One of these countries is not like the other.

Both Australia and Sweden are democratic countries and both have recently addressed the issue of Australian and Swedish ISIS ‘ fighters ‘ returning to their countries.

ISIS fighters of course are not your ordinary soldiers who follow the rules of war.’ ISIS fighters’ is a euphemism for Islamic terrorist fanatics who take women and children as sex slaves, who behead and torture non-Muslims, Christians and homosexuals and who rape women and children. They even massacre their own ‘ fighters’ if they try to leave. Yes truly they are the scum of the earth best served by a bullet between the eyes.

Australia and Sweden do not share my view and their governments have come up with two very different approaches towards these disgusting specimens of humanity.

An image that sums up the Swedish Government's attitude towards Islamic terrorists

An image that sums up the Swedish Government’s attitude towards Islamic terrorists


The Swedish capital of Stockholm has released its new policy document for dealing with ISIS fighters returning to the city after having had their fill of rape and beheadings of civilians. At first blush it seems strange that such a document would be all of 9 pages.

I mean, “Shoot!” should only take up one page, even with a large font.

Oh well, let’s see how Stockholm intends to handle terrorist-trained and combat-hardened fanatics. Here are a few translated highlights to capture the gist of things:

Post-perspective: When a person wishes to leave a violent extremist grouping or coming home from combat overseas, it is crucial to provide customized inclusion efforts. Even then, it is important to have a local cooperation between various actors. Voluntary organizations can provide targeted support and advice. Even faith communities working with advice, but also psychosocial support.

When it comes to people who participated in combat there is likely to be great need of health efforts. Therefore, it is important to establish cooperation between social services, social psychiatry and drug units, as well as health centers and psychiatric services (trauma, PTSD, etc.)

When it comes to security, it is important that cooperation between social services, income support, employment and other efforts by the Labour Department, as well as assistance with job placement.
Finally, the accommodation issue is a prerequisite that must work. Therefore, cooperative housing companies needs to be included in the post-perspective.”

To summarize: The city of Stockholm will make it a priority to provide the returning ISIS fighters with housing, free health care (physical and mental) and full financial support, until they have received earmarked jobs. All this of course fast-tracked past the line of law-abiding immigrants and indigenous Swedes.

Since they now provide all the recruitment incentives for joining ISIS, the only thing missing is a city-run recruitment office. Oh, wait. That would the Employment Office, where it was recently revealed that tax-paid clerks were recruiting for ISIS. Sorry, my mistake!

Then it’s time to make proactive efforts to discourage radicalization. The solution, the city concludes, is to pour tax money into muslim organizations already in contact with the at-risk persons:

Support to associations and other stakeholders locally
There are examples of local actors which can contribute to efforts locally. For example, the Islamic Association and the mosque in Rinkeby-Kista has initiated education for interested parents and youths in the Järva area. It is very important to support such local initiatives. It is also important to involve local associations, some of which have contact with residents that the  authorities do not come into contact with.”

As journalist and blogger Per Gudmundson points out, the Islamic Association of Sweden is a remarkably poor choice for “fighting Jihad” since it is the Swedish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their official motto reads:

“Allah is our goal, the prophet is our leader, the quran is our law, Jihad is our way, and death for the honor of Allah is our greatest desire!”

Gudmundson notes that they are in active combat in Syria at the moment, in coalition with Jabhat al-Nusrah which is a branch of al-Qaida.




Dual nationals who join terrorist groups will be stripped of their Australian citizenship under new laws expected to go before parliament this week.

The legislation will extend an existing power that lets the government take the citizenship off people who fight with foreign armies against Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott says.

“People who are fighting with terrorist groups overseas or who are engaged in terrorist activities here in Australia are effectively taking up arms against us,” Mr Abbott told reporters in Brisbane on Sunday.

“It’s very hard to imagine that we should allow to remain in the bosom of our country people who are trying to destroy us.” The measure could lead to second-generation Australians losing their status if they are also citizens of their parents’ birth country.

…Opposition Leader Bill Shorten wants to see details of the legislation before committing Labor to a position, although he noted the party was inclined to support the government on counter-terrorism matters.


The total and utter appeasement of these war criminals by the Swedish government is sick. These men have committed terrible crimes against humanity and they are rewarded for their evil with FREE everything.

