Registered, rooting, and now sacked

Labour and the teacher unions keep on telling us that Charter Schools should be forced to have all their teachers registered. It is to protect the kids they say.

Yet almost every week another teacher is up on charges for some sort of crime, usually against their pupils…and they are all registered…so you do have to wonder if registration really works.

A newly-graduated Waikato teacher who had a three-month sexual relationship with a student during which they exchanged 8000 texts has been thrown out of the profession.

Kelsey Rebekah Allen, 24, was a physical education and health teacher at Morrinsville College in 2014 when she entered into a relationship with an 18-year-old student. She was censured and stripped of her teacher registration on Wednesday by the New Zealand Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal.

The relationship, revealed by the student’s jilted school-aged girlfriend, involved kissing, oral sex and sexual intercourse.

A sample of risque texts sent from Allen to the student from August 1 to November 15, 2014 were presented to the tribunal.

“Of course I was going to fall for you.. Why wouldn’t I! You’re incredible you are so hot.. Everytime I see you I just wanna kiss you …,” read one text.    Read more »

Comment of the Day

From George:

Comment to Angela Roberts, President PPTA:
Your response to Whaleoil is no more than political rhetoric.

It appears that you and the PPTA are engaging in “patch” preservation.

You are appointed to support your members in their endeavour to educate the children of parents who have chosen the state option.

It is not your directive to humiliate parents and teachers who don’t share your values.

They have the ability to make responsible choices unlike your insistence that discretion should be eliminated from education. Charter education will succeed or perish as a result of its performance. The negativity you generate will not determine this.  Read more »

The PPTA responds

On Sunday I sent the following e-mail to Angela Roberts who is the President of the NZ Post Primary Teachers’ Association.

Hello Angela,

I write for Whaleoil Media on the Blog www.whaleoil.co.nz

Today we have posted this article

The article is about a student teacher being refused access to work experience in a school because he is employed by a Charter School. I have recently completed an investigative series of articles on Charter Schools after visiting three of them in Auckland.

Before I write an article in response to today’s piece which was written by Cameron Slater I would like to offer the PPTA the opportunity to explain their side of the story. I will post your response UNEDITED on the Blog.

If you would like to give us your reasoning and justifications please send your reply to this e-mail. Alternatively if you are open to answering a few questions and sending your answers to us please let me know. I will then ask our readership for the questions they want me to put to you.

Kind regards


Angela replied and provided a statement which I have provided unedited below. I appreciate Angela’s prompt response and willingness to give us the PPTA’s side of the story. We welcome alternative viewpoints on the Blog.

If you are a new reader please take the time to view our moderation policy before commenting as we take moderation very seriously here.

Whaleoil will never delete comments from people who disagree based on their view of the facts of a given situation.  However, many such comments also stray into attacking the blog staff, other commenters or other people at the same time.  When such comments are removed, they perceive this as being censored for their views, and not for their behaviour.  Whaleoil encourages everyone to try out commenting with opposing views without at the same time attacking or undermining people or the blog staff, and be pleasantly surprised their comments will remain published.

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Good news, PPTA announces new campaign for performance pay

The PPTA has launched a new campaign promoting performance pay for their members.

They have even provided a flash video to promote it.

You’ve got to love the hickey on the girl’s neck at 1:12.

But in all seriousness this is brilliant that the PPTA has finally realised that performance based pay for teachers is the way to go.

But there are a few problems. The major problem is that the PPTA and the Ministry are so intertwined – especially through IES – and the Minister is way too afraid of controversy, so no effective confrontation will take place and very little will change for the kids.

If the kids happen to be in largely non-confrontational Maori and Pasifika families – all the more chance that they will just be run over.

Real performance pay would mean that all schools get targets set – fairly – are bulk funded – and teachers who are effective get paid plenty. Those who don’t can go into consulting or lecturing or something else other than teaching.

But their tactic with this advert seems to be dumbing down the issue of teachers’ pay to the absolute maximum. Yet they still seem confused, getting the children in the video to produce graphs which actually seem to suggest teachers’ pay should be tied to student achievement. We are all for that surely…and nice to see the PPTA embracing it.   Read more »

Sex offender teacher walks free, and she was registered

A registered teacher has finally lost her registration after shagging several students at her school.

A teacher who seduced two of her pupils – including ‘sexting’ them and pulling one boy out of classes so they could have sex – has lost her teacher’s license, but will not face criminal charges over the inappropriate relationships.

Melanie Hendriks initiated sexual relationships with the St John’s College pupils when she was a drama teacher at the Hamilton school.

During that time she engaged in sexual acts on school premises with one of the boys, known as Student A, and excused him from classes, study periods and assemblies so they could have sex, a Teacher’s Council disciplinary decision said.

Seduced? They were 17 years old and she gave them the glad eye and flipped it up…hardly any seduction involved.

