Bunny boilers are also registered to teach

On the plus side, at least she was registered and the kids were safe…oh wait. And if one lot of unsuitable teachers per day isn’t enough, how would you like this one with your kids?

A senior teacher has landed in trouble after accusing a junior colleague of having an affair with her husband during several “emotionally heightened” states.

The Teachers Council’s complaints assessment committee said the teacher, who has name suppression, threatened her colleague’s children and confronted her about the alleged affair in front of school kids.

The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal heard the senior teacher’s psychological health declined after a near-death experience with a kidney disorder she was diagnosed with when travelling abroad.

The senior teacher, who had more than 30 years’ experience in the profession, was given cortico-steroids after being diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome.

The Tribunal said these drugs were linked to unpleasant side-effects including hair loss, mood swings, depression and even “psychosis”.

The teacher went back to work last March. In hindsight, she was still physically and psychologically unwell at this time, the Tribunal said.

In March last year, the senior teacher confronted her husband about “intimate” text messages between her husband and another person.

Disharmony soon followed, and the couple temporarily lived apart.

Soon, the senior teacher identified a friend and colleague as the other party in the intimate texts.

The complaints assessment committee said the senior teacher “genuinely and with cause” believed an affair was going on.

The situation escalated, with the senior teacher confronting her colleague several times in March, April and May. Read more »

Another registered kiddy fiddler

The teaching profession is really giving the Catholic Church a run for its money in the kiddy fiddling stakes.

Yet another presumably registered teacher, or in this case a teacher aide, is before the courts. So much for registration protecting children.

A teacher aide at a Nelson school created a fake Facebook account under a female name to sexually groom a learning-impaired 14-year-old student, whom he kissed and wrote love letters to.

The man, who has interim name suppression, pleaded guilty in the Nelson District Court on Monday to a charge of meeting a young person after sexual grooming.

A police investigation found that the 33-year-old used Facebook and “love letters” to groom the young girl, who has an intellectual age of 10. He kissed her, held her hand and shared a bed in a motel with her.

He was remanded on bail to appear for sentencing on September 15.

The man started at an unnamed Nelson school as a teacher aide at the start of the year.

He was the primary aide for another student but met his victim, a 14-year-old girl, in the classroom.

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Finally – this is how we should deal with sexual predators in education

We know who he is, he’s been barred from teaching, and he’s copped the full force of the law.   Good to see.  Now, let this become the rule rather than the exception.

A teacher has been barred from teaching, censured, and told to pay costs after he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student.

Oliver Day was teaching PE at Macleans College in Auckland when he initiated the relationship with the girl.

The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal alleged Day also tried to cover up the relationship, and contacted the student in question to try and influence a Board of Trustees investigation.

The Complaints Assessment Committee referred the allegations to the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal.

Around last April, when the student was 17, Day invited her to go for a drive.

From that point the relationship developed into an intimate and sexual one, according to an agreed statement of facts.

The teacher used Facebook and text messages to set up liaisons with the girl, who has name suppression.

In about November last year, Macleans received a complaint about inappropriate sexual conduct. This complaint was sent to the Ombudsman, then the Ministry of Education.

Day initially denied the allegations and described them as bizarre.

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Registered? Of course he was

The Labour party and the teacher’s unions all say that registration of teachers should be mandatory…to protect the kids.

Like in this case where a registered primary school teacher is up on charges for fiddling with kids.

A primary school teacher accused of indecently touching nine of his female students over a four-year period has denied the allegations.

The man in his 50s, who has name suppression until the end of the Auckland District Court trial, pleaded not guilty today to 16 counts of doing an indecent act on girls under the age of 12.

The name of the school at which he taught was also suppressed.

Crown prosecutor Eliza Walker said the alleged indecency began shortly after the teacher started working at the school.

She told the jury the charges covered the defendant touching a girl’s chest, lap, buttocks, waist and “private parts”.

It is also alleged he groped a girl under her culottes and kissed one complainant on the forehead.

“She was freaking out but she didn’t say anything or do anything. It was the last day of school and she just thought ‘why was this happening?”‘, Ms Walker said.

“[The girl] was shocked by what her teacher was doing to her.”

Ms Walker said the actions took place on school grounds, mostly in the classroom in front of the other students.

The prosecutor outlined the evidence likely to be given by each girl.

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Union considers life-long ban on teachers who have worked in a Charter School


On the PPTA Blog I asked the following questions:

Given the PPTA’s stance on how to treat a student teacher if he is employed by a Charter school what does this mean for all the teachers currently employed by Charter schools?