Australia has the right idea. You do not reward evil you punish it. I would have thought that was basic common sense but apparently in Sweden, common sense is not very common. As for New Zealand there is no need to die waiting to find out what our government’s stance is. John Key does not agree with Australia so we can look forward to ISIS  terrorists and their supporters living amongst us, planning terrorist attacks on our home soil and ‘ radicalising ‘ other New Zealanders.

If you thought a conservative government would protect us you would be wrong. Then again, National is Labour light.Then again even the Labour Party Leader in Australia supports the anti terrorism legislation put forward by Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government. Our fellow ANZACs can see the danger. It is time all our political parties took off their politically correct blinkers and did what they are paid to do.

Protect New Zealand.

Religion of Peace threatens to kill 17 year old over Charlie Hebdo tribute


Teachers and students at a French school have rallied in support of a pupil who has received death threats for publishing a tribute to satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The student, 17-year-old Louis, published a special edition of the school paper in January after Islamists went on a killing spree on the streets of Paris that left 17 people dead.

Two of them stormed the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo killing 12 people, including journalists and police officers, and sparking a global outpouring in support of free speech.

The school paper edition – titled “Je Suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”) after the slogan that went viral following the attack – included poems, opinion pieces and drawings.

It did not include any of the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed published by Charlie Hebdo that had angered the Islamists.

“It was a tribute to the 17 victims without discrimination — for Jews, journalists, police officers,” Louis, whose surname was not given, said.

Police have opened an inquiry into the death threats against the student, including seven letters in total, two of which contained bullets.

The last one at the beginning of May “seemed like an ultimatum”, Louis said. Read more »

Are grumpy old men the best way to fight Islam?

There is a meme doing the rounds purporting to be some bloke complaining about not being able to join the army at age 62. It is quite funny

I am over 60 and the Armed Forces thinks I’m too old to track down terrorists.
You can’t be older than 42 to join the military. They’ve got the whole thing ass-backwards.

Instead of sending 18-year olds off to fight, they ought to take us old guys. You shouldn’t be able to join a military unit until you’re at least 35.
For starters, researchers say 18year-olds think about sex every 10 seconds.

Old guys only think about sex a couple of times a day, leaving us more than 28,000 additional seconds per day to concentrate on the enemy.

Young guys haven’t lived long enough to be cranky, and a cranky soldier is a dangerous soldier. ‘My back hurts! I can’t sleep, I’m tired and hungry.’

We are impatient and maybe letting us kill some a**hole that desperately deserves it will
make us feel better and shut us up for awhile..

An 18-year-old doesn’t even like to get up before 10am.
Old guys always get up early to pee, so what the hell?

Besides, like I said, I’m tired and can’t sleep and since I’m already up, I may as well be up killing some fanatical son-of-a-*****.   

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Have you worked out we are in a war yet?


People think that ISIS isn’t a threat and neither is Islam.

It is over there, a long way away and out of sight is out of mind.

But you really need to open your bloody eyes.

Flouting their terror credentials, with Rome’s Colosseum as the backdrop, ISIS supporters have posted photos purporting to show they are already in Europe and counting down ‘till the zero hour’.

The alarming images, published on Twitter, have emerged as Libyan intelligence claims that the Islamic State are exploiting the Mediterranean refugee emergency to send its fighters into the heart of Europe.   Read more »

Face of the day

Art Barrios

Art Barrios is city planning commissioner for the town of El Monte in California.

Today’s face of the day is faced with losing his job because of making a comment on a facebook post from the website LouderWithCrowder.com  As we have seen over and over again in the Media he has been backed into a corner and forced to make an apology for exercising his Freedom of Speech. His crime? ‘ Offending ‘  an organisation with suspected ties to Islamic terrorism that is a powerful lobby group in America.

If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you cannot criticize.”

-Pamela Geller

Yet again we are faced with the irony of an Islamic organisation that believes that we Infidels are inferior and should submit to Islam ( an offensive, hateful and bigoted world view ) claiming that someone that criticises Islam should lose their job for being hateful and a bigot.

Yet again we see the Media portraying the critics of Islam as the bad guys and Islam as the poor innocent victim who needs to be protected from hurtful words at the the expense of Free Speech and a man’s job.


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Andrew Little playing fast and loose with our safety

I think John Key needs to conduct remedial SIS briefings for Andrew Little.

He also needs to look a bit further that the NZ Herald for his information sources, and in particular read Australian news outlets where a Mother’s Day massacre by Islamic terrorists has just been thwarted.

