Drone on the Whitehouse lawn. Drone on Japanese PM’s roof. This will only get worse

A drone marked with the radioactive sign and equipped with a camera, flare and water bottle, was found on the roof of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Tokyo office. A police investigation is underway.

A group of ministry officials and security could be seen huddled around the UAV on the rooftop, as it was covered by a blue tarpaulin. Footage from broadcaster NHK first showed a device with four propellers, which was about 50cm wide.

Very low levels of radioactive cesium emanate from the drone, but are too low to cause any real harm to humans.

The contents of the bottle attached to the machine have not been disclosed.

The ability for a civilian to pilot these craft into any sort of location with a serious payload is pretty much unlimited.    Read more »

Another Lone Wolf gunman foiled that has nothing to do with Islam

An Islamic extremist with an arsenal of heavy weapons planned an imminent attack on one or more French churches, France’s top security official said Wednesday, announcing the arrest of the man who is also accused in the death of a young mother.

The 24-year-old computer science student was flagged as a risk by security officials last year, said Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

A French security official, who was not authorized to publicly release details of the arrest, said the suspect — an Algerian who had lived in France for several years — was arrested Sunday after he apparently shot himself by accident and called for an ambulance. Police who arrived at the scene found a blood trail leading to his car, with loaded guns and notes about potential targets inside.

In the man’s apartment, in southeastern Paris, more weapons were found as well as evidence of ties to Islamic extremism, the official said. There was no immediate evidence that the suspect had direct ties to any organized groups, the official said.

That’s right.  Because we all have this inner desire to collect loaded guns and make plans for blowing up churches.

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They are winning the battle but not the war


I went into battle today with my six foot five son at my side. As I limped down the battle field ( I had my varicose veins lazered recently ) I followed my usual routine. I scanned the supermarket shelves and made my choice based on the cost per 100 grams. Sometimes I asked my son to read the labels as I didn’t have my reading glasses with me. We happily discussed sodium and fat content while making a decision on which peanut butter brand to buy and slowly but surely our shopping basket began to fill up.

On my list were two products that my daughter had requested. Corn thins and Rice cakes. I had put both into my basket when my son scanned the ingredients and told me that the rice cakes had the Halal symbol on them. Did this mean that the rice cakes had been slaughtered according to Islamic doctrine? Were the rice cakes facing Mecca when they died? Are rice cakes mentioned in the Koran? Are Muslims forbidden from eating rice cakes unless a special tax is paid to one of their organisations so that they can have this special symbol on the packaging?

What ever the answer is I no longer wanted the rice cakes. I replaced them with another packet of the corn thins. I resent being turned into a Dhimmi in my own democratic non Islamic country. I resent paying a tax for something that is basically an extortion racket. Without firing a shot Islam has turned every one of us Infidel, Kafirs into Dhimmis. They are making money off us with the Halal certification racket. We are not talking about meat slaughtered to Islamic specifications here, we are talking about toothpaste, cat food, rice cakes as well as non food items such as personal care products, cosmetics and even medicine.

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Sledge of the Day

Ted Cruz on Obama’s lack of interest in dealing with Islamic terrorism.

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Australian Anzac terror plot


Prime Minister Tony Abbott has urged his fellow-Australians not to be deterred by the alleged terror plot in Melbourne.

Teams executed a number of warrants in the city’s southeast early this morning and say the men, aged 18 and 19, were planning to target police officers.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Neil Patton says people shouldn’t feel scared. Read more »

Yeah, helping Iran so they can give even more money to Hamas is a really good idea

The Obama Administration is working tirelessly to undermine Israel and to promote the interests of Iran through their shonky deal.

All the while Iran has plenty of millions to throw the way of Hamas to help them re-arm after last years attacks from Gaza on Israel.

Iran has sent Hamas’s military wing tens of millions of dollars to help it rebuild the network of tunnels in Gaza destroyed by Israel’s invasion last summer, intelligence sources have told The Sunday Telegraph.

It is also funding new missile supplies to replenish stocks used to bombard residential neighbourhoods in Israel during the war, code-named Operation Protective Edge by Israel.

The renewed funding is a sign that the two old allies are putting behind them a rift caused by the conflict in Syria, where Shia Iran is backing President Bashar al-Assad against Hamas’s mainly Sunni allies.

Iran has sponsored Hamas’s military operations for years, despite the contradiction that Hamas is part of the worldwide, Sunni-supremacist Muslim Brotherhood, while Iran is Shia.

Hamas’s leader, Khaled Meshaal, who left Damascus for Qatar after falling out with the Assad regime, has often fought with Hamas’s military wing over the strength of the Iranian connection.