Do the PPTA intend to blacklist from employment in State schools every single teacher who has previously worked in a Charter school?

Will they pressure State High School Principals and BOTs to not interview or employ teachers who have previously worked in a Charter school or will they be welcomed back to the PPTA-approved fold?

Remember that the majority of teachers currently working in Charter schools have previously worked in State schools and have paid union fees in the past.

I received the below response.

PPTA members will decide on the basis of this conference paper.

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Sex offender teacher walks free, and she was registered

A registered teacher has finally lost her registration after shagging several students at her school.

A teacher who seduced two of her pupils – including ‘sexting’ them and pulling one boy out of classes so they could have sex – has lost her teacher’s license, but will not face criminal charges over the inappropriate relationships.

Melanie Hendriks initiated sexual relationships with the St John’s College pupils when she was a drama teacher at the Hamilton school.

During that time she engaged in sexual acts on school premises with one of the boys, known as Student A, and excused him from classes, study periods and assemblies so they could have sex, a Teacher’s Council disciplinary decision said.

Seduced? They were 17 years old and she gave them the glad eye and flipped it up…hardly any seduction involved.

Ms Hendriks also sent the student text messages – the contents of which are too graphic to print – and sexy and provocative photographs. The photographs were taken on school premises and during school hours, and were sent to Student A during school hours, the Teacher’s Council report says.    Read more »

Finally. Teachers doing something useful

A mother duck and her brood got a brief tour of a Montana middle school as teachers and students herded them from their courtyard nest to a nearby creek. Read more »


Another registered teacher before the courts

If you listen to Chris Hipkins having teachers registered is to protect the kids. They oppose charter schools because there is no requirement to have every teacher registered.

Yet almost daily we hear of registered teachers before the courts…they have replaced the Catholic Church as the haven for kiddy fiddlers and sex pests.

A male teacher has denied sending photos of his penis to a 16-year-old student, but admitted sending inappropriate messages, including: “U shw me first”.

The Lower Hutt teacher – who has interim name suppression – was accused of sending the girl photographs of himself and explicit images of his genitals during an inappropriate Facebook exchange.

The teacher was asked to tutor the teenage girl in 2013, an arrangement that continued until the end of school year.    Read more »

Oh dear Lord, when will this end?

Sex pest Damian Christopher Gillard. Photo / Greg Bowker

Sex pest Damian Christopher Gillard. Photo / Greg Bowker

Hardly a week goes by without some news about a teacher having trouble with sexual boundaries when it comes to students.  Jared Savage reports

An Auckland school failed to act on concerns raised by two teenage students who felt unsafe around their teacher – six years before he was arrested for sexually grooming one of them and other underage girls.

The lack of records on the employment file of Damian Christopher Gillard at Papatoetoe High School also meant the 2006 complaints were missed by a 2009 police inquiry over similar allegations of which he was later acquitted.

Gillard, the head of the languages department, was eventually convicted of making sexual advances to one of the pupils who complained – and six other young girls – after a second police investigation in 2012.

He was sentenced in May to 9 years in prison for a raft of sexual crimes, dating back to 1994 when he was a teacher at Greenmeadows Intermediate in Manurewa.

He was found guilty of indecent acts against seven students, all younger than 16, such as kissing or touching their legs and breasts under the pretext of searching them for cigarettes.

The offending escalated to sex with a 14-year-old girl.

So that’s one thing.  The other problem is that when these concerns are raised, “the system” becomes a huge obstacle.  Granted, we don’t want to get the torches and pitch forks out straight away, but there is enough evidence now that concerns about teachers aren’t progressed through the system in a way that responsibly protects existing and future victims.   Read more »

Parents not the Village Idiots Labour/Unions think they are

Labour and the teacher unions spend their whole time treating the parents of school age children like they have IQs lower than a jam sandwich.

Examples are ignoring the benefits of National Standards (they are going to ban them of course), telling families in challenges areas that they don’t want Charter Schools (they are going to ban them of course), telling parents they will save $100 on donations – while charging them $3.50 a week for a “device”, etc.

Parents have clearly also seen through the – slap a few more teachers in the classroom (wherever they come from) and she’ll be right approach too.

New Zealanders would rather money was spent on improving teaching standards than on reducing class sizes, a Herald-DigiPoll survey reveals.

Education has become a political battleground before September’s election, with both major parties promising to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on it.

Asked about their priorities, more than 60 per cent of those polled said they would spend money on trying to improve teaching standards rather than cutting class sizes.  Read more »