Right now he is falling into the “Clark Trap”, thinking and believing that we living in an “incredibly benign strategic environment”.

New Zealand doesn’t need to be worried about terror threats, despite a number of foiled plots across the Tasman recently.

Labour leader Andrew Little says our authorities are just as competent as their Australian counterparts, and argues we don’t face the same challenges.

“Some of those communities come out to Australia and bring those tensions with them. We don’t have the same problems here. Our security threat is pretty low so I don’t think we have to be too concerned about it.”

He’s attributing that to New Zealand’s different makeup of migrant communities.

“The Australian population is more diverse and has a different makeup to New Zealand in terms of other ethnicities, in particular the Middle East and Muslim countries and other parts of the world.”    Read more »

Let me guess…Lone wolves?

Islamic terrorists have attacked an art exhibition and been shot and killed in the process.

No doubt these Islamic gunmen will be described as lone wolf attackers…and the art exhibition organisers will be blamed for the attack.

[T]wo men were shot and killed outside a provocative contest for cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.

The event took place at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland.

The two suspects drove up and opened fire near the center hitting a Garland ISD officer. Garland Police shot and killed the two men.

Multiple SWAT teams and an FBI bomb squad were searching the suspects’ vehicle for bombs.

“Because of the situation and what was going on today and the history of what we’ve been told has happened at other events like this, we’re considering their car as possibly having a bomb,” said Garland police officer Joe Harn.

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Drone on the Whitehouse lawn. Drone on Japanese PM’s roof. This will only get worse

A drone marked with the radioactive sign and equipped with a camera, flare and water bottle, was found on the roof of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Tokyo office. A police investigation is underway.

A group of ministry officials and security could be seen huddled around the UAV on the rooftop, as it was covered by a blue tarpaulin. Footage from broadcaster NHK first showed a device with four propellers, which was about 50cm wide.

Very low levels of radioactive cesium emanate from the drone, but are too low to cause any real harm to humans.

The contents of the bottle attached to the machine have not been disclosed.

The ability for a civilian to pilot these craft into any sort of location with a serious payload is pretty much unlimited.    Read more »

Another Lone Wolf gunman foiled that has nothing to do with Islam

An Islamic extremist with an arsenal of heavy weapons planned an imminent attack on one or more French churches, France’s top security official said Wednesday, announcing the arrest of the man who is also accused in the death of a young mother.

The 24-year-old computer science student was flagged as a risk by security officials last year, said Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

A French security official, who was not authorized to publicly release details of the arrest, said the suspect — an Algerian who had lived in France for several years — was arrested Sunday after he apparently shot himself by accident and called for an ambulance. Police who arrived at the scene found a blood trail leading to his car, with loaded guns and notes about potential targets inside.

In the man’s apartment, in southeastern Paris, more weapons were found as well as evidence of ties to Islamic extremism, the official said. There was no immediate evidence that the suspect had direct ties to any organized groups, the official said.

That’s right.  Because we all have this inner desire to collect loaded guns and make plans for blowing up churches.

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They are winning the battle but not the war


I went into battle today with my six foot five son at my side. As I limped down the battle field ( I had my varicose veins lazered recently ) I followed my usual routine. I scanned the supermarket shelves and made my choice based on the cost per 100 grams. Sometimes I asked my son to read the labels as I didn’t have my reading glasses with me. We happily discussed sodium and fat content while making a decision on which peanut butter brand to buy and slowly but surely our shopping basket began to fill up.

On my list were two products that my daughter had requested. Corn thins and Rice cakes. I had put both into my basket when my son scanned the ingredients and told me that the rice cakes had the Halal symbol on them. Did this mean that the rice cakes had been slaughtered according to Islamic doctrine? Were the rice cakes facing Mecca when they died? Are rice cakes mentioned in the Koran? Are Muslims forbidden from eating rice cakes unless a special tax is paid to one of their organisations so that they can have this special symbol on the packaging?

What ever the answer is I no longer wanted the rice cakes. I replaced them with another packet of the corn thins. I resent being turned into a Dhimmi in my own democratic non Islamic country. I resent paying a tax for something that is basically an extortion racket. Without firing a shot Islam has turned every one of us Infidel, Kafirs into Dhimmis. They are making money off us with the Halal certification racket. We are not talking about meat slaughtered to Islamic specifications here, we are talking about toothpaste, cat food, rice cakes as well as non food items such as personal care products, cosmetics and even medicine.

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