The difference of being a tourist in France vs Italy

And to think Labour and the unions didn’t want the movies here

I wonder if Helen Kelly or the political branch of the CTU would care to comment, that is the ones that aren’t holidaying after being back at work for two weeks.

The Hobbit movies have injected a massive boost into tourism.

Middle-earth marketing of New Zealand has spurred on “remarkable” growth in overseas tourism, new research says.

A report just released by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) found that Hobbit-inspired marketing of New Zealand attractions had helped push the growth of the tourism industry beyond any projections.¬† Read more »

Do “it” for Denmark

This is funny, but it also exposed a real problem:  Denmark is like a retirement village

Those goddamn Hobbit movies – keeping too many Kiwis employed & regional economies vibrant

The opposition parties objected tot he making of the Hobbit in NZ, the unions tried to stop after being hijacked by Aussie union bosses.

The movies however continue to deliver, keeping Kiwis employed and regional economies vibrant.

The lure of Middle-earth is helping sway increasing numbers of tourists to make the long journey to New Zealand.

Visitor arrivals in February were the highest ever for the month, Statistics New Zealand said on Friday, with the 301,200 visitors being about seven per cent more than February 2013.

Although arrivals from China and Hong Kong were down due to the earlier Chinese New Year, there were more from Australia, the United States and Germany.

The 2.77 million visitors who arrived in the year ended February was also up about seven per cent.¬† Read more »

Hit’s ya right in the awwwww

The good news keeps on rolling, this time it is tourism

Thjs news won;t make the Labour party party happy as they want to trash talk the New Zealand economy, and john Key.

He is the tourism minister so can rightly claim this piece of good news.

A record 2.7 million overseas visitors touched down in New Zealand last year, providing a shot in the arm for retailers, tourism operators, the hospitality industry and the economy.

Tourism New Zealand estimates the extra 114,112 holiday makers last year from abroad spent $365 million.

In addition to a bumper year, December also recorded the highest number of arrivals in any month with 381,000 clearing immigration controls.

Tourism NZ chief executive Kevin Bowler says the growth for the year was driven by traditional long-stay markets and the biggest source of tourists – Australia.¬† Read more »

Schreibaby der Woche

Cry baby: Jonathan Pielmeier, German.

CHARLOTTE CURD / Taranaki Daily News (edited)

CHARLOTTE CURD / Taranaki Daily News (edited)

The Incident:

Jonathan Pielmeier, 21, thought an official German identity card would be enough when he tried to buy alcohol at a New Plymouth Countdown.

The card is an official and compulsory document recognised in most European Union countries, and displays a replica of the ID page of his international passport.

“I wanted to buy a packet of beer, they said ‚ÄėI know you’re old enough, but your ID doesn’t count,” he said.

However Lloyd Crow, the manager of enforcement at the New Plymouth District Council, said the law states shoppers who appear under 18 must provide a current passport, New Zealand drivers licence, or an approved age card.

The law has been the same since 1989, with a slight change in wording made in 2012.

“Not all tourists are aware of New Zealand laws. Is that how we should be treating them?”

The appropriate response: ¬† Read more »

China not happy with NZ road safety

Neil Ratley reports

The death of a Chinese woman in Northern Southland has resulted in a high-ranking Chinese consulate member expressing concern for the safety of his countrymen on New Zealand roads.

Li Xin, the Vice Consul General of the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Christchurch, says more needs to be done to prevent Chinese citizens from dying and getting seriously injured in New Zealand.

Chinese tourists were the second-largest source of visitors after Australians and were increasingly opting to explore NZ on their own.

As more Chinese people explored the country, many were opting out of organised coach tours and getting behind the wheel of self-drive cars, Li Xin said.

This was especially true of the younger Chinese generation.

A lack of understanding of NZ road rules, road safety and road conditions needed to be addressed, he said.

Mr Li Xin should come drive around east Auckland for a bit. ¬†Kiwis are in constant danger of being taken out by Chinese drivers. ¬†Perhaps the Chinese Government should ensure their citizens have an¬†understanding of NZ road rules, road safety and road conditions before they allow them to come here in the first place. ¬† Read more »

There is one thing WI-Fi has killed and it isn’t a kid

It is the hotel mini-bar according to a survey conducted by

Is it time to say goodbye to the hotel mini bar?

A recent survey by the travel website found that the hotel mini bar was the least important amenity for U.S. travelers. Only 21% of travelers ranked the mini bar as an important amenity, compared to 89% who called free in-room wireless Internet the most important.

There is little financial reason to keep mini bars. Hotel consulting firms estimate that mini bars generate no more than 0.24% of total hotel revenue, with much of that eaten up by the cost to check and restock the bars.

Companies that build and sell automated mini bars that electronically charge guests when a drink or snack is removed from the bar say they can cut the labor costs up to 60%.¬† Read more »

An eye for an eye seems appropriate in this case

I hate this sort of feral scum

Four teenagers will appear in court today charged in relation to the Boxing Day attack and robbery of a German couple in Whakatane.

Three males, aged 14, 17 and 18 and a 15-year-old female have been charged with aggravated robbery and will appear in the Whakatane District Court, police said.

All accused were from the Bay of Plenty.

Police were still looking for a fifth youth who was also believed to have been involved in the incident.

The couple, a 19-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman – were attacked in their tent early yesterday morning.

The man lost teeth and suffered cuts and bruises and the woman suffered facial and arm injuries, including fractures.

Like a pack of rabid dogs. ¬†Disgusting. ¬† Read more »