Media focus on the unimportant, instead of the pressing issue of the day

In typical media fashion the focus was put on the unimportant instead of the pressing issue of the day in a recent article about British politician Boris Johnson. The purpose of the news conference was to discuss terrorism. During the discussions the US Secretary of State John Kerry asked a question about the things Boris has said in his past role as a journalist. The media of course made that small question and response the centerpiece of the article instead of focussing on the important stuff.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says it would take far too long for him to apologise for the “rich thesaurus” of rude comments and insults he has directed at world leaders and others over the years.

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Why do our leaders not see this as war?

I was watching Last Night of the Proms last night, and they started the performance with this:

As anthems go, La Marseillaise is definitely in the top 10.  Stirring stuff.  A haka in its own right.  It made me reflect on Nice, as it was, of course, the Proms’ tribute to the French.   And it struck me that we are a marvellous people.  Look at what can be done when we work together.  A stage full of people who are near the top of their game on each instrument, coming together; not to shine as individuals, but to work together towards a goal so much greater than themselves.   Read more »


Will Nice give Trump a bump?

There was much talk in the Washington beltway a couple of months ago that there were only two ways Donald Trump could win the Presidency in November.

Hillary Clinton having a heart attack or a terrorist attack.

Clinton’s looking the picture of health and is likely to last the distance and even though the beltway talk was about an attack in the United States, that’s not about to stop Trump from trumpeting his anti Muslim rhetoric as he did after last Friday’s truck attack in Nice.

It’s played right into his hands.

Within an hour of it Trump was swiping his smart phone, which in his hands is a bit of a misnomer, asking when will we learn and warning, it’s only going to get worse.

He was back on his bandwagon of closing the immigration gates to Muslims which to the great, frightened unwashed sounds good but in reality would be impossible to execute. How would you know what religion a person is when they cross the border, and if they were intent on sabotage, they’re hardly likely to declare their so called Islamic beliefs?

And the fact is that the vast majority of Muslims are God faring, law abiding people, tainted by a few DIY terrorists in their name. They’re do-it-yourself because many of them learn their hatred on the Internet and carry out their deadly attacks laying claim to some deeply held ideology when, if tested, would more than likely fall well short of any understanding of the Koran. Read more »

A wolf is a wolf is a wolf

Guest Post

Listening to politicians and the media turning themselves inside out trying to find the tiniest morsel of evidence that yet a another barbaric and heinous mass killing is not ISIS-related would be faintly funny in different circumstances.  As it is the contortions of avoidance they go through are juvenile to say the least and are, more precisely, downright insanely dangerous.

A wolf is a wolf whether he kills on his own or stays close to the pack.

Everything about Nice and Orlando screams Koran-inspired, Muslim-initiated, ISIS-backed, Imam-cheered murder.  It’s plainer than the nose on your face but our leaders and the MSM are determined to identify these and other mass killings as those of a deranged idiot uninfluenced by the rantings of the prophet. Before even the stench of drying blood has evaporated all sorts of presidents, prime ministers, commentators and editorials are running the “lone wolf” theme.

It’s strange really because, in the past, with such massacres that might have had even an inkling of a connection to something Christian or right-wing, the very opposite happened.  Any tenuous link was promoted gleefully.  Remember the Norway butcher Breivik, or earlier Timothy Veigh, even the Jim Jones mass suicides, the Planned Parenthood killings at Colorado Springs, the 1980 Munich murders – in each case the media and our political masters were labelling these as “right-wing” or “Christian fundamentalists” even before the whiff of cordite had dissipated.   Read more »


France is doomed

by Pete


[French] Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Friday morning that France would observe three days of national mourning, starting Saturday. Flags on government buildings will fly at half-staff.

“We would like to tell the French people that we will never give in,” Mr. Valls said outside the Élysée Palace, in Paris. “We will not give in to the terrorist threat. The times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism.”


He added: “France, once again, has been hit in its soul, on the 14th of July, our national day. They wanted to attack the unity of the French nation.”

France, he added, will remain “united and joined around its values.”

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“We are in a war with terrorists” – Nice terrorist update [WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES]


Information is starting to settle down a bit.  And it is all awful.

Here, the police are trying to stop the truck before it plows into the crowd

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Another day, another Islamic terror attack

Has anyone yet worked out that we are in a war?

Islamic State has mounted a terror attack in Bangladesh, targeting foreigners.

Gunmen shouting “Allahu Akbar” attacked an upscale cafe in the Bangladeshi capital, killing 20 people inside, before police stormed the building and rescued 13 hostages.

The attack, claimed by Islamic State, marks a major escalation in a campaign by Islamic militants over the past 18 months that had targeted mostly individuals advocating a secular or liberal approach in mostly Muslim Bangladesh.

Six gunmen were killed during the police operation and one was captured, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in a TV broadcast.

“Most of (the hostages) were killed mercilessly by sharp weapons last night,” before the siege began, Army Brigadier General Naim Asraf Chowdhury said.   Read more »


Turkeys vote for an early Christmas in Texas

In a move so poorly thought out that they may as well have painted  a bullseye on their foreheads, organisers of the Houston Pride celebration have declared their parade to be gun-free. They made this extraordinary decision less than two weeks after the slaughter at the Orlando gay nightclub. Their decision has served them up as defenceless targets to any would-be an Islamic terrorist. As we all know, terrorists are cowards and like their targets to be unarmed and defenceless. If terrorists do decide to take up their invitation to slaughter them like the incredibly naive turkeys they are, I hope that the other citizens of Texas observing the parade are able to defend them with their concealed  firearms.


As reported by Breitbart Texas, organizers have remained steadfast to their declaration that no one can carry firearms.

This decision comes less than two weeks after the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack at a gay nightclub which killed almost 50 people and wounded more than 50 more. This tragedy happened at another “gun-free zone.”

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Expect more ISIS prosecutions in New Zealand, says Waikato academic

Two Daesh sympathisers were convicted yesterday, and a university professor says we should expect more.

Waikato University law professor Alexander Gillespie said terrorism legislation did not apply because the men were not explicitly inciting anyone to violence or intending a bomb attack.

He suspected there would be more prosecutions to come.

“People need to be prepared that there’ll be more cases like this, that there is more support for radical extremists that we actually care to admit.

“It’s just that this is the first time that we’ve begun to see it quite clearly with regards to this kind of charge. I think where you find one you’ll find others.”

Federation of Islamic Associations president Hazim Arafeh condemned the men’s behaviour but said the videos and other IS material they had were not difficult to find.

“This material is provided on the internet, there’s nothing new about it. I sometimes from time to time come across it, unintentionally of course.

“But the problem is the behaviour that someone can develop upon watching this material. This is what could be a bit of concern. But so far I don’t think there is a great risk to the New Zealand society.”

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Arrests in suspected terrorist hit at the Belgium/Ireland Euro 2016 match


Three months after Islamist bombers killed 32 people in Brussels, police searched dozens of houses across the country and arrested 12 people the night before Belgium’s Euro 2016 game against Ireland on Saturday.

Nine of them were released after questioning but three Belgian nationals identified as 27-year-old Samir C., 40-year-old Moustapha B., and 29-year-old Jawad B., were charged with “having attempted to commit a terrorist murder and for participation in the activities of a terrorist group”, the federal prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

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