Do people like this have a place in politics?

A high-profile political figure has won the right to keep details of his divorce secret after a judge ruled he was a “vulnerable person”.

His messy divorce case included allegations of espionage, infidelity, dognapping, theft, the involvement of three Queen’s Counsel, and a disputed allegation the man grabbed or touched his wife’s neck, tried to kick in the door of their home and shouted abuse at her.

The couple were involved in a protracted legal battle through the Family Court. The ex-wife has sought the right to speak publicly and to her friends about the break-up, but the husband has fought to keep the dispute secret.

How can anyone be a high profile political figure and at the same time “vulnerable”.

If you enter politics, you get to make judgements about other people.  You get to influence policy.  You get to make decisions over the careers, lives and families.  This person, at the very least, should have no say or influence over many political policy areas.

But how can we make sure someone that kicks in the door and “grabbed or touched” his wife’s neck is kept well away? ¬†Why the code of silence?

It seems to be an upside-down situation to have someone who has alleged involvement in espionage and theft in a high profile position in a political party be protected from public scrutiny and the public’s judgement as to this person’s suitability. ¬† Read more »

Stealing is fine, as long as you mean well

Cate Broughton reports on a theft:

A Loburn woman who stole a husky dog from Queenstown has not been prosecuted.

The woman, whom police say had good intentions, has been given a pre-charge warning after the incident.

But owner Ryan Watt says the decision is a “joke”.

“Getting a slap on the wrist just tells people, ‚Äėgo on, help yourself’,” he said.

The woman had been holidaying in Queenstown and says she was concerned the dog, named Wolf, spent his days chained to a small kennel. She also said his coat was so matted he was unable to lift his leg properly.

“We have never done anything like this before,” she said.

“We acted on impulse, taking the law into our own hands, and we understand that it wasn’t the right thing to do, but a dog needs a lot more than simply food, water and shelter.”

What do the Police think about this? ¬† Read more »


I knew nuffink, I was just providing storage…bullshit

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

This is the standard defence of Kim Dotcom¬†from his apologists and publicists and biographers…it goes something like this.

He is not storing the files, he is providing space with a set of rules to be used. The users of that space have a choice to follow the rules or not and store legitimate data or store illegal files etc.

He receives take down notices and acts on them. What else is he supposed to do?

Would you like Google to shut down as well?

Followed by this:

What do you mean by theft and copyright infringement? Do you also wish for the owners of YouTube to be lynched for providing a medium of copyright infringement? Or are you referring to the false accusations of years ago? About the trial that the US has delayed numerous times, assumingly because they have no real evidence against him after illegally stealing his property under no warrant after bribing Key? Again, I can tell your hearts are in the right place, but your government is the true enemy of the people. NZ, US, wherever. They’re all tyrannies, US especially. ¬† Read more »


Stop grabbing the Queen’s nuts

This is too funny for words.

Well, actually, it’s funny enough for words

The Queen was ‚Äúfurious‚ÄĚ after royal protection officers helped themselves to Bombay mix and nuts left out for her around Buckingham Palace, a court heard today.

Palace officials sent a memo to royal protection officers warning them to ‚Äúkeep their sticky fingers out‚ÄĚ, after Her Majesty noticed the snacks were disappearing, jurors at the Old Bailey were told.

The Queen became so incensed that she even began marking the bowls to check if the levels were dropping, it was suggested.

Imagine that. ¬†Someone as rich and powerful as that, and she keeps having ¬†her nuts pilfered by the Fuzz. ¬† Read more »


Kim Dotcom assists in solving the Booker Prize novel distribution problems

Taking out the Booker Prize for Literature is an amazing feat.  It is like a Nobel Prize, a Rugby World Championship and an Olympic gold medal all in one.

So well done, Eleanor Catton, who won the Booker Prize for her epic novel The Luminaries.

As expected, winning the Prize has made getting hold of a copy of the book rather difficult.  Library waiting  lists are into the hundreds, and book shops have sold all their advanced copies.

Living in an electronic world, my immediate reaction was “Surely there isn’t a shortage of the book delivered for the Kindle, or other e-book reader?”.

A quick search of proved that not only was the electronic version easy to get hold of, after taking the exchange rate into account, it was also cheaper and provides you essentially immediate access.  No need to pre-order, or go on a long waiting list.

