Australia’s own home-grown alleged terrorist child of “moderate” parents

Radicalised online; I bet they will be telling us that he was a good boy too.

A 16-year-old Sydney boy was intercepted on an online chat site talking about obtaining a firearm and using it for a terror attack on Anzac Day, police allege.

Officers from the Joint Counter-Terrorism Team were forced to act with just hours’ notice on Sunday, raiding the boy’s home and arresting him in a street nearby just after 3pm.

Sources close to the investigation told Fairfax Media that the boy, who doesn’t attend school, has been on the counter-terrorism team’s radar for just over a year.

His association with one of the Operation Appleby targets, a young western Sydney extremist who is now in custody, meant police were monitoring him although he was not considered a “prime person of interest”.

Over the weekend police picked up on an online conversation between the boy and an offshore male in which the boy mentioned sourcing a gun and Anzac Day services.   Read more »

The point is, this 16-year-old isn’t a product of our culture – yet here he is

A 16-year-old boy in Sydney faces terrorism charges which police say is linked to Anzac Day commemorations.

He was arrested yesterday at his home in western Sydney by officers from the New South Wales Joint Counter Terrorism Team.

He was taken to Auburn Police Station, where he was charged with one count of preparing or planning a terrorist act, NSW Police has said in a statement.

The offence carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said JCTT officers were forced to act yesterday afternoon in order to ensure public safety.

“Clearly we have taken swift action to ensure community safety on the eve of a sacred day on the Australian calendar,” Commissioner Scipione said. Read more »


Je suis Jerusalem


Israel suffers terrorist attacks almost daily but have you ever seen a #Je Suis Jerusalem hashtag trending on twitter? When Europe and Australia and other countries suffer a terrorist attack it is headline news and people march in the street in support and light candles and place flowers.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, far left, was among the dozens of world leaders

World leaders get together and people talk in hushed tones about the terrible tragedy.Magazines compete to get access to the survivors offering them large sums of money so that they can get the inside scoop.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was there to support Paris after their terrorist attack but where is the support for Israel? Is it because the terrorism there is so common? Does the world seriously think that terrorism against Israeli citizens is in any way less terrifying and devastating than terrorism against any other group of citizens?

No one is going to be offering money to the mother whose daughter  was severely burned for her story. No world leaders are going to be linking arms and singing the Israeli National anthem. Instead the Israeli people will bury their dead and care for their wounded and continue to put up with the condemnation from the ignorant and the biased as they continue to defend their homeland from attacks both inside and outside of Israel.

A survivor of the Jerusalem bus bombing on Monday night recalled from her hospital bed how she searched for her teenage daughter in the immediate aftermath of the terror attack and found her “all burned.” Dadon, a resident of Jerusalem, was on the No. 12 bus with her 15-year-old daughter Eden on Monday afternoon when it exploded, injuring 21 people.

Two people were seriously hurt, including one in critical condition, and six were moderately injured, police and paramedics said.

…“Everything was dark and smoky, I looked for my daughter and she was all burned,” Dadon told the Ynet news website. “After the explosion I collapsed. Her face was all black, you couldn’t see her.”


Firefighters look on as two buses burn in Jerusalem. Police launched an investigation into the incident, April 18, 2016. (Israel Police)

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Thanks for letting us stay Germany, mind if we blow you up now?

Islamic State wants to carry out attacks in Germany and the security situation is “very serious”, the head of the country’s domestic intelligence agency says.

Hans-Georg Maassen told German newspaper Welt am Sonntag the group wanted to carry out attacks against Germany and German interests.

“At the moment we don’t have any knowledge of any concrete terrorist attack plans in Germany.”

He said Islamic State propaganda was aimed at encouraging supporters to take the initiative to stage attacks in Germany.

Maassen said there were several cases linking Germans returning from Syria to attack plans and warned that the danger posed by jihadists from Germany remained “virulent”.

He said the country had avoided a big attack so far thanks to the successful work of security authorities and luck such as a bomb detonator not working properly on one or two occasions.

Luck only gets you so far.   Read more »

Has Europe abolished itself?

Angela Merkel is being blamed for the demise of Europe:

A combination of Islamist terror and badly designed migration policy is going to destroy Europe, claims a Swiss member of parliament who said Angela Merkel and Islam are to blame.

The comments by Swiss People’s Party (SVP) member of parliament Roger Köppel are just the latest by a high profile European politician on the demise of the continent. His remarks, which appeared in his own Weltwoche daily newspaper could not have been clearer, when Mr. Köppel remarked on Europe’s growing instability: “The German refugee policy could trigger a new world war”.

