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Whale Week What Was

Steve Harris - Iron Maiden, Whale Oil Beef HookedSaturday started with a Face of the Day photo that was a bit hard to look at before breakfast. ¬†Cam finds a Frenchman worthy of respect, and is pleased to find they aren’t all cheese eating surrender monkeys.¬†Count Jacques le Bel de Penguilly does have a poofy name though. ¬†Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche is a play that Whale suggests David Farrar should review for his Womans Weekly blog. ¬†Australia charges its second Catholic Priest for child sex crimes, and this blog continues to ask: ¬†Why is New Zealand immune? ¬†We’re either better than the rest of the world or we’re still covering it up. ¬†Which is it, and why? ¬† Sadly, another Cry Baby post where we highlight those who aren’t taking personal responsibility. ¬†This time, people who booked on Jetstar had their flights cancelled are in the paper bleating they’ll never fly Jetstar again. ¬†If only they knew this could happen, eh? ¬†Sharing a public space is tough when the others are eating, playing music and talking on their phones. ¬†Cam Slater throws in a joke about an ERO school inspector and Hekia Parata, and follows it up with a post where he reveals that politicians lie. ¬†Yeah. ¬†Why do women wear high heels? ¬†It can get to the point of ridiculousness for sure. An interesting post showing that a Connecticut newspaper is still advertising guns right next to Sandy Hook School news. ¬†That was followed by a post of dash cam footage from 1927 as well as dash cam footage of a plane crash last week. ¬†Next a top drawer post about glow in the dark toilet paper and poop hand soap. ¬†Only on WOBH. ¬† An interesting BBC2 short about Gordon Buchanan turning himself potential into Polar Bear lunch¬†leads a post about Iron Maiden showing Steve Harris wearing a Whale Oil Beef Hooked T-Shirt. ¬†Perhaps we should avoid NZ Herald Stock tips: ¬†Australian shares are hot apparently? ¬†Especially those APN stocks. ¬†Oh, and Fairfax stocks are doing just great as well. ¬†And as we wind down towards the end of the Saturday, we have a post about a CK Stead letter in which he slams the Binnie report as having clear bias. ¬† Read more »

Since I’m supposed to be a misogynist

This one is for Tracey McLellan


What brought that on, you might think?¬† Read more »