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If political blogs were dogs

If New Zealand’s political blogs were dogs which dogs would they be?

Kiwi blog has always been a loyal National blog and David Farrar has always been a polite voice of reason so I think a British Bulldog would be a good fit. On the other hand, he is also a travel and fitness blogger so perhaps a greyhound would be more suitable?

Is Kiwi Blog (A) A British bulldog?

Is Kiwi Blog (B) A greyhound?

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Union bovver boy appointed as Little’s chief of staff

Andrew Little has appointed a former EPMU bovver boy as his new Chief of Staff.

Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little has today appointed Neale Jones as Chief of Staff and Mike Jaspers as Chief Press Secretary.

Neale Jones presently works in the Leader’s Office as Political Director.

Mike Jaspers currently works for New Zealand Rugby in a senior communications role. He previously worked for Sir Michael Cullen as press secretary and before that worked in the Parliamentary Press Gallery for TVNZ.

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Left-wing blog post won’t say the I word

I was fascinated to come across an article critical of religion on a NZ left-wing blog site. NZ left-wing blogs have been consistently critical of Christianity and God and supportive of secularism and atheism yet, at the same time, apologists for Islam and Allah. The article proposed banning all religions but both it and the comments only acknowledged Christianity. Not one person was prepared to utter the I word.

I’m a little worried about God.

Not only does God not exist, the reasons for needing him to exist are fast fading. The human race is approaching the end of its adolescent years and is heading for maturity.

…Clearly, the world’s population is still mostly religious. But the countries where citizens are happiest are, for the most part, agnostic and social democratic. The Nordic example is where the world should be heading as a next step.

Given that there is no God and no  is reason for there to be a God, what do we do about religion? Should we remain tolerant of the unfounded beliefs of the billions of adherents? Should we continue to parse individual religions, identifying some strains of faith as being acceptable, while decrying other, more militant, sects?

I think it’s time to end religion.

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Ben Rachinger and the dirty Mediaworks tag team


As news is generated about Ben Rachinger, media cover it.  In fact, last court appearance, there were camera crews from TVNZ, Sky News (I believe) and TV3.

That’s all normal and fine.

But what happens when a news organisation starts to champion one specific individual’s case against another?  What if they are actively interfering in the court case?   What if they fund a media lawyer when their protagonist is self represented? Read more »

Let’s have a peek at moderation quality elsewhere

I have put together a snapshot of comments made on New Zealand political blogs, MSM websites and one Facebook page. These are the kind of comments that would be moderated out of our blog as they contain foul language. If a blog or media outlet cannot afford to have a full-time moderator they can automatically prevent comments from going live if they contain any foul language. Disqus offers this feature. Admittedly, automatic moderation is more difficult on Facebook pages but the National party managed to work out how to do it on their Facebook page so we know it can be done.

Is it unrealistic to expect high standards from social media if it is affiliated with a professional media organisation? More to the point, should other New Zealand political blogs moderate out foul language, given that it is very easy to do so automatically using a comments system like Disqus?

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The misogyny and nastiness of the left exposed again

Andrew Little has victim blamed for the increasing tone of political violence:

Labour leader Andrew Little said the threats against ministers were “ugly” and “had no place” in New Zealand’s political debate.

It was “hard to gauge” whether treatment of MPs was getting worse, he said. But he had observed a “palpable sense of anger” from voters which was not present a year ago.

“I think there is a lot of frustration and anger. People see a Government that looks increasingly arrogant, it’s smug and out of touch… and they are feeling frustrated.”

As you can see he thinks it is all Paula Bennett’s fault…and the rest of the National government.

When leaders set the tone like that then it doesn’t take long for supporters to follow suit.   Read more »

“Dirty tricks and dirty politics in Dunedin South” – Clare Curran

Oh this is delicious.  Labour MP Clare Curran is accusing The Standard author Tat Loo of playing “dirty politics”.

Richard Harman reports

The Anderson’s bay branch of the [Labour] party has said it is going into recess.

Its organiser, Tat Loo, who writes under the pseudonym “Colonel Viper’ on the left wing blog site, “The Standard”. Said “Labour as an organization is failing ordinary Kiwis both locally in Dunedin and centrally in Wellington on many different levels and it shows every sign of continuing on that track.

“We want no part of propping up the Thorndon Bubble careerist ‘pretend and extend’ set any further and will be moving on to new political projects.”

But party president, Nigel Haworth, said the move was “really quite inconsequential”.

He said it was a minor perturbation.

“It’s certainly nothing to lose any sleep over at all.”

There are major sections of the left, a lot of them frequent lefty blogs, that believe a Corbyn-like shift to the left is the only way for Labour to regain its integrity and to take back the treasury benches.

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Someone on the Standard gets it

The Standard has had a crack about “Dodgy Unions“.

They mostly miss the point but one commenter, My good friend and sock puppet Mike Bond, gets it.

I am not surprised to read these comments here. Lets all take a shot at Slater! But if we must be honest, is it not really the truth what he is saying? We allow the unions to have a say who is going to be Labours leader and I assume they do have an influence over the direction the party moves in. Why then do they not finance more of the party?

The Standard has attacked Dodgy Unions, shooting the messenger and not even bothering with the message.    Read more »

Left Wing Blogs don’t do Dirty Politics do they?

One of the biggest scams in the Dirty Politics book was its claim that only National works with bloggers.

Nicky Hager even went as far as to say that there is no left wing equivalent of Whaleoil. It is certainly true  that no Left wing blog is as well read or as popular as Whaleoil but the statement that only National work with bloggers is pure fantasy.

I do not have access to behind the scenes communications as I do not work with criminal hackers like Nicky Hager did but a quick search of both The Standard and The Daily Blog revealed the following:

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 6.00.35 pm

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The delusions of the left

This is the headline at The Standard:


Labour have been running that line since…well…forever.

Helen Clark ran it as she tried to create the premise that Labour was the natural party of government and Kings (or Queens) of MMP…until she found out one cold wet rainy night in 2008 that they weren’t and National did indeed have coalition partners.

At various times Labour and their proxies have made this claim. When ACT goes through its troubles…National losing its coalition partners. Any time there is a tiff with the Maori party…coalition partners for National looking thin.

And yet here we are after 2008, 2011, and 2014 election wins, all with coalition partners.   Read more »