Comparing the “megalomaniac, we can do it” mentality  of Angela Merkel and others to Europe on the eve of the First World War, the editorial foresaw a situation where millions of ordinary Europeans would pay dearly for a situation manufactured by their leaders. Those in charge would now, as then, not have to pay for their mistakes at all.

Writing in the newspaper of which he is editor-in-chief, the parliamentarian wrote: “The basic problem today is Islam… The attacks in Paris and Brussels are acute symptoms of an incorrect, sick immigration policy.” Criticising the infiltration of “death-seeking fanatics and madmen”, Mr. Köppel said “Islam endangers the survival of our civilisation”.

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Biting the hand that feeds them

For years the Saudis have been funding terror organisations, including Daesh.

Now they have bitten the hand that feeds them.

An improvised explosive device planted next to a police station south of the Saudi capital Riyadh killed one person, the Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement carried on state news agency SPA.

The ministry said at least three police cars were damaged in the explosion at a parking lot on Saturday night (local time) that killed an expatriate man, but gave no further details on who was behind the attack.   Read more »


Why Trump is succeeding: 2/3rds of Americans support torture

Reuters via Al Jazeera

Reuters via Al Jazeera

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they believe torture can be justified to extract information from those suspected of planning attacks, a survey released Wednesday found.

The March 22-28 online Reuters/Ipsos poll asked respondents if torture can be justified “against suspected terrorists to obtain information about terrorism”.

About 25 percent said it is “often” justified, while another 38 percent it is “sometimes” justified. Only 15 percent said torture should never be used.

The poll reflects an American public on edge after the massacre of 14 people in San Bernardino in December, and large-scale attacks in Europe in recent months – including a bombing claimed by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) last week that killed at least 32 people in Belgium. Read more »

“I don’t think people have grasped how significant these numbers are”

Some sobering data on terrorism has been released

terrorism expert Steven Emerson’s nonprofit Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) found that an average of nearly 30,000 people per year have been killed by terrorists since 2010, when terrorism’s death toll was 3,284. The study identifies two troubling trends: more attacks are happening, and they are deadlier than ever.

Emerson, the executive director of IPT, said,

“Everyone has known that terrorist attacks have generally been increasing yearly since 9/11. But the magnitude of the increase of the attacks surprised us, especially in the past five years. Even if you look back at the annual reports issued by the most senior analysts in the top five intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies, there is not one report that predicted or forecasted that we would likely see such a massive escalation of attacks.”

It’s out of control, and none of the Intelligence community predicted this.  Read more »

More Islamic terror against Christians

So much for peace and goodwill.

Another Islamic terror attack over night has killed Christian women and children celebrating Easter.

A suicide bomber has killed at least 65 people, mostly women and children, at a public park in the Pakistani city of Lahore, striking at the heart of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s political base of Punjab.

The blast happened in the parking area of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, a few metres away from children’s swings. More than 280 people were injured in the explosion, officials said.

Local police chief Haider Ashraf said the area was crowded with Christians celebrating the Easter holidays on Sunday (local time), and many families were leaving the park when the blast occurred.

A Taliban faction has claimed responsibility for the attack, saying Christians were the target.   

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Time to face facts on Islamic Terrorism

It is time to face facts on Islamic terrorism

How many more excuses are we going to make before we face the facts? How many more fifth-rate, sixth-form debates will we have to sit through? Why, whenever any act of Islamist terror is carried out on Western society do we race to ask all the wrong questions, all based on the central fallacy that this is somehow our own fault? We wring our hands and make excuses. And then we blame ourselves. “What did we do to make this happen?” we ask, time after time.

Unfortunately, there are always people on hand eager to feed our self-absorption and ignorance. “It is your foreign policy,” they say. Perhaps after Brussels people might question this response a little more searchingly. Aside from Bhutan, Belgium probably has the least interventionist foreign policy of any country in the world.

Other apologists answer that terrorists are moved to blow up trains and gun down people in cafes because they feel disenfranchised and ostracised, with few employment opportunities. This is particularly strange when you consider that there is record unemployment in Southern Europe right now and none of our cities has yet been visited by a jobless Catholic Italian modelling a suicide vest. It is about poverty, excuse-seekers say. Yet nobody from the most deprived estates of Glasgow has yet carried this idea to its illogical conclusion.

Indeed, people like to think that deprivation and radicalisation go hand in hand; they claim that the areas these young men are forced to live in aren’t nice enough and it makes them feel marginalised. Molenbeek in Belgium lacked “gentrification”, apparently, and this was a causal factor. If only we could only find them somewhere nice to live, they would find it easier to integrate.

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