Ms Hendriks also sent the student text messages – the contents of which are too graphic to print – and sexy and provocative photographs. The photographs were taken on school premises and during school hours, and were sent to Student A during school hours, the Teacher’s Council report says.    Read more »

It’s ok, she’s registered

Being a P smuggling drug dealer is no impediment to teach as once again our teacher registration process is shown up for the farce that it is.

Labour and the Greens oppose charter schools, mainly on the basis that teachers don’t have to be registered.

A former childcare worker and P addict caught smuggling methamphetamine into New Zealand has been cleared by her professional body to return to the classroom.

Haley Carol Jacobs, 37, was sentenced last year in the Auckland District Court to six months’ home detention for importing bags of P from her South African homeland.

She lost her job and her husband and feared that she had blown a promising early learning career.

But now, a New Zealand Teachers Council disciplinary tribunal has concluded that her “very serious” offending should not result in her being struck off the teaching register.

There were “mitigating circumstances”, the tribunal found, including that she had admitted her offending and took responsibility for it from the start.    Read more »

Why I love the internet

I currently home school Miss Whaleoil who is 16. Being an ex English and History High School teacher I can assist her with most of her subjects but her current level of Maths is well beyond my understanding. She uses the ACE curriculum for Maths, Science, Etymology and Business Math which is student directed learning that I am able to supervise after completing ACE Supervisor training.

To pass a test in ACE you have to score at least 80% before you are allowed to progress to the next level. If you fail you have to redo the entire unit of work so it is crucial that you understand the topic thoroughly before you progress from the checkup to the self test and then to the final Pace test for the unit of work.

Last week for the first time Miss Whaleoil was unable to fully understand the examples provided to help her understand how to correctly complete some very complex equations in her Algebra pace. What she needed was help step by step to see where in the equation she was going wrong. Hiring a Maths tutor once a week for 1 hour will not solve the problem as she does math every day and needs to be able to ask for help when she needs it.

Google to the rescue.

Online Math Tutor

Online Math Tutor

Did you know that for $19.99 a week she can have online live help from a tutor anytime? We tried it today and she live chatted the tutor. They were able to work on an equation together on a virtual whiteboard. She wrote a part and the tutor wrote a part. How cool is that? An expert on tap when she needs them for $19.99 a week. She can even select tutors who specialise in certain types of math eg algebra. The tutor she initially chose from a photo referred her to another who understood this particular type of Algebra. The website I have linked to has tutors for 40 different subjects! You get access to all 40 for one weekly charge. This is a fantastic business model for the consumer and I hope also for the tutors who can work their own hours to suit from home. With the ability to help from another country because of the time zone differences, 24/7 availability is possible.

The internet really is amazing. Our world had been expanded so that a girl in New Zealand can get help from a Tutor in America.


Another registered teacher in trouble

Labour and the teacher unions oppose charter schools because they say the lack of a requirement for teachers to be registered puts kids at risk.

Today yet another teacher is under investigation for untoward behaviour with students.

A female physical education teacher at an Auckland high school is on sick leave after she was accused of favouritism towards at least one teenage boy.

As a result of the allegations, the high school is remarking a year of internal NCEA grades for the teacher’s Year 13 class, prompting concern among parents and students some grades will go down.

The teacher, who the Herald has chosen not to name, has been on extended sick leave since the allegations surfaced last month.     Read more »


I think Tom Parsons should resign, he’s done

It isn’t often I call for someone to resign, but today I have to.

Check out the attitude of Tom Parsons, the president of the Secondary Principals’ Association, has to say.

A leading educator has launched a stinging attack on the increasing diagnosis of learning difficulties, saying it is causing too much work for schools – and doing students more harm than good.

“We’ve gone overboard with diagnosing what used to be called quirky, what used to be called a nerd. Now he’s got ADHD, gonorrhoea, piles and acne,” Secondary Principals’ Association president Tom Parsons said.

School workloads were increasing as teachers and principals were forced to accommodate “badly behaved” and “traditionally quirky” students under special assessment conditions (Sac). The New Zealand Qualifications Authority said 5771 students had been approved for Sacs this year for external or internal assessment – a big rise from 3696 last year.

Parsons said the stigmatisation of “otherwise healthy students” was doing more harm than good and narrowed their horizons.

“Today, I am part of a system that encourages, indeed demands, accountability for those differences. When I went to school, students who were different were often known as quirky. They were unlikely to change and went about their business as best they could, with a fair chance of success, and often with a great deal more resilience than the rest of us, to assist them in the big wide world.” The incidence of dyslexia, dyspraxia and attention deficit disorder was rising in secondary schools, and causing a “logistical nightmare” for schools trying to resource their needs.

Read more »

Yep, these ones were registered too

The Labour party and the teacher unions all oppose charter schools because not every teacher has to be registered.

Apparently teacher registration is there to protect the children…from registered teachers like this?

Two Auckland teachers have been struck off after Disciplinary Tribunal hearings.

One, a primary school relief teacher, sent photos of children to a man with whom he was in a close personal relationship.

He knew that man was sexually attracted to young children and was undergoing medical treatment to address the condition.    Read more »