New Zealand muslims want to talk to John Key

John Key says he’ll “certainly” meet with Muslim leaders who want to talk to him about tackling potential terrorist threats.

The Federation of Islamic Associations says it hasn’t had a response to written requests to meet with Mr Key to discuss recent anti-terrorism legislation and the decision to send Kiwi troops to Iraq.

“I’ll certainly meet with them, and when I don’t know,” Mr Key told reporters today.

Mr Key says his office gets “hundreds and hundreds” of letters, requests and invitations and he doesn’t “control that process”.

“There’s an army of people who do. But I do see Muslim leaders when I go to things. I am going to a mosque pretty soon I’m aware of, but I’m more than happy to meet Muslim leaders.”

There is a very, very basic test for any Muslim in New Zealand.   When something happens, are they a New Zealander first, or a Muslim first?   For example, if a woman wearing a t-shirt and shorts is set upon by men, would a New Zealand Muslim policeman act for the woman, or agree with the men?

The test gets harder when a Muslim blows up a Jewish business.  Will the Muslims leaders that want to meet with Key condemn the killing of Jews and call for the Muslim to be put through the New Zealand legal system?   Read more »

John Key expects our terror level threat to rise


At some point we’re going to cop one in the gonads by an in-country nutbar

Last week Key announced 143 troops would be sent to train the Iraqi army in an attempt to combat the spread of the Islamic State (Isis) group.

But Key said this morning that any increased security threat domestically would come as a result of more New Zealanders being on a government security watch list.

In November, Key said 30-40 people were on a watch list because of their involvement with or support of Isis, and another 30-40 required further investigation. Read more »

As night follows day: Chicken Little Time

The Sky is Falling.

New Zealanders should brace themselves over the next few days for chilling threats aimed at civilians, trade and diplomatic interests after the decision to send troops to Iraq, a strategic analyst has warned.

Paul Buchanan said New Zealand was “raising our target profile” by making the announcement and the response would likely be swift.

“I think …within the next few days there will be a video and the Islamic State will threaten us directly and it will tell us what it intends to do to our citizens and our interests. That’s going to make for very sobering viewing,” he said.

“For New Zealanders travelling in the Middle East in particular, no matter what they’re doing – diplomats, aid workers, businessmen, students – they are now at clear and absolute risk.”

IS’s reach extended well beyond Iraq, Syria and Libya, meaning anyone should take due precautions.

“Tourists make the softest target …  if that’s what you have in mind.”

He said the tourist industry might like to “flag going to the Middle East any time soon” and direct tourists to other destinations.

IS would likely point out New Zealand was now part of the “enemy or Crusader coalition”.

“They exhort their people abroad to conduct attacks in the home countries.”

That could affect morale here in New Zealand.

Paul Buchannan is just making stuff up.   And he’s come up with so many scenarios, that when something does happen, even though his hit rate will be a few percent, he’ll be lauded as an expert even though he’s doing worse than Ken Ring.    Read more »


Shearer says Iraq needs non-military assistance…like this?

David Shearer says that Iraq doesn’t need military assistance in fighting ISIS, instead it needs non-military assistance.

Iraq’s government is lukewarm on military assistance from New Zealand and “smashing” Islamic State won’t solve the war-torn country’s problems, Labour’s David Shearer says.

Foreign minister Ibrahim al-Jafaari was in Auckland last week for talks on what the Government can contribute to the battle against Islamic State extremists.

On offer are 40-100 troops to train Iraq’s military forces in a non-combat role. However, a sticking point is whether the Kiwis will be able to provide security, after Jafaari suggested protection would come from Iraqi troops.

Labour leader Andrew Little and foreign affairs spokesman David Shearer met with Jafaari, after his talks with foreign minister Murray McCully. Labour are opposed to the plan to send military trainers – but Shearer appears open to other forms of assistance.

He says Jafaari was more enthusiastic about the non-military support that New Zealand could provide.

Outside of airstrikes and intelligence gathering – which New Zealand can’t help with – the strife-torn country needs capacity building support, Shearer said. Jafaari was especially interested in agricultural know-how.

“That [help] doesn’t have to be military. What they would like to see is more countries in there supporting them. [Jafaari] started [the meeting] off by saying 90 per cent of Iraq’s foreign income is through oil. Oil has just gone down dramatically in price, so they are suffering really badly as a result, they don’t have that economic base there anymore.

“They never had other industries, they effectively had state-owned enterprises which were these huge corrupt industries at one end and barber shops and corner shops at the other end. There was no middle-sized businesses that employ people.”

Read more »

Does anyone yet realise that we are in a war?


The terrorist huggers don’t want us to fight ISIS…despite the fact they are fighting us now.

They want us to ignore the increasingly depraved actions of these terrorists because it is over there and not over here.

I wonder how those subjugated under Hitler would have got on if we had adopted those attitudes back then.