However, with the Sunni Arab world joining forces against Iran, led by Saudi Arabia and President Abdelfattah el-Sisi of Egypt, who are both hostile to Hamas, the Palestinian militant group has been left little option but to accept the Iranian largesse.   Read more »

ISIS destroys tonnes of food aid


You really have to wonder at the thought processes of people like Rachel Smalley and the Labour party who say we should be helping the people of Syria, not sending troops to put the ISIS scumbags into the ground.

Then you read about how ISIS has destroyed tonnes of food aid destined for relief camps in food starved Syria.

Images have emerged online that purportedly depict members of the Islamic State—also known as ISIS, ISIL, or IS—destroying hundreds of boxes of food intended for civilians.

Released by Halab, or “the information office of the mandate of Aleppo,” the picturesfeature boxes of chicken leg quarters produced by Illinois-based Koch Foods, one of the largest poultry producers in the United States.

The boxes are labeled as halal, and say that the chicken was “slaughtered according to Islamic rules.” The text on the images, however, notes that the chickens were destroyed because they were slaughtered “illegally.” According to The Independent, the boxes were part of a shipment of vegetables, fruit, and chicken intended for civilians that was stopped by IS security forces at a checkpoint outside Aleppo.    Read more »

An ordinary Australian shares their Protest experience.

This is not the work of a journalist reporting on the Reclaim Australia Rally held yesterday. This is taken from facebook and is one woman’s personal experience. I think it should be shared more widely as Australia is only a little ahead of us with their problems to do with terrorism and with Islam. The day will come when we in New Zealand experience our Lindt Cafe moment and we will be looking to Australia for guidance.

Reading this made me reflect on the fact that activists and protestors generally come from the liberal side of the political spectrum. The threat of Islam is turning people from all political persuasions, cultures, races and religions into activists. The fact that these ordinary Australians turned up in the pouring rain to this rally is an indication of how deeply they are worried. These are not your usual rent a mob protesting against the latest fashionable cause, these are people fighting for the very future of their country, culture and democracy.


-Photo facebook


Reclaim Australia Rally SYDNEY – 4th April 2015

As always, I can only write this post from my perspective and how I saw the event unfold. I will write from personal experience at the event as accurately and truthfully as I possibly can. I apologise in advance for this being ‘long-winded’ but its the only way to make sure I cover as much as possible.

I, along with three others arrived in Martin Place at about 9:15am. The weather – abominable. It had been teeming rain since Friday afternoon. We parked the car and walked about 7 minutes to Martin Place. In that time alone I was fairly soaked. We had parked in Philip Lane, walked onto Philip Street, along Elizabeth Street before coming to a stand still at the entrance to Martin Place Station. And there it was. The Lindt Cafe. It took only microseconds for the images of last December to come flashing back. The horror of that day and all that unfolded. And here I was, suddenly standing in front of the building where two Australians lost their lives under the banner of Islam. If I had had any doubts leading up to this event as to why I was here, then standing before the Lindt Cafe was all it took to remove those doubts and erase them forever.

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Why it is ill-conceived to for Obama to deal with Iran

The Obama administration is bending over backwards to assist Iran.

It is madness, especially when senior officials in Iran hold the view that the total annihilation of Israel is a non-negotiable point.

And it isn’t just a nobody either, Mohammad Reza Naqdi is the chief of the Basji Militia of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and it is his declaration that “erasing Israel off the map” is “nonnegotiable.”

He also threatened Saudi Arabia for its campaign against the Iran-backed rebels in Yemen. The Saudis for their part have warned Naqdi, would share the “fate of Saddam Hussein.”

The commander of the Basij militia of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said that “erasing Israel off the map” is “nonnegotiable,” according to an Israel Radio report Tuesday.

Militia chief Mohammad Reza Naqdi also threatened Saudi Arabia, saying that the offensive it is leading in Yemen “will have a fate like the fate of Saddam Hussein.”

Naqdi’s comments were made public as Iran and six world powers prepared Tuesday to issue a general statement agreeing to continue nuclear negotiations in a new phase aimed at reaching a comprehensive accord by the end of June.    Read more »

Amnesty International: Hamas committed war crimes as well

No surprises here other than it is Amnesty International who has recognised that Hamas committed war crimes during last year’s Gaza war.

Amnesty International has published a damning report on Hamas’s conduct during last summer’s Gaza war, accusing it and other Palestinian armed groups of committing “war crimes” by firing rockets and mortars into Israel.

The report, released today, is the first by the human rights group to target Hamas after a series of publications accusing Israel of waging attacks that constituted war crimes.

Six civilians were killed in Israel by rocket and mortar attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza during the 50-day conflict in which 66 Israeli soldiers also died. Some 2,250 Palestinians were killed, at least 1,585 of them civilians, according to the United Nations.

Both sides must be held accountable, Amnesty says. “The violations by Palestinian groups, some of which are war crimes, do not in any way justify violations by Israeli forces; nor do Israeli violations justify those of Palestinian armed groups,” the report says.    Read more »