bad and the whole education system beyond redemption. Not so.

An international study has found New Zealand teachers are some of the most professional in the world.

The Teaching and Learning International Study (TALIS) ranks New Zealand teachers fourth out of 35 countries, behind the Russian Federation, Estonia and Singapore.

It examined more than 2800 Year 7-10 teachers and principals at primary, intermediate and secondary schools across New Zealand.

Kiwi teachers did well at teacher training, professional development, autonomy in their work and networking with peers.

The OECD study found regardless of decile, quality was consistent across New Zealand schools.
Education Minister Hekia Parata said the results were encouraging.

“It shows our kids have access to great teachers, no matter what their background.”

Teachers are an essential and solid part of our society and economy.  This is why I’m so determined to see the destructive influence of unions eliminated, and the process of weeding out dishonest and predatory teachers improved and sped up.  Read more »

Teacher shakes baby so hard it caused brain to bleed (you guessed it, still registered)

Unbelievable. A teacher who shook a baby so hard it caused a brain bleed is still registered.

A teacher who shook his baby boy so violently the child suffered a brain bleed will be allowed to keep his registration.

The man, whose name is suppressed, was referred to the Education Council after a conviction for injuring with reckless disregard in December last year.

A New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal decision said the incident occurred in May 2014, when the father was at home caring for his three-year-old and six-month-old baby, while his wife worked.

The baby boy was unsettled due to a change in routine following a holiday, and was refusing to sleep or drink from a bottle, causing the man signification stress.

“The Defendant out of frustration lost his self control,” the decision read. “He picked the victim up with both hands raising the victim above his head. He then began shaking the victim with enough force to cause the victim’s body to stiffen before flopping into unconsciousness.”

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Dope-growing teacher still registered

We’ve been told that Charter Schools and the government put children at risk because there isn’t a mandatory requirement for registration. The teacher unions and Labour tell us that kids need protection and teacher registration is the way to protect them.

And every week we are presented with headlines about teachers before the courts or the tribunal for offences…like drug cultivation.

A Northland relief teacher who was caught growing cannabis has kept his registration after renouncing the drug.

Colin James White, 61, was convicted of cultivating cannabis in December 2014 after police found cannabis growing in his backyard.

Police were visiting the home where White lives with his ex-wife on an unrelated matter when they found four plants growing in a tunnel house in between tomato plants.

A search inside the house revealed two containers with 738 cannabis seeds hidden behind a skirting board and a small amount of dried cannabis.   Read more »

Named, jailed, struck off

It’s taken a lot of effort, including having to get rid of the old Teachers’ Council, but we’re finally putting the children ahead of sexual predator teachers.

A teacher who was jailed for sexually abusing one of her young students has been struck off the teachers’ register.

Stacey Reriti, 31, was late last month sentenced to more than 10 years in prison after she was found guilty of seven sexual assault charges over her three-year relationship with the schoolboy while he was a student at her school.

The boy was 10-years-old when the offending began.

Education Council conduct manager Andrew Greig says the fact Reriti has been struck off the register means it’s unlikely she’ll ever be able to teach again.

“Parents need assurance people like Reriti will never again be near children in an education setting,” he said.

“Reriti grossly abused the unique position of trust teachers are in. It is entirely inappropriate for her to be a teacher ever again.”

A legal process must be followed to strike someone off the register and Mr Greig said this was fast-tracked in Reriti’s case. Read more »

Public servants are leaving Auckland in droves, but nobody dares speak the real reason

One of the many unfortunate consequences of Auckland’s grossly over-priced housing is the barrier it presents to people moving to the city.

New Zealanders in other parts of the country have to lower their sights considerably to sell their house and buy one in Auckland.

Conversely, Aucklanders will be wary of moving to another centre unless they can afford to keep their Auckland property.

There is logic, therefore, in a proposal from Auckland school principals, which we reported last Sunday, to pay teachers a premium to work in the city.

A survey of 157 principals found a third were confident they could make appropriate appointments to vacancies in their schools.

The reason was not just the difficulty of finding enough teachers willing to move to Auckland but of keeping those who were here.

Those saving for a house could buy one much sooner if they moved out of Auckland.

If they owned a modest house in Auckland it was tempting to sell up and buy something better in a smaller town for the same price. In three of the surveyed primary schools, there were no less than 28 vacancies at the start of this month to replace teachers who had resigned.

The highest turnover is in schools in Auckland’s areas of highest wealth and half those who resigned had left the city. Read more »

Scumbag teachers holding on to Novopay overpayments facing debt collectors

Call in the debt collectors.

These ratbag teachers have had two years to pay back their over-pay. They are essentially stealing from their employer.

The Government is preparing to again call in debt collectors to chase school staff who were overpaid during the Novopay crisis.

The minister responsible for the system, Steven Joyce, says $1.8 million is still owed by 1960 people who haven’t made any arrangements to pay it back.

The use of debt collectors was suspended in March 2013 and Mr Joyce says the vast majority of those who had been overpaid were happy to work out repayment arrangements.    Read more »