They are of course wrong…and we are actually in a war…and people are dying simply for believing in a different god.

A video purporting to show the mass beheading of Coptic Christian hostages was released by militants in Libya affiliated with the Islamic State.    Read more »


We’re about to get our official invite to Iraq

The Prime Minister has indicated that a final decision on whether New Zealand will deploy troops to Iraq is imminent.

John Key revealed Defence Force scouts in the Middle East have now identified a suitable base – a crucial element in the decision.

It’s also expected New Zealand may be formally invited to participate in the war against ISIS…

Iraq’s Foreign Minister, Dr Ibrahim al-Ja’afari, is scheduled to meet Foreign Minister Murray McCully [today].

Mr McCully says he’s had no indication what the meeting is about but if it is “to convey a formal invitation I won’t be surprised”.

No Muzza, he’s just there to talk about the migration of salmon.   Or the decline in Rubik’s Cube sales.  I’m sure.   Read more »


ISIS wants girls married at nine years old

The depravity of ISIS and their Islamic inspired dogma reaches even further depths.

If you are gay they chuck you off buildings. If you are a woman and commit adultery then they stone you to death. Journalists and aid workers get their heads hacked off. Men and children are slaughtered, crucified and shot for not being Muslim, or the wrong type of Muslim…their women enslaved or used as unpaid prostitutes.

Now ISIS has declared that girls can be married off at nine years old and that women should certainly be married before 17.

Girls living under Isis (Islamic State) rule may legitimately be married from as young as nine, and should have a husband before they are 17, according to a semi-official manifesto aimed at winning new recruits.

Their education should continue no later than the age of 15 and “most pure girls will be married by 16 or 17″, according to the document published by the all-female al-Khanssaa Brigade’s media wing. Most women should lead a sedentary lifestyle within the confines of their homes, it adds.   Read more »

ISIS scumbags murder Jordanian pilot by burning him alive in a cage

ISIS-murders-jordanian pilot

While the peaceniks, and I include the idiot leader of the opposition in that group now after his pronouncement yesterday, don’t want us to be involved in taking out the scumbag ISIS terrorists, ISIS is showing us exactly why they need to be taken out.

On January 3 it has been reported that they murdered the captured Jordanian pilot by burning him alive while in a cage.

Even by the Islamic State’s barbaric standards, the terror group’s latest execution video has reached a truly depraved new low.

The footage appears to show Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh being burnt alive in scenes that are far too shocking to even consider publishing.

As with previous beheading videos featuring British executioner Jihadi John, the 20-minute-long clip is characterised by its slick production values and graphics.

But unlike the others, it contains an added cinematic dimension clearly designed to achieve unparalleled impact on the viewer – as if the horror of burning alive wasn’t enough.

ISIS blames the F-16 fighter pilot responsible for burning houses – and killing babies – with airstrikes before he was captured in December.   Read more »


Half of New Zealand want to do the decent thing about ISIS

[A] 3 News-Reid Research poll shows New Zealanders are split on whether to send troops to Iraq to help fight it.

But the poll also shows New Zealanders are united on one view – if we do commit troops, there will be a terror attack in retaliation.

As the world grapples with how to deal with IS, New Zealand is close to joining the fight.

A final government decision is imminent that will sign off sending troops in a non-combat role, to train Iraqi forces.

A 3 News poll … asked – “Do you support sending Kiwi troops in a non-combat training role to Iraq to help the fight against Islamic State?” – a slim majority, 50 percent, said yes, and 45 percent said no. The rest didn’t know.

“It shows a majority of New Zealanders understand that there is a need for New Zealand to make a contribution to stand up to Islamic State,” says Prime Minister John Key.

Doing nothing is not an option, is it?  Have we really got 45% of our people happy to hide in the dark and hope the monster will pass our bedroom by?   Read more »


ISIS set up English speaking recruitment team

Nothing to do with Islam, of course, but ISIS are branching out their customer service reps into English speaking  countries.

The Islamic State has created an English language group of fighters, whose aim is to bring the terrorist organization’s fight to the West. The first step is to send foreign fighters back home after they have completed their training.

The brigade, which is known as the ‘Anwar al-Awlaki Battalion,’ is made up solely of English speaking jihadists. The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) now want to use this group of Islamists to plan and carryout terrorist attacks in English speaking countries. The anti-Islamic State group, Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, made the claims, reported by the International Business Times.

According to the group, which is opposed to IS, the jihadists received their instructions on Thursday to carry out an attack in an English speaking country. Part of the aim of sending militants to Europe and America to carry out attacks, is to try and sway public opinion in the West to stop coalition strikes against IS in Iraq and Syria.

Whether you like it or not, we are at war now.  It won’t be if, it is when we get our turn at the lone wolf gunman nothing to do with Islam event.   Read more »