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Unions whining in Aussie as Royal Commission get underway

Finally they have a government in Australia who has the courage to take on the unions rorting the system, and slowly push them a little closer to extinction.

If only the John Key government would push for the same thing here, just grab a copy of their terms of reference, adapt it for NZ, and get the show under way.

After all, the honest unions have nothing to worry about.   So, no problem is there?

A ROYAL commission into trade union governance, slush funds and corruption is nothing more than a witch-hunt and taxpayers will be better served if more money went to enforcing existing laws, unions say.

The royal commission into trade union governance started in Sydney on Wednesday, with commissioner Dyson Heydon saying the inquiry’s both broad and restrictive terms of reference will probe the facts behind a range of union practices.

Justice Heydon says the commission does not want to see unions abolished or curbed into insignificance.¬† Read more »

18 Unions outspend ‚ÄėEvil‚Äô Koch Brothers Rank in Political Donations

koch1Much is made of the political donations by the Koch brothers by the left wing, but the amounts of their donations are dwarfed by the massive amounts of money spent by unions.

This week Senate Democrats once again asked the IRS to crack down on conservative groups including Americans for Prosperity, funded by the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch.

Democrats want to silence the opposition.

So how big of a threat are the Koch Brothers?
Over the past twenty five years, from 1989 to 2014, Koch Industries has donated$18,083,948¬†in political contributions to Republicans. While that seems like a large sum,¬†it only ranks them as number 59 on the list of top all-time political donors ‚Äď behind 18 different unions.

Here is the list of unions that top the Koch Brothers in political donations.
Via¬†Open Secrets: ¬†¬† Read more »

Miliband and Cunliffe both have the same problem

David Cunliffe and Ed Miliband both have the same problem.

They have an astonishing lack of charisma, poor body language, unfortunate mannerisms and both are beholden to ratbag union bosses.

Without the trade unions, Ed Miliband would not be an aspiring prime minister. But for the intervention of the ‚Äúbrothers‚ÄĚ ‚Äď in the shape of the trade union bosses ‚Äď it would be his Blairite sibling David, now exiled in New York, getting ready to fight the next general election. It was not to be.

When, in September 2010, Ed beat his own brother to the Labour leadership by a whisker, his victory was down to the backing of the giant trade unions Unite, Unison and the GMB, whose bosses recommended him to their members and allowed him access to their membership lists. While David had more support than Ed among MPs, MEPs and constituency Labour parties (CLPs), it was outweighed by the power of the unions in the party’s complicated electoral college.

That night, after the result was announced, trade union fixers and assorted hangers-on toured the bars of the conference hotel, toasting their success. The traditionalists had routed the Blairites and reclaimed the party. Labour‚Äôs new leader would be their man. ¬† Read more »

Rare as hen’s teeth this sort of union boss

Who would have thought you’d ever hear a union boss face reality…and even speak up about it.

Rapacious unions and stupid subsidies have seen the end of Holden and Ford manufacturing in Australia, while rampant union corruption is a festering sore in many states.

One of Australia’s most senior union officials has criticised the industrial relations system for “dragging Australia down” and fired a broadside at “criminals” who betrayed the union movement and hijacked its agenda.

Australian Workers Union chief Paul Howes has called for a “grand compact” between business and unions to take the heat out of the industrial relations debate and admitted wages in some sectors had increased too quickly.

The speech was declared a “disgrace” by the Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt, who said the AWU leader was “giving ammunition to Tony Abbott’s attack on Australian wages” and should resign his post.

Mr Howes warned the resources boom was now over and that Australia faced a jobs crisis, with 130,000 losses since the global financial crisis and “tens of thousands more lie just around the corner”.

Mr Howes urged his comrades in the union movement to concede there had been a pattern of unsustainable wages growth in some sectors of the economy, adding “we could be pricing ourselves out of the market”. ¬† Read more »

Poms to pay good teachers properly, unions having a sook

Teachers unions are just a protection racket for useless teachers who screw up kids lives.

In the UK where they are looking at paying teachers on performance, new research has found that despite vocal objections from the unions, most teachers welcome the principle behind it.

Teachers could earn £70,000 a year after just five years in the profession under a new performance-related pay scheme, according to a study.