Next I wondered if the book had managed to make itself to the hands of those people that remove the encryption and digital rights management. ¬†A bit of poking around the Internet, and it turns out it can already be obtained for free. ¬†Instant download. ¬† Read more »

NZ‚Äôs dodgiest LBP Nominee ‚Äď Daniel Wright

Chrischurch ratbag Daniel Wright

Christchurch ratbag Daniel Wright

The tip line continues to fill with nominations for NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body politician.

One of today’s nominations is Daniel Wright from Christchurch, who is putting up his hand to be for the¬†Christchurch City Council – Shirley-Papanui Community Board.

His candidate profile sounds wonderful, but I do wonder why the ratbag left out this bit of his life:

No reparation order could be made when a retail manager who stole $20,000 from the shop he worked at, was sentenced to home detention and community work.

Judge Tony Couch was told at the Christchurch District Court sentencing that Daniel James Wright was going through the ‚Äúno asset procedure‚ÄĚ at Insolvency New Zealand.

The reparation report prepared for the sentencing judge showed that his financial situation meant he had no funds to repay his former employer.

Defence counsel April Kelland said the conviction for theft by a person in a special relationship, which Wright had admitted, meant he could not go back to the management positions he had previously held.¬† Read more »

Porn, assault, pants down, inappropriate touching, stealing lunches but hey they were all registered

Check out this list of the depraved, sick and evil…who were all registered teachers.

When is the opposition going to give up the pretence that teacher registration will protect the children?

First up a teacher who viewed pornography and showed it to his class gets a slap on the peepee with a wet shoelace then retains his registration!

A teacher has lost his job after mistakenly broadcasting pornography to his classroom.

In a decision published yesterday, the Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal censured the unnamed teacher for the few seconds of adult content he broadcast in November 2011, but stopped short of cancelling his registration.

The man himself was so shocked after the clip that he simply continued to teach the year 12 class without mentioning the offending material.

After pupils raised the porn clip with their student counsellor, the teacher immediately confessed and resigned.

The mistake occurred after he viewed the pornography at home on his personal work laptop.

He was streaming a PowerPoint presentation from his laptop on to the school smartboard when it switched over to the next file, which happened to be pornographic.

The man was deeply remorseful for his actions and told the tribunal he had not viewed pornography since.

He has been allowed to continue to practise as a teacher, although not at the affected school, and must disclose the incident to any future employer. ¬† Read more »

I bet she was registered

Oh look…another registered teacher before the courts…

A Hawke’s Bay teacher with a previous conviction of aggravated robbery admitted further offending yesterday, when she pleaded guilty in Hastings District Court to a charge of theft.

Amanda Jane Scott, 42, a teacher at Heretaunga Intermediate, pleaded guilty to stealing a pair of sunglasses and was fined $300 by Judge Bridget Mackintosh.

It is understood Scott was the getaway driver for a bank robbery in 1991. At the age of 22 she was jailed in Christchurch Prison for three years.¬† Read more »

Dodgy ALP ratbag facing 19 more charges

The former Labor party ratbag Craig Thomson is facing yet more fraud and theft charges. I’ll say this though, he has more cheek than a fat man’s bum to still continue as an MP.

Former Federal Labor MP Craig Thomson – accused of using a Health Services Union credit card to pay for prostitutes – has appeared in court today to face 19 fresh charges.

Mr Thomson, 48, who last week announced he would stand as an independent for his NSW seat of Dobell at the September federal election after being suspended by the Labor Party, appeared briefly in the Melbourne Magistrates Court charged with a total of 173 fraud and theft offences.¬† Read more »

I bet she is registe… it’s a never-ending stream

Stuff reports

A school deputy principal who pawned a school laptop to fuel her gambling addiction has been censured by the Teachers Council.

The intermediate school teacher, who was not named in the decision, blamed her gambling addiction and grief over the death of her father for the 2008 theft.

The unidentified school did not know she had pawned off the laptop for money until two years later when she was asked to return it for IT purposes.

She then lied to her principal, saying the laptop had been stolen from her car.

Gambling, stealing, lying to an employer about theft and gambling, it’s another high quality teacher protected by the PPTA and the Teachers Council to continue her gambling fueled rampage. ¬† Read more »