Even the Huffington Post has McCully’s number

NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully


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We need to talk about our government’s attitude towards terrorism

The Bill English led National government I am very sad to say, does not speak out against terrorism if it is terrorism against Jews.

When an Islamist drove his truck into a crowd in Nice last July, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key spoke out against the terror attack. When an Islamist drove his truck into a crowd in Berlin last December, New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English spoke out against the terror attack. An Islamist has just driven a truck into a crown in Jerusalem and the New Zealand government is silent.

While Kiwi politicians are yet to make comment on the terror attack, there was condemnation from around the rest of the Western world following the tragedy that claimed 4 young lives and injured 16 others.

The US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, the UK’s ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey, Australian envoy Dave Sharma, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel all condemned the attack.

…In Germany, Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate lit up in the colors of the Israeli flag on Monday, in a show of solidarity with the victims of Sunday’s Jerusalem truck-ramming attack, and Chancellor Angela Merkel wrote “The federal government condemns this terrorist attack. I can assure you that we are on the side of Israel in fight with terrorism,”

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Freedom costs the lives of our fallen plus $70,000

BY: Deb Dalby

January 12,  2017

Whaleoil Australia correspondent

Deb has previously written about the Reclaim Australia Rally in Sydney and also the earlier rally in Lakemba


Today, in Australia, the Blue Mountains to be precise (which lies about 70km to the west of Sydney), I learned that Anzac Marches have been cancelled. Four separate marches. Initially when I read the heading: No Anzac March, I thought it might have been due to the dwindling numbers of Anzacs in that area, but upon actually opening the article, I was  horrified to learn that the reason ANZAC marches have been cancelled in the Blue Mountains is because we can’t afford the money to fund the necessary anti-terrorism security required for the event, more specifically the additional cost of anti-terrorism measures imposed by local police, which include the use of water-filled barriers to close roads (a measure initiated in the wake of the Nice attack last July).

Council, which is believed to have spent $70,000 over the past two years to ensure the marches went ahead, is unable to continue the financial assistance.

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Media Mocks McCully Mercilessly

NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully

The article in The Times of Israel has the mocking title, “The wisdom of the Kiwi foreign minister.” It reveals that the writer is not impressed at all by his intelligence or his understanding of geopolitics in the Middle East. At the same time as mercilessly pointing out McCully’s ineptitude, the writer praises New Zealand’s very own Shalom Kiwi blog; a blog that we have drawn our readers’ attention to many times in our own posts.

…The main proponent of the Kiwi initiative was Murray McCully, the Foreign Minister.

Thanks to the excellent online publication Shalom.Kiwi we can be privy to Mr McCully’s insights into the geopolitics of the Middle East, offered at a meeting on 18 May 2016 in an address to the Auckland Jewish Community.

When asked about the role of Palestinian terror in the current stalemate, McCully declined to distinguish between Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians and the Israeli response to such attacks. When pushed, he refused to call the current wave of stabbings, shootings, car-rammings and suicide bombings “terrorism”, snapping: “You can call it what you like ….. you choose your words, I’ll choose mine.”

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The UN’s ” victory ” has defeated the peace process

As Benjamin Netanyahu said prophetically to Murray McCully in this video the only way to achieve a peaceful outcome is through direct negotiations not by Fiat. Israel used direct negotiations to broker peace with both Jordan and Egypt. This was a huge achievement considering both countries had declared war on Israel and attacked it. Israel won the war and brokered peace so McCully should have listened to Netanyahu because he knows what he is talking about. The UN’s fiat against Israel has made the situation much, much, worse not better as they have claimed.

The resolution “doesn’t bring peace closer. It pushes it further away,”

-Benjamin Netanyahu

As the head of the security council, McCully did not go after Iran for violating all the security council’s resolutions. In fact, the security council under his leadership REMOVED sanctions against Iran despite the fact that Iran presents a serious challenge to peace and security in the Middle East. Iran has a vast terror network over five continents and continues to grow its nuclear stockpile yet McCully and the UN acted against a country that is constantly defending itself against terrorism. A country that Iran wants to use its nuclear weapons against. A country that wants peace with its neighbours, not war. A country that only wants some security as it is surrounded by hostile un-democratic countries.