A report by the influential Policy Exchange think tank found that a regime introduced by ministers could see the best performing teachers earning higher wages within a much quicker time frame than under the traditional format.

The study, published on Friday, says the scheme – which has been fiercely opposed by classroom unions – could attract more graduates to the profession, driving up the quality of teaching in schools across the country.¬† Read more »

Dodgy union ratbags kill jobs

The unions are doing their best to root things up for their workers at the Boeing factory in Seattle. Like the Holden and Ford workers of Australia they have progressively made life too difficult for life to continue on the way it has been.

The unions now have choices…come to agreement and save some jobs or down tools and watch the jobs move elsewhere.

The Seattle Times Editorial is blunt.

MEMBERS of the Machinists union voting Friday on a revised Boeing contract offer must look ahead. The operative word is pragmatism, not nostalgia.

This is about long-term employment to build the 777X and carbon-fiber wing in Washington, and for final assembly of the 737 MAX.

Friday’s vote comes at the insistence of the International Association of Machinists’ leadership in Washington, D.C. A second vote after last month’s contract rejection was strongly resisted by Puget Sound-area IAM District 751.

In urging rank-and-file members to turn down the latest offer, local union leaders noted online:

‚ÄúDistrict 751 is recommending you reject the Company‚Äôs latest proposal because the terms of this agreement are destructive to what we have gained over the past 78 years.‚ÄĚ The union has indeed served its members well for decades. ¬†¬† Read more »

Who killed Holden?


The unions of course…who else…with some help from idiot governments over the years who addicted the company to corporate welfare which the unions trousered.

THE outrageous assertions by the unions and the Labor Party that General Motors’ decision to leave Australia was a result of government policy is an insult to any thinking Australian. To suggest that General Motors Holden made its decision yesterday is totally absurd. These decisions take months to make.

The true culprits are the unions and their enterprise bargaining over many years that has made their own members unemployed. The cost of wages is more than double what it should be.

It was a great effort by the unions to achieve high pay rates, but now there are no jobs. Any Australian who does not recognise the truth is sadly deficient in reasoning ability.¬† Read more »

PPTA/NZEI can stop banging on now…

…about the NZ education system being world class…..and about Finland. Both take a hammering in the latest rankings.¬†

Time for change and for the unions to stop opposing everything and put kids first.

Time for Labour to take responsibility for their ridiculous numeracy project that has impacted on the 15 year olds being tested.

Time for National to get bolder.

The common factor in NZ’s decline over the last 14 years. The unions opposing everything.¬† Read more »


Union ratbags from when Adam was a boy

Regular readers know my pathological loathing of unions, new reader probably not so much, but given that just 7% of the private sector workforce is unionised then there is a good change you don’t like them either.

There is a reason I study and watch unions…so I can know and understand their plays in order to defeat them. They are a cancer on society and the cancer has been growing for many years.

Have a look at what they have been up to in Australia recently and have a look at what they have done in the past. Know you enemy for they seek to do you harm.

AS the Abbott government begins to take on union power and corruption, a timely new book reveals the union movement’s role in one of the most shameful periods of Australian history.

What the wharfies did to Australian troops Рand their nation’s war effort Рbetween 1939 and 1945 is nothing short of an abomination.

Perth lawyer Hal Colebatch has done the nation a service with his groundbreaking book, Australia’s Secret War, telling the untold story of union bastardry during World War 2.

Using diary entries, letters and interviews with key witnesses, he has pieced together with forensic precision the tale of how Australia‚Äôs unions sabotaged the war effort, how wharfies vandalised, harassed, and robbed Australian troop ships, and probably cost lives. ¬† Read more »

About time, great move by Collins

Judith Collins is moving to take another card way from the unions…she is going to spike their cash from ACC.

A $1 million government funding to the Council of Trade Unions to run accident prevention workshops is under review.

ACC Minister Judith Collins recently announced a near doubling of the amount of funding the Accident Compensation Corporation makes for accident prevention work, from $22.4 million to $40 million.

However that is accompanied by a review of existing programmes and in an interview with NBR ONLINE Ms Collins said she had told officials there are no sacred cows with regards to existing programmes.

‚ÄúAnd I‚Äôve told them if they need to kill sacred cows that need slaughtering, I‚Äôll back them.‚Ä̬† Read more »