McCully and the UN may call their actions a ” victory ” but look at what have they actually achieved:

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Random Impertinent Questions

So, the media are all over the tragic fire in South Auckland story.

Three generations of the family of a prominent New Zealand refugee advocate have died in fatal house fire in South Auckland earlier today.

Friends are rallying at Middlemore Hospital to support Kailesh Thanabalasingham as he fights for his life following a tragic fire that claimed the life of his five-year-old son, his wife and mother-in-law.

Family friend Sivaram Anandasivam said the fire had devastated three generations of the Thanabalasingham family.

He said Kailesh Thanabalasingham, who was being treated for severe burns in Middlemore Hospital, was a pillar of the Sri Lankan and wider ethnic communities and the news of the tragedy had left everyone stunned.

Thanabalasingham is currently an executive officer of the Refugee Council of New Zealand and has dedicated his life in this country helping the most vulnerable new citizens.

Police this afternoon said the young schoolboy and two women aged 39 and 66 died in the fire at the Plantation Ave property in Flat Bush.

The boy’s 11-year-old sister, and 69-year-old grandfather remain in Middlemore Hospital in a stable condition.

His 47-year-old father is still in a critical condition.

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Victoria’s premier suffers “Voldemort effect” or worse as Christmas terror plot revealed

A terrorist plot to attack Melbourne on Christmas day has been foiled.

A PLOT to attack landmark sites in Melbourne’s CBD on Christmas Day has been foiled following a series of raids in Melbourne this morning, police say.

Commissioner Graham Ashton says there is evidence to suggest there were plans for an “explosive act” which had the power to injure or kill a “substantial” number of people in an area around Federation Square, St Paul’s Cathedral and Flinders St Station.

Seven people have been arrested, and five people remain in custody, after five properties in Gladstone Park, Flemington, Meadow Heights, Dallas and Campbellfield were raided.

Police believe there were also plans to use other weapons including knives and firearms, Mr Ashton said.

Mr Ashton said last night’s raids had “neutralised” the threat.

ASIO and AFP officers, along with Victoria Police, had been monitoring a number of people across Melbourne.

Premier Daniel Andrews labelled the alleged plot an “evil act” and “not an act of faith”.

“Not acts of religious observance, not acts of faith … they’re anything but that,” Mr Andrews said.

Mr Ashton said those arrested were “self-radicalised, but certainly inspired by ISIS propaganda”.   Read more »

While Coptic Christians get slaughtered by the dozen, New Zealand does nothing except retweet messages

As a mostly Christian nation, it makes sense for NZ to bring in refugees that are likely to integrate and uphold our Kiwi values, rather than refugees from the only religion that most likely to fail to integrate and refuse to uphold our laws that conflict with their traditions.

While you read this, Coptic Christians are being slaughtered in Egypt.

Egypt has declared three days of mourning on Sunday after a bombing at a chapel adjacent to Egypt’s main Coptic Christian cathedral killed 25 people and wounded another 49.

Egypt’s state-run news agency Mena reported that 12 kilograms of TNT explosives were used in the attack. The majority of those killed were women and children.

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Here we go again: Muhammad, slaughter of Kafirs, Western country

So who were Marama’s ship mates on the Ship of Fools?

David Farrar writes:

Green MP Marama Davidson has some great peaceful shipmates on board her feminist peace flotilla (of one ship!). Tablet Mag has details.

First we have Ola Abed who is a video game inventor. How cool. What does the game do? Encourage kids to shoot Israelis. You even get extra points for headshots!

We also have Norsham Abu Bakr who has said Israel is actually behind the Islamic terrorist attacks in Munich and Nice.

Wendy Goldsmith seems to thinks Israel was behind 9/11

And we also have Fauzia Hasan who has openly advocated banning Sisters in Islam, a Muslim women’s movement working for gender equality within the